Teen Boy And Neighbour Aunty’s Love In Mumbai

Teen Boy And Neighbour Aunty’s Love In Mumbai

Hello guys, this is Jack. I am 30 now. It’s a story happened during my teenage. When I was 19, I was studying in Mumbai city, the city of dreams. My family consists of mom, dad, and an elder brother. My mom is a housewife, dad is working in a private firm and my elder brother is studying.

It was the time of November, Diwali was approaching. On a Sunday, suddenly my mama (mom’s brother) came to our home and surprised us with his wedding invitation. We all were excited and happy.

But the wedding venue was in mama’s village, around 550 km from Mumbai. Since I was studying, it was hard for me to go and attend the wedding as I had my Diwali extra classes.

So, everybody was concerned about how we were going to attend the wedding because it was a must-attend occasion for our family. My family was discussing what to do, so I suggested them to go without me, as I was grown up now and I can manage myself.

My father and brother were ok with this but my mom was worried. Suddenly, she got an idea. She said, “Nayana aunty will help him.”

Let me introduce to you Nayana aunty. She was 38 at that time. Her figure was 34-32-36. She was our neighbor and very close to my mom. She used to spend much time at our home with mom. I said ok. It was just a matter of food.

Then the day came. My family departed in the morning. I had to wake early for them and again slept after that. At 9 am, Nayana Aunty came inside my home. She had the keys and she was aware that I was sleeping. She woke me up and told me to take a shower. And then she went to the kitchen to make breakfast for me.

Her husband used to go early in the morning and her daughter had gone to school. So that day I had breakfast and went to the class. I spent some time with my friends and came home in the evening.

Nayana aunty brought dinner for me which she prepared at her home and went. That night because I was alone, I wanted to use the opportunity to watch porn. So I enjoyed watching porn all night. But I forgot to wear my shorts back and then went to sleep.

The next day in the morning, I heard the sound of the door opening. But I was feeling very sleepy that I get up. I was sleeping on my stomach and suddenly, I got a gentle tap on my bum.

I woke up and saw it was my neighbor aunty Nayana. Smiling, she said, “Get up, you are already late. Go to the bathroom and take a shower. I have made breakfast. Have it and go to your class.”

I was feeling shy but I didn’t show her that. She was smiling and went home. The day passed. I returned home in the evening. But Nayana aunty did not come.

I was hungry, but I thought she would be feeling odd that I was sleeping naked. I was afraid of that. So I went to her home, rang the bell. Her husband opened the door. He said, “Come inside, your dinner will be ready in 15 minutes. Nayana is preparing it. We went to the market and got stuck in traffic. That’s why we got late.”

I felt good listening to that. I said, “No problem uncle, I will wait at my home.” He said, “Ok”.

I went to my home and waited. After 20 minutes, Nayana aunty came with dinner. She served me and waited until I have it. She was watching TV. We started chatting about normal things. And suddenly, she said, “You are enjoying the loneliness ha, very good”. I said, “What is good in that?”.

Nayana: Yes, I saw you naked in the morning.
Me: I am sorry, I forgot to wear clothes.

Nayana: Don’t be sorry, just enjoy. No need to feel shy, hehehe

I got more confidence.

Me: Thank you, Aunty. You also sleep naked?
Nayana (smilingly): Shut up, stupid! My family didn’t go to the village leaving me alone at home.

Me: Hehe yes. I just asked.
Nayana: Ok, now wash the utensils and go to sleep.
Me. Ok, aunty.

Then my neighbor aunty went to her house. I watched porn whole night but I had developed sexual feelings for Nayana aunty as she was comfortable watching me naked. I thought she would scold me and tell me to wear proper clothing.

I masturbated that night thinking about her and willfully went to sleep naked. I knew aunty will come and see.

The next morning, aunty opened the door and came inside. She opened the windows and said, “Get up or neighbors from the next building will see your Weiner, hehehe.”

I said, “I don’t care about others. You are ok with me naked and so I won’t wear anything. I don’t like to wear clothes”.

She said (smilingly), “You are shameless! Go and roam naked outside, let me see”.

I took a shower quickly and came out naked. I acted like I was searching for a towel. Aunty asked me if I was searching for the towel. I nodded. While she was bringing me the towel, I said, “I am missing my mom”.

She said, “Aww, what happened?” I told her that my mom used to dry me after the bath.

She said, “I will dry you out with the towel.”

She was rubbing the towel on my back and my lund instantly got erect. She saw it and laughed loudly. She said, “You have grown up, beta”.

I was confident and said, “Haven’t you seen a man’s organ before?” She said, “Of course, I have seen it many times. But I haven’t seen yours and it looks very nice.” And she was smiling.

I was completely dry by then. I went to the hall and turned the TV on. I did not wear any clothes. She said, “You are a totally shameless bugger”. And then she brought me breakfast. My erect penis was not getting any comfort. She said, “Fo something about it.” I said, “What should I do?”

Masturbate”, my neighbor aunty said.

I immediately started shagging my penis.

I came within 5 minutes.

She laughed and said, “You are a virgin, I guess.”
I said, “Yes.”

“Why don’t you have a girlfriend?”, she asked.
I said, “I don’t like immature girls.”

“Why? Are you straight or not?”
I said, “Of course, I am straight. I mean to say I like mature women.”

“Ohh”, she said.

To be continued.

Teen Boy And Neighbour Aunty’s Love In Mumbai