Story of Sonali satisfying her husband and son

My hubby’s eyes opened wide when I opened the door for him.

“Wow, Soni, you look stunning.” He spoke and hugged me tight on the door itself. “I missed you a lot.” It felt good to feel the eagerness in his body. I knew he would love to have a quick fuck with me. “Where is my son? I have got a real good racquet for him.”

“He has gone for prActice, will be back after a couple of hours.”

“Oh yeah – then we can use these hours.” He smiled with a lusty look in his eyes.

“Of course, darling, but do get freshened up and change into something comfortable.”

Suvendu had a quick shower and changed into shorts and a t-shirt. He grabbed me in the drawing-room and kissed me fervently. His hands were running all over me. “You look so bright and radiant, Soni. I can’t wait for anymore.”

He picked me up in his lap and carried me to the bedroom. We started to grab each other passionately. Joy must be enjoying the show. I thought about giving him a better show. I turned my hubby down and climbed over him.

“Let me give you a special treat, darling. You just lie down and enjoy.”

I pulled down his shorts, and his eager tool sprang up. Suvendu was as long as Joy – like father like son. Joy was slightly thicker in girth, and the shapes of their cockheads were different. While hubby was tapered like a missile head, Joy was bulbous like a baseball bat.

I started stroking his cock gently, and he sighed in pleasure. “Ah, Soni, it feels so good to feel your hands on me.” I started the twirling movement, and he cried out, “Wow, that’s something new. It seems you have learned a few new tricks during my tour period.”

“Yes, darling, I read up many articles on how to improve the sex life of middle-aged couples.” I continued the handjob, and he started to grow harder. The cock sucker in me grew eager to have that juicy man meat in my mouth. He shuddered when I gobbled his whole shaft in one go right up to my throat.

I started moving my head up and down gently. His hands moved up to my head as he groaned, “Oh Soni, you have never sucked my cock like that before. Where did you learn to suck like that?”

I moved my mouth from his saliva glistened shaft and told, “Darling, I watched some videos on the internet. Don’t you like it?”

“Of course I like it carry on.”

“Wait, you will like it better.”

I took him in and pulled in my cheeks to create the vacuum cleaner effect. I started slobbering over his dick like a cock hungry slut, moving my head with increased speed.

“Oh, Soni, this is the best blowjob you’ve ever given me in my life. Thank God, you learned this. You have to stop, or else I don’t think I can last long. It has been three weeks since I have had you.”

I stopped for a moment and assured him, “Suvendu darling, don’t worry about lasting. If you want to cum, don’t hold back. I am sure with these new tricks, I will make you hard again. In fact, I want you to cum inside my mouth. This is something I haven’t done much with you.”

“No wonder wives and wine gets better with age. Come on now, melt my balls away, Soni.”

I started my newly acquired cock sucking skills on my hubby. Within two minutes, he started to yell out my name in the throes of passion. Eventually bellowing like an ox, he spewed his load in my mouth in thick bursts and with speed like never before.

Oh God, I was quite surprised to find out that he tasted almost similar to my son. Like a total cum addicted wench, I gulped down his creamy load and kept on sucking till he was drained out. I slowed down the speed as it becomes unbearable for a man after ejaculation to absorb the sexual friction.

Eventually, when he normalized, he said, “Soni, thank God you have upgraded your sexual capabilities. Now you have got me addicted to your mouth. It felt as good as your pussy. If you don’t mind, I would like to unload in your mouth more often.”

Joy told me later that it was one of the finest blowjobs he had ever seen, putting the legendary pornstars to shame.

“I am pleased that my efforts are being appreciated. Let me get you a milkshake and get you ready for round two.”

When he finished the milkshake, I undressed sexily for him. Joy could have a great view and watched hubby go hard. Generally, fifty-plus men don’t get erections within such a short span. I started sucking his gradual hardening cock. He groaned in pleasure.

He said, “Soni, you have learned to suck better than a pornstar. It appears you must have practiced cock sucking with another man.”

Those words gave me a jolt and a thump in my heart. But I stopped sucking and reacted normally, “Come on, Suvendu, after all the efforts, you are accusing me of cheating. Shall I go back to my old traditional ways then?”

“By no means, I love this newborn cock sucker of my wife. What I meant was that it is quite difficult to master this skillful technique only by watching. A real penis is required to practice on.”

I decided to spring the suggestion in a casual joking manner.

“Oh, is that so? And let’s say for argument’s sake that, yes, I have practiced with a live penis, only to learn to please my hubby better. What would be your reAction?”

He looked straight in my eyes without any hesitation. He asked me, “Soni, I have never hidden anything from you. But I feel hesitant to speak out the truth. Maybe it will shock you.”

“God, Suvendu, don’t tell me you are seeing another woman?”

“No, absolutely not. I am yet to catch sight of a more beautiful and attractive woman than you. But to be honest, I would not mind if you had really sucked another man’s cock.”

“Oh, come on, you are saying that just to make me confess to something I didn’t do.”

“No, Soni, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. However, there will be some regret.”

“What kind of regret?”

“That I didn’t get to watch you sucking another penis right in front of me.”

My jaws dropped, “Suvendu, what kind of perversion are you talking about? You would like me to suck another man in front of you?”

“Oh yes, actually when on tour, I was surfing through some porn and came across the ‘Screw My Wife series’ and got hooked. Believe me, Soni, I had jerked off every night fantasizing you with one pornstar or the other. I would really love to see you having sex with another man.”

“Ok, my perverted hubby, will it satisfy you more if I pretend that you are another man?”

“That’s my sporting wife. Soni, you call me Rahul, and I will call you Bhabi.”

“Why, Bhabi?”

“Well, he will be some kind of junior assistant at my office. He comes to deliver some files at home and gets seduced by you.”

“You want me to be with a younger guy.”

“Damn right, and you’re such a MILF young guys would be creaming in their undies just by seeing you. Come on, Soni, let’s play Bhabi and Rahul.”

“MILF?” I feigned ignorance.

“Mom I would love to fuck.”

Suvendu wanting to watch me with another man, got me turned on a lot. Now how could that other man be our own son? I thoroughly enjoyed his calling me Bhabi and savored calling him Rahul during the sex we had.

He fucked me with the eagerness of a sparrow and the intensity of a pig. We used Hindi explicit language, which made it even hotter.

“Bhabi kya mast lund chusti hain ap.  Apke muh mein lund deke jannat mil gaya.”

“Ah Bhabi kya chikni chut hain apke. Apka pati kitna lucky hain roz apki malaidar chut marte hain.”

And when I rode him furiously, “ Bhabi ap to Sunny Leone se hi badhiya ride karte hain.”

He pounded me with tremendous gusto, and as he neared his climax, he yelled like a maniac, “Bhabi mera jhadne wala hai, please apke muh ke andar jhadne dijiye.”

I immediately moved down on my knees. Holding his throbbing dick in my hand, I replied in the most brazen manner possible.

“Ha, Rahul, muh mein jhado. Bhabi ko mard malai bohut tasty lagta hai. Jhadke mera muh bhar do.”

It was too much for Suvendu. He ejected unstoppable torrents of ‘mard malai’ in my cum hungry mouth, yelling, “Bhabi Bhabi.” I was only too glad to gulp all down my throat. So on the same day, the sperm of father and son were in my digestive system.

I cleaned him up with my tongue, and he said, “You have really learned to swallow well, Soni.”

“Better late than never. I am glad you appreciate it. Most men want their wives to be a slut for them. But once the wife goes the slut mode, they can’t handle it. Now let’s get dressed. Joy might be coming back from practice.”

“Yes, yes, time to meet my boy.”

Joy had exited his room by then, and taking a detour of the garden, rang the doorbell a few minutes later. Suvendu opened the door and dad, and son caught up well. They do have friendly relations. While they chatted in the drawing-room, I got some snacks ready to go down with tea.

Joy was pleased to receive the foreign racquet and thanked his dad, explaining its benefits. We had tea and snacks like a normal family, and I was really impressed by how Joy kept it cool. He, as claimed, had no jealousy issues with his dad fucking me.

On the pretext of carrying the plates to the kitchen, he whispered to me that he had enjoyed our fuck session. He was looking forward to our night session.

“Soni,” Suvendu called me, “Why don’t you prepare mutton for dinner? We, father and son, will be back in a jiffy with special mutton from Nuruddin. Damn, I missed mutton in Europe.”

I nodded in agreement, and hubby and son drove off to get the mutton. I prepared the mutton and had steamed rice with it for dinner. Both father and son went ballistic over my culinary skills.

Joy was an early sleeper and announced his retirement for bed. But I knew he would be staying awake to watch the live feed. I could feel my hubby’s eagerness and have become a true blue slut. I was also not in the mood to let my cunt go unoccupied for a long time.

Why only cunt? I wanted my mouth and ass to be occupied too. I thought of letting my hubby have my ass tonight as he had never got it before in a thorough manner. We hit the bed, and Suvendu was eager to shove his rising cock in my mouth.

While I sucked on the man-sausage, he commented, “Oh Soni, you have always looked wonderful with cock in your sexy mouth. Only if you could take another cock and suck it well. Watching you suck another man’s cock right in front of me will give me immense satisfaction.”

I moved my mouth from his shaft and replied, “You really want me to do it? Just imagine yourself to be somebody else. Involving a stranger, like someone from your office or even someone unknown, might lead to privacy issues.”

“So you are worried about the privacy factor. So if I get a reliable person, you have no objection in sucking and fucking another man?”

I tugged his cock with one hand and twirled his balls with the other “For the time being, I agree theoretically. When it comes to ground reality, I will assess the reliability factor myself. Of course, it will happen in your consensual presence and only for your satisfaction.”

“So, all I got to find is a trustworthy man.”

“Yes, and his trust factor should convince me too.”

“So, for the time being, what role are you going to play? Rahul again?”

“Why don’t I become your gym trainer now. What’s his name?”

“Santosh, but Suvendu, I really can’t imagine him. You will make it difficult for me to face him in the gym.”

“Ok, then I will pretend to be a professional pornstar like in the ‘Screw my Wife’ series and imagine me sitting on that chair and talk to the imaginary me.”

“Why don’t you show me a sample movie of the series so that I can perform better.”

He gladly opened his laptop and switched on a classic John Strong and Naughtia Childs flick. Naughtia, the shy wife, gets rammed by Strong and her husband watches them. “They are not really married. All are just actors. It makes belief only. Don’t you have really married mature couple porn?”

He then turned on a famous Indian couple who indulged in this lifestyle. I got really turned on by the flick.

“Ok, darling, you pretend to be the fucker. I will act as if you, my hubby, is watching us from the chair over there. This seems to be quite genuine and inspiring. I would not have believed you that such things are really happening in our country.”

I thought only if I could tell him that I have been fucking our son while I spoke. So I started to act like the wife in the flick and assumed her screen name, Pan. My hubby started to fondle my boobs like the fuck buddy.

I addressed the empty chair, pretending that the husband Ku was seated there watching his wife getting fucked. My consistent dirty talk got my hubby real hard.

“Hey, hubby, do you like the way another man is squeezing my boobs like dough?”

“Oh, now he is feeding on them.”

“Oh my God, he is so hard, and he wants me to suck his cock. Watch your slut wife sucking another man’s cock. Oh, he is shoving it down my throat.”

“Oh yes, he wants to fuck me now, doggy. Watch another man’s hard cock pumping in and out of your married wife’s pussy.”

“What was that? He is poking me in the ass. This man wants to fuck your wife in the ass. Hubby dear, please hand him over the oil so that he can lubricate your wife’s ass well before inserting his throbbing shaft.”

Suvendu was too pleased to even express surprise and lubricated my ass well. He shrieked in pleasure as he entered my ass well for the first time in our married life. I kept talking, “See, learn from this man ah how well he fucks my ass. Oh, and isn’t your wife’s ass good? Ask him, and he will tell you.”

Suvendu yelled as the bull, “ Oh yes, I think your wife’s ass is heavenly, almost like a fresh pussy. I think the grip of her ass is going to make me cum soon.”

“See what wonders your wife’s ass does to another man. What would you like, hubby, dear? Do you want him to shoot it up inside my ass or pull out and spray all over my slutty face? Or do you want him to stick it in my mouth and watch your nasty slut wife swallow another man’s jizz?”

Suvendu grunted uncontrollably, and I guessed he wanted the third option. So I continued, “ So hubby watch another man’s ass smeared cock spray all the cum in my mouth and watch your wife swallow his cum.”

“Here, I cum inside your wife’s mouth.” And yelling in tremendous pleasure, he turned me around and embedded his pulsating cock deep in my cum hungry mouth. He let out massive eruptions of ‘mard malai,’ which I gobbled down hungrily.

It was Friday night, till Sunday night. I was a dutiful wife to my hubby, fulfilling his role-play fantasies, with his eagerness to watch me fucking another man growing stronger and stronger. It had improved our sex life, and we had fucked four times daily, which is a lot for mature couples.

Though I yearned for my son’s young cock, I was quite satisfied with my hubby’s old cock. My son and I acted normally in front of hubby. Joy could, however, express his happiness on watching us live from the hidden camera live.

I asked him, “And what about the excitement you are getting from it?”

“Oh, mom, one has to be patient.”

His patience paid off on Monday. Suvendu quite reluctantly had to go to his city office to submit his tour report and resume country duties. Hot mother and son were free to fuck each other’s brains out again. Within five minutes of departure of Suvendu, Joy was all over me, getting me out of my clothes.

He started mouth fucking me right in the kitchen. Then he pulled me up on the cooking slab and inserted his patient cock in my rather impatient pussy. I was surprised that I climaxed within two minutes, literally bathing his young cock with my mature pussy juice.

He cuddled me till I recovered from the shuddering climax. He carried me to the drawing-room leather sofa. Putting me in missionary with my legs over his shoulders gave me a furious five minutes pounding. He was yelling out, “Mom,” many times.

After we normalized, we discussed our progress about the threesome dream. He was excited to learn that his dad did want to watch me with another young man. “Now, let’s see when he will warm up to the idea of his son fucking his wife.”

I agreed, “Joy, instead of an outsider, you will be the best person to fulfill his fantasy. Things will remain inside the family without any fears of a leak. Now how do I put this in your dad’s mind? Will he be able to accept mom son incest?”

To be continued.

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Story of Sonali satisfying her husband and son

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