The One With A Birthday Celebration

The One With A Birthday Celebration

Hi guys, how are you all? I am Andrews from Bangalore. This is my second story on the site. It was a recent incident.  Let me come to the story. About me, I am 21 years old. Currently in my post-grad, height 6 ft and studying in a reputed college of Bangalore city. I play football from my childhood so I got gains in the right area.

The heroine of the story is my neighbor. Her name is Mamta. She is 27, young and married. Since I quit the gym, I used to go jogging around my locality. During one of the days, I was coming back after running and relaxing on a bench in the park.

I caught up my breath and drank a few gulps of water. I saw a girl jogging through the park. Her face was new to me. She was beautiful and cute. I was intrigued like all men to see who she was.  So I went a few rounds again. I made sure that I came opposite her as we jogged.

She looked at me some times. But not much of contact. That was a bummer yet I felt so relieved to see her.  The next day after 3 rounds, I took rest. I waited for her. But she hadn’t come. I then had to wait for 2 more days to match her routine to mine.

Then one day, I saw her jogging through the park. She was a bit slow. After I saw her, even I started on the same path. I would come opposite to her. Yet my smiles didn’t get much response. I then waited on the bench to see her jog. Then, later on, I was a little disappointed as not even getting to say a hi.

One day, as I was about to leave the park, I heard someone fall down. And the sound of a lady in pain. I suddenly turned, it was her. I literally rushed to the scene and helped her up. She told me she slipped down. I inquired whether she was ok and helped her to the bench.

By that time, most of the people around came running and inquired. She said she was fine. She thanked me and went from there. Her leg was a little scratched on the skin. But she told me that she was fine and I walked from there.

Truth be told, I was disappointed. The next day, I came to the park with a rather frown face. I was resting on the bench and catching my breath. I heard a sweet voice from the back. I turned to see the prettiest girl. I smiled. She responded with a smile.

She:- Good morning.

Me:- Good morning. (with a great smile)

She: You are a bit early today.

Me:- Yea kind of. It’s for you too. ( keeping the smile in my face).

Then she thanked me for yesterday and we exchanged pleasantries. The beauty’s name was Mamta. She asked me to join in her jog.  We jogged and took a few rounds. We started to have a small chat.

She:- You jog fast. Mind slowing down if you aren’t preparing for the Olympics? ( I laughed at her comment).

Me:- Oh no. Still, a long way to go to the Olympics. But this is my normal speed. I used to play football.

She asked me whether I was an athlete. I responded that I was in school and college. Later dropped and got to work. She did share some from her side. She was a beautician, working here in Bangalore.

She:- Do you workout?

Me:- Used to. No more. Not much time. With hectic college work. What about you? I think you do.

She: Oh so you checking me out?

I got afraid that I lost the whole thing. I was muttering and told never. Not that she is not beautiful. I just had an observation of what I saw. You are exercising here every day. She asked me then why haven’t I acquainted her till now.

I told truthfully answer that it felt awkward and was a bit scared around beautiful women. Then she started laughing and told boys will never learn. I knew that I was getting somewhere. So went with the flow and said teach me then.

She:- Don’t try and hit on me. I told you. I am married (with a slight giggle)

The conversation went on for some time. I wasn’t getting any closer to her today. So we bid goodbye and parted. Then in the next three days, I couldn’t go because of some college work. On the fourth day, I went there. She had just started stretching.

After that, we started jogging again and started chatting. I didn’t have much eye contact. She asked me whether I was fine. I told her yes. She asked me the reason. Why I haven’t come for three days. I told about the college work I had. She asked me whether it because I got to know she was married.

I told her it was more or less the same. I thought she was just a young girl who was working.  She laughed and told me many men even at her apartment complex think that. I was like it was not my mistake. You are hot and young for a girl your age. She liked those comments and passed me a smile.

Then we chatted again a little for some time. As we took the rounds. She told me about her hubby who was working in the merchant navy.  Days went by as she and I used to wait for each other for jogging. Then one day I asked for her contact and she was ready to give. I gave her mine and told her I would ping.

In the evening after college, I got a ping from her number. I responded with a ‘Hi.’ She was like don’t act innocent. I know you aren’t. Then we started to chat. It was a new door of opportunities. The whole night we chatted on many things.

Then after that, the days went by as we jogged and became good friends. I would try to flirt with her as much as I could. Whenever I did, she too responded in a naughty manner. Our chats sometimes would even cross midnight and go on. Then our chats turned to calls.

I would appreciate her beauty. Even we planned some outing and shopping and went for them together.  Day-by-day we came close to each other. We started behaving like best friends. Our outings were quite frequent. By going to movies, malls, etc.

It was quite normal for me and sometimes I used to hang out at her place. It was last month during her birthday. Her husband couldn’t reach. So she was a little sad and we decide to hang out at her place. She had asked me to cook and had given me the keys to her place.

She owned a nice house. I’ll tell you that the flat was great. I went in the evening and prepared a great dinner for us. She then came by 8.  After she rang the bell. I went to her and I opened the door. I made her blindfold and took her inside. I closed the door on my back. I then opened the blindfold.

She was mind blown from the scene. I had a perfect candlelight dinner for her. She looked at me with amazement and she hugged me. That made current go through all my body. Her boobs crushed on my chest and I too hugged her back. I then handed her present.

We then had dinner. As we were resting I asked whether she wanted to drink some beer. We then went near the balcony sat there. The cold air swept in and it threw her hair off balance. I enjoyed her beauty at the moment. Then we drank the beer as we kept on talking about many stuff.

Then I tried my luck as I slowly shifted to the topic of sex. During our conversation, I kept on flirting with her. “You are still a naughty kid,” and rubbed my hair.  But you guys know the Bangalore weather right. It got cold. She came across me on her fours, trying to close the balcony door.

She was just near and I was too horny at the moment to leave it as by. I kissed her neck. She was taken back and was amazed. There was silence for a moment everywhere.  I then went over her to say sorry. But I ended up kissing her. She was a bit reluctant. But she was kissing me back as we were on the floor.

Her hands rubbed on my shoulders. I then slowly broke the kiss and started to kiss her earlobes. And down to her neck. She turned her head.  She told that she was married and it was wrong. I then looked at her eyes. I told her that we could stop now. But I didn’t want to. Soon we got to kissing again.

Our kiss was deep and went for some time. Our head turned to sides. My hands went to her navel. Feeling the soft skin and pressing it. We got up kissing each other. Feeling up each other’s body. She then leaned on to me as I started to suck her neck. I put my hand around her and turned towards the balcony door.

I then was on her body. I started to suck her neck. And licked her earlobes then to her chin and bit her lips. I kissed her again. She started to immerse herself in the pleasure as she started to feel my body.  I rubbed through her body figure.

She was wearing a saree. I removed her pallu with my teeth and rolled my tongue down from her neck to her chest. Her breath was shallow. After her saree pallu was removed I turned attention to her sexy blouse. I kissed down on its cleavage put my tongue in between her boobs in blouse.

Then I started to remove the buttons on her blouse on by one from the front using my mouth. I removed the blouse.  Her boobs in her bra fell out. Her boobs were big. It wouldn’t fit in one hand.  Like a beast, I ripped out the bra and took those brown nipples in my hand.

I started to press those boobs while pushed her backside onto the balcony door. I started to press those boobs wildly. Her hands rubbed back on my shoulders. Then I lowered my self to suck those nipples like a child. Then I bit her nipple.  She moaned. She had a tight grip on my hair as I bite them

I then again started to suck them more and more. And bit her to give my love marks. I then held her breasts on both hands brought her nipples together to my mouth licked and bit them. She moaned like hell. Then I went down, kissing her down from her boobs to her belly button.

I played with her belly button for a while. Then gave her deep navel kiss and went onto her pelvic region. I raised my hands to fondle her boobs. With she pulled and put in her mouth. I then raised her leg on my shoulder and started to lick them from toe to thighs.

Then I removed my every dress and stood in front of her naked Then I went under her petticoat. I licked her thigh. She bit her lips. I then went to lick her pussy through her panty. I rubbed the pussy through the panty at first. Then very roughly as her legs tightened around my head.

I pushed in the panty cloth to her pussy. The panty had gotten wet with her juice.  I licked her clit. I played with it.  Then I kissed her lips. She pushed her tongue inside my mouth I licked her mouth. Then I pushed her hair. It so hot then we kissed so passionately.

I removed her petticoat. Pushed her panties to one side. I put in my fingers and pushed them inside as she moaned in a low voice. I fingered her pussy. I pushed her more onto the balcony glass. Her ass and the bare body were stuck to balcony glass.

I then grabbed a dairy milk packet from my bag. I put on my teeth. And went to her and she started to kiss and we shared the chocolate. The chocolate was spread on both our faces as my finger fucking continued.  I took her boobs in my hands and sucked them while I fingered her.

I then reached her g-spot and played with it. I started to suck her one boob while playing with the other. I pushed the nipple inside. I started to suck her one boob while playing with the other I pushed the nipple inside. We kissed and immersed in intense foreplay as felt her body shiver and her body tremble.

She came onto her floor.  I then turned her to doggie style facing the balcony glass. I took out my dick and rubbed over her pussy lips as she stretched her hands to pull me closer. I kept on rubbing my dick. I then slowly pushed my cock into her pussy.

She was screaming, gasping for air. Her nails scratching the door. That was the beginning of great sex near the balcony side.

I am so sorry if the story was too lengthy. Again any feedback is accepted from your side. Girls/aunties are welcome. The relation will be kept completely confidential.  Mail me at [email protected]

After your feedback, I will post another story that happened between me and my teacher. Thank you.

The One With A Birthday Celebration