Subjects 0 – CH 5 by Dark_Brother

Subjects 0 – CH 5
by Dark_Brother

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STATUS REPORT: Have started to use a weaker formula with Subject Bravo. I am curious to see how diluted the formula can be, and still work. Some of my colleagues scoff at my use of family members for test subjects, but what better way to test the substance that to see if it can break down that biggest of taboo walls; incest?


Closing her cell phone, Carol dropped her head into her hands. Her life was falling to ruins around her. Harold had just received another promotion, her daughter was pregnant with her brother’s child, and she couldn’t stop herself from feeling a bit jealous that it was April and not her, Adam’s mother, carrying his child.

She had to find an antidote to her son’s pheromones, and soon. Her children’s life was already messed up, but perhaps she could save them from further mistakes. Perhaps she could save herself.

She knew that somehow she was immune to it when Harold wore the substance, but not with her son. Why was that? Thinking of Harold got her blood boiling. The bastard had stolen her work, used the synthesized pheromones SHE had created from her own son, and then blackmailed her into allowing him to pass everything off as his own. She wanted to wring his neck, chop him into a thousand different pieces, feed him to the lions at the zoo, and laugh as they shit him back out.

Carol froze. Was that it? Was that what made her immune? Her anger and loathing of the man was strong. Perhaps it was what allowed her to withstand his advances, and the substance. But how was she to use that with her son? She didn’t hate him. She loved him. Loved him dearly. Didn’t she want to hold him to her; wrap him in her arms, and feel his surround her; let him slide that giant cock into her pussy, and make her cum hard as he shot his own load into her and make her pregnant just like his sister?

She jolted herself out of that train of thought. Just because she hadn’t been able to bring herself to orgasm since that afternoon he had almost caught her, didn’t mean that she had to travel down that depraved path again.

Then it occurred to her. Maybe her daughter’s pregnancy would be just what she needed in order to stay angry with him. How dare he get his sister pregnant! How dare he fuck her silly! How dare he not do the same for his loving mother! She didn’t even realize she had had that last thought, as in an angry huff she stood, and went to her car. It was time to test out her theory.

STATUS REPORT: The mother of Subject Bravo had seemed so willing at first, but has slowed her pace. Have we reached the point where the substance is too weak?


“She still didn’t answer,” April said, hanging up her phone. They had been trying to reach their mother for a couple weeks now, to tell her that she was pregnant. Adam had finally decided to just leave a message. He hated to tell her this way, but there was no other hope for it, when she refused to answer the phone.

Adam hated to admit it, but he really missed his mother, and not just because of the phenomenal sex they had had. She was his mother. Graduation was in a few days, and he had hoped that she would be there, but as time wore on and he didn’t see her, and she kept ignoring him, he had to admit that she had finally abandoned him.

“I think it’s time you moved out, and in with us,” Minnie said right behind him, wrapping her arms around his torso and giving him a hug. Neither woman was showing the signs of pregnancy, other than a small tell-tale bump. He could feel Minnie’s lips brush the back of his neck, as he sighed, trying to let go of his frustrations.

“We can have your things packed, and have you moved in by graduation,” April said, hugging him from the front, and effectively sandwiching him between the two beautiful women.

Adam let his head fall to his sister’s shoulder as he considered. “Let’s make it after graduation,” he decided. “I don’t want to deal with the traffic from here to school every morning, and I kind of want to graduate living in the house I went to school from.” And it would be harder to play around with Miss Shelly, he thought to himself.

He could feel Minnie’s hands roaming up and down his chest, while April’s fingers travelled his back. He could smell April’s particular scent, as he nuzzled deeper into her neck, and moaned as Minnie’s hands dove into his waistband to find his already hardening cock. He started to nibble on the neck before him, relishing the sounds April was making as he did so. Leaving trails of kisses up her slender neck, he reached her jaw, and followed it to her earlobe. He nibbled for only a second, before pecking along her cheek until he found her waiting mouth. April’s lips parted as he felt his shorts hit the floor, and he slipped his tongue between her teeth. His was greeted by hers, and they began to dance within each other’s mouths.

Minnie’s hands turned his torso to the side, and a second later, he felt her lips slide up the shaft of his cock. He groaned into April’s mouth when he felt Minnie’s lips part over the head of his cock, and swallow him in.

Adam began to unbutton his sister’s blouse and slipped his hands inside to cup her bra-less tits. He recalled how both women had started to go without undergarments when they were all home together. Why add one more thing that was just going to be removed anyway? He ran his thumbs over her sensitive nipples, and smiled as she twitched at his touch.

Minnie pulled her mouth from him, and he looked down to see her removing April’s skirt. As soon as it was off, Minnie removed her own clothes, and then grabbed a hold of his stiff member. Instead of putting it back in her mouth, however, she instead leaned over, and sucked in April’s nether lips.

April shuddered at the touch, “Mmm, Minnie, I love how your tongue feels down there.” She grabbed the back of Adam’s head, and pulled him in for a furious kiss. He was more than happy to oblige her, as he tweaked her nipples between his fingers, making her moan louder into their kiss. “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming already!” She said, breaking the kiss, and Adam immediately latched his mouth onto her right nipple, and used his arms to keep her upright as she flooded her friend’s mouth with her juices. “Okay, enough foreplay, I want this cock in me, now!”

April pulled them back to her room, where she lay on her bed, and spread her legs. Biting her lower lip in that seductive way he loved, she crooked her finger, beckoning him to her. “Come here. Squirt.” Adam was more than happy as he crawled onto her bed, and positioned himself between her legs. Looking his sister in the eyes as he started to slide into her, he couldn’t hold back his grin as her head dropped back and her eyes closed in delight.



April loved the way her brother’s thick rod filled her up inside. There was no better feeling she had ever experienced, than when he had first penetrated her. Every time since that fateful morning, he had felt bigger than the last time, though she knew that was just an illusion. She just couldn’t get enough of him. She loved him dearly, and wished it wasn’t such a taboo to get married, but she was happy to settle with what they had now. She gave a delicious shiver at the thought of him moving in with them. She didn’t mind sharing with her best friend in the least, and they would both ham him a lot more after graduation. She was even happy to be carrying his child.

Adam finally hit bottom in her, and she used her pussy muscles to clamp down on him, trying to hold him in as he slid back out. She enjoyed the way his eyes glazed over when she did this. She saw Minnie standing next to the bed, her two middle fingers buried deep in her cunny, as she watched the siblings fuck.

“Gawd, I never get tired of watching you two go at it,” the brunette said, her eyes locked on where the incestuous couple was joined.

“Why don’t you come over here, sit on my face, and get a better look?” April offered, wanting to return the favor Minnie had done for her.

Minnie moved with grace and speed as she positioned herself over April’s waiting mouth. The blonde leaned up, and sucked in the other woman’s labia, reveling in the taste of her friend’s juices. She felt Adam pick up his pace within her. She almost screamed into Minnie’s pussy as the waves of pleasure rolled over her. April reach up, and grabbed Minnie’s smaller globes as she stuck her tongue as deep into the woman’s pussy as it would go. Minnie began to rock her hips on April’s mouth, and she knew that the other woman wasn’t far from her own orgasm.

April felt Minnie’s hand snake down her belly, and start playing with her clit. If she kept that up, April was going to cum, herself. Minnie started to whimper in a way that told April she was close, and she attacked her clit with force. This seemed to do it, as April’s mouth was filled with Minnie’s cum. Minnie’s hand also pressed harder against her own clit, sending April over the edge, as she soaked her brother’s thrusting dick in her own juices.

Minnie collapsed to the side of the bed, as Adam kept pumping into April, extending her own orgasm. When he finally pulled out of her, she felt empty, and starving. She was always disappointed when he pulled out of her, but she watched as he lay next to Minnie, and pulled her nearly limp form on top of him. Minnie started to revive as his cock butted against her groin. She leaned forward, and began to kiss April’s brother with passion, as she sank slowly onto his massive tool.

April didn’t want to be left out of the fun, and planted her face between their legs. She started to lick her own juices from his balls, and worked her way up to Minnie’s asshole.

“Oh, fuck. Keep that up sis, and I’m gonna cum inside Minnie’s small pussy!” April sighed, as she slipped two of her own fingers into her box. It was her friend’s turn for her brother’s load, and while she hated sharing it, she had to remain fair with her friend, whom she also loved.

“Yes, April, lick my asshole. Make me cum while your brother fills me with his jism!” Minnie picked up her pace, and April knew she wouldn’t be able to keep her face down there without getting hurt by their violent thrusts. She had another idea, though, and smiled as she pulled her wet fingers from her snatch, and slipped them slowly into her friend’s rear. “Oh, fuck!” was all Minnie said, as April’s fingers sank all the way into her friend.

With her other hand, she cupped Adam’s balls, and felt them tighten as he groaned, and began to dump his seed into Minnie. Minnie’s asshole convulsed around her fingers, as she too climaxed. April continued her ministrations, lengthening both orgasms for both her lovers.

As soon as Adam was done, April pulled her friend off of him, and dove between her legs. Just because Minnie got his load inside her pussy, didn’t mean that April couldn’t suck it back out. By the time she could no longer taste his cum, Minnie had had two more orgasms, and she could feel her brother sliding into her from behind.

PERSONAL NOTE: Watched a great scene today, as Jenny tried to worm her way back into Subject Bravo’s good graces. She was such a minx when I got between her legs, but even using the substance, she didn’t let me in her back door. Subject Bravo is lucky that I chose him as a test subject.


Adam was shocked to find his mother’s car already in the garage. Since she had been avoiding him, he had started parking in there, but today found it occupied. Had she listened to their message, and finally deigned to talk to him?

The lights were off as he walked in, and he figured she was already asleep. It was late, but he was going to wake her.

“Do you have any idea how long I have been waiting for you?” The cold voice was filled with malice, and it startled Adam as he walked through the TV room. A lamp flicked on, and Adam saw his mom for the first time in over a month. Her eyes were glaring slits, and her lips were turned down in an angry scowl. Adam didn’t know if he had ever seen his mother this angry before, or this tired looking.

“Mom!” He squeaked, then before he could think better of it, “I’ve missed you.” For a split moment, he saw her face lighten, then turn angry again. If it was possible, he thought her beautiful face had become even angrier.

“So you got your sister pregnant, huh? Way to go.” Carol’s voice was ice as it left her lips. “What are you going to do now, huh? You don’t have a job, so how are you going to take care of her? Hell, son, you’re not even out of high school yet. What were you thinking?”

Her anger was starting to seep into him. How dare she fuck his brains out, and then ignore him for weeks on end, only to come home now and play the concerned parent. She had no right to treat him like that.

“What about you?” He demanded of her. “What were you thinking when you practically raped me? We didn’t use any protection, and I came in you three times, before you finally let me go.” Just thinking back on that started to make him hard, despite having gotten off a couple times just a bit ago with April and Minnie. He tamped it down though, as he let his tirade continue. “Then you abandon your son, and for what? What have you been doing that was so important, that you absolutely refused to talk to me, or even see me? I even went to your work, only to be turned away. Don’t come in here now, and PRETEND to care.” As he continued to yell at her, he saw the anger start to leave her eyes only to be replaced with pain. “Well, don’t you worry your pretty little head, after graduation, I am moving out, and you won’t have to deal with me or April again.”

It hurt him to see the tears on her cheeks, but damnit, she deserved it for the way she had been behaving.

“Son, I…” She swallowed, and Adam had to leave before he took it all back. He still loved his mother, but the words had needed to be said. He slammed the door behind him, and regretted that he still didn’t have a lock on it.

Throwing himself down on his bed, he fumed over his mother’s arrogance. It was bad enough that she had left him alone for all that time, but to then treat him like he was just a kid when she finally did notice him was too much. She sure hadn’t treated him like a kid last time they were together. Despite his anger, he couldn’t stop the smile from forming on his face as he remembered the look in her eyes as she came again and again on top of him.

A knock sounded at his door, and he was surprised that she actually knocked. Wasn’t it her barging in on him whenever she wanted that had started this whole mess? When she had caught him masturbating again, and demanded his sister have a talk with him, only for him to end up banging her, instead?

“We’re not done talking yet, young man.” Her voice had lost some of the cold, but it was still there, as though only lightly draped over with rough wool. Young man? She still thought of him as a kid.

“We are done until you can treat me as the adult I am, and with some civility,” he told her, shocked at his own brazen tone. He had never, ever in his whole life talked to her like that, until tonight.

He heard her hand on the handle for a moment, and wondered if she was going to come in after all. After a couple quiet moments passed, however, he realized she had left. He walked to his door, and looked out. Her bedroom light was on, and creeping up to it, he pressed his ear against the wood, and listen. He could hear the faint sounds of crying coming from inside.

Satisfied that she had finally felt some of the pain he had gone through over the last while, he returned to his room to sleep.

Sleep refused to come, however, and his feeling of victory soon turned hollow and dead, as he pictured his beautiful mother crying at the cruel things he had said.

Finally he rolled over, throwing off his sheets, and looked at the clock. It read a little past one. He stood, not clear on what exactly he was going to do, until he found himself outside her door. It made a slight creek as it opened, and he stepped inside.

STATUS REPORT: Increased the dosage a small amount and the mother of Subject Bravo has gone a step further, but still not crossed that line.


Carol woke to the sound of her door opening, and knew immediately what it meant. She hadn’t been able to get into a deep sleep, as her mind had gone over the truths her son had laid out for her. She had been a terrible mother to him, but how could she explain it to him? How could she tell him that everything that had happened to him lately was because of the pheromones he produced? He would think he was some kind of sexual freak.

She remembered how she had been able to withstand the desire to run to him and comfort him, armored in her anger. An anger that was gone now, as he entered her room. How dare he come in here after the things he said to her? How dare he just walk into his mother’s room, uninvited? Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t make herself angry with him. How dare he not already have his arms wrapped around her, and holding her tight?

She could sense him standing next to the bed, behind her, and it took all of her willpower not to turn and look at him.

“Mom,” his voice was soft and gentle, and full of sorrow, “I am truly sorry for what I said.”

Her heart broke, but still she managed to remain facing away from him. “Did you mean what you said?” She wondered what he would hear in her voice, as she spoke.

“Yes, but it didn’t need to be said like that.” He paused for a moment, and she remained silent. “I love you mom, and I’ve missed you. Until you left, I never realized how much of a comfort it was, just knowing that you were always around. When you abandoned me, I… I…”

The hitch in his voice as he held back tears finally broke her resolve, and she rolled to face him, holding her arms out to him. He gratefully climbed onto the bed, and into her loving embrace.

“It’s not your fault, son. I should have told you what was happening. Why things were happening.” She patted his head and back as they held each other. “I’ve known for awhile now what you and April were doing.” He pulled back, and looked up at her, shock evident in his eyes. She couldn’t suppress her laugh as she continued, “I walked into the house one weekend while she was on top of you. Would it surprise you to find out I had masturbated outside your door, while you made your sister cum?” Now why had she said that last bit? She knew what such thoughts and words would lead to.

But, no… She felt no urgent need to mate with her own son; only the need to comfort him. She could easily feel his massive cock pressed against her leg, and knew that he had to be giving off his pheromones, and while yes, she was horny, no more so that she had been for over a month. She was in control of herself. Relief washed over her, and she hugged him back to her. She could be his mother again. She was no longer under the control of his body producing chemicals.

She kissed the top of his head, and smiled, as he nuzzled into her neck.

“I love you, mom,” she heard his whisper, right before she felt his lips on her neck. Lightning coursed through her veins from that spot, and she felt her arms hug him tighter. She was horny, no denying that, but again, she was in control. His lips lingered on the hollow of her throat, as she began an inner battle.

She had already done it with him before, and she was in the mood. Would it really be that wrong to do it just once more? She knew she was in control, and would be able to stop it in the future.

She moaned as his lips started to travel up her neck, to her jaw line. Didn’t she in some way owe it to him, after abandoning him for so long? It wouldn’t be like last time, where she had forced herself on him.

He nibbled lightly on her chin. He was obviously willing, and she could feel her juices leaking through her panties. It had been so long since she had cum, and he had felt so good inside her…

Their lips met, and she slipped her tongue into his mouth, thankful that she had such a wonderful loving son, that cared so much for her. She tried to impart her love through the kiss, but knew that ultimately it was an inferior way to show the amount of emotion she held for him.

He pulled away, and she nearly cried out as her lips felt barren and abandoned. She wanted his lips back, pressed to hers. “No more running away?” he asked her.

“No, son, never,” she would have promised anything to have him kissing her again. “But this needs to be the last time. I am only doing this to show you how sorry I am, for the way I treated you.”

He nodded, and blissfully brought his lips back to hers. Their lips celebrated at the reunion, as their tongues danced and their throats sang a deep moaning song.

She felt his hands slide up the back of her shirt, she had been too weary to change out of her clothes before going to bed, and then up to her bra. He deftly unclasped it, and she felt the tightness around her breasts lighten. He fingers traced the inside of where her bra now lightly rested, till he reached the sides of her tits, and then paused.

In exasperation, she released her arms from around him, and grabbing his wrists, roughly shoving his hands over her nipples. She cried into his mouth as she felt his fingers start to play with her areolas. He broke the kiss again, but she handled it better this time, as his kisses traveled down her throat. He lifted up her shirt, and she pulled it over her head, baring her chest for her son’s loving gaze.

“You truly have a wonderful body, mom,” he told her, before latching onto her right tit. She felt a shiver run along her spine at his words. She reached down between them, and slipped her hands under the waistband of his pajamas, gripping his massive cock. It somehow seemed bigger than she remembered, and she wondered how she had ever fit it inside her before. Adam moaned against her teat as her hands played along his shaft.

His hands began to play at her waist, as she wiggled her hips as he pulled her pants and panties down.

Her son’s hands returned to her breasts, and he slowly started kissing lower, across her stomach, pausing to make out with her navel, which caused her to giggle, before making it to her thighs. He worked his tender kisses to her sensitive inner thighs, and then up to her steaming crotch. His nose bumped her clit, and she felt a flood of liquid escape her. His tongue did it’s best to catch it, but the more he licked and swallowed, the wetter she got. Finally he sucked in her clit, and she screamed as she soaked his face and the bed in her cum.

She reached down, and lifted his head to look at her. “Son, I love what you are doing, but I would also love to feel you inside me again.” Her voice was even, and she relished the amount of control she had over herself. No more ripping off clothes, and going at it like wild animals. They were two rational adults, wanting to give each other pleasure, and receive it in turn.

He started the long sensual kissing trip back up her body, and she shook as she felt his penis touch her foot, and then rub all the way up the inside of her leg, till it finally reached her groin at the same time his lips met hers.

She felt him get into position, and she grabbed his face, pulling him deeper into their kiss, while her legs wrapped around him, and pulled him into her with one quick jerk. Her cries were muffled as she felt like she was about to be split in two. He HAD to be bigger! How had she accommodated such a monster in her before?

His hips started to move, and she felt herself loosen up down there, and welcome him home like a long lost friend.

She had to break the kiss this time, as she couldn’t breathe and gasp in delight while kissing her son. Why had she wanted this to be the last time? Was there really anything wrong with what they were doing? They loved each other deeply, and were only showing that affection for one another. It didn’t matter what other people thought, this was their life and their choice. She could keep herself from getting pregnant, by making her own morning after pills.

But would it really be so bad to carry his child?

That thought triggered another orgasm in her, and she clutched him tight, as wave after powerful wave of pure ecstasy pounded through her.

“Mom, I’m about to… And I can’t… Oh, Gawd! Mom, I love you!”

Pure liquid heaven poured from him into her, and her orgasm reached a whole new level of rapture.

* * *

Carol drank the nasty tasting concoction she had just finished making, to ensure she wouldn’t get pregnant. The test mice had been immune to all forms of birth control, except for castration, and morning after pills.

She had mixed feelings about what she had allowed to happen last night, but for now had settled on thinking that she had been in control, and not under the influence of her son’s unique chemistry.

She knew that sooner or later she was going to have to face up to her daughter, and wasn’t looking forward to that.

For now, however, she busied herself with hacking into Harold’s files, and trying to figure out how to synthesize an antidote to the substance.

But how do you synthesize anger?

PERSONAL NOTE: That wretched woman still rebuffs me. I need to get her fired. She no longer serves any purpose here.


Miss Shelly pulled out of her driveway without looking back. Her boyfriend had at first been angry with her, for cheating on him, but then had begged for her to come back to him, as she packed her things.

Didn’t he understand that she had moved on? She had found a better lover, one more attentive to her needs. The fact that it was one of her students didn’t matter to her, though she did keep that a secret. Adam was a phenomenal lover, and she was devoted to him, but she couldn’t lose her job over him. Besides, her insurance as a teacher wasn’t the best, but with her missed period, she had to have something to help with the costs of their child growing inside of her.

She couldn’t wait to tell her beloved Adam that she was pregnant, this afternoon.

PERSONAL NOTE: I have an appointment with one of the CEOs tomorrow. I plan to use the substance to seduce her, and convince her to get rid of some ‘excess baggage’.


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