Sub mom falls deeper; shy daughter discovers her sex drive

Sub mom falls deeper; shy daughter discovers her sex drive



Sandra woke up Saturday late in the morning after having spent the night in her daughter’s bedroom (her daughter being away at a track tournament in Calgary) pleasing her new in-training eighteen-year-old Mistress, Taylor. As she replayed last night in her head, she sighed at her weakness and her need to obey. She also relived in her head the incest scene she’d witnessed between Mariah and Taylor and briefly envisioned that scene being re-enacted by herself and Kelly. She quickly shook off the thought.

Turning over, Sandra saw her young Mistress still sleeping. Sandra quietly snuck out of bed and her daughter’s room and went down to her own new bedroom in the basement (she had surrendered her former master bedroom to Mariah) and into the adjoining bathroom for a shower.

Once she was dressed, Sandra went up to the kitchen and was greeted by Mariah, who was already dressed, seated at the kitchen table and enjoying some sliced fruit. “Good morning, slut.”

“Good morning, Mistress Mariah,” Sandra answered, as always dropping to her knees.

“Would you like some breakfast?” Mariah asked.

“Always,” Sandra replied, crawling to her Mistress, both women’s cunts already wet in expectation of their morning routine.

Mariah spread her legs and allowed her pet to crawl to her under the table.

Sandra didn’t hesitate as she crawled submissively under her own table in her own kitchen, between Mariah’s stocking-clad legs and to the sweetness she’d missed out on for all these years. She extended her tongue and slowly licked her Mistress’s pussy. Remembering her earlier years of ‘special’ breakfasts, she knew at this time of day it was to be a slow, tender, brimming pleasure. It would typically last anywhere from fifteen minutes to sometimes as long as an hour.

Sandra flashed back to her first of many ‘special’ breakfasts:

It was March of my freshman year when I woke up and crawled out of my doghouse, having been sent to bed early by my Mistress for some trivial disobedience. Needing permission to have a shower on a weekend (weekdays were still my own call), I crawled to Mariah’s door. She was still sleeping, so I waited like the loyal pet I had become.

An hour later, Mariah woke up and smiled at seeing her pet patiently waiting for her, hands on the carpet and resting on my haunches. “Good morning, slut. Follow me.”

I greeted, “Good morning, Mistress Mariah,” and crawled after my blonde Mistress.

“Are you hungry for some breakfast?” Mariah asked as she sat down on the couch.

“Yes, Mistress,” I admitted, starving after being sent to bed last night without supper.

“Well, crawl between my legs and have your new ‘special’ breakfast,” Mariah offered, once again surprising her still-in-training pet.

I didn’t pause, after having hesitated yesterday and being punished for it, I crawled into position between my Mistress’s legs. I leaned forward and began a tradition that would last every weekend for the next three-plus years.

As Sandra licked her Mistress’s cunt, Mariah spoke. “Oh, how I’ve missed this morning ritual. I so love the way you lick me, my pet.”

Sandra always loved the rare moments of intimacy when Mariah spoke to her softly, with tenderness and sweetness. Sandra briefly took Mariah’s clit into her mouth in response.

“You obviously missed this too,” Mariah moaned. Then changing topics, “Some day next week I’ll be picking Kelly up from school after her track practice and take her shopping.”

Sandra heard the words, knew she should be protective of her daughter, but knew she was helpless against the powerful will of her Mistress. Instead, now her only motherly option was to tell her daughter the humiliating truth of her past and warn her to be strong. Instead, she focused on savoring Mariah’s sweetness, a taste she’d once been so addicted to she’d craved it like an alcoholic craves liquor or a smoker craves nicotine.

Mariah continued, “And once Kelly is my pet, you officially become Taylor’s, although I think we should continue this morning breakfast ritual. Don’t you agree?”

Sandra continued the lavishly slow pleasing as she answered, “Oh yes Mistress, I would hate to see this tradition ever end again.”

“Good girl,” Mariah moaned as she opened the newspaper and allowed her pet to pleasure her slowly for the next forty minutes.

By the time Mariah finally spoke again, Sandra’s knees were aching and her neck was sore. “So after you finish breakfast my pet, I expect you to go upstairs and wake up Taylor. She’s not much of a morning person. Then I’ll have an outfit for you to wear tonight when we go out for you to fulfill the third of your eighteen punishments.”

Sandra’s eyes went big, as the anxiety of the unknown always caused her major stress. She always ended up enjoying whatever humiliation Mariah would set up for her, yet the day of anticipation was still nerve-wracking.

Sandra felt her head being pulled deeper into Mariah’s wetness, an unspoken cue that her Mistress now wanted to come. She shifted from slow licking to concentrated pressure as she sucked Mariah’s clit into her mouth while using her tongue on it recklessly.

Mariah’s moans escalated from the lengthy simmering to heavier breathing as her pet’s intense ministrations increased.

A couple minutes later her legs stiffened and she squirted like a broken faucet all over Sandra’s face. Sandra bathed in the juices, moving her face around to get it soaked everywhere, loving every drop.

Once she was completely spent, Mariah snapped her fingers and Sandra obediently crawled out from under the table and returned to her daughter’s room to awaken her younger Mistress. She crawled onto the bed, under the sheets and between the blonde teen’s legs. She licked the girl’s dry cunt lightly, hoping not to startle her too much.

Taylor was already slightly awake and knew exactly what was going on, but decided to play mind games with the older slut. She moaned, “Oh yes Kelly, lick my cunt again, you dirty little dyke.”

Sandra wondered whether Taylor was dreaming or her daughter Kelly had already submitted to her. Regardless of what might have transpired she couldn’t do anything about, it and she certainly wasn’t going to ask Taylor for clarification, so she just focused on waking her Mistress-to-be properly. She replicated the slow pleasing she’d already done for Mariah, Taylor’s Mother.

Taylor enjoyed the leisurely licking and just allowed the slow buildup to grow. Her eyes remained closed as she fantasized about all the things she planned to do to this MILF slut once she was completely hers.

Twenty minutes later, Taylor’s fantasies getting her revved up, she ordered, “Finger fuck me, slut.”

Sandra was relieved to get permission to get her off, as her jaw was killing her. She slid two fingers inside the teen’s wet box. She pumped furiously while assaulting the teen’s clit with her tongue.

The dual pleasing was all it took to get the young Domme off as Taylor screamed, “Fuuuck, you’re such a good cunt eater, don’t stoooooop!”

Sandra continued the double pleasing until she was coated with the teen’s cum and Taylor pushed her away.

Taylor, her breathing still erratic, said, “Fuck, you have one nasty tongue.”

“Thank you,” Sandra replied, loving being complimented.

“Now, go make me breakfast while I shower,” Taylor ordered.

“Of course, Mistress,” Sandra replied, climbing off the bed and crawling back to the kitchen.

The rest of the morning and afternoon was calm, as both Mariah and Taylor left the house, leaving plenty of time for Sandra to ponder what this evening’s promised discipline might be.

Later in the afternoon Mariah called and told Sandra her outfit for the evening was on Mariah’s bed. Sandra went up to what had been her room a few days ago and saw there were a plaid skirt, white thigh highs and a blouse laid out for her.

She expected some sort of crazy night as she flashed back to an earlier punishment:

Mariah was four weeks pregnant, a day away from realizing it, a day away from learning her pregnancy was why she’d been so sensitive and snappy recently, and why she was punishing her pet at a frat party.

I was to be punished for coming without permission, even though it was because Mariah had left a vibrating egg inside me all night. Mariah blindfolded me after dressing me up in an adult girl scout’s costume and drove me to a mystery location. This wasn’t the first time I’d been blindfolded for a night of debauchery, but this occasion turned out to be the most extreme.

It was a short drive, which alarmed me because it meant I was still on campus and perhaps would encounter people who’d recognize me during whatever humiliation I was about to endure. When I was led into a room full of men’s voices, my already high anxiety had me almost hyperventilating as I was lowered to my usual all fours position.

Mariah said, “Boys, my slut has been very, very bad and needs to be punished. She is yours for the night, but she can only be fucked in her ass or her mouth. Her cunt is off limits. Is that understood?”

A chorus of yeahs and sures followed as I gave a sigh of relief, knowing I was at a very fertile part of my menstrual cycle.

Mariah added, her tone no nonsense, “Also, although she is a slut, a slave, an obedient little cock sucking ass-slut, there is to be no physical abuse, other than ravaging her mouth and ass with your cocks and your cum; you may also undress her and feel her up, gently, and come anywhere you wish on her body, but nothing else, is that also understood?”

Again the boys agreed without hesitation, and I heard the sounds of many of them already discarding their clothes.

“Well the house rules are established, so fuck away,” Mariah offered.

Soon, still blindfolded, which was a curse because I never knew what to expect next when hands began pawing me and removing my clothes and a cock was shoved in my mouth. But it was also a blessing because blindfolded, my identity was being protected. I began bobbing on the cock like the cock sucking slut I’d been trained to be. As I easily deep-throated the smallish cock, I felt a continuous series of hands squeezing my breasts and soon I felt a cock between my ass cheeks. By this time I was completely naked except for my thigh high stockings and the blindfold.

“Do you want your ass fucked, slut?” a gruff voice asked.

Taking the cock out of my mouth and holding it in place like a cigar I was planning on taking another puff on, I begged, again as I had been trained to do, “Yes, I do, Sir. Please shove that cock of yours in my ass.”

“Sir? Joey a Sir? What a dumb slut,” someone else said, as I returned the smallish cock to my mouth for another ‘puff’. I didn’t know anyone named Joey so my ignorance about him was being unfairly criticized, but whoever was doing the name-calling likely didn’t know how much I enjoyed that, so it was all good. Also, being blindfolded helped to make me more relaxed, I don’t know why, and all in all I was thoroughly enjoying this punishment. Like the slut I was now constantly accused of being, I preened under the verbal abuse as I bobbed up and down on the small cock, desperate to taste that first load of cum, just as I felt another small cock begin to penetrate my ass.

As the cock in my ass began to pump in and out of me, my taste buds were rewarded with my first of many loads of cum. As soon as the first cock in my mouth pulled out, a second, bigger cock replaced it. I eagerly went to work on this cock as my ass began to be fucked hard. The cock in my ass must not have been used to such tightness and warm pulsing, and after only a couple minutes of being ass-fucked by this first guy, I felt my anal walls being coated with cum.

As the first cock slipped out of my ass, it too was replaced by a bigger cock. The next couple of hours were a delightful sexual blur as I was filled from both ends over and over. Some guys must not have been willing to wait for their turn at one of my holes, because periodically I felt warm cum raining down in random locations on my head and back. My face, hair, tits and ass were all coated with cum as I was filled with and sprayed by what must have been two or three dozen loads. Having received Mariah’s permission beforehand, I’d come multiple times, I have no idea how many.

As the last two cocks filled my ass and mouth I felt so full.

The night ended as I pleasured Mariah and the boys hooted and hollered and rained more loads of cum down upon me at the lesbian sight.

Although Sandra would never admit it, she craved another such gangbang, next time where all three of her holes could be filled over and over.


Sandra was dressed as expected in her schoolgirl uniform and waiting patiently inside her house for whatever Mariah had in store for her as her punishment.

A little after seven, Mariah texted Sandra and told her to meet them at Perry’s Playhouse, an adult store on the opposite end of the city. Sandra cringed at the thought of what this could lead to, but she headed to her car and began the long worrisome drive to her fate.

Once outside the scuzzy store, she took a deep breath, knowing she was about to get some strange looks, and headed in. To her surprise, neither Mariah nor Taylor was there. Nervously, she walked around looking at toys as the few men in the store kept leering at her.

Her anxiety was getting more and more extreme until Mariah finally entered the store, dressed in a tight, metallic gold dress and beige stockings. The contours of her large breasts, obviously with no bra, were fully on display, and they swayed delectably as she walked, commanding everyone’s attention, including her pet’s. Knowing every man there was watching her with bated breath, she sauntered to the bondage section and grabbed a collar and leash before slinking over to a petrified Sandra.

Without a word, Mariah put the collar on her pet’s neck, hooked the leash to it and gave Sandra a look. Understanding, Sandra, immediately fell to her knees on the dirty floor even as the creepy men stared at the two of them.

“Good pet,” Mariah purred, loud enough for all to hear. Mariah gave the leash a twitch and went to the till, every man in the joint watching the two girls with drooling mouths. Once at the till, Mariah smiled wickedly at the mid-fifties balding man and asked, “Do you take slut?”

“Pardon?” the older man asked, confused.

“Well, I can pay you the boring old fashioned way for this collar and leash, or we can complete the transaction in a more entertaining fashion,” Mariah explained, her eyes glancing down at her pet.

Sandra was mortified, she was being offered as a means of payment to some stranger.

“What do you have in mind?” he asked, with a growing smile.

“Well,” Mariah explained, “rumor has it you have a glory hole in here somewhere.”

“That rumor may be true,” the older man replied, playing it cool.

“Well, if that rumor is true, I would love to pay you for these two items by bartering an hour of free service by my slut here. She’s been a very, very bad girl,” Mariah bargained as she tugged slightly on the chain.

Sandra flashed back to her first glory hole punishment:

It was late in my third year at college and we were trying out a new club. Mariah had dressed me relatively conservatively for an outing, in a long sundress and beige thigh highs. After a couple hours of drinking and flirting, with no detectable evidence of our domme-sub relationship, Mariah surprised me by taking my hand and leading me upstairs to the secured level. The bouncer had us pause long enough for him to assess me thoroughly, top to toe, even having me turn around briefly, before nodding to Mariah and allowing us to pass.

Mariah said, “Thanks, Jack,” and led me past the tables, to a hallway and eventually into a small room.

Even after all that I’d done as a sub, I had no idea what a glory hole was. I looked at the small room with a stool and a small circular hole in the wall. I knew by now not to ask questions: Mariah would tell me what she decided I should know, no more, no less.

Mariah led me to the stool and ordered, “Sit down my pet.”

I obeyed, “Yes, Mistress Mariah.”

She asked me, “Do you know what a glory hole is?”

I shook my head no, although I suspected I was about to find out.

Mariah smiled. “You’re still so innocent for such a complete slut. A glory hole is a place where a hungry cock sucker goes so he or she can suck cock after cock after cock after cock.”

“Oh,” was all I could reply, now realizing what the hole was for.

“So tonight you’re going to practice your cock sucking skills,” Mariah informed me, just as a flaccid cock popped through the hole.

I stared at the wrinkled soft cock as I began to understand exactly what I was expected to do: suck anonymous strangers’ cocks. Instead of being repelled as most women or men would be, the fact that my identity was hidden by the wall comforted me and without further instruction I leaned forward and took the ‘soft on’ into my mouth to turn it into a hard on.

“Good pet,” Mariah purred, “you’re such a quick learner.”

A sense of pride beamed through me at being recognized for my obedience, as the cock grew in my mouth. Like when I was getting off Mariah or another woman, I loved the feeling of knowing it was my tongue and mouth causing pleasure in someone.
The cock growing inside my mouth turned me on, and once it was erect, I began to bob slowly back and forth on the medium sized cock. I heard moans from the other side of the wall, which enhanced my eagerness to please, and I shifted to a faster pace. The voice on the other side groaned again, and I bobbed on the cock sticking through the wall like a porn star. Such focused sucking had the cock spewing his load down my throat in only a couple of minutes. Once it was spent, the cock slipped out of my mouth and disappeared from the hole. No please, no thank you, the entire brief encounter had been completed without a word exchanged.

Seconds later, as the exhilaration of the slutty deed warmed me, a much bigger, already fully erect nine-inch cock poked through the hole. I briefly looked at Mariah with a ‘holy-shit-is-that-huge’ look on my face. Mariah pointed out the barbed wire tattoo wrapped around the base of it and we exchanged a ‘Wow’ look. I opened my mouth and decided to really enjoy this decorated and massive cock. I swirled my tongue in constant circles around the wide mushroom top, teasing the monster. I continued this for a couple of minutes before slowly taking more of the big cock in my mouth.

“That’s it slut, take all of mah big cock,” the stranger on the other side of the wall drawled, hillbilly style.

The twangy words only encouraged me and I did exactly as requested, gradually accepting more and more of it into my mouth and before long, into my throat. Soon I was in a reasonably slow rhythm, incrementally taking a bit more all the time. Unlike the first cock that I’d sucked fast and furiously, this much bigger cock deserved special attention and patience if I was eventually going to take it all, which I really wanted to do.

More moaning came from the stranger behind the wall. “Fuck, slut, y’all are one great cock sucker. But ah betcha can’t take it all.”

Never one to back away from a challenge, I began bobbing back and forth harder, my goal to get all nine inches in my mouth. I was always determined to be the best at everything I did and if I was going to suck a stranger’s cock, I was going to do it right. I was going to deep throat this big cock. The next two inches totally filled my mouth as I gradually took more and more with each advance. However, as I attempted the eighth inch, I couldn’t fathom how I could get any more in. Struggling to control my gag reflex I pushed on, determined to do the seemingly impossible… to get all nine inches past my lips.

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Sub mom falls deeper; shy daughter discovers her sex drive