Teju – My Sex Queen

Teju – My Sex Queen

Hello everyone, this is Arjun from Hyderabad. I’m 6.1 in height, a pleasing personality for which any girl or women would definitely fall for. Right now I’m working in an MNC in Hyderabad. This story is about me and my sexy Teju who had sex hundreds of times in our college days.

Without wasting any time, coming to the story. Directly coming to the stats of Teju, she’s a bombshell. 38-28-36. That’s her stats. Almost every guy in my college wanted to fuck Teju at least once. I and Teju were not lovers. We were just sex buddies, in other terms ‘friends with benefits’.

Since both of us were classmates we used to have regular conversations in college. Sexual feelings towards each other started when we went to a college tour in our engineering 3rd year. When we were on the tour we had to play ‘Truth or Dare’ on the bus.

Someone asked a question to Teju if she had to kiss someone on the bus who would that be. Luckily she took my name. Everyone was shocked including me. I was in cloud 9. I fucked many girls in college and outside too. But Teju is like a dream fuck for me.

I know something good was happening when she told she was interested in me and wanted to kiss me. I didn’t want to leave any chance which would lead me to her. College tour was fun. My conversations with Teju had increased gradually and everything was going good.

Suddenly one day she invited me along with other friends for a house party. Her house was free as her parents were out of the town. I was awestruck when she invited me to the party. I thought this is the right time to fuck her. But I was completely blank and there was nothing in my mind as to how to initiate this.

We were a group of 9 members including Teju who were at the party. 6 boys and 3 gals. We took a few beers and whiskey bottles and ordered food from her house. Everyone was so excited as her house was so good and the pool view from her balcony was just awesome. No words to admire such beauty.

Party was going in a good swing when a few of my friends started to dance with some good music. I was cheering them as I was very bad at dancing. Everyone was busy and Teju just went down. After a few seconds, I got a message from Teju’s phone asking me to come down.

I went down and she was waiting for me downstairs. As soon as I went down she gave me a wicked smile. I understood her intentions but I acted dumb. I asked her, “What happened, Teju? Why did you text me? Is the party boring?” She smiled at me and said nothing as such and said she wanted to talk to me.

I said okay and went outside near the balcony and I started smoking. She followed me and closed the balcony door. All of a sudden she told me sorry. I asked her for what? She said while going to on the college tour on the bus she took my name that she wanted to kiss me.

She thought I was uncomfortable then and apologized for the same. I was like, “No, I was so excited about it that you took my name.” She smiled at me then. I said. “Anyways that was just you wanted to say any name so you said mine. I know there is nothing more.” Basically, I tricked her.

She told just shut up and she pulled me close and started kissing me. For 10-15 seconds I was completely lost. She stopped kissing me and said sorry as I didn’t respond to her kiss properly. Once she went back I was back in my senses and later I pulled her and started kissing her. She felt really good.

We kissed there for almost 15-20 minutes. Our friends were calling us by then. So we had to go on top and continue the party. Slowly one by one everyone was leaving. She texted me saying, “Everyone will go but you stay back.” I know this is my time to pop her cherry.

Friends asked me to come along, I told them I was dead sleepy and told them I want to sleep there itself. In fact, no one should get doubt so I asked Teju in front of everyone. “Is it ok if I stay at your place in the night and leave early in the morning?”

She is smarter than me. In front of our friends, she said, “It’s okay Arjun you can sleep downstairs and I’ll sleep upstairs.” I was like wow she’s something. Everyone left and within no time I went to her room. She was already waiting for me and scolded me for being late.

I apologized and slowly started touching her everywhere. She was enjoying it and started moaning slowly. Without wasting any time I undressed her and myself too. I was busy playing with her boobs and sucking them. Her moaning increased.

All of a sudden she pushed me and said. “How much time will you play? I want to play too.” Without any second thought, she grabbed my dick and started sucking it like ice cream. She was surprised by seeing my 8 inches dick. She said I’d tear her pussy today. She blew my cock for a good amount of time.

After some time I started licking her pussy. By then her pussy was dripping wet. I had a fantasy before fucking any girl I’d want her to masturbate in front of me. Obviously, I asked Teju the same thing. She was so shy and hesitated to do so initially. But with my kissing and sucking, I pleased her.

She fingered herself for almost 10 minutes. Later she couldn’t resist and was in no mood to waste any time. She took a condom from her drawer and put it on me. After seeing a condom in her drawer I realized that she wanted me to fuck her at any cost today.

That’s the reason she made all these arrangements like a party and all. I was so excited after knowing this. My dick was in full mood and entered her pussy at a single go. She moaned, “Arjun, fuck me slowly, baby.” For some time I didn’t listen to her and fucked her in my own flow.

But later she slowly started crying as my dick was too much for her. I slowed down and did it a little bit slower. In my ears, she’s said to me that she wanted to get fucked in her balcony facing the pool. I took one blanket and 2 pillows, made her bend and started fucking her in the doggy style.

Both of us enjoyed that angle facing the poolside. Almost after 15 minutes, I took my dick outside and then I came. She was so horny that she didn’t give time for my dick to get hard again. She wanted one more fuck session immediately.

I started kissing and sucking her for time being and in no time my dick was hard again. I fucked her 4 times that night. Later we both were fuck buddies for 1 and half years in college. Post-college both of us worked in the same company. I fucked her there for more 2 years.

Later she got married and moved to the US. It’s been one and a half year she’s got married. In the meanwhile, I fucked her like 15-16 times post her marriage. In fact, I just fucked her and asked her that I’d want to write a story about our sex story. She was okay with it so I wrote the story just with her name change.

Once I’m done with this I’d fuck her again and again. She’s going back to the US in a couple of days and I’d be free again. So single girls or married/separated ladies who want company in terms of talking or sexually can contact me.

Also please give your feedback to me at [email protected] Please get in touch ladies and let’s rock!

Teju – My Sex Queen