Story of my separation from my angel, Anjali

Story of my separation from my angel, Anjali

Hi guys. Raj Rambo back with a new story to please you all. Noticed that there are too many writers named ‘Raj’ here. So will be using my full pen name. Raj Rambo.

Also, moving forward, I will try to keep the titles of stories consistent. The word ‘Angel’ is followed by the name of the heroine in the story.

I chose the word angel because I feel every woman on this earth is an angel. Beautiful in their own ways irrespective of age, size, or color. These beautiful angels deserve to be treated with sheer respect, and their bodies should be worshiped well to satisfy their needs.

In this story, I am back to writing about my experience with the girl who took my virginity, Anjali. To those who did not read my previous stories with her, you can read it here.

This story will be a long one, as I will detail what we have done. So please be patient and enjoy the story fully.

Quick recap, I met my fuck buddy, Anjali, on a dating app at the beginning of the lockdown. We shared our sex fantasies and thought of trying those before our lives get back to normal. Lucky for us, our houses are very close to each other. This gave us more time and freedom to enjoy.

We started by doing the ribbon cutting of my virginity. Later on, we had sex almost every day, trying different positions and different places. It has become our daily routine kind of thing. Working in the morning and fucking in the evening.

About a month later, after one of our regular season, we were resting our tired naked bodies. Anjali was sleeping with her head on my chest. Playing her fingers on my abs. She spoke up.

Anjali: My mom will be visiting tomorrow. So we won’t be able to meet for another week.

I was brushing her hair. Hearing her words, I stopped. I was kind of sad hearing that. Anjali was too good at knowing my feelings. She looked up to me and, with the sweetest face, put a kiss on my chest.

Anjali: It’s only for a week. Chill. You won’t even miss me.

Me: I will definitely miss you. But my little junior will miss you more. (Laughing)

Anjali slapped me softly on my cheek, asking me to shut up. Got over me to give a kiss on my lips. We slept for an hour, hugging each other. Later, when we were about to leave, I hugged her and kissed her with love for about 10 minutes at the doorstep. And left.

On my way back home, I thought to myself.

Raj: It’s only a week. It will just fly away.

But deep inside, I knew I was going to miss her badly. Both her and her body. Missing her is not a big problem. Because we agreed on keeping in touch over messages and calls for the week. But missing her body is a big problem.

The thing about sex is that once you enjoy a warm tight pussy around your penis, you can never get the same satisfaction with the touch of your own hand/masturbation. This is the truth I knew but did not want to believe.

I challenged myself not to masturbate the entire week. I will save all my juice for Anjali and surprise her with my thick warm fountain when we meet. The idea seemed good. The execution was not so easy because I was addicted to having sex every day.

The week started going by. The first two days were smooth. I tried to stay busy and kept myself occupied with my work. The craving started from the third day when I felt a tingling sensation between my legs.

I used to watch porn or read sex stories to pass the time. My little junior was getting excited every couple of hours. I know what you are thinking. Why would you watch porn/sex stories if you did not want to masturbate?

My answer to you guys is, I was challenging myself. Checking my stamina and, at the same time, building up a lot of sperm in my testicles. Which I want to shoot into my Anjali. I would suggest guys out there to try this too. The sweet pain feels awesome.

Day 4. My penis desperately wanted some attention. I did not give him any thought. It used to sadly go back to sleep with disappointment. I told about my plan of not ejaculating the entire week Anjali. She responded in text.

Anjali: Wow. That’s a big challenge for my fellow. Let’s see how many days you will last. (Laughing)

She tried to seduce me over texts. Showing her pictures in revealing clothes. Sometimes just in her lingerie. Man! She is a hot bomb! We used to chat about how much we missed the touch of our bodies.

It was though we were in quarantine and I had sex chats in the night with my sexy angel. After these sessions, my dick used to ooze so much precum that it made my underwear all wet. But I did not give up. I did not jerk off. I used to sleep in those wet underpants with a ton of cum in my testicles.

On day 6, I saw Anjali at a nearby grocery store. She was wearing a black t-shirt with a deep cleavage cut and a cream color denim. I went near her with excitement. She saw me and spoke in a low voice.

Anjali: Mom is in the next aisle. Don’t do anything stupid.

I got sad and walked past her, giving her waist a quick, tight pinch. She looked at me with a pinch of anger on her face. I liked teasing her. I laughed at her seeing her cute angry face. She knew how to take revenge. She knew my weaknesses.

She bent down and sat on her one knee to pick up something from the bottom row. She was trying to seduce me. She squeezed her boobs with her other leg. They were trying to pop out of her deep cut t-shirt. The sight of her milky white boobs trapped inside her black t-shirt was a quick turn on.

She looked right at me with those lustful eyes and bit her pink lips. Too hot to handle it! No porn clip is a match for this sight. I wanted to jump on her and start biting those milky white boobs like a hungry wolf.

I had a boner in the grocery store filled with people. I should leave! I turned away with a pale face trying to cover my boner.

A tall, beautiful woman was standing right in front of me. I could clearly tell that it was Anjali’s mom. She looked like an older version of Anjali. As you all know, women just get better with their age. And her mom is in a perfect age, along with her well-maintained figure, can be categorized as a sexy milf.

Lucky Anjali’s mom did not notice anything fishy. She did not see what happened in the aisle between Anjali and me. I quickly managed to get out of the store without any awkwardness and jogged my way back home. The jog helped me lose my boner.

I was unsure about my feelings towards her mom. If she was not Anjali’s mom, I would have definitely fantasized about her, maybe even tried having my luck getting her into bed. But I tried to be decent and avoided thinking about my girlfriend’s mom. I got a text message from Anjali.

Anjali: Did you release? Let me see your wasted sperm. (wink)

The message got my focus back on Anjali.

Me: Still strong. My sperm is waiting for you to drink it.

Anjali: Good boy. It’s all mine. Don’t even think of releasing.

Me: Yes, ma’am. It’s all yours. (Smile)

Me: Your mom looked beautiful. Now I know where you got your looks from.

Anjali: Haha. Thank you.

Anjali: Listen, I want to see you. Come over to my terrace at 8 pm.

Me: Sure.

In the evening, I walked towards her building, went up to her terrace. No one was around. So we were safe to meet. At about 8:10 pm, Anjali showed up. She was wearing a short which was barely covering her sexy white thighs. And a tank top that was blowing with the cold wind to expose her curves.

She looked around to confirm that no one was watching. Once sure, she came beside me. Touching our arms, we were leaning on the wall enjoying the cool breeze – perfect romantic weather. I leaned on to her, trying to meet our dry lips. I wanted to kiss her at least.

Our lips were very close to each other. Not touching yet, but I could feel her warm breath. I rub my nose on her nose, teasing her. I leaned forward to touch her soft lips. Just when they met, I felt her hands on my chest, pushing me away softly. I sensed her denial. She spoke to me in a sweet voice.

Anjali: Wait until tomorrow. I won’t be able to stop with just a kiss.

I was disappointed. But I now know she was as horny and restless as I am. Tomorrow we will be bursting our lust on each other. “One more night, Raj,” I thought to myself.

Anjali leaned her face on my shoulder, and we enjoyed some music for half an half. Before leaving,

Anjali: Tomorrow, mom will be leaving at 11am. I want you at my house at 11.30 am. No excuses.

Anjali walked away, seductively showing off her ass. Swinging it to tease me more. All I could do was stare at her amazing body.

I went back to my apartment. I felt like sleeping naked. Removed all my clothes, including my underwear. Lay on the bed with an erect dick touching the soft comforter, thinking of my first fuck with my hot sexy girlfriend. Thought to myself: One more night Raj!

To be continued.

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Story of my separation from my angel, Anjali