Son uses dad’s time machine to take 18-year-old mom

Stealing into the basement after his parents were asleep had been the easy part. The tricky maneuver was getting his father’s new time machine turned on, and running smoothly before his father came down to stop him. It had been his father’s intention to make the first ever test trip back into the past, and Johnny couldn’t let his dad take that chance. After all, he was over 55 years old, and there was no telling what physical conditions were needed for a trip like this. And since Johnny was in the best physical shape he’d ever been in he figured it would be better, at least for the first test, if he went instead of his father.

He left his father’s settings on the machine, and then threw the main power switch. There was an immediate humming that quickly intensified to the point that the very air around Johnny began to vibrate. A sudden flash of lightning as an dark oval window appeared out of nowhere in front of Johnny, and as he heard footsteps in the kitchen above him he stepped through the time portal.

Johnny was amazed. The trip through his fathers latest invention the space/time portal had landed him gently out in a field with a sky full of stars, and the horizon full of vehicular headlights all heading one way, and not getting there very fast. A quick look at his watch told him that he had until noon two days from now before he had to return to his own time at this very spot. He quickly took note that he was standing on a boulder next to a scarecrow, and then headed in the direction everybody else was going. He knew that his father’s new time machine had been set for upstate New York, sometime in the late 60’s, and that this was it’s first test run, but that was all he knew.

He found the problem of the stalled headlights 15 minutes later. It was an old school bus with a weird paint scheme, and steam billowing out of the engine compartment.

“What seems to be the problem?” He asked the thin black man with the grease stained face.

“Damn engine keeps overheating, and I can’t figure it out,” the stranger then looked at him, and his eyes went wide in surprise, “look honkey, what I don’t need is another lecture on the complexities of the internal combustion engine. If I don’t got the money, then I can hardly afford paying a mechanic, right?”

Actually,” Johnny said, “I was going to say you need a little duct tape for that radiator hose.”

“Duct tape?”

“I have some here in my ruck sack, hold on, I’ll have it fixed for you in a jiff.” Two minutes later Johnny had the entire hose wrapped up in duct tape. “There ya go, just add water, and she’ll be okay.”

“Yeah, but for how long?” Asked the black man.

“Well, it might last a year, but you’d be better off replacing the hose before then.”

“No shit? Thanks. And sorry about the honkey thing, I was just a little on edge. Hey, if you want to you can ride with us… um…” and he put out his hand.

“Johnny,” he finished for him shaking the offered hand.

“Johnny, eh. I know how that goes. My name is James, but everybody calls me Jimmy. Hop in.”

The bus was filled with black people who suddenly stopped what they were doing as they saw the white man in their midst.

“This is Johnny, he’s okay,” James said by way of introduction, “he fixed the engine for us.”

And just as quickly as they had stopped they went right back to doing what they were before spotting him. He took note that many of the people had musical instruments in front of them, and that they were in a heated debate about what key to play in for the national anthem. Not being a musician himself Johnny just took the nearest seat as the bus lurched forward, and enjoyed the ride.

In less than half an hour they reached what Johnny could only describe as some strange, maybe even cult like huge campgrounds in the middle of a farm. People everywhere were hugging, and kissing, singing strange folksy, but not quite country western songs that he wasn’t quite familiar with, and they all were drinking a great deal of wine. Everyone it seemed smoked in this era, and dressed in strange denim costumes, or next to nothing in the diminishing heat, but at least they had long hair like him even if not as hygienic as he kept his.

“Thanks again,” James said stopping to let him out, and this time gave Johnny a hug, and then slipped him a piece of paper. “You can use that to get backstage. See you at the concert.”

“I could easily get lost here,” Johnny chuckled to himself as the bus continued on without him.

“Who are you looking for?” The voice sounding like musical notes was strangely familiar.

When he turned to see who had questioned him his mouth gaped open, as he got lost in the brilliant deep blue eyes framed in delicate lattices of the natural straight ass length blond smiling demigoddess. Her buxom top wrapped in a flowery print halter only emphasized her sculpted racy curves, and tight yet dainty musculature below. Her extremely short denim skirt barely covered her pubic area enough to hide her bottom even while standing.

“They call me Daffodil,” and again that musical aura of hers seemed hauntingly familiar. She put her hand out to shake Johnny’s, and he started trembling the moment she put her hand in his. “So, are you looking for anyone special, or just here by yourself to enjoy the concert?”

“The latter I’m afraid,” he replied, hypnotized by everything about the girl.

“Groovy, you can join us then,” and she led him to a modest campfire nearby with five small tents surrounding it, and blankets scattered around like throw rugs with people sitting, drinking, smoking, and some even necking as they joined the small group. The looks on their faces as he came into their campfire light were as if they’d seen a ghost.

“Hey John! Get out here!” Yelled out the svelte redhead with flowers in her hair sitting with what looked like a real Native American passing a long pipe around. “I think your soul double just arrived.”

“Say what?” Asked Johnny’s spitting image coming out of the tent to his right, closely followed by a cute brunette, both of whom were buckling their belts.

The youthful face with the scraggly three-day-old beard, and wildly curly hair could only be Johnny’s father, John Howard Jr. His face mirroring Johnny’s own astonishment at each other’s similarities.

“Well, since I’m an only child, and all of my cousins are girls I’m certain that we aren’t related,” his father’s voice held a vigor, and arrogance to it at this time that he wasn’t use to, but it was comforting just the same when they shook hands. “And you would be?”

“I’m J… Joe,” he replied, almost saying his real name.

“Well, two J’s, eh. Welcome to my little commune, Joe.” His arms going wide to indicate the immediate vicinity around the campfire. “Make yourself comfortable. The woman are as easy as they want to be, so be cool, and I’m sure one of them will bed down with you if they want to. If not there are plenty of free lovers around to take the edge off. Hell, maybe even Daff-o-dilly will give up her cherry while we’re here.”

“You are such a fool John Howard,” came her musical retort, “and don’t forget stud, you had your chance already.”

The scowl that crossed over his father’s face then was so familiar it almost made him laugh out loud. The laugh died a borning as the goddess next to him suddenly whirled, and kissed him full on the mouth. Her tongue like that of a snake entering his mouth insidiously began dueling with his own. Her breasts poking into his chest made it clear that she had no bra on under that halter top, and he found himself instantly erect, and gasping for breath. Though to be truthful he could have melted in her Juicy Fruit vortex for the rest of his life.

“You can sleep in my tent,” Daffodil said after they broke from their kiss.

“Bitch!” Johnny heard his father grumble mumbling before returning to his own tent with the brunette in tow.

“Not so ruff this time John,” murmured the brunette as she followed.

“He’s just jealous,” Daffodil giggled.

“I don’t want to get in between you two if there’s something going on,” Johnny said.

“There was until Miss Twiggy came along and spread her legs,” she nodded at the tent where his dad and the brunette were. “But don’t worry, he wouldn’t really hurt a fly. I’d kick his ass if he even tried.”

“I think you would,” Johnny agreed, his face as mirthful as a Leprechaun.

“My father is a Green Beret,” she stated semi proudly, “and he taught me how to defend myself before going off to Vietnam.”

The look of total shock that came over Johnny right then as he suddenly realized just who the hell his love goddess really was had Daffodil slightly off plumb for a moment before she Added; “We obviously haven’t always agreed on government policy.”

“Daffodil isn’t your real name, is it?” Johnny said.

“Well, I was born Daphne Ann Sedgway, but I think Daffodil fits me much better, don’t you?” His mother’s smile now so much more brilliant, and innocent than it was in the future at the sage old age of 55.

“Just how old are you Daff,” he decided on using her nickname to keep on safe turf not realizing that he shouldn’t have known that her grandmother had called her that for years. Her eyes glimmered in delight though, just the same.

“I turned 18 last spring, why?”

“I just don’t want to be accused of child molesting later on.” He lied, having no intention whatsoever of ending up in the sheets with his own mother, even if she was the most gorgeous woman he’d ever met.

“Groovy,” she said, and handed him a bottle of wine labeled Bali-Hi.

It wasn’t bad, even though it was very fruity as if concentrated, but there was definitely alcohol in it.

“It’s two parts Bali, and one part Stoly,” she informed him as they settled down together close enough to the fire to take the chill of night off them. “Without the vodka it’s just too tame to even get a buzz off of, and since I don’t smoke I need all the mellow yellowing I can get.”

“I see,” Johnny said, and ended up gulping down a great big slug when his mother’s delicate hand brushed up against his cock through his trousers.

“So tell me, who’s your favorite?” She asked, all bubbly and in his face.

“My favorite?”

“The Dead, Country Joe, Jimmy, Janis? Need I go on?”

She was obviously talking about something, but he wasn’t quite sure how to answer until it suddenly came to him that she was talking about the performers in this out of doors open concert.

“Actually, Daff, I’m a closet Beatles fan,” he confessed truthfully, “always have been.”

“No shit? Me too! Even their early stuff. Oh, but don’t tell John, he’s really into all of this anti war, and free love culture. Don’t get me wrong, I am too, but that’s still my daddy over there, and I love him with all of my heart.”

Johnny had never met his grandfather on his mother’s side, he’d died shortly after Vietnam from Agent Orange contamination. Oh he’d heard all of his mother’s stories about the man, but until now they’d only been stories. Ranting by his mother about a man that she’d hardly known. The giggling, slightly inebriated young woman next to him barely resembling a sister that he’d never had. But if she suspected anything it was that Joe was flirting back at her, not that this was the only child that she would ever bear. And the fact that Joe looked so much like her one true love didn’t hurt either.

“Here, have some more Bali/Stoly,” and she passed him the bottle once again.

In all of his life Johnny had never seen his mother drink alcohol to get drunk, but she certainly was now. And getting more comfortable in front of him she was displaying more of her charms than a lady like her normally would. Johnny could see up her skirt as she sat lotus fashion, and Daff/Daphne/Daffodil wasn’t wearing any panties under her mini skirt.

“Like what you see, stud?”

His mother’s thick kinky blond pubic thatch had little sparkling dewdrops mixed up in it that had Johnny’s rapt attention. He tried not to look, but he couldn’t help himself, taking note that her slit was clearly visible through the thick blond forest, and had a delicate softness, and intimacy to it that he couldn’t fail to notice, or appreciate. This young ripe woman in full bloom was a virgin, and more than ready for the biggest thrill of her life. But by her own son from the future?

“Yes, very much,” he replied at last, still unsure of himself.

“What say we finish up this wine, and retire to my tent then?”

Just who was seducing who here, Johnny wondered, but gulped down some more of the thick fruity cocktail just the same, and passed it back to her.

“All things in moderation,” she said, then finished off the bottle, and took his hand crouching down then, leading the way into her tent.

She was all over him the moment that they were securely secluded inside, and Johnny couldn’t help but react as any red-blooded male would given the situation. Daphne had his shirt off in seconds, her halter-top following close behind floated to the floor with it. Their naked chests pressing up against each other as they kissed passionately. Daphne’s hands moving in between them to undo Johnny’s pants soon had them puddled down around his ankles. Her fingers quickly taking hold of his cock through his boxer shorts almost made Johnny cum on the spot.

“Easy Maw… my darling,” he’d almost said mom, “let’s go slow, and enjoy this. One of us at least is a virgin, and I know it isn’t me.”

“I can’t help it, Joe, you make me so damn hot! It’s almost…” and she blushed profusely.

“Almost what?” He inquired, and reached up to fondle the exquisite breasts that he’d sucked milk from so long ago.

“It’s silly really,” Daphne replied, but forced herself to continue, “I have a cousin, and we almost, well, you know. But then my dad interrupted us calling me back to the picnic, and nothing happened.”

“I see,” he said, and wondered at the woman he had never really known, but grown up with just the same.

“Please, Joe, I need it so bad. Do something!”

“Okay, let’s get comfortable first,” and he eased her down on to the bedding.

With his cock as hard as a rock, and dripping precum he needed a little time to cool off enough to take his mom to seventh heaven the way she needed to this first time. He helped her squirm out of her mini skirt, and gazed with lust upon the one naked woman in the world he had no business lusting after. The one woman in the world who was so absolutely beautiful that it simply took his breath away every time he looked at her, or she looked at him.

In Johnny’s time period it was common for young women to have a bikini wax, or even have most of their pubic thatch shaved away, or trimmed down. But here in his mother’s youth it wasn’t the norm at all. And her wild hairy muff was like some jungle, or lost continent that called to him. The beating of his own heart like native drums pounding in his ears.

There was a scent in the air like that of smoldering Jasmine leaves, and it wasn’t coming from any incense burning nearby. Sweet, and tart both it was filled with a special innocence of youth, and her subtle perfume. The intoxicating fragrance becoming more pungent as his face moved nearer to his mother’s widely spread thighs until at last he was no longer capable of pulling away.

So caught up in his mother’s youthful subliminal seduction was he, that it actually startled him when he found his tongue slurping up along the length of her hot moist fur covered slit. Her hands running through his hair then pulled him in tight to her groin as she groaned in muffled release loud enough to make those outside of her tent snicker.

“Oh yesss!” She hissed. “Don’t stop, please Johnny, don’t stop!”

He was startled that she had called him by name, and then he realized that she was calling out to his father John Jr., and not him. As Joe he was only the mirror image of his mother’s fantasy lover, and as his father’s look alike was really relegated to the duty of a living, breathing doll with a talented tongue, and none vibrating dildo as far as his young mother was concerned.

And then he remembered what the brunette had murmured before following his father in that tent. It would never do for a virgin like Daphne to be broken in by a selfish ruff house lover as his father obviously was at this time in his life. It could have easily ruined her as far as having sex with men was concerned. No, it was much better to have an experienced gentle caring lover the first time, and Johnny was all of that long before he’d made this journey back into the late 1960’s. And that thanks to the gentle warm and caring nurturing of the very woman whose musky pussy he had his tongue in at that very moment.

Johnny knew she was ready for the real deal after hearing her sigh into her fourth tongue induced spirited orgasm as she wriggled her ass up at his face. Her legs at last stopped scissoring his neck, and flopped to the ground spread wide open. He too was ready to penetrate her vagina, but he had to be especially careful from here on out.

He began to kiss her soft inner thighs, and then worked his way upward along her taunt belly. Paying special attention to her belly button, he tongued it as if it were a tiny mouth, then proceeded upwards towards her mountainous mammary. He knew that fifty poets couldn’t do justice to describing those splendid peaks capped with pink nipples that were even now crinkled up in erection from her excitement. His mouth closing over first the left one then the right to suckle at tenderly before kissing his way higher. Until at last he was face to face, cock to cunt with his mother, and prepared to enter her very wet slice of heaven. Her arms and legs once again rising up to wrap around behind him.

Johnny Howard the third was well aware that he was already lurking in dangerous grounds, and flirting with laws of paradox in the space-time continuum. Were his mother to fall in love with him instead of his father they might not ever get married, and if they didn’t marry they wouldn’t have him. Thankfully she was already in love with his dad, and by the looks of things dad was equally in love with her even if he wasn’t ready to admit it to himself as yet. So the only real problem left to Johnny was breaking his mother’s cherry, but without impregnating her in the process. For that he’d have to pull out of her before he came, or there’d be all hell to pay, as he hadn’t brought any rubbers with him.

“Please baby, now!” Daphne groaned as his cock slipped in between her lower lips ready to take the plunge. And she tried to pull him into her without success.

“This might hurt a little,” he whispered.

“I know, but I need it now, baby!”

He wasted no further time then, and eased his cock into her until he came up against her hymen. He saw as well as felt her brace herself, then jammed right past the blockage until he was buried deep, and all the way inside of his mother’s pussy. Once there he waited for her to catch her breath, and steal away the pain to where she could relax enough to enjoy the rest. While he waited, and she whimpered Johnny reached between them, and gently caressed her clit, and sucked at her magnificent teats.

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Son uses dad’s time machine to take 18-year-old mom

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