Submissive Indian wife Megha’s husband cuckolded

Submissive Indian wife Megha’s husband cuckolded

Hello, this is Vicky again.

This is the third part of one of my BDSM stories. I am a horny dominant male who loves to pleasure ladies in many ways, any lovely girls, aunties, and ladies who are looking for some quality chatting, message me (email and kik at the end of the story.)

In the earlier part, I wrote about how we ended up getting into a BDSM session and Megha had become my submissive slave. This part will further tell about how we got involved in something even kinkier.

After having the nasty BDSM session, I pulled her to the sofa and made her sit with her thighs spread. It was an amazing sight. A nasty fucked slut with legs spread, cum oozing out of her wet pussy. She was sweaty and spanked. She was panting, causing her chest to rise and go down. It was a sight I will never forget!

I wore my underpants. She was panting, cum was all over her pussy. “You’re going to take a pill slut!” I ordered.

“Yes master, you don’t worry,” she said as she panted. I moved closer to her again. I pulled her hair and made her sit on the floor. I sat on the sofa, my hand combing through her hair as she sat naked on the floor like a dog.

I put my toes on her mouth. She knew what to do. She held my leg in her hands and started sucking my toes one by one. “Well, while getting pounded, you said something about cuckolding,” I said.

She instantly stopped sucking my toes. “Well, to be honest, my husband always had a cuckold fantasy, but for many days, I hesitated.” She said looking into my eyes.

“I am now actually considering it,” she said. Then she started sucking on my toes again.

I spat in her mouth and made her gulp it once again. It had been a long session, so we decided to call it a day.

She made us some coffee. She served it to me, naked. I drank coffee. We had a nice chat over coffee. She had enjoyed the earlier fucking session to its core. She was still roaming around with the cum stained pussy.

Over coffee, we discussed how she was willing to get her hubby involved as a cuckold. It was a dreamy idea, we discussed a lot about it and she promised that she’ll make it work.

I finished my coffee and kissed her goodbye. Later that night, I received a text from her husband Amar.

He said, “Come over after dinner. Dessert on Megha tonight because you helped her with the project”.

I was excited already. I went there at night. I was wearing track pants and a shirt. Amar opened the door. He asked me to sit.

We started talking. We spoke about many things about the day, etc. I did not know if he had the talk with Megha or not, so I did not trigger the subject.

After a while, he said, “The dessert is on Megha tonight because you helped her with the project.”

I laughed, “Aah, it was my pleasure helping her. No worries.” I tried to be humble. “But where is she?” I asked.

He stood up, got the ice cream, and said, “Megha is upstairs in the drawing room on the upper floor.”

I followed him. The room was not lit. We reached. He lit the room and asked me to sit. I thought Megha must be freshening up so I sat down.

“Megha, come out, desserts on you as I had promised Vicky,” he said.

To my surprise, Megha walked out of the bedroom butt naked. She must’ve taken a bath just now. Her hair was wet, he steamy body glistened in the light.

Her firm boobs and dark pointy nipples hung from her chest. Her clean pussy between her plump thighs could be clearly seen. I was shocked at the gesture.

She came in front of me and laid down on the carpet. She spread her legs. I could clearly see her pussy now.

“Well, now you know what I meant when I said dessert is on Megha today,” Amar said. “She told me about your adventures and I was instantly excited to be cuckolded by a master like you”. He said as he scooped some ice cream and put it on her belly.

I was excited already. I did not waste time in explaining the scenario. I just took my shirt off and climbed down to her.

I first ate all the ice cream which was still frozen. Then came the fun part. Most of it had molten and I spread over her belly and crotch. The cuckold husband Amar sat on the chair, looking at me.

I started licking the ice cream off her belly. She moaned loudly as my tongue glided from her belly to her navel to her boobs. I licked every inch and every drop.

I started sucking her boobs wildly after cleaning the ice cream. I placed my lips on her nipples and sucked on them real nicely. I was pleasuring her boobs nice. My palms massaging those melons and lips kissing sucking and biting gently all over her boobs.

“Oh Master, fuck me like a nasty slut,” she moaned. Hearing her say this, Amar who had finished his ice cream by then got hornier. He took off all his clothes and sat with his dick in his hand, stroking it nicely.

I decided to go for the first round then and there itself.

“We will have some kinky adventures, but let’s start with some crazy pounding,” I said as I pulled Megha’s hair and got her on all fours like a dog, facing Amar.

I put my dick over her pussy, I spanked her ass very hard.

“I am ready, master. Please give me your dick. Please fuck your whore master” she screamed in pleasure.

I knew she was doing it to tease her cuckold husband. I thrusted my dick inside her pussy and started pounding her slowly. My balls hit her crotch every time I inserted.

The room was filled with thap thap sounds in no time. She moaned at top of her voice as her cuckold hubby watched his wife getting fucked in doggy style on the floor by a younger man.

I increased the pace of fucking this kinky Indian wife. I held her ass and spanked it very hard. Her ass became red due to the spanks. I knew she was enjoying it. Her moaning was unstoppable.

“Fuck her like this” Amar murmured from the chair. He had already sprayed his load in his underpants.

I sensed Megha was nearing an orgasm. I could see her trying to grip the carpet. So I increased the pace and fingered her. She came onto my dick in no time.

I was about to cum too. I took my dick out and told her I was going to cum.

She turned around and hurriedly opened her mouth. “Please give it to me master”. An adult busty lady, boobs hanging, pussy fucked, was begging for cum of a young guy, in front of her cuckold husband!

I sprayed my load in her mouth. She gulped all of it and licked my dick clean. “Thank you, master,” she said.

We spent the night doing some crazy cuckold threesome.

Interested in knowing about it? Or if you want to try out something similar with your partner (consensual) or a lady wants to experience what Megha experienced.

Then reach out to me on [email protected] on Hangouts/Gmail or Kik at Sumadhur. The next part coming soon.

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Submissive Indian wife Megha’s husband cuckolded