Submissive black housewife is dommed by white woman

Submissive black housewife is dommed by white woman

Pantyhose Tales: Black Lez Sub

It’s funny how you don’t really notice when you change from young and wild to married and domesticated. I mean I love my husband, but what used to be intense passionate sex, in wild and exotic locations, has become boring and mechanical with him. Very much like wham bam thank you ma’am type deal, no foreplay, no naughty talk. Truthfully, nine out of ten times our sexual encounters involve me on my knees sucking him off and swallowing his cum. I literally can’t recall the last time he went down on me.

If it wasn’t for Literotica, online chat lines and my dildo, I would probably lose it completely.

I read a plethora of stories and chatted with many online strangers and the more I read the more my fantasies began to consume my thoughts:

-I wanted to meet a stranger and eat her cunt in a bathroom stall.

-I wanted to be used by a group of men and women all night.

-I wanted to be the centerpiece of a gangbang.

-I wanted to be ass fucked by a man while I ate out his wife.

-I wanted to be triple-teamed.

-I wanted to be tied up and used.

-I wanted to be a submissive bimbo who obeyed any and every order of a Mistress or a Master

-I wanted to be the fluffer at a porn movie.

-I wanted to be in an orgy where I ate pussy, sucked cock, took it in both ends, all three holes

Then I had some even crazier fantasies:

-I wanted to be used by white men and treated like a fuck slave

-I wanted to have a night of golden showers

-I wanted to be fucked by one man while I ate out his daughter or mother or both

-I wanted to be fucked by all my in-laws

-I wanted to eat my mother’s cunt and suck my father.

The point is this was all fantasy, naughty, naughty role playing fantasy, nothing more and nothing less.

Then I met an online Mistress who made fantasy eventually become reality.

After a few feeling out chats, where I admitted all the fantasies mentioned above, she sent me a form to fill out:

Name: Leah Adams

Age: 26

Race: Black

Status: Married…happily and yet sexually dormant

Body Features: 40DD and thick

Tattoos: A moon on my left foot

Do you like cocksucking: yes

Do you like eating pussy: yes

Cock or pussy? Pussy

First time giving head: I was at a cousin’s party and a 7 minutes in heaven dare led to four minutes of cocksucking and my first time swallowing cum.

First time eating pussy: college bar, drunk, an older woman pulled me into a bathroom, pushed me to the ground and shoved my face in her cunt (this started my obsession with older women and with being submissive)

First time getting fucked: same cousin’s party, rumour got out I was easy and I ended up getting fucked by a college guy who lasted like three minutes before he came all over my tits (very anti-climactic…pun intended)

First threesome or moresome (if ever): At a New Year’s Eve party at my aunt and uncle’s in Dallas, Texas, I mingled with a few people. Then I saw this attractive older man. We made eye contact and I went over to him and we introduced ourselves. He was a friend of my aunt and uncle’s. We flirted, and he told me he was married and was interested in me (doing a married man was another fantasy of mine back then). He told me to come to his house the next weekend. I said it sounds great. I found myself to be rather confident when we were flirting and making plans, although when the time came I was much more nervous. But before I knew it I was eating his wife’s pussy while her husband fucked me, all while a video camera on a tripod filmed it.

Have you done anal?: Have tried, but it never goes overly well, hurts too much

Kinkiest thing you have done: Honestly, I used to be pretty wild.

1. I met a girl online, Keisha, and when I went to meet her at her house, she had two guys with her. As I ate her, both guys took turns fucking me, both filling my cunt with their cum, all the while calling me ‘cum bucket’ and ‘slave’. The night was both humiliating and exhilarating and even though I was mortified when I returned home, I continually masturbate about it happening again.

2. Rainbow parties: I went to catholic private school all my life, so when I went to college I really let loose. The first party I went to was at a sorority house where I was initiated. Each woman would wear lipstick and go around and give the guys head. I would suck some off until completion, but most were just a tease. In the end I swallowed at least a dozen loads, was eventually fucked by three different guys, and almost got ass fucked, but couldn’t handle the pain. Instead, I licked another sister member’s ass to prepare her to get ass fucked.

3. Sucked off a boyfriend in a theatre and he came all over my face, He then made me go get popcorn with cum all over my face; that started a two month wild time where he would cum on my face and make me walk around in public….it mortified me and yet nothing ever turned me on more.

Fantasies: To submit to a powerful woman and be degraded and humiliated.

I sent the questionnaire and waited a couple of days. She then chatted with me:

MistressP: Hi, my pet.

LeahAdams: Hi. Mistress P

MistressP: So u r sure u are ready for complete obedience?

LeahAdams: yes, Mistress P

MistressP: first things first…a test of obedience…do u have pantyhose?

LeahAdams: Somewhere

MistressP: go find them, slut.

LeahAdams: k. BRB.

I had to look long and hard to find a pair, but eventually found one.

LeahAdams: Found them.

MistressP: put them on now

LeahAdams: okay.

MistressP: now take a picture of your feet so I can see your tattoo.

LeahAdams: why?

MistressP: to make sure you are real

LeahAdams: okay.

I figured what the hell. I took a photo of my feet and sent it.

MistressP: good girl

LeahAdams: thank u, Mistress

MistressP: now I know u r real, r u ready for your training?

LeahAdams: God, yes!!!

MistressP: tell me exactly what u want!

LeahAdams: to be made into a submissive slave

MistressP: what do u envision that entailing?

LeahAdams: utter obedience

MistressP: so if I told u to stop fucking your husband?

I pondered that for a moment.

LeahAdams: sure, it’s not like he actually gets me off usually anyway

MistressP: do u have any limitations?

LeahAdams: I’d do anal, but I’ve never enjoyed it; no scat

MistressP: of course, no scat, but what about golden showers?

LeahAdams: I’m curious about those

MistressP: and as for anal, all my pets are trained to be anal sluts. A good slut has three holes and all three are completely at the whim of my needs.

I wasn’t a big fan of anal, it always hurt, yet the idea of giving my ass to a stranger, a Mistress, was a turn on I couldn’t deny.

LeahAdams: of course Mistress, my mouth, cunt and asshole are yours as u see fit

MistressP: anything else

LeahAdams: I don’t like the ‘N’ word

MistressP: good to know! Now send me a picture of yourself, head shot optional

I again considered if this was a good idea, obeying her turned me on and if I cut my head off I was still anonymous.

LeahAdams: okay.

I was only in a hoodie, panties and pantyhose. I stood up, used the mirror and took a picture of myself.

MistressP: very nice, u r a very good pet

LeahAdams: thank u Mistress, I aim to please

MistressP: ur legs in nylons r quite delicious

LeahAdams: thank u, Mistress

MistressP: so ur fantasy is to be degraded and humiliated by a powerful woman

LeahAdams: yes

MistressP: a white woman

LeahAdams: preferably

MistressP: an older white woman

LeahAdams: yes!!!!

MistressP: and if I recall u prefer redheads

LeahAdams: yes, they are so exotic and rare to find

MistressP: so if u could submit to anyone u know who would it be?

Leah pondered this for a while. There were a few, but the woman across the street, a natural redhead named Penny, was definitely her dream Mistress

LeahAdams: a woman across the street from me

MistressP: why her?

LeahAdams: redhead, green eyes, and very beautiful and she carries a certain aura with her

MistressP: how well do u know her?

LeahAdams: we are friendly, I suppose

MistressP: do u want to eat her cunt?

LeahAdams: yes

MistressP: be her pet?

LeahAdams: yes

MistressP: lick her asshole?

I began rubbing my cunt, imagining doing exactly what this online stranger was suggesting. I had never licked an asshole, yet the idea now presented to me, it was rather intriguing.

LeahAdams: yes

MistressP: maybe even taste her piss

Conversely, although I had pondered what pee would taste like, what it would feel like, it wasn’t something I had given any serious thought. Yet, if she was really here in front of me now, I would lick her asshole, take a golden shower and get ass fucked. I wanted to be forced outside my comfort zone, be turned into a mindless slut who just obeyed.

LeahAdams: whatever she made me do, Mistress

MistressP: send me a picture of those tits, my slut

Being called a slut instantly turned me on even more. I wanted to be someone’s slut again, I wanted to be used like I used to when I was single.

LeahAdams: yes, Mistress.

I took off my shirt, never wearing a bra around the house, squeezed my tits together and took a picture

MistressP: very nice, ur tits are beautiful

LeahAdams: thank u, Mistress

I’d always known my tits stood out, but it had been a long time since someone called them beautiful, or me beautiful.

MistressP: when did u last have sex?

LeahAdams: I gave my husband head last night, if that counts

MistressP: I suppose, last time he ate u

LeahAdams: my birthday maybe

MistressP: men

LeahAdams: tell me about it

MistressP: last time he fucked u

LeahAdams: on the weekend, but I didn’t come

MistressP: do u ever from sex?

LeahAdams: rarely, I need a good work up first

MistressP: do u have any toys?

LeahAdams: yes

MistressP: what?

LeahAdams: a small vibrator and a dildo

MistressP: not a great selection

LeahAdams: agreed

MistressP: no anal toys

LeahAdams: no

MistressP: we will have to rectify that

LeahAdams: yes, Mistress

MistressP: are u horny

LeahAdams: always

MistressP: send me a picture of one of your toys between those big melons

LeahAdams: okay

I went and grabbed my pink toy and took a picture without hesitation.

MistressP: nice, but u need much bigger toys than that

LeahAdams: agreed

MistressP: maybe a wall suction cock

LeahAdams: what is that

MistressP: a toy you can put on the wall to literally fuck yourself

LeahAdams: sounds perfect

MistressP: it is, especially a nice ten inch one

LeahAdams: never had anything that big in me

My husband was a decent seven inches, and I once had an eight inch cock, give or take, but ten….yummy!!!

MistressP: its time to start a few firsts

LeahAdams: I’m ready and willing

MistressP: u sure?

LeahAdams: positive

MistressP: call your neighbour and invite her for coffee

LeahAdams: now?

MistressP: no better time than the present

LeahAdams: really?

MistressP: call now, my slut!

LeahAdams: Okay, BRB

I was surprised by the order. Yet, on rare occasion I had had Penny over for coffee, so it wasn’t a completely out of the blue suggestion.

I picked up my phone and dialed Penny’s number. Part of me was hoping she was home, part of me was hoping she wasn’t.

“Hello,” Penny’s voice greeted.

“Him Penny, it’s Leah,” I greeted. “I was wondering if you would like to come over for coffee.”

“That would be lovely,” she responded, “Let’s say in an hour, I have a few things to finish up first.”

“Sure,” I agreed, “See you then.”

“Will do,” she responded.

LeahAdams: I called her and she is coming over in an hour.

MistressP: Then hopefully you are COMING in an hour too

LeahAdams: LOL

MistressP: No, seriously! I expect you to give hints of your interest in her sexually.

Although great in fantasy, I wasn’t sure how to in reality.

LeahAdams: How?

MistressP: Shift the conversation slowly toward sex; your lack of sexual fulfillment. She if she bites.

LeahAdams: If she doesn’t?

MistressP: talk about how he doesn’t understand your submissive side; ask her if she is submissive. She won’t be, redheads are almost always dominant.

LeahAdams: Always?

MistressP: 99%!

LeahAdams: So good odds…

MistressP: Almost a certainty.

LeahAdams: I wish Penny knew I was willing to be her unconditional fuck slut.

MistressP: She already knows.


MistressP: I am guessing if she is how u describe her, she can sense it in u. She is just waiting for the opportunity to pounce, which may be in just a few minutes.

LeahAdams: I wish.

MistressP: Be careful what u wish for,

LeahAdams: I’m serious, I’d obey her without hesitation.

MistressP: Well, first, keep obeying me. Send me a picture of u bent over; I want a good look of that ass.

LeahAdams: Yes, Mistress, but remember I am not some thin anorexic.

MistressP: I know, neither am I. Real women have curves.

LeahAdams: That I do.

MistressP: Your tits are beautiful and you have beautiful legs.

LeahAdams: Thanks

MistressP: I’m sure that booty of yours is just as perfect.

LeahAdams: It’s not Beyonce, but it is fine!

MistressP: Show me now!

LeahAdams: Yes, Mistress

My pussy was on fire with this conversation and the slight though, unlikely, possibility of submission with Penny only enhanced it.

I quickly took the photo, the position awkward, but once it was snapped I was impressed by how well it turned out.

LeahAdams: Sent.

MistressP: I see, very delicious. As anticipated, u have a very, very nice booty.

LeahAdams: I imagine u do too

MistressP: my legs are my best asset.

LeahAdams: I bet they are

MistressP: Does pet want to see her Mistress’s legs

LeahAdams: Yes, Mistress, I would love to see any part of you, that you are willing to show me

MistressP: what would you do if I was there right now?

LeahAdams: Whatever u told me too

MistressP: would u suck on my nylon toes?

LeahAdams: Yes, Mistress

MistressP: use my heel to fuck that wet cunt of yours?

LeahAdams: God, yes, Mistress

The idea of fucking myself with the heel of a shoe suddenly seeming very logical.

MistressP: Of course, you would eat my cunt

LeahAdams: in a heartbeat, Mistress

MistressP: And lick my asshole.

LeahAdams: Anything u ordered, Mistress.

The idea of licking an ass was so dirty, so naughty, that I instantly wished her ass was in front of me to do just that.

MistressP: Get fist fucked like the cheap, dirty, mindless, fuck-toy you are meant to be.

LeahBrown: GOD, YES!!!!

Being called names, forced to do slutty, whorish acts made me desperate to make this online fantasy real.

MistressP: If I ever meet you, I will make u my complete personal fuck toy…my obedient full service sex maid.

LeahBrown: Yes, Mistress, I’d obey without hesitation.

MistressP: No questions asked?

LeahBrown: Complete obedience, Mistress.

Strangely, I meant it. I wanted to be someone’s complete slut, a mindless sexual bimbo used to serve a white Mistress’s every sexual whim.

MistressP: here is the picture my hungry little housewife slut taken right now before I put on my heels. And come over to your house to make u my personal SLAVE!!!

I quivered at the word SLAVE and wished she really was coming over this moment. The picture arrived.

LeahAdams: very nice legs, Mistress

MistressP: I know!

LeahAdams: LOL!!!

MistressP: Now, I want u on your back, with ur legs up high in the air, and you are to rub yourself without getting off for five minutes.

LeahAdams: Yes, Mistress. Straight up?

MistressP: Spread open like I’m about to fuck u with one of my big strap-on cocks.My cunt got wet instantly at the idea of her fucking me, making me her pet.

Mistress P: Then take a picture of yourself in that exact position. U r not allowed to come, but u r to get yourself on the brink. Is that clear, slut?

LeahAdams: Yes, Mistress.

MistressP: I’ll be back in five minutes.

LeahAdams: Yes, Mistress.

I sat on my chair staring at the picture. I was not really a leg woman, I liked tits and ass, but those legs were not only very nice, but because they were my Mistress’s they somehow turned me on.

After a minute, I pondered whether I should obey or not, the position an awkward one. Yet, somehow I felt the need to obey, plus my cunt was on fire, so I laid on my floor, lifted up my legs, spread them wide and slid my hand inside my pantyhose.

I closed my eyes and imagined that Mistress P was Penny from across the street, the beautiful redhead I fantasized about all the time. Her green eyes were intoxicating and her natural red hair was exotic, so different from my brown eyes and frizzy black hair.

As I rubbed myself, I imagined her inviting me for coffee and then making me her personal slut.

My moans were getting heavier, when I remembered I was supposed to take a photo of myself like this. Awkwardly, I tried to keep my legs up, while also taking the photo. Although I wobbled a couple of times and the first couple of photos were too blurry to send, I finally took one that worked.

As I looked at the photo, my legs still wide up in the air, I heard a voice, “You really are an obedient, pet, aren’t you?”

I froze, my legs still wide up in the air, spread open.

“Speechless, my pet?” she asked.

It took me a second to realize this wasn’t a fantasy, that Penny, the redhead from across the street, was indeed in my room, leaning against my door frame with a wide smile on her face and a strap-on cock in her hands.

“P-P-Penny?” I finally stammered, oddly remaining in the same position.

“Isn’t it, ‘Mistress, Penny’?” she questioned, as she walked over and stood in front of me.

This was the tell-tale moment.

I said I wished she was here.

I promised that I would obey without hesitation.

I admitted I would be a mindless slave.

Finally, I smiled, not ashamed of my current position, but turned on, “Hi, Mistress Penny, how may I serve you?”

She smiled back and asked, “Surprised?”

“Definitely surprised, but very, very pleasantly so,” I answered, my mouth already watering, my pussy already dampening, trying to figure out how she ended up being my online Mistress.

“Ready to make all those online promises a reality?” she questioned, slipping out of her heels and pushing my legs back to the ground.

“My mind and body are yours to use as you wish, Mistress,” I answered like the submissive I was, and very thankful to be completely on the ground.

She straddled my face, hiked up her skirt to reveal she was a natural redhead, with a perfectly trimmed pussy, as she lowered herself on my face.

“I imagine you have fantasized about this moment for a long time, my slut,” she correctly assumed.

As her cunt lowered onto my eager lips, I answered, “It’s a fantasy come true, Mistress.”

She chuckled, as her cunt lips, landed on my lips, “Oh, it will definitely be a fantasy COME true.”

Her scent was strong, and I eagerly began licking. I parted her pussy lips with my tongue, creating a path of wetness. As her moans increased, I leaned up and began sucking on her hard clit.

“That’s it, sluuuut,” she moaned, beginning to grind up and down on my face.

Soon she was coming and my face was coated with pussy juice. I hungrily lapped her juices, wanting to savour her exotic taste.

Once she was done coming, she got off me and said, “You’ve got quite the tongue, my pet.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” I smiled, giddy with the compliment.

“Get on all fours, my slut,” she ordered, as she went over to the bed and grabbed the strap-on she had brought with her.

I quickly obeyed, my cunt dying for attention.

She put the strap-on cock on, moved behind me and ripped my pantyhose. She asked, “Want to get fucked?”

“So badly,” I moaned, as the head of her plastic cock parted my lips.

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Submissive black housewife is dommed by white woman