Swap with Mani and Rani

Swap with Mani and Rani

Hi to all Readers. Hope you all are safe and sound. This is varun 28 from Chennai back after a long time to share my experience with a couple I found online.

Coming to the story This happened a year ago, I usually surf for advertisement in locanto for people with different sex fantasies and one day while I was searching, I found a couple who posted advertisement welcoming other couples for a swap and travelling. They Called it as destination sex. I contacted them and they gave their Gmail account and I texted the couple through hangouts.

After two day I got a reply asking for my details and when I told them my details. They strictly said you need to be a couple and bring a partner. At that time, I had no one with me but I liked their fantasy and told lied that I have a partner and will bring her with me. They asked for details but I told them I will give the details later.

I gave the link to the experience which I shared online and they were ok to go on a trip with me. Meanwhile I was searching for a girl and found an independent hooker online who is living in Chennai and I told her about the trip and she said 20k needed to be paid and cost for the trip needs to be paid by me and I agreed. She agreed to unlimited sex for the trip

Her Name is Arthi and I gave Arthi’s details and pic to the couples Mani & Rani (Name Changed). They are thrilled and we fixed a date and booked 1st Class train. Till now I haven’t seen arthi or Rani in person just in pics so I was felt excited to see all in person.

I was the first person to reach the railway station and eagerly waiting for all others. Arthi Came after me. She was very Tall almost 5.11 fair skin, Big 36 size boob and slim figure. I was stunned looking at her. I wanted to fuck her at the station itself but I controlled myself and greeted her. I told her to act as my girlfriend in the trip and explained everything. After some time Mani and rani came. Mani was very average looking. Fair but in no shape and above 30 but rani was sexy aunty. She was very fair 34 size boobs and her ass is so amazing. Her lips were so fresh and dark red. When I think that I am going to fuck this aunty My dick stood in attention and all three noticed that. Rani was giggling hard seeing it.
We were travelling to Coimbatore and we boarded the train. I was a off season for all coaches in the train was free in our compartment only handful people were there. Seeing Rani I could control me much so I wanted to have fun in train itself but I was hesitant to speak with her as mani was with her all the time. It was 12.30 in night and I couldn’t sleep all four of are only in our birth. I can hear Mani’s snoring and all three are sleeping, I was wondering there are two ladies in front of me and I couldn’t touch either of them. Suddenly rani walked pass my seat to the washroom.

I saw the opportunity to finally have some fun in the train, so followed rani to the bathroom and waited till she returned and she was shocked to see me standing outside the washroom. I slowly started a conversation with her asking about the fantasy and she told her husband is not satisfying so asked for this kind of adventure and she going on but after seeing her lips I couldn’t hold myself so I saw if there is anyone near and pulled her towards me and planted a deep kiss in her mouth and started rubbing her pussy she resisted first but later started to enjoy. I heard someone so we had to break it. She too became horny and told me to wait tomorrow for all the fun.
I finally took control over myself and next day we reached Coimbatore and started to a theme park. We spent the whole day in the theme park but whenever I got a chance I had fun with both arthi and rani. Finally it was 8 PM. Mani Came to me and asked if we can do swap in different rooms. I said Ok.

Arthi went to Mani’s room and Rani came to my room. Finally the moment I was expecting the most. She was wearing a red saree and she added extra red lipstick in her lips. It was like a cherry. I couldn’t hold myself and pulled her towards me and removed her saree and tied her hands using it in the bed. She was confused what is happening. I completely undressed her and myself. She was looking like a aunty that I always wanted to fuck and I started to suck pussy hard as she was moaning harder and I stuffed her panty into her mouth. Later I lifted rani’s both legs and placed it in my shoulder and went deep into her pussy using my mouth she couldn’t control it since I tied her she couldn’t get out of bed. She was later yelling deeper deeper!!!.

Then I placed my knee near her head and started to insert my dick inside her mouth she was so good in sucking as she almost cleaned my balls and dick. I asked rani if I can fuck her in Ass she told mani tried once but couldn’t it hurts. I told her initially it will hurt but later it wont. So I made her bend and inserted my dick inside her Ass and started pumping but she was screaming in pain and she stuffed bedsheet in her mouth and controlled it. She got tired. After some time she was exhausted and lying in bed. I spread her legs and placed it in my shoulder and inserted it in her pussy and started pumping it hard and hard. Finally stopped after 10 mins.

She was very exhausted and slept. Next Day we tried Swap inside the woods if you wanna read the experience reach out to me.

Thanks for reading my experience, please drop in your comments & suggestions through [email protected]

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Swap with Mani and Rani

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