Taming The Sex Goddess

Taming The Sex Goddess

Hello Readers. I go by the name Light. I’m a resident of Mumbai. This city has only given me experiences which I’m about to share in a bit. I’m 6’4 with a 7.5-inch tool. This story is going to be detailed and long. Just go with the flow and you won’t be disappointed. Let’s begin.

I have been quite ahead of people in terms of business knowledge and corporate relations in the start-up I was working at. I was 21 years old but my deep husky voice and physique made me look like a hungry matured man. We had a celebratory meet up with the team and ex-employees.

I couldn’t show up because I was busy satisfying my hot neighbor as she was moving out of Mumbai. I will share how I seduced this hot lady in becoming my sex slave. Later that day, I was on my to work. We were located in BSE. I took an uber pool and I was getting very late.

My cab driver matched with another co-rider and I was mad. I tried convincing him to cancel and settle the dues with me. But he insisted on not canceling. We parked near a business center in Chembur. I started getting this really strong seducing fragrance coming in from the car.

There you go. The star lady of this story, Antara. She was wheatish in complexion, tall (must be 5’7), face like a model, assets like a porn star and ass which I was about to bust open and tame. I couldn’t resist but to spark a conversation with her.

Remember I shared an after-party in my team a day prior to this with all ex-employees? Guess what? She was an ex-intern in my firm. I got a call from one of my clients and I mentioned my company’s name a couple of times. She raised her eyebrows and was waiting for my call to finish.

I dropped my call and she jumped with thousands of questions. I was thinking of how to break the ice. But it seems, my life had other plans. We spoke to each other for a very long time and totally got lost in the conversation. I made a horrible mistake. I didn’t take her number.

I couldn’t find her on Facebook either. With great disappointment, I moved ahead with my day. A couple of days later, I got a message on Messenger. As I said, life works in mysterious ways. It was Antara. I burst out with happiness and started planning how to fuck her brains out.

We chatted for a very long time and decided to meet. On the date, she was wearing a tight one-piece with revealing gigantic beautiful breasts. I can only imagine holding her with my huge hands and stimulate a nipple orgasm (Yes, it’s a thing. Google it).

She was looking very hot and I couldn’t help myself but stare at those beauties. She noticed me and didn’t say anything. She went to the washroom later with a lot of pints down. She had opened up a lot. When she came back, her little areola was visible and she was drunk.

I don’t like to take advantage of a woman in an unconscious state. I decided to drive her crazy in her senses. I decided to drop her home. She was going crazy and coming all over to me. Her huge assets were touching my shoulders, my thighs, and even my face. She was pulling me towards her. I resisted.

She was rubbing her hand on my thighs and I resisted. She bit my ear lobe to tease and, yes, I resisted. We reached her place and she wasn’t in a condition to walk. I had no option but to pick her up. Her 36-28-36 assets were pressing against my chest.

Interestingly her nipples were erected and they were poking onto mine. Her warmth was all over my skin. I was very lucky as there was no one around her apartment or the lift. She reached me near my ears and asked me to fuck her. It was the most difficult thing to resist. I could see her deep valley cleavage.

I could see her bra. I could see her areola. I could sense her wild heat releasing from her body to fuck. But, I had my own set of rules. I rang her bell, her very beautiful roommate opened the door. She was very surprised to see her this drunk on a first date. (Yeah, I’m a gentleman in real life).

She looked into my eyes and smiled. I dropped her on her bed. She was drenched in sweat and in her drunk state. She removed her dress aggressively and passed out. Okay. Oh, my fucking goodness. She was a goddess. Her boobs, her navel, her perfectly aligned figure.

Her well-built thighs, and clean beautiful legs and feet. Each one of those factors turned me on. I was rock hard. My 7.5-inch tool was throbbing to come outside. Cum in her cunt. But hey, I have a rule book to follow. After admiring her beautiful size 36 assets. I covered her with a blanket.

I asked for a glass of water from her roommate. C’mon, after that hot steamy show, I definitely ran out of breath. I kissed her on the forehead and I left. (Gentleman, my weapon number 1.) I’m inspired by the series named ‘Suits’. The lawyer in me awakened and I started questioning her roommate.

I had plans of fucking both of them very soon. Using my charm, I got her to tell me everything about her. She even revealed how she loves masturbating with her vibrator. I had a concrete plan and I was ready to roar. I asked her if I can use her washroom and I loaded her toilet pot with my cum.

I relaxed a bit and moved out. This is just a start on my seductress goddess started her adventure with me. I’ll continue further in the next chapter and all you’ll experience is maddening wild sex. Stay tuned. And if any woman wishes to experience the same, you know where to reach me, [email protected]

Taming The Sex Goddess