Tamanna and Illeana Sex Story

Tamanna and Illeana Sex Story

Tamanna and illeana had been great friends right from their introduction to cinema as they both had their debut in the same film KEDI.Tamanna was given a glamorous side villain like role while illeana was the heroine of the film.But both did not have any jealousy on each other.As time progressed they got busy in cinema and now they have crossed leaps and bounds.They are the reigning queens of kollywood and tollywood respectively.Since then they have lost contact but would never forget to call each other and talk atleast an hour in phone.

Fortunately,one day both were booked in the same film.So both of them got happy on hearing this news.They finally got an opportunity to meet again.They had changed a lot since their last meeting.Both have busted into stardom and have fans everywhere.The shooting started for the film.Both hugged each other tightly after a long time.They chatted during free times and also both shared the same caravan.They became more closer than the last time.They hoped their movie would be a blockbuster hit as it was the culmination of the queens of kollywood and tollywood.They shared their concerns and joys and became closer.

But as their love increased,the lust on each other;s body also increased.They slowly started hugging each other often.They often touched each other in their hips,shoulders,neck.They realized that they are getting more infatuated to each other.But they did not regret.They wanted to take it to next level.They wanted to be lesbians.But in magazines there has already been talks of over hugs and kisses of them.So they tried to restrict themselves with only hugs.They can feel their longing for sex and love of a woman;s body.The desire to explore a fellow woman;s body made them addict to each other;s luscious body.

One day,both were in the caravan waiting for the director’s call.Since it was a introduction song of both of them,they were in their dancing costumes which was a simple jean and blue shirt.Both of them were sitting in opposite couches.They were reading magazines.But their eyes were looking at each other.The luscious body of one and another had been attracting them.So far,they have not made a french kiss nor expressed their lesbian feelings.But they look at each other;s body and enjoy the structure and other sensuality of their body.Illeana looked the pages of a magazine and often turned to look at tamanna.Meanwhile tamanna was also doing the same.But they never caught the sight of each other sighing one and another.They tried to control their naughty feelings.Fortunately,tamanna had caught illeana sighing her sexy body.She was sitting in cross legs.

Illeana was so thrilled as first time tamanna saw her sighing her body.Tamanna smiled and crossed her legs.Illeana felt that this was the right time or else there could be no time.So she threw the magazine on the table and walked to tamanna.Tamanna heard the sounds of illeana’s heels on the floor.Tamanna looked at illeana’s walk.That was damn hot and sexy,tamanna thought to herself.Illeana’s slim and sexy figure was well established in that tight jean costume.The costumed traced the structure of her body.Illeana;s ass swayed to each side as she approached tamanna.Tamanna enjoyed the view of illeana’s body as she saw her boobs and a little part of the naval which was seen as the shirt was tight.She looked at illeana’s brown black hair which danced to her walk.Her sharp eyes and slyly smile showed tamanna that some thing is gonna happen.Illeana came closer and sat near tamanna.

“Hey what are you reading baby?” illeana asked looking at tammana’s body.

“Nothing.Just a magazine.” said tamanna.

“Which page are u reading tammu?” asked illeana touching her fingers and coming more closer and rubbing her body with tamanna.

Tamanna also began to feel the eroticism developing.She also started to rub her hands over illeana as if she is showing her some news in the magazine.The hormones were secreting in large amounts to each interaction they made.Illeana moved her hands softly from tamanna’s fingers to her thighs.Tamanna closed her eyes and took a deep breath.They both came even more closer.Now tamanna;s leg was on one leg of illeana.Their thighs were rubbing but they were pretending that they are reading the magazine.But tamanna did not wanted this,she wanted to enjoy illeana without any disturbance.So she had to make a move.Illeana brought her face closer to tamanna and rested it over her shoulders.Tamanna was unable to control.

“HMM why have u closed the book?” asked illeana pretending as if she was surprised.

Tamanna locked her eyes with illeana.Illeana loved her sight.Tamanna looked the most cutest with that lively eyes and pink cheeks.Illeana looked down at tamanna;s boobs which was bobbing in and out due to breathing.Both began to moan slowly.Tamanna’s hands rubbed all over illeana’s body softly increasing the hype.Illeana moaned again to tamanna’s touch.Tamanna looked down and saw illeana’s naval which was partly visible.Tamanna tickled illeana’s naval by her fingers around her belly.Illeana moaned loudly this time.The new feeling of a woman touching her naval rather than men made her feel more horny.Tamanna looked at her sexy expression and kissed her through hair.

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Illeaned pulled tamanna closer and wrapped her legs around her waist.Tamanna grabbed illeana by her waist and pulled her more tightly.Illeana begged “PLEASE” and leaned back so that tamanna removes her cloth and plays with her naval more.Tamanna looked at her hot face and then removed her tight shirt.She pushed illeana;s shirt upwards and revealed more of her tender,hot,extremely flat and sexiest naval of illeana.Tamanna licked her lips as her eyes began to see the most sexiest body of a women.Tamanna pushed her shirt even more exactly up to her breasts covering it.Tamanna got even more hornier seeing the flat thin and sexy naval of illeana.She caressed her naval from the top of her pant by scratching her nails along her naval to her covered breasts.

Illeana leaned further back allowing tamanna to kiss her sexy naval.Tamanna laid her over the couch and got down from the couch.She sat on her knees and started to caress illeana’s naval.Illeana moaned to each of her move.Tamanna then leaned down and kissed her naval with her pink lips.Illeana pushed tamanna into her naval by ousing her head.Illeana’s body started to move in a sexy manner unable to bear tamanna’s sex moves.Tamanna then removed illeana’s dress while illeana did the same for tamanna.Tamanna was fascinated to see her boobs,and lounged into it as soon she saw it.Illeana hugged her like a sister and pushed her into her boobs.Tamanna kissed illeana’s cleavage experiencing pleasure in her body.Illeana looked up and enjoyed the wet feeling of her lips over her breasts.

Soon tamanna was uncontrollable.She kissed her nipple and twisted it with her teeth.”AH tamanna be kind to ur friend.AHHH HUMM” illeana moaned biting her lips.Tamanna;s hormones were stimulated to a maximum extent as she now started to caress both her breasts with her hands and mouth.The slurping sound echoed around the rooms.After tamanna had enjoyed the pleasures of illeana,illeana pushed her down and got on top of her.Illeana kissed her passionately as the lesbians shared the kiss of their life.Their lips played with one and another with the brown lips of illeana coating it’s brown fade on tamanna;s pink lips.Tamanna’s hands entrapped illeana’s hip and hugged her tightly.Both their asses were rubbing each other.

Soon illeana went to the bed following tamanna.Tamanna then took a jelly dildo from her bag and laid on the bed.She put it inside her pussy and started to move her pussy slowly in and out of it.Tamanna began to moan loudly.Meanwhile illeana was looking at a white beautiful woman masturbating herself.Tamanna’s cute face expressions galvanized illeana;s heart.Illeana bit her lips in ecstasy fingering herself while seeing tamanna’s dildo going in and out of her pussy.The oozing liquid in her pussy secreted more than even seeing her.She quickly stretched tamanna’s legs and kissed her pussy.

“AAHHH,that feels good illeana,aJHHHH” moaned tamanna encouraging her by caressing her brown hair.

Illeana’s tongue licked the circumference of tamanna’s pink pussy.Illeana licked it slowly in the beginning.But as time progressed,she increased her speed and started to be fast in her licking.Tamanna moaned even more loudly.Illeana licked her clitoris with immense vigor and passion.”OH ya,hnmmmm lick it ahhhh,faster hmmm” shouted tamanna.

After splashing out orgasms into illeana”s face, tamanna now started to play with her pussy.Tamanna was more soft but yet so effective while licking her pussy.She then inserted her finger into illeana’s pussy and started to finger fuck and lick her same time.”AHHHH yes tammu lick ma pussy oh yeah ahhhh” shouted uncontrollable illeana as she came like floods into tamanna’s lips.As both were tired now,they both hugged each other and slept in the bed untill the director called them.

The movie was a great hit not for the hero but for the two women,Tamanna and Illeana.After the movie,they did not get any chance to meet one another.But they talked through phone.They once again met in the success show of the movie after it had run 100 days.

When the show ended,Illeana asked Tamanna “Shall we go any where out and enjoy the success of the combo”.

Tamanna replied knowing what illeana meant “Well sure,just tell the dates”.

Both the women decided to go to swiss and have some fun there.Both arrived in a hotel in swiss and booked a room.They went inside their room and locked the door.

As soon as tamanna placed her bag down,illeana pushed her down and started to kiss her red lips.Illeana caressed her body and kissed her passionately.Her lips glanced tamanna’s lips and played with it’s tongue.Tamanna pushed illeana closer towards her and kissed her looking into the deceptive eyes of illeana.

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Illeana stopped kissing and said “u r going to experience something special,tamanaah” and smiled wickedly.

Illeana opened the door and shouted “Come on guys”

Soon a group of 5 guys came and rushed into the room.Illeana closed the door.

“What the fuck is this all about,illeana” shouted tamanna.

Illeana rushed towards tamanna and strangled her neck.Illeana said in a firm voice “What the fuck are u thinking,it was i who acted so glamorously in that movie,then how come u get all the fame.I was more sexy,more beautiful and more popular than you.All are hailing u for that movie!!.I can’t bear my defeat!Your tender virgin pussy is going to be banged and really banged hard by these men while i am going to look at that and enjoy it.”

“FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF HER GUYS,I WILL BE BACK SOON” said illeana and approached the door.Tamanna looked at her not knowing what to do.Her eyes were literally crying.Tears stagnated in her eyes.Just a wink,and she cried.


The guys started undressing.Sure they loved to see tamanna sucking their cocks.As illeana opened the door,one of the guys pulled her into the room and closed the door.

“Where are u going u slut?..I like a slutty body than a virgin body.” said a guy in a dominating tone.Illeana was shocked.

“Hey i employed u.So u have to listen to me.” shouted illeana.But it seemed her plan backfired.

Illeana and tamanna were knelt down.Tamanna looked at illena with weeping eyes and said “U r a disgrace to friendship.”The guys went nude in front of the divas.Tamanna looked down in shame.But to illeana this was not new.She began to like what she is seeing.

“Now suck our dicks,girls” shouted all in unison.

Illeana tossed her glossing hair and crawled forward.She took a cock into her mouth in one try while jerking the other man’s cock.Illeana loved cocks,especially black ones.She licked the cock and played it with immense pleasure.Both the guys moaned as the pleasure overwhelmed them.Illeana moved to and fro tasting the out skin of the cock while jerking at a lightning speed the other cock.Her glossy hair danced to her to and fro movement.Her tongue licked the cocks with the sacs producing more secretion inside.The man glided her hair back and started pushing her into his cock.His cock hit the wall of her throat.Illeana moaned with the cock inside.Meanwhile the 2nd man whose cock is being jerked bent down and looked at the heaving breasts of illeana which were dancing through her tight T-SHIRT.Her jeans were torn.He caressed her boobs with over her shirt.

But tamanna was shocked to see illeana behaving like this.”What!”” she exclaimed.”SLAP” the other two men slapped her face and shouted “Now suck our cocks quickly.”She resisted.But continuous slaps were enough to make her do it.Tamanna went near their cocks.Her mouth was withering as if the temperature was below 0*C.She cried a lot.But there was no mercy.Both of them pushed their cocks inside her mouth.

“WUAAAGH” her mouth was simultaneously filled with two cocks.She suffocated quickly.The two cocks were thumping into her mouth simultaneously.Both the guys had the lust in their eyes.The white milky beauty seemed poweless except to go by what they were doing.The two cocks filled her mouth.She was breathless.She coughed terribly.Her saliva flew out.Her nose was begging for air and space.Her eyes were crying with loads of tears coming out.Both the boys took out their cock feeling pity.Tamannah gasped for breath.Her red lips were coated over their cocks.But she had to make a decision.But she had only one choice i.e to do what illeana is doing.She should co-operate.So she made up her mind.She started to jerk both their cocks slowly.She took one of the cocks gently into her mouth and worked on it smoothly.Even she was new to sucking a cock,it was quite amazing and pleasureful.

The 5th man saw the sexual chaos happening infront of her.He quickly went behind illeana and undressed her.She shouted still sucking the first man;s cock “Ya lick my pussy.Make me horny worker”.The fifth man quickly licked the pussy lips of illeana while fingering it with his fingers.The 2nd man who was licking her breasts over her shirt was now licking it without her shirts.He also started fingering her.”Oh ya fuck it fuck it,yeah AAAHHH faster guys” shouted illeana adjusting her body to make the guys work faster.

Meanwhile tamanna was sucking with both the cocks inside her.They were literally fucking her mouth.But they did not want to waste time.They want to feel the virgin pussy for their cocks.

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The men pushed tamanna on the couch.They undressed her completely making her nude.Tamanna’s body was covered with sweats.The man licked the sweats on her breasts,legs,hands and everywhere while the other man was working on her virgin pussy with his tongue.Tamanna was crying but the way these two men handled her gave her pleasure also.

Illeana meanwhile had no worries.Her pussy was being fucked by a huge cock.Her naval was licked by a man while her mouth was fucked by another.The man licking illeana’s naval was jerking his cock faster than before.Her belly looked so seductive that he cummed right into the belly.At the same time,the man fucking her mouth cummed a huge into her mouth which she accepted grandly.But the man fucking her pussy was going bizarre as he increased his pace banging illeana’s pussy making her to moan loudly.

But poor tamanna had to get two more slaps to be made quiet.They explored her untouched parts which was so interesting for them.Her breasts were licked,sucked by the man while the other man explored the cute pink pussy of hers.The outer labia was whitish pink.He licked it.Tamanna moaned loudly as it gave immense pleasure.Seeing this the other man also joined in licking in tamanna’s pussy just to hear her moan again.Tamanna burst into a couple of orgasms due to continuous licking.Her cheeks have become red.She cursed god .

Meanwhile illeana was playing only 1 man as the other two hit the climax.He also would soon hit the climax.Illeana shook her naval and her pussy to adjust and take the whole cock into her pussy.That is it,the man cummed into her pussy like sea.Illeana felt the warm liquid entering her body.The man collapsed into her breasts.Illeana then ordered the other 2 men to go and fuck tamanna and prove her that their cocks are bad.

“Go and show her how well your cocks are guys.Make her cry.I want to see blood staining from her pussy like river.”shouted illeana.

The other two men rushed near tamanna.Now 4 boys surrounded tammanna.Already 2 of the 4 were licking her pussy and made her to moan.Now these 2 slapped her face and asked her to open her mouth.She refused.Again a couple of slaps.She refused.Illeana was enjoying the slaps given by the men and the torture faced by tamanna.The other man was also caressing illeana’s breasts.The two licked her clitoris at the same time eventually.AHHHM,tamanna screamed.The other two men inserted their monster cocks into her mouth at the same time.

Tammanna again suffocated.They made alternate thrusts in and out of her mouth.She was unable to moan and breathe.Her eyes became red.Tears rolled down while illeana was laughing rolling on the floor with the man kissing her naval.Tamanna coughed with both cocks inside her mouth.

“Yeah guyz do it.Torture her.This is so fantastic.How can she steal my fame??” shouted illeana.

Those words were like arrows passing into tammanna;s heart.She cried,cried and cried.Both the men took their cock out so that she may not die.Even the time gap was sufficient only for moaning.Tamanna was furious against illeana.She had to make everybody cum.So tamanna decided to do it.The cocks were planted into her mouth again.This time she just licked the head of the cocks with her tongue and that was it.Both of them cummed like machines.The cum was overloaded in her mouth and she split it on illeana.Then she moved her pussy into the mouth of the two who were licking tempting them to fuck her.

They both placed her thighs apart.Each one filled each hole.One went for pussy and other for ass.Tamanna screamed even a glass would break.Her ass hole was stretched to a maximum extent.”AHH AHH AHH” moaned tamanna as they drilled their tools into their respective holes.But tamanna wanted to end this fucking saga.She was determined.She wanted to make them cum.

Meanwhile illeana who was on her second fuck laughed and shouted “Yes fuck that hole.Drill it in.HA HA AH”.

Tamanna moved accordingly to their blows to give immense pleasure.She moaned to make them more hornier.She screamed like no one.Finally,her apt moves made both of them to cum.They took their cock and collapsed over the bed.Tamanna shed her tears saying to herself that she should never meet illeana again.Illeana was sleeping with the other man as they finished the sex.

After an hour,illeana woke up to find the guys collapsed.She searched for tamanna.But she was not there.Even her bag was not there.It seems their friendship is no more.

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Tamanna and Illeana Sex Story

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