Taxman’s Wife – Sex Stories

Taxman’s Wife – Sex Stories

My CPA and is one of the best in town, always gets me money back So I keep his phone number handy. He and his wife are partners in his business and both are competent CPA’s so I recommend them to all my coworkers and friends. This year I went to get my Taxes done and Cleo was out of town, his wife Alicia was at the office So we discussed what we had to do to take care of this mess I was looking at. Alicia is an older black woman and sweet as she can be. Her body is a bit out of shape for her 56 years but still has a fine ass on her.

I sat there my mind wandering more about her and what I would do to her than my taxes.

“Did you hear what I said Mr. Massey?

I woke up from my lusty daydream. “No. I’m sorry I didn’t!”

“I said, we are going to have to do a lot of work to get you out of this mess.”

“I see. I knew it was bad but you know the IRS.”

Alicia went back to her paperwork and I went back to my fantasy about her. Staring at her large brown tits as they showed from the top of her blouse, admiring the valley that was there. I was gone again when I heard her voice.

“Mr. Massey, Mr. Massey! I need some questions answered if I am to help you.”

“I’m sorry Alicia my mind was somewhere else.”

“I noticed! And thank you but we really need to get this taken care of!”

Alicia worked until 8 PM on my taxes finally she announcing it was done.

“Thanks so much Alicia, You deserve a good meal for taking so much time with that. Would you like to go out to eat? I know I’m hungry!”

“Well yes thank you I would, I’m starving also, give me a minute to change.”

She came back in 10 minutes wearing a very nice dress and a white blouse that did nothing to hide her assets. I noticed she had no bra on either, worked for me. I felt myself getting a hard on just from the view. I walked her out to my car, being the perfect gentleman I held the door of my car for her.

“I hope you don’t mind riding with the top down Alicia, it’s so beautiful out tonight!”

“No, I think it will be wonderful to get some air after being in the office all day, thank you for asking.’

We went to a very nice Mexican restaurant, and had a good meal and a great time talking and flirting. I felt pretty good after a couple of margaritas and being there with her. Not bad for a 32-year-old white man I thought to myself. She is the prettiest woman here and was feeling no pain when I helped her back to my car. I watched as her head lay back looking at the stars as I drove her home. She was pretty drunk from the 3 drinks she had, so I helped her inside. When I turned to leave she grabbed me by the arm.

“No, don’t go yet. I could use some company if you don’t mind.”

I sat beside her on the couch when she looked at me.

“I saw you staring at my breasts, I want you to know I’m not upset. In fact that is the first time a man has looked at me like that in a long time.’

I was amazed, 1. She liked me looking at her. 2. She wasn’t pissed.

I didn’t even try to apologize for looking at her. I sat waiting for whatever happened next. I didn’t wait long. Alicia leaned over and kissed me, her full lips pressing into mine her tongue swirling around inside my mouth. I kissed her and put my hand on her breast, giving it a light squeeze. I heard her moan and put my hand in her blouse, her nipples are long and thick and extremely sensitive.

I have never been with a black woman before and this was a fantasy of mine since childhood. Now it’s real. She slid her hand inside my shirt, feeling my chest and pulling my nipples. I helped her take my shirt off, then her blouse. The sight of her lovely breasts and dark nipples was incredible. Alicia was very firm for her age, but I had no one to compare since I had never been with an older woman either.

Alicia was running her hands on my chest mumbling how strong I felt. Then her hand went to my pants. And gently held my erection as it pressed outwards in a useless attempt to escape its confines. Lightly grasping it in her hand, she looked up, kissed me again and her head dropped to my lap. I watched as she undid my zipper and I raised my hips for her to pull them off. I saw her lick her lips before she licked my hard Dick, tasting my pre-cum. I lay my head back as her hot mouth surrounded my Dick. Alicia knew how to work her mouth. Her hand played with my heavy balls while her tongue made circles around the head of my Dick.

I put my hand on her warm neck feeling her muscles working as she moved her head around, slurping as she went up. I knew this was not going to last, and I was on my way to cumming soon. I fucked her face and her hand went to her lap trying to pull her dress up to touch herself.

“Stand up Alicia, I want to see you naked. I need to see you now!”

She stood up and removed her dress, slip, then finally her panties. I never saw such an erotic sight as she pulled her panties off her wide hips, showing me her thick black bush. Her panties had a large wet spot on the cotton part of them I saw when she threw them on the floor. I stood to finish undressing but she stopped me.

“No, let me!” Her hands taking my pants leg and picking my foot up, she removed that pants leg. She then took off the other one, My Dick looking right in her face. She swallowed it whole and it was the most wonderful feeling I have ever experienced. I felt her throat as her hands on my ass pulled me deeper in her hot mouth. Her breath was coming out her nose on my pubic region, her tongue on my balls. I could only watch her pretty black lips on my hard white Dick, the red lipstick only adding to the erotic sight. I had to have this woman. I held her face as I moved down to her lips with mine. Kissing her I felt her wetness with my finger. Alicia was more than ready to accept what I had to offer. She lay on her back on the living room floor and spread her lovely thighs for me. I leaned over her slowly getting my body between her open legs. Her hand went to guide me inside her furry bush covered pussy. I almost came as I felt the heat from her pussy when my Dick entered her wet slit.

She smelled so good as my head went to the nape of her neck. I nibbled on her ear as she wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me to her. My chest crushing her breasts flat as I began to make love to her. This was no fuck it was too good for that. I felt her fingernails raking my back as we pumped against each other, our hips meeting with a resounding sound. I could feel her wetness easing down my balls when our crotches made contact.

Alicia began to cry out as her Orgasm was nearing, her hand holding me tight against her chest. I forgot all about making love and pounded her like a madman. I wanted to make her Cum and slid my finger to her thick clit. Smashing my hand, our crotches bouncing off the others.

“Oh yes, do that baby, touch me there. I’m going to cum if you keep that up. Oh Shit, yes now fuck me hard now!”

I felt her leave deep scratches down my back as I pumped her slick pussy. It hurt, but not so much that I was going to stop now. I felt my balls tighten and knew it would not be long before I too came. My breath was coming faster and hers was hot on my neck as we came together. I shot my load in her with her hips bucking on me, I felt her pussy tighten as she came. I collapsed on her chest as I pumped the last drop of my spunk in her hot pussy.

We lay on the floor together holding each other, enjoying the aftermath of our lust as it left us. Alicia rolled on top of me sticking her sweet tongue in my mouth, raping it as she swabbed the roof of my mouth, sucking on my tongue. I wondered if she was going to let me have it back. Her ass felt so warm in my hands and really firm for its size. I felt her sweat as it smeared on my body, and suggested we take a shower. She took my hand and led me to the bedroom and into her shower.

There is nothing sexier than a black woman with soap and water running down her body, Her arms above her body washing her sweaty hair, and black breast shining from the water as it cascades down between her breasts. I watched as it ran between her legs clinging to her pubes the white soap suds clashing against her black skin. I was hard again from watching. I moved towards her and took the rag from her hand and began to wash her body for her. Her breasts flowed in my hands as I rinsed them off. She opened her legs for me to clean them and I slid my finger inside her, her hips lunged towards me and she moaned softly.

I moved my face to her pussy, kissing it as I continued to wash her legs and ass. The water running in my face, her taste not escaping by getting washed away. I held her open and stuck my tongue inside her inner lips, licking as deep as I could do to get every drop of her sweet nectar. Her legs closed tighter on my head and I had to get up, I was drowning. Turning the water off I grabbed the towels and then her hand leading her to the bed.

She lay back and I resumed my assault on her sweet tasting pussy, her clit was sticking out so I sucked it in my mouth. Nibbling on it as she squirmed her hips trying to keep my face in her thighs. Her legs shook and her breath came in gasps when her Orgasm took over. I looked up and could see her eyes back in her head as she cried out.

“Don’t stop, for God’s sake please don’t stop!”

I had no plans on stopping! This was too good for me to want to stop. Alicia came over and over as I sucked her clit between my lips, then stuck my tongue in her wet pussy, fucking her with my face. I bit her clit lightly and Alicia screamed out so loud, I thought the neighbors would hear. I didn’t care when I slid up and stuck my Dick in her again. I thought perhaps her pussy would be loose now, since we had just had sex, but she was even tighter now it seemed. Her passion ran wild as she began to fuck me.

Her breasts stood out on her heaving chest as I gave her all I could give. After a few minutes I turned her over, wanting to see that sweet ass when I fucked her. I slid back in her still amazed at her warmth and tightness as I did. I squeezed her ass cheeks and pulled her hips to me, the sight of my white Dick being buried in her black pussy was beautiful. Her hips bucked towards me furiously trying to throw me off it appeared. Thankfully I had her sweet ass to hold on too.

Alicia was cumming again when I called her a nasty black slut. I hoped it didn’t offend her, but it sounded right at the moment. She only fucked me harder.

“Yes, I am a nasty slut, fuck me, fuck your nasty black slut!”

I fucked her without mercy, watching her ass cheeks bounce as mine hit them. I looked to the mirror on her dresser and saw her tits bouncing as we fucked. That was all I could take, and I came in her again. Her pussy was gushing as it hit her womb in hot spurts. I fell on her back and she collapsed on the bed face down. When our breath and senses came back I got off her she rolled over and kissed me deeply. Hugging me tight as she started to cry.

“What’s wrong Alicia?”

“I, well I never fooled around on Cleo before, and he would die if he knew I had. And to do it with a white man would be so much worse to him!” Her tears falling on her cheeks.

I played with her thick dark tipped breast, keeping it hard. “Don’t tell him then!”

Not the best answer but all I had in me now. I was whipped, this woman had turned me every way but loose in the last 2 hours. She held me close as her sobbing slowed. I could only brush her hair away from her face and kiss her again, tasting the salty tears and her mouth even wetter now from her crying. She finally calmed down, apologizing for her silliness. Then slid down and began to suck my hard Dick.

Her mouth being so wet and hot, even though I had had 2 Orgasm’s, I knew it would not take me long the way she attacked it. Her soft hand worked on my balls and her mouth did magic on my Dick. She enjoyed sucking me as her moans let me know. I held her hair and pushed her face deeper feeling her throat engulf me. Then, she did something no one else had ever done to me before. She hummed a song! Damn, this was too much. I let her know I was cumming, and she held her face as deep as she could and continued to hum. I shot my last load in her throat and she swallowed everything I had left in me, now in her.

I fell asleep on her bed beside her that night, I don’t think I could’ve driven home if I had tried. We woke up and she cooked me breakfast then I was on my way, but not before we had one more early morning escapade.

I got money back this year from my taxes again.

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Taxman’s Wife – Sex Stories