Swimming with the aunt and mom

Swimming with the aunt and mom

It was a sunny afternoon. I had just woken up and i was so hungover. I walked out of my room in my pajamas and went downstairs my mom was there cooking me breakfast.
“morning “i said
“morning, aunt jenny’s coming over for a swim this afternoon”

Just the thought of my aunt gave me a boner. Her sexy round ass and beautiful double D 36 breasts, for a 43 year old single woman she had the face of a highschool student, long dirty blond hair, blue eyes. If i were to geuss she weighed about 115 lbs.
“okay mom, no problem, ill be out there ”
“oh i know you will” she turned around and gave me a wink

i laughed then stood up to put my dish away, i walked and put my plate in the dishwasher. I came up from behind my mom who was quite sexy in my opinion and gave her a hug thrusting my flacid cock into her crack.
“Hey ! what are you doing!?”
“just giving you a hug”

i pulled my floppy cock from her asscrack and went upstairs. My mom had almost the same build as my aunt but a couple difrent features, my mom had 36 D size breasts and a nice round ass, her hair was brown and her eyes were brown, she stood at the same height as my aunt 5 ” 3 and weighed at 110 lbs.
My household was quite big but since i was the youngest i was the only one left with my widowed mother while my 3 older sisters were at college. I was 18, i had brown hair, blue eyes and i stood at 5 “7 , i wasnt scrawny but i wasnt huge either i had the perfect balance, i weighed in at 165 lbs.

I went upstairs and watched tv in my room and played some video games. Seconds passed like hours as i patiently waited for my mom to change into her bathing suit so i could get some peeks of her boobs along with my aunt coming over.
I decided i needed to jack off, i waited untill my mom went downstairs and went into her room. I quickly rushed through her laundry basket and found a dirty thong. I put it down my pajamas and wrapped it around my semi hard cock and walked into my room and closed the door.

I took the thong from my cock and put it to my face and smelt it, it smelt as good as usual, my mothers pussy smelt young. I started stoking my cock up and down, itfinnaly got to its full 8 inch hardness. After smelling the asshole area of my moms thong i jizzed all over myself and the bed sheets.
I lay there panting. I got up and cleaned up my cum from the sheets and myself.

I had tried to snatch a thong from my aunts house when we went there but i always got stopped or distracted. Just imagining my aunts dirty thong made my cock stay hard.
My cock was semi hard and i walked out of my room, my mom came from her room in her bathing suit and i felt my hard on coming back. I stood there facing the other side of the wall, she turned to her side, her ass was facing my hard cock. She slid by me, my cock hitting each of her asscheeks.
I almost came in my pants right there and then. I held it in as i went back into my room. “Are you coming out to the pool hun, aunt will be her soon ?”
“Ye one second ! ” i yelled down

I went into my room and put on my bathing suit. I walked downstairs, my mom was out there tanning on one of the chairs. I jumped in the pool near her spraying her with water.
“Hey ! , you got me wet ” she giggled
“yea i did ”
i swam some laps back and fourth.
“well hello hansome ” my aunt said as she opened the gate to get in, she was already in her bathing suit, she was so sexy.
“hey jenny,”

My mom stood up and came over to hug her ” jenny ! , hey, i need the washroom really quick before i go for a swim ” my mom said. My mom and jenny hugged theyre boobs pushing together. I instantly got a boner from it. ” okay ! im going for a dip ” my aunt giggled then jumped in near me, my cock still rock hard. She came over to me and hugged me, my cock straight away went under her pussy lips and rubbed them.
“mmm hehehe ” she gave me a kiss on the lips when my mom turned her back and swam off

wow i thought to myself, i swam afterr her and splashed her. “Oh is that how you want to play! ” she splashed me back, we splashed each other getting closer and closer untill we finnaly hit eachother’s hands while trying to splash eachother. She wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me, one of her arms left my back and ran down to my cock.
“Oh ! whats this hehe ” she said smirking at me
“what do you think it is ” i winked at her

she started rubbing my cock through my bathing suit, i decided i would do something aswell, i moved my hand over her massive breast and started rubbing it. “mm rub my nipple baby” she whispered.
i did as she commanded and rubbed her nipple, it was so nice and firm, i moved my other hand down to her pussy area. I got down and she had one strip of pubes, i followed the trail and got to her pussy.
“carefull i fragile ”
“oh ill be carefull”
i started rubbing her pussy lips, ” yea mmmmm” she moaned quietly in my ear, i put a finger inside of her and she jumped, i then slid two inside and she started rolling her eyes. “mmm yes, honey im going to cum ” i started thrusting quicker and quicker, she started shaking her legs wrapped around me and she grinded her pussy against my cock, i could feel the stream’s of her cum going through my shorts and wrapping around my cock.
She hugged me in a pationate exhaustion. I broke the hug up when i heard the door open.
“Who wants lemonade ! ”
“i do ” my aunt said, she swam over looking tired and got a lemonade.
“do you want some hun ?” she asked me
“no thanks ”
“okay im coming in ”

my mom jumped in and gave me a hug, i hugged her back and she went off swimming. “Okay i think we should go skinny dipping tonight!”
“Jenny ! ”
“oh come on dont tell me you dont want to see this body hehe” she giggled and made a flirtatious look at my mom
“Im game ” i said
“then its settled, skinny dipping tonight ! ”

We all got out and got a towel, i dried myself off and followed my mom and aunt inside, my aunt turned around and saw that i was behind her, she pulled the bottom of her bakini down revealing her ass. I put my finger down the crack of her ass and felt her asshole.
We kept walking up the stairs, my mom turned and as quick as lightning she pulled her bakini up, my mom looked forward again i waved my finger in front of my aunts face then brought it back to my mouth and i licked it up and down, my aunts eyes glued to me the whole time with a smirk on her face.

i slapped her butt and went into my room, my aunt and mom went into the room next to me. I took my bathing suit off and put my ear to the wall and listened to what my aunt and mom were saying. I heard a couple of giggles and then some moans which made me wonder and then went into a muffled chat, but i got some of the words and which included orgasim and i think strap on but the rest was girly life talk.
I heard them walk across the upstairs hallway and go downstairs, i threw on some pajamas bottoms and went downstairs, my mom and my aunt were wearing just theyre panties and bra’s. I walked in and went over and stood next to my mom. They were around the island counter.

“ah nice of you to join us ” my mom said smirking at me
” yea i had to take care of some stuff ” i said
“ooooo ” my aunt said

My aunt and mom talked about fashion, i glarred at my moms behind, my aunt caught me a couple times but just smiled. I was looking at my mom sexy ass when my mom turned and caught me, but to my suprise she just kept chatting.
I walked behind her and gave her a hug wrapping my arms right under her breasts, i took my cock out of my pajamas and pushed it against her ass. She just kept talking about fashion. I looked down and saw she was wiggling her ass, i knew she wanted more. I put my arm down and pulled her panties to the side revealing her ass crack.

I gently slid my cock into her ass, until i felt her asshole. I waited for her to open up, but she never did, i took my cock and rubbed her pussy lips with my cock. I was about to stuff my huge hard cock into her tight wet pussy when she blocked me and pushed my cock away with her hand. I let her panties go back and put my cock in my pajamas.

i walked and leaned over beside her. It was about 8 at night and it was dark out, my mom and my aunt had been drinking all afternoon and were quite drunk.
“Alright “my aunt said continuing with ” Lets go skinny dipping ! ”
“Wooo lets do it ” my mom said
me being sober said ” alright ”

we all went outside, my mom took her bra and panties off and threw them on to the ground, my aunt followed and so did i. We all jumped in and swam around then finnaly meeting up in the middle of the pool.
My aunt swam closer to my hard cock and turned around facing her ass towards me. She put my cock inside her asscrack, i felt her asshole. Her asshole opened up so wide but i still had to use a bit of push to get it in. I slid my cock inside her asshole.
“mmm ” she let out a moan
“Jenny ! are you guys fucking ”
“yes ! and it feels so good ”
“oh my … ” my aunt pulled my mom close and started rubbing her pussy.
“you should have opened you asshole up earlier susan ( my moms name )”
“mmm i should have ”

i started thrusting my cock in and out of jenny’s asshole. Jenny got up off my cock and pulled her hand out of my moms pussy.
“lets go inside and dry off and meet up in your room susan”
We all agreed and followed inside. I went to my room with a towel and dryed myself off. I looked down at my hard cock and saw that my aunt hadnt quite cleaned her asshole, there was some waste on it. I wiped it off and put it on a tissue. I walked into my moms room completely naked.

My mom and aunt were lying on the bed naked with theyre tongues down eachothers throats. They broke the kiss.
“ah our hansome man is here” my aunt said. She patted the bed gesturing me to join her. I walked over and got on the bed. I faced my mom and started kissing her breasts. My aunt crawled down the bed and started licking my cock up and down. I stopped kissing my moms breasts and picked my aunt up and raised her ass in the air.

I put my cock in her beautiful pussy. “mmmm fuck your aunty in her pussy” “dont cum in her mommy wants some fucking too” my mom said “okay mom, i want to fuck you in the ass and you better open your hole to me this time”
“i will honey, but i have a question ?”
“yes… ? ”
My mom reached into her side draw and pulled out a strap on ” can i .. fuck you ? in the ass ”

i thought for a second and finnaly made my decision
“sure, but … ive never … mmm … dont anything like that before”
“oh im cumming ! ” my aunt yelled out
“dont worry honey, ill show you ”

My aunt came all over my moms face and then started licking it off. My mom attatched the strap on around her waist.
“okay honey … jenny spread your legs, now hun, lick out jenny and raise your ass in the air”
I did as she said, jenny started moaning. My mom started licking my asshole, it felt kind of good, i could feel my asshole start to relax and open up. My mom put some lube on my asshole and on the 7 inch pink life like dildo.
I felt the head of the dildo against my asshole, then in one thrust my mom put the head of the dildo into my asshole
“Ow … mmm … nevermind ” i screamed out

she push further and further untill she was as far as she could go. She started thrusting in and out rubbing my prostate.
“i want to try something, keep the dildo in my asshole mom ”
i moved up and so did my mom. “okay jenny turn around im going to ram my cock inside your asshole”
“okay stud ”

she went into doggy style, i mounted her and shoved my cock far into her asshole. We were in a huge chain of anal. My mom reached over flapping her giant boobs against my back and grabbed a buttplug from her draw. She slipped it in herself like it was nothing, but the glance that i got of it, it sure wasnt nothing, it was about 6 inch deep and 2 and 1/2 inch diameter.

I came inside my aunts asshole, it was the most i’d ever came in my life, i filled my aunts asshole up so much that there was cum dripping out of her ass, i got down and drank it as it poured out. It was so hot and didnt taste half bad. My mom was still ramming my asshole.
She pulled the large dildo out of me and put it inside my aunts mouth. I moved behind her and pushed my cock in my mothers pussy, i thrusted in and out of her
“mmm yes fuck my pussy fuck it ” she moaned out

she came all over my cock and i came all inside her mouth.
We all collapsed into eachothers arms covered in cum, pussy cum and lube.

Ever since then we have been meeting up every week, but out of all the times we met up i only let my mom ram me once.

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Swimming with the aunt and mom