Spanking and Sexual Awakening. Judge Cooke Series # 1 by myra3808

Spanking and Sexual Awakening. Judge Cooke Series # 1
by myra3808

I lived in a household where there was never any spanking. My Cousins were spanked on occasion, but it was never erotic to me. Since I was an only child, I spent a great deal of time at my friends home. She had brothers and sisters, as well as her parents and staff. The home was large and beautiful, requiring several staff members to run it. Her Father was a Judge and a close friend of my Parents. Although her Mother was from a very affluent family from the New England area, she had a definite drinking problem.

Judge Cooke ( named changed to protect his family) was a very handsome man, tall, trim with an air of superiority. He was strict as to what would be tolerated from the children in the household when he was home. His wife on the other hand was busy drinking, smoking, and talking on the phone all day. Her meals were served in the Bedroom except for dinner. She didn’t care what we did during the day except we could not be loud.

We lived in a historical neighborhood that was very safe. Most of the home were inherited, thus having been in the family for generations. I would run out my back door to Sharon’s (Name changed to protect her) home. Her back door was always unlocked during the day. All of the Skelton Keys were hung with a ribbon on the doorframes. Both of our homes were approx. 125 to 130 years old and we never locked the interior doors. The front and back doors were also kept unlocked until it was time to go to bed. I would simply run up the steps and in the back door. I would ask the kitchen staff where Sharon was and off I would go.

Their home had a waterfall staircase and I loved it. I thought it was beautiful and it was a source of unending fun. The eldest Daughter was my best friend. We would run up the staircase and slide down the railing, giggling the entire time. We were not allowed to wear any slacks, only dresses and skirts with blouses. I must admit that I found it exciting physically as I slid down the railing with my legs spread and having the hard railing pressing against my pussy. I soon learned that if I spread my legs as far as I could when I climbed on, the railing would separate my pussy lips. If I leaned forward as much as I could, it would rub against my clit, arousing me sexually. At the time, due to our age, I didn’t realize that the good feeling I was feeling was sexually stimulating.

One day Sharon asked me if I thought her Father was handsome. I said yes, I thought he was the most handsome man I had ever seen. While spending the night with her, she taught me how to spy on her Father when he showered. Her Parents Bathroom had two doors. One from the hall and the other one from the Master Bedroom. The entire Bathroom was tiled and the shower was huge and did not require a shower curtain. Sharon told me that she watched both her Parents take showers all the time. She said she watched her Father the most. She would watch him through the skeleton key hole from the hallway.

Sharon’s Bedroom was at the left , then there was one of the Maids rooms, with her Parents room on the right. We tiptoed from her room as quietly as possible. She peeked through the key hole and then whispered to me to take a look. I saw Judge Cooke stepping into the shower. I had never seen anyone naked before. My Parents were very Religious and strict. They never came out of their Bedroom until they were fully dressed. At first, all I could see was his back and rear end. When he turned sideways I could see his cock. I was excited but also embarrassed . I moved away from the key hole for Sharon to look. She watched him for awhile and then grabbed me to pull me over to take her place. I watched him as he washed his cock. I was mesmerized ! He first lathered it with soap and then he started moving his hand up and down it more quickly. Sharon asked me what he was doing and I told her. I asked why he was taking so long to wash it. She said he was getting it hard so he could fuck her Mother. When he turned the water off we scampered to her room.

She had two twin beds in her room and we ran over and jumped onto one of them and started to whisper. She asked me if I liked watching him. I said we shouldn’t have done it. She said it was o.k.. I asked what did she mean he was getting hard to fuck her Mother? She giggled and said they were going to have sex. I said I still didn’t know what she was talking about. She said come on and I will show you. We tiptoed back to the Bathroom. The hall door was now opened and we went inside. She peeked through the keyhole into the Master Bedroom. She motioned for me to look.

I saw Mrs. Cooke naked kneeling on the bench at the foot of the bed. She was holding onto the footboard of the Bed. Judge Cooke was spanking her very hard, The faster and harder he spanked her, the louder she would moan. Soon Judge Cooke was pushing his hard cock into her, she moaning very loudly. He grabbed her shoulders and thrust into her as hard as he could. After he did this for awhile he pulled out and moved to the side of the bed. She got on her knees before him and he pushed his cock into her mouth. He put his hands on the back of her head and fucked her mouth really hard all the time he was saying take it , take it deep. She started to gag as he held it in the moth for awhile. When he pulled his cock out, he slapped her once, very hard across her face. He then pushed her onto the bed. She was crying from the slap. He opened the drawer of the night stand and took out braided silk cord. He then very roughly tied her hands to the headboard and he spread her legs wide and tied them to the footboard. He mounted her and fucked her violently. With each thrust he would slap her. He did this over and over, She was crying and moaning at the same time. Soon he started to fuck her faster and faster, She was screaming for him to cum in her pussy. Soon he collapsed on top of her. I motioned for Sharon to look and she whispered we had to hurry back to her room because they would be using the Bathroom soon. Moments after we got into her room the Bathroom door closed.

I was asking Sharon what had happened. She explained everything to me. I became really excited listening to her. I noticed that she hand her hand in her panties and was moving her hand up and down. My heart started to race when I heard Judge Cooke walking toward Sharon’s bedroom. She moved her hand and he peeked into the room and said that we had to go to bed. In 5 minutes we better be in bed with the lights out. We did as we were told, but continued to whisper. We had our backs to the door. Judge Cooke came back a few minutes later to check on us. We pretended to be asleep. I watched him in the moonlight walk around the foot of my bed over to Sharon’s bed. He put his hand under the covers and leaned over and whispered something to Sharon. He kissed the side of her neck and she rolled over slightly. I could see he put his hand under the covers and there was movement. I didn’t know what was happening. After a few minutes he leaned over and kissed her on the mouth. He then told her to go to sleep and walked over to the bed I was in. I was laying on my side and he kissed me on the cheek gently. He closed the door as he went out.

The next morning was Saturday. We all had breakfast in the Dinning room, except Mrs. Cooke, she had her breakfast in her room. After breakfast Judge Cooke went into his study after telling us to be quiet . We went back to Sharon’s room and she continued to explain sex to me. I was excited to hear all of it. Soon the upstairs maid came in and told us she had to clean the room now, so we went downstairs. Becoming bored we decided to slide down the banister. My panties were already wet from listening to her describe how people fucked. Soon we were giggling as we slid down and then raced up the stairs to do it again.

After doing this three or four times the door of the Study flung open and Judge Cooke yelled in his deep authoritative voice for us to stop and come into the study. When we arrived at the door way, I saw he was sitting in his chair. The room was dark. The heavy curtains were drawn and with the dark paneling it was almost foreboding. He had the small lamp on and folders and papers all over the desk. There was a small fire in the heavily hand carved fireplace. He ordered Sharon to come in. I stood in the doorway frozen in place with fear. He order Sharon to lay across his lap. She started to cry and say no Daddy, please, no Daddy.

He took her by the arm and flung her down on his lap. He pulled her skirt up revealing her white panties and started spanking her. She was trying to put her hands over her butt to keep him from hitting her. He told her several times to put her hands down but it looked like she couldn’t help but do it over and over. He finally told her to stand up. She did as she was told. He then told her to pull her panties off. She started to cry harder and begged him not to make her do it . He ordered her again to take off her panties. She finally did and he then told her to place them on top of his desk. He then ordered her to assume the position. Whimpering she laid across his lap again.

He told her to hold onto the arm of his chair. He then turned his chair slightly and turned his head to look me straight in his eyes. He slowly lifted her skirt while looking at me. I could see her butt and noticed how red the cheeks of her butt was. He began to spank her slowly, but very hard. I noticed that his big hand completely covered both cheeks of her butt. With each hit, she would cry out. He never took his eyes off mine. He then ordered her to spread her legs. She begged and begged for him not to make her spread her legs. She was crying, as she begged him not to make her do it in front of me.

He told her that he was going to show me what happened to bad little girls in his household. I was shaking with fear, as well as, sexual excitement. Finally, she spread her legs slightly. He ordered her to spread them as far as she could. She cried again while begging him not to make her do it . He reached down and grabbed her thighs and forcibly spread her legs. He had a strange smile on his face when he did it. I wanted to look away but I couldn’t . I could see her pussy lips. He started to spank her, but it was different now. He would spank her several times and then he would slide his fingers down between her pussy lips. He would move his fingers a little while and then spank her more . This went on for about fifteen minutes or so. Her butt cheeks were bright red and she was sobbing loudly.

Finally, he stopped spanking her and began to rub her butt, almost caressing her butt cheeks. He slid his fingers slowly down the crack of her butt, one last time between her pussy lips. He moved his fingers further down and started moving them faster and faster, as he spoke to her sweetly. She was still sobbing. He said that he loved her and that he had to punish her when she was bad. He said that a Daddy had to punish his children, for their own good. They had to be taught. This entire time he continued to look at me. My panties were so wet that I thought that I may have peed in them. He then told her to get up and give him a kiss. She stood up, but he still had her skirt lifted. He then slid his hand down and squeezed one of her butt cheeks, as he told her to give him a kiss. She kissed him on the mouth. He told her to give him another kiss, as he moved her hand down to his hard cock that was bulging against his pants. His hand was over hers and he squeezed her hand around the head of his cock while they kissed again. He then said for us to go to her room and take a nap before Dinner. She went to get her panties and he stopped her. He said he would bring them up soon.

We went up the stairs to her bedroom and climbed into each bed without removing our clothes. She would not look at me, as she continued to whimper. We pulled the covers up and waited. When Judge Cooke came into the room, he shut the door behind him. He walked over to the windows and closed the heavy drapes, making it fairly dark in the room. He moved between the beds and leaned over her bed. He put his hand under the cover and moved his hands around. I could not really see what he was doing at first. After few moments, he pulled his pants off and climbed into her bed. He was also whispering something to her. I would see the movement in the bed and I could hear him grunting. She was saying Daddy, Daddy as quietly as possible. He was breathing heavily before the movement stopped in the bed. After a little while he got out of the bed and pulled his pants back on. He then pulled the covers down and pulled her shirt up. He looked over at me to see if I was watching. I could not stop watching ! He went to the foot of her bed and took her panties out of his pocket. He then put the leg opening over her right foot and then the left. He reached up to the waistband and slowly pulled them up. When he got them up close to her pussy, she arched her back to lift her sore butt up, to allow the panties to be pulled all the way up. After he had them up, he moved between the beds and pulled the covers up to cover her. He leaned over and kisses her again. She rolled over on her side with her back toward me. He turned toward me and winked at me. He then opened the door and walked across the hall to his room.

Minutes later we could hear him fucking his wife. The headboard was banging against the wall with each thrust. She was screaming for him to fuck her. You could hear everything. At least, I think we could hear everything. I always wondered if he told her how he spanked Sharon when they were alone I their bedroom.

I could not sleep for thinking about all that had happened. I whispered to Sharon asking her if she was awake. I wanted to talk to her and ask her what he did to her when he got into her bed, but she wouldn’t answer me.

During the years we were close friends I saw many things that the Judge did. If you would like to read about those please let me know.

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