Thanks to Tinder, lockdown and hot odisha girl!

Thanks to Tinder, lockdown and hot odisha girl!

Hey all, this is my lockdown story. This is not a fictional story. So, get set, go!

I am Abhisek, 24 year old lad from Bhubaneswar. I completed my education last year and joined the family business. I am a typical hangout friend of yours. I am outspoken, extrovert, flirty, well-kept physique and an Indian gora.

I love getting to the main point and so won’t waste your time any further. Also, any lady out there wanting to get a new experience can come across to me and let’s get it going! Coz Corona has proved, “Kal kisne dekha hai!”

Tinder was a casual hobby and pastime of mine. I had tried my luck in Bangalore, Jaipur, Paris and even in Kolkata but didn’t get the desired results. Nothing new, right?! So, after I joined the family business, just to try my hand, mein phir se lag gaya issme.

I gave it a good go for a month or so. I got 20-30 matches onTinder but girls in Bhubaneswar weren’t that bold. I had matched with a girl named Shyama during that time. I gave a good shot. I tried being as genuine and motivated but alas, wo bhi bhav nahi di and after feeling dejected I uninstalled the Tinder app.

Now, coming to the recent past, it was 2 days post lockdown and I badly needed something exciting to pass the time and be cheerful. So, Tinder it was again. This time, when I launched Tinder, I was in for a surprise.

After I had uninstalled the app earlier, Shyama had sent many messages to me and she had written if I ever got back, then I should connect with her on Instagram. So, humne bhej diya mere request and boom she accepted and replied in an hour.

Tinder pe ache se nahi pata that the girl was a YouTube sensation of Odisha and was damn hot. Let me describe this hot Odisha girl to you all. She was fair skinned, tall, sharp nose and the right amount of oomph at the right places. We started chatting and as days passed, the volume of our messages increased.

One day Shyama casually mentioned, “call me tonight” and like a dutiful soul, I did. Waise bhi samne se offer kon thukraye? So, now we talked for hours at night and chatted during the day. We got used to one another and it was time for next step. After all, Tinder mein match kiya toh desires toh thae hi.

I set the tone for phone sex. We started playing truth and dare over the phone. I dared her to read me sex excerpts from the book ‘Fifty shades of grey’. And boy, she was a good sport.

Shyama took up the challenge and read it all. That bold bitch! She was as seductive as one would hope and boy, I couldn’t control and masturbated while she was still reading those dirty lines to me.

Next day, the hot Odisha girl had a clue what I had done and wanted me to return the favour. I was all in for the phone sex and was frank and upfront about it. Then came the evening, and very soon the night that I was anticipating.

We were chatting naughty to make the mood and sending hot GIFs. The firing was done from both the sides making it noticeable that we both wanted ‘it’.

So then we started getting direct and to the point. I told Shyama that I wanted her by my side, so close as to feel her breath on mine and she responded to it. I asked her if she would go down on me and she replied, “Yes, you made me wait for too long.”

Dear readers, phone sex is very difficult. We gave it our best shot and went on. The sexy Odisha babe kept MOANING and I went on grunting! (Because I didn’t know what else to do.)

Shyama took the lead. She asked me to pinch her nipples and bite them which I did. She couldn’t control now. She asked me to cut the crap and begin the real deal. So I asked her to get on her fours and video call me. She then told me to wait for 10 minutes. I couldn’t imagine what she must be doing for me.

I anxiously waited, expecting a lot because who doesn’t like some action?! I got the call in 15 minutes. I had changed into a nice beach vest of mine to impress her. She was in her red and white maxi. Her fair complexion was glowing even more.

Shyama was smiling and blushing and that gave me the confidence, I needed. In the VC, I undressed her, she did the same. Then I asked her to spank herself tightly and she was amazing at complying with my wishes.

The tinder photo and WhatsApp profile photos seemed to undermine her real physical appearance. Damn, she rocked in that maxi which she was wearing. I could see her taut boobs outlined in that dress. It had turned me so on so much that I couldn’t handle it.

I took off my boxer and revealed my wild beast to her. She was pleased to see it and gave out a little gasp. She badly wanted to hold my little buddy in her hands but alas, it was just a video call. Those slaps and spanks could be heard very clearly in the video call.

I asked Shyama to take off her undies and she obliged. Oh! That godly figure of hers. I felt so lucky. Thanks, tinder!! I started masturbating looking at her and she was fingering. I started talking dirty to her, calling her my bitch and slut and she responded well by agreeing.

We were both moaning for almost 5 minutes and then our pleasure reached its peak and eventually we climaxed. She was surprised seeing my erection and the spraying of cum. She even licked her lips. We both were damn satisfied.

I hung up the call and went to clean myself. While cleaning, I wondered if this was the first time I had shot so much of cum. Porn is nothing compared to reality!

Shyama texted me,“Jaldi aa wapas mere ko kuch aur karna hai.”

I was done having sex with my hot online friend for the night, but the horny Odisha girl wasn’t! That goddess wanted more and was hungrily wanted me to do something.

I will continue further in my subsequent writing.

Never thought would pen down this great incident but it is LOCKDOWN indeed.

If you want some action, mail me at [email protected] (yeah it is ’email’ and not gmail.)

Always up for exploring new people and newer experiences.

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Thanks to Tinder, lockdown and hot odisha girl!