Stories Granny told Me – Sex Stories

Stories Granny told Me – Sex Stories

Today is today and yesterday is yesterday. My name is Teru and I am 24 but my first sex experience goes back to the time when I was 16. Grandpa was a farmer who married twice. My father was the eldest child of my grandpa from his first wife. My two aunts were his daughters from second wife. My father left village for education and then settled in the city. He used to visit grandpa often though. In the begining my grandpa was a rice grower but in his old age, he shifted to vegetables. By the time I was 16 the farm was managed by my grandma mostly as Both of my aunts were married then. After my high school exams my father sent me to village for helping my grandparents’s in field work. I graduated from virginity there. My grandpa was 64 and grandma was 48 as she was his second wife. She was not my real grandma but as my real grandma was dead, I called her grandma. She was a big breasted mature woman who still had a lot of sex appeal. She was very fair, and still had long black hairs.

Grandma had considered me her favorite grandchild. She used to call me Engine since childhood. I was in an age when hormone changes took hold of me. One of my class mate gave me a sex mag and taught me about masturbation. I liked older women more then girls my age because of their prominant curves, specially cleavages.

My first day at farm gone mostly in rest but from next day I started sharing farm work with a couple of farm hands. I used to return in evening and take dinner with my grandparents. The house has two portions, one for living and one for cattle. One day after dinner I took a coke and went to the cattle side of the house. I was happy to see the old swing there, a wide plank suspended by rope from the branches of a huge tree. I sat on the swing and enjoyed my coke while a hot night settled down around the farm.

About fifteen minutes later, I saw grandma making her way down to the swing. She came down and stood next to the swing. I offered her my coke, and she took a big sip.

“Where is grandpa?” I asked,

Stories Granny told Me - Sex Stories

“He is resting but I am not feeling sleepy.” She replied.

“I remember grandma how you used to swing me in your lap when I was a child.”

“Teru,” she said with a sigh. “I remember how happy you felt when we’d just swing back and forth. But now you are big and I can’t hold you in my lap.”

I said, “Hey grandma, Now that I’m big, why don’t I swing you?”

She laughed. “No. Come on, Teru. Don’t be silly.”

I took another gulp of coke and put the bottle on the ground. Then I patted my lap.

“Come on, Grandma,” I said. “It will be relaxing.”

Grandma laughed but with that she plopped down on my lap with her back to me. Her big ass smothered my crotch and, as she reached up to grab the swing’s ropes, I pushed off with my feet. As I pumped my legs back and forth, her ass pressed itself against my crotch. It felt incredible. As we swung, I heard her sigh.
As the air rushed past us, I said. “It’s relaxing isn’t it?”

Grandma leaned back into me. She threw her head back, and I breathed in the smell of her hair and skin. I watched her massive tits rising and falling with each of her deep breaths. It was just too much, and by now my cock was starting to get harder and harder.

This didn’t seem to bother her. In fact, she gently began rubbing her ass against my crotch. Unable to resist, I leaned my head down and nuzzled her cheek and neck. Grandma sighed again and leaned her head away from me, giving me full access to the soft, supple skin of her neck. I kissed her there and then nibbled my way up to her earlobe.

“Hey Engine, don’t you have a girlfriend in school.”

“Yeah, but the girl I love seems to love some other.” I told her.

“Oh my poor child, fell for a foolish girl.” She said

“Grandma, she is beautiful and I want to win her heart.” I said.

“OK. Then be a little aggressive in love.” She suggested

“What! She might get more angry.” I replied.

“You don’t know much about girls. You grandpa won me by being aggressive when I was a girl.” She said.

“Please tell me more about you and grandpa.” I asked

She jumped away from my lap and said, “Not here. Let’s go to your room.” She said

Once we were in my room we sat down together on the bed. Grandma looked into the air as if remembering something.

“I got married to your grandfather because I liked him, right?” She said.

“That’s right but I want to know Why did you liked my grandfather?”

She blushed. “As your grandma I should not talk this with you, but you already know about love?”

“I know only a little but want to know more. Please.”

“Well, it’s a nostalgic memory now. I was 17 and your grandpa was 31. His first wife died recently then.”

“Dont go into these details. Tell me how you two get close to each other.” I asked.

“Do you really want to hear that? ”

“Yeah! Gran”

My words lifted a burden from her shoulders and she became cheerful. “Then I’ll tell the start of a romance of me and my old man to you” she closed her eyes.

“As soon as I finished my school my parent stopped my education. I was asked to look after the house and farm.” She is paused and searched for proper words. “I liked walking along the riverside. He usec to come there sometime. We only exvhanged stares then. One day when I was walking alone, he passed near me, he suddenly squeezed my raw chest and pushed me down to the field, I do not know anything about SEX then. I desperately resisted him as if I did not want to know a man in this way, but he forcefully took off my clothes. He wanted to see my chest and my pussy. He was strong and I was helpless. I was pressed to the ground, and when he entered it hurt, I can hear the breathing of him. My chastity was gone in seconds.”

The story of her rape made me hot. I asked, “I dont believe that my old grandpa was so brutal in youth.”

“I won’t deny that I liked my rape so much that I was prepared to marrying your grandpa. Although he left me bleeding but I told everything to my parents. They approached him and asked to marry me.”

Grandma looked towards me like a winner. I was moved by the story and knew what she was suggesting. “Wow, that’s great, are you sure if I can rape my girlfriend she will love me!”

“Um! That’s the providence of nature!”

“Okay! But I am not experienced like grandpa. I know nothing about a woman body.” I played innocent.

“Don’t tell, me you haven’t seen a vagina yet.”

“I saw that of animals but not of a girl yet. I want to know how it looks like.”

“It looks like similar, only a little tight and a little pink.”

“Gran do you want me to go to a prostitute first?”

“Oh No, never. I will try to tell you more myself.”

Grandma giggled like a girl before getting up on bed. She pulled her gown up and spread her legs. Her feet were a bit wrikled but her thighs were smooth. She was not wearing any underwear and her vagina was very much visible.

“Look Engine, this is a woman’s body. You can see the real thing? I am not as firm as I used to be.” I instinctively approached my face and observed her most private part carefully. She explained to me various things. “Look, this is the clitoris, this is the hole in the pee, this is the hole in the vagina. It’s easy to put a dick in here, isn’t it?”

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Stories Granny told Me – Sex Stories