The day I raped my brother

Hi my name is Callum. I’m 17 and I’m going to tell you how I raped my 14 year old brother’s virgin ass and then got all my mates round to stuff their thick prick’s up his ass as well.

It all started when my brother turned 12 and I was 15. He had just started puberty and he was getting sexier by the day. He was one of those kids who never got spots and developed on such a way that they always managed to look graceful. I knew that first I would have to see if he was gay so for two long years I waited for him to start dating girls and then start dating boys, like his older brother had. Only he didn’t. He just carried on dating girls, which was a bit of a bummer but I new that the extra challenge would make it more worthwhile in the end.

I knew that I had to make my move soon, before he was fifteen and Actually started having sex because I new I never get him back from that. So when my parents went on holiday for 2 months, and me and my brother, Ben, opted to stay at home I knew this was my chance. I had seen my brother in the nude plenty of times before because he still thought I was straight but his cock and always been limp, but like me, he was pretty well endowed with his cock being at least 5.5 inches when it was “flaccid” and mine being 7. I just couldn’t wait. So 2 days after my parents had left (we had both broken up for summer) I made my move.

I walked into my brother’s room at 10:00 am with 2 pairs of handcuffs, a belt and a tub petroleum jelly completely in the nude. As he was sleeping on his front this made it easier for me, so carefully and quietly I pulled the covers off and slipped the handcuffs round his wrists and attached them to the bed posts and then I tied the belt round his ankles. At the sight of my brother nude and tied up really turned me on so I quickly lubed up my cock and gave him a sharp slap on the face. He woke with a start and started shouting.

“What the fuck do you think you doing Cal?”
“What does it look like little bro?” I answered back.
That was when he noticed the handcuffs and the belt and he started to struggle.

“Easy there bro your gonna break the bed.” I said calmly and he started to settle down. He then turned and looked at me and saw my erect cock and his eyes got all big and he stammered
“What you gonna do with that, Cal?”

“Oh this, well first if you’re a good boy I’ll let suck on it, then I’ll slowly poke it up your ass then I’ll fuck your brains out which sadly won’t hurt but if you’re a bad boy then I’ll smack your botty till it’s nice and red then I’ll shove my big 11 inch piece of meat right up your virgin ass hole and then proceed to fuck your brains out, which luckily will hurt. So what’s it gonna be?”

“I’ll be a good boy?” he said meekly. So I got on his bed and put my cock right near his face and he sniffed my bell and then I told him to get on with it so he started licking it and slowly jerking it and then he began to bob up and down on taking as more as he went along and finally with a lot of gagging he got it all down his throat.

“Well done brother you did good. And now for your ass.” And being true to my word I lubed up his ass first then slowly, an inch at a time, I fed my huge dick up his tight virgin ass. He really tried to resist at the start so I relentlessly pushed on but soon it was just natural reflexes kicking in so I told to just relax and everything would be ok.

After a little time I got all my eleven inches up there and then I started to pump hiss sweet, hot ass. It felt so good and I started to moan and that was when I noticed that Ben’s nine pecker was getting a bit excited so I reached round rubbed his cock. He cringed at first but then just let me carry on. I couldn’t believe my luck when he started moaning and actually enjoying it, but this was just too much for me and I came up his ass in a huge gush of hot sticky cum. This also sent him over the edge and he came all over my hand. I held it up to his mouth and told him to lick it and he reluctantly did so, but he soon started licking vigorously after he had tasted it.

“So you like the taste of your hot boy cream?” I asked him but he just shook his head.

“And what about my big cock up your tight ass?” Again he shook his head. And then I had a sudden idea. Every Friday me and 6 of my mates meet up for a gangbang at one of our houses. I had already said they could have it here but I would have an extra surprise for the guys. They would thank me so much later. To my brother I said.

“So you need more convincing? I know you could be our cock bitch tonight.”
“Yeah, every Friday night my friends and me all have a big gangbang and tonight you are gonna be that main attrAction.”
“But I don’t want to.”
“Well I’m afraid you don’t have choice in the matter.”

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The day I raped my brother

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