the slutty housewife Lavanya – Sex Stories

the slutty housewife Lavanya – Sex Stories

Dear friends, this is Nalini (changed) with my new story of my college friend Lavanya. Please don’t forget to comment on I am a newly married housewife aged 26 years with a 34B-26-36, enjoying and satisfied with my husband’s love making in bed, but still yearn for a feminine body touch which I am missing from collage girl friend during our golden collage days. Hindi Sex Stories

I loved the soft hands of my girl friend roaming and caressing my body and especially the soft hands pressing my breasts instead of my husband’s rough hands.The story I am going to write is of my virgin college friend Lavanya who is a close friend of mine during school and college days and we used to share everything intimate between us. She had come to Hyderabad to meet her parents and friends and when we met alone in our house, she told me about her affair with a couple in U S A, where she is pursuing her M S Degree and the mixed race couple are showing her a new world of sex to her.

I was dumbstruck on hearing her story and may be you too , so I am narrating her story in her own words for the story to be more juicy.I will narrate the story in Lavanya’s words for better narration………..Myself, Lavanya, aged 23 years come from a well to do middle class family finished my Engineering in E C E from a reputed Hyderabad college. I had ambitions to do my M S from a reputed University in United States of America. So I finally landed in Ohio University, without any scholarship. Since I was on a very tight budget, I couldn’t afford renting a flat for myself which was very expensive in US. More over eating out was also not on my budget. Since I didn’t like the hostel facility in the college campus; I was searching for a budget paying guest accommodation.One of my Indian friends told me that a couple was looking out for a paying guest , preferably an Indian girl as the wife was Indian and her husband was American. And the rent was also attractive and within my budget, I said yes and went to their place taking my luggage with me.The couple were waiting for me, the Indian wife Seema was about 35 year’s age and her hubby John was also the same age. Since they had no kids they wanted a homely type girl for the lady to have company as she used to stay alone when ever her hubby out for work. And I fitted the bill for them as I was Indian and could spend some time with the lady since I was studying. They gave me first floor bedroom for me and the couple were staying in the ground floor, so I got some privacy for myself for studying.

First few days went fine, it was Saturday I had no classes to attend took bath wore my favorite pink skirt and matching crop cut T-shirt. I came to the ground floor and saw Seema was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. She was wearing white long gown and she was looking like a college going girl like me in that dress. John had already left for the office for some important work. I asked Seema if I can help her out in the kitchen.

Seema:” Don’t trouble yourself, Lavanya, enjoy your weekend, I will prepare your breakfast in a moment”.

Me: “Ok Madam, I will go and watch TV”.

I came and sat on the sofa and switched on the TV and started to watch the Indian channel news for latest updates happening in my home country.

I heard Seema calling me and asking me about her mobile. I searched for it in the living room but couldn’t find it. So I gave a ring on her number from my mobile and I could hear her ringtone coming from her bedroom.

I went to their bedroom for the first time, and saw it was spacious than my room and elegantly decorated too. The mobile was lying on the bed, I took it up and was about to return to the living room when I saw her beautiful diamond earrings lying on the dressing table.

I was tempted to touch that costly diamond earrings, took it in my hands and the big diamonds were glittering in the morning sunlight rays. I badly wanted to try it on my ears and see how I look myself with my favourite pink dress which I was wearing.

I removed my small earrings and put on diamond stud earrings and was admiring myself in the mirror .I was admiring my 32B-28-34 body with my pink skirt and T top ,when I heard Seema screaming…………. LAVANYAAAAAA……………….. on top of her voice, turned and saw her standing near the room door.

She came towards me in a fit of rage and holding my t-shirt with her left hand and slapped me hard across my cheek very hard. I was shocked by her sudden attack and saw a thousand lights before my eyes because of her one big slap.

“You fucking Bitch, are you trying to steal from my home……let me call the police” Saying Seema picked up her the land line phone which was on the dressing table. She was trying to call 911 and I fell to my knees before her legs sobbing.

“Please don’t call the police Madam, I was just only looking at them and not trying to steal, believe me” I said with folded hands still crying.

Seema looked down at me somewhat sadistic smile in her eyes, lifted me up using my thin T shirt as leverage and pulled me up. The T- shirt got torn when she lifted me up thus exposing by pink push up bra to her.

I tried to cover my modesty with the torn T-shirt, but she immediately tore the remaining and tossed my T- shirt on the floor leaving me exposed with the bra. I covered my chest with my hands crossed and was still sobbing because of her sudden onslaught on me.

Seema: “Fucking Whore, stealing my favourite diamond earrings from me and covering your assets from me…..come on, Bitch, take off your hands from your boobs now. Let me have a look at your young breasts and see how well you have got that I don’t have”

“Please Ma’m, I was not stealing, I was only just looking at them. Please spare me, .don’t call the police…….pleaseeeeeeeeee”, I was still pleading with her covering my breasts with my hands. Seema in a fit of rage held my bra strip near my cleavage and forcefully pulled my bra.

PHATACK…My bra’s back hook gave away with a thud noise and my favourite bra was now in her hands totally wrecked thus exposing my 32B breasts to this wicked woman. I struggled to cover my modesty with my hands from her prying eyes, but that was not sufficient.

Seema was viewing my treasures closely and found my right nipple staring at her proudly; she quickly held my nipple with her left hand and twisted my nipple. I winced in pain and shame at her actions. I could feel her left hand moving on my skirt trying to insert her hand into my skirt.

I was horrified, I quickly let go my breasts, took my both my hands down to ward off her advances. That was the dumbest mistake I did, I had revealed my top assets to this wicked lady, who immediately mouthed my left nipple and started to suck on it. It felt very nice to have her soft and warm lips on my nipple and her right hand was busy pressing my free right breast.

I stood like a zombie before her when she was attending both my breasts with her hand and mouth and was beginning to enjoy it. Now Seema’s left hand now was inside my panties and she had pulled it down with ease as I had stopped struggling. Now I was just holding her left hand and trying to push it back but she was adamant and placed her hand on my naked clean shaven pussy.

I shrieked when her cold fingers went inside my pussy and she started to finger fuck my pussy in the standing position. I was sobbing very loudly now when she bit my nipple and the other breast was being tortured by her hands. But being a virgin till now without much of any experience of sex, her nipples sucking and her finger fucking my pussy made my pussy leak a bit with cum juices.

Seema who was playing with my pussy with her hand sensed that I had leaked stated her finger work more and I couldn’t control my excitement started to moan loudly along with crying. My hands were just holding her left hand and indirectly helping her to finger my pussy now.

Me: Madam….please……..leave me… nipples are hurting……please don’t bit them…….let me go…………Madam…………….remove your fingers from my Panties.please………….Madam”.

Seema stopped sucking my nipple lifted her head looked at me with a mischievous smile on her face which I was not able to read it. She had stopped fingering my vagina, without any warning held my face in her hands and forcefully planted her lips on mine and started to kiss me on my lips like a hungry woman.

I was taken aback by her attack and tried to push her away with my weak and trembling hands. But she had a devilish strength in her which I was not able to control her actions. She was madly sucking my lips and was pushing her tongue inside my mouth there by asking me to suck her tongue. I had kissed girls before but that was only a peck on the lips, but this was totally another world for me which Seema had opened for me.

I was sucking her lips and tongue like a hungry girl just to please Seema thing that if I co operate with her she will not call the police and our saliva were mixed in our mouths, it didn’t feel gross to me but in fact I started to like her kissing, so I was kissing her back with full newly found vigour. I had a temptation to hug her and press her mature big breasts on the dress but was afraid to do so, so was only going through the actions like an obedient girl.

Seema removed her lips, looking at me said “You are one Horny Bitch, Lavanya…you have a very good lips, .come on lick me now and show your talent to me to avoid the police and please me now”

I didn’t need any police threat to kiss her, but in fact was glad to this hot lovely lady and started to kiss her eyes, fore head, cheeks and her chin with my moist lips and I knew that she was enjoying now. I stretched my tongue out and was licking her face like a dog now, making her face fully moist with my saliva and finally kissing her lips looked at her like an innocent girl.

“Hmmm……..oooohhhhhhhhh….oh MY God…… have learnt a lot in just a few minutes, come on……….WHORE…………….SUCK MY PUSSY NOW……… You have made it wet………come on…… ………..BITCH………on your knees now……….you fucking slave… my pussy now”.

Seema saying lifted her gown up and exposed her bottom for me to see her pussy and her well toned thighs and legs. That bitch was not wearing any panties inside her gown.
I was staring at her trimmed pussy and this was the first time I was seeing another lady’s private parts, and that too in this condition. Seema seeing me in a dilemma put her hands on my shoulders and pressed me to go down on my knees . I was now on my knees and I was staring at her pussy which was in front of my face directly.

I was looking at another woman’s pussy for the first time and her clit were was throbbing with excitement and her pussy lips was wet with cum juices and I could see the juices dripping from her vaginal opening. I took my face closer to her pussy and licked all her cum juices on her pussy lips. I saw Seema opening her legs wide, thus parting her pussy lips and she pressed my head on her pussy.

Now I slid my tongue inside her vagina and began to lick her juices inside her pussy. I had tasted my own cum when I used to masturbate with my fingers,but again for first time eating another pussy and found her cum juices sweet even though it was a bit salty. I licked her pussy clean with my tongue and lips and was still licking it when she pulled me up to face her.

I was surprised to see her standing naked, she had removed her gown while I was busy eating her pussy. She removed my skirt and made me nude too and we both were standing in our birthday suits. Seema was eyeing my nude body with her telescope eyes and saw her appreciating my naked body, I didn’t try to cover body now as I wanted her to like my body and I unabashedly stood proudly exposing my nude body to Seema.

Seema’s boobs was a bit sagged due to her age and their own heavy weight, but mine was proudly looking up and my nipples were pointing at her like a bullet. She had a big areolas and mine was small and pinkish in colour where as she had a dark brownish one. But her breasts were huge may be of F cup size where as mine was only B cup. Seema had a flat stomach despite her age and had a well toned body like mine.

I was still observing her body features, Seema pushed me on the bed next to us, I fell on the bed and she came and sat between my legs. I was staring at her with a puzzled look in my eyes.

Seema loudly said “Open your legs for me, you bloody slut…….LET ME SEE YOUR YOUNG PUSSY…………LAVANYA…………..NOW”

I opened my legs wide without any order from her took my hands to my pussy parted my pussy lips and showing my inner pinkish wet pussy for her. Seema said “ Lavanya, You are learning fast like a slut and today I will teach you how to lick and eat pussy, open it further and make room for my mouth, YOU FUCKING HORNY BITCH”

Seema knelt down and brought her face closer to my pussy and mouthed my wet and moist pussy. I shivered in excitement when I felt het her warm and moist lips on my pussy. She liked vaginal lips for a few seconds, and then she noticed my G- spot throbbing for attention. Seema quickly started to flick my G- spot with the tip of her tongue and increased the speed further with her tongue.

As she said, Seema was really a good sucker and that too an experienced one , I wondered if she is a lesbian, but couldn’t think further as she was giving me such a good tongue service to my pussy. Now Seema’s left hand came to my breasts region and cupping one in her hands was squeezing it slowly and tweaking my nipples with her fore and thumb fingers gently.

While her tongue was playing with my G- spot, I felt her right hand fingers near my pussy opening and in another instant one of her fingers was inside my pussy. I shrieked in pleasure and wrapped my legs across her back and pressed her head to my pussy.
I lifted my ass from the bed to accommodate her pussy licking further as her fingers was invading my pussy walls and her tongue still licking my sensitive region.

I began to moan very loudly, because I knew that I was on a verge of another world shattering orgasm and was not able to control the excitement, the way this horny lady was playing with me and my body.

Me: Ma’m…………….faster ……………..Madam…………..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee,…….. punish your Bitch like this always…………M’am……………I will be a slave forever with you………………. My nipples……Ma’m, I am… cummmmmiiiiiiinnngggggg………………oooohhhh………..aaaaaaaahhhhhh”

I had closed my eyes and moaning as she was working on me and was about to release my cum juices, I sensed that she had stopped licking me and was calling like “Honey, She is ready for you, come inside and have your GIFT”

I was still in the state of cumming ,and releasing my secretions from my pussy. I opened my eyes to see to whom she was talking to, and I saw her husband John coming inside who was fully nude and looking like a Greek God with his cock as his armour. I looked at Seema confusingly who was smiling at me who was still beside my thighs.

I had seen naked men in porn and their cocks too, but seeing John in his birthday suit, with his big cock standing erect and looking at me proudly with its fore skin slided off and revealing the pink mushroom shaped cock head.

I wondered if I am dreaming all these visuals happening before me, but my own orgasms were saying that it is reality. John came near the bed, while his wife got up stood on her knees and kissed her hubby on his lips. I saw them hugging each other and kissing very passionately and I saw his big 9 inch cock was jumping up and down in anticipation.
Seema removed her lips, smiling at him said” Honey, as I promised you, here is your present for your birthday”.

I was wondering what the present was and was not thinking about my nude position and was looking at the happy couple and specially was eyeing his giant cock which was oozing precum from its tip. I desperately wanted to taste the precum of a man. Both the husband and wife were looking at me and I was caught staring at John’s cock.

Seema: “Honey, as I promised you that I will give you Lavanya on your birthady, I have delivered this virgin girl to you on your birthday and prepared her for you, see the way Lavanya is ogling at your cock. Go on take her young body and pluck her cherry and enjoy her to your fullest”.

I felt like the whole world is shaking below me on hearing Seema, so the whole theft thing was a set up for me to fall prey to have their way with me and this wicked lady seduced me only to give me away as a gift to her horny lustful husband.

I wanted to die in shame rather than giving away myself to this selfish couple, who had planned meticulously to have me in their bed and take away my virginity which I had preserved for my future husband.

I was about to get up and run away from this place and this people, but sensing that I was about to flee, Seema quickly came near my head and pinned my shoulders to the bed not allowing me to rise from the bed. I started to kick my legs in air to free myself from her hands which was an impossible task.

John came between my legs placed his hands on my knees and pinned my legs to the bed and made me motionless. I started to cry again in despair and my helpless condition before this horrible and wicked couple.

I saw John moving his hips forward in kneeling position, hands still holding my knees firmly and brought his manhood closer to my pussy. I was horrified thinking that he is about to enter my pussy with that big cock of his and take away my virginity which I had preserved for so long.

A few minutes back I was screaming in excitement and now I was screaming in despair and pain,pleaded with them, “Sir,………Please leave meeeeeeeeee………….I am like your daughter……..don’t fuck me pleaseeeee………………..if you want I can give you blowjob and satisfy you with my mouth…………………………but please don’t fuck me in my pussy………………….uncle……………….. ………..Uncle……………pleaseeeeeeeeee…………Madam………..pleaseeeeeeeeee……………..”

I was sobbing continuously and was requesting both of them, but both of them was not in a mood to listen to me. Now John was holding his cock in his right hand and had placed his cock head near the door of my pussy and was beaming at his wife who was encouraging him” Honey, come on ……hurry up………fuck this virgin pussy in one jerk and pluck her cherry……….invade her………….she is a fucking slut and a fucking whore……..this young little slut needs a big cock like yours to satisfy her horny pussy ……….come on……………Dear……………….FUCK HER GODAMN PUSSY”

I had closed my eyes in fear thinking of the next step of John and felt pain in my pussy as his cock entered my vaginal opening and stretched the opening of the vaginal walls to accommodate his thick cock. He rested his cock head in my pussy for a while and I took my breath back and in another instant he drove his cock all the way into my pussy breaking my hymen.

I shrieked out very loud in pain and Seema sensing this was quick to close my mouth with her lips and I my scream died in my throat and tears rolled form my eyes in pain and in shame. My whole body was shivering with the fear and I had sweated profusely waking my body wet with my own sweat. My face was sticky with both my tears and sweat.

When John plunged his hot and big cock inside my virgin pussy and I felt like a hot iron rod had pierced my pussy which was already wet and moist with my cum juices. My pussy walls was stretched to the maximum to accommodate his thick and big cock and the pussy walls had once again clasped the cock firmly

John sensing my pain kept his cock still in my pussy without any movement for a minute or two. Sensing I was now under her control Seema released my mouth and I lifted my head a bit dared to open my eyes and look at my pussy.

I could see John’s Cock base was bloody red with my virginal blood and it had leaked from the sides of his cock too. I was trembling with fear on seeing my own blood and my body was shaking beyond my control and looked at Seema with helpless look in my face.
She too being a woman pitied at my condition, patted on my cheeks, kissing me on my checks with her soft lips affectionately. It felt very nice when she was showing me compassion at my condition and licking my tears and sweat off my face. It might have been salty but I loved Seema kissing me on my face and showing her motherly affection towards me.

Seema said” My poor Baby, Lavanya, The hardest part is over, child…….now it will be better from on and you will enjoy the real enjoyment and power of sex from on. And one more thing the diamond studded earring you are wearing now is for you as a present from us .”

I felt pity on myself, a diamond earrings is the price for my virginity put by this lady, and lot of things were running in my mind. Slowly the pain in my pussy subdued and I began to breathe normally while Seema was still consoling me and kissing and licking me affectionately on my face and cheeks.

Seema signalled her hubby and said “ Dear……slowly pull out your cock and wipe the blood stains from her pussy and wipe your cock clean too.”

As she ordered he pulled his monster cock from my vagina slowly and I could see blood gushing out from my vaginal opening and saw his cock was too covered with my blood. I was too meek to see my own blood and closed my eyes thinking that the worst part is over and thought that these horrible couple will leave me alone now.

I could feel his hands wiping my pussy clean with a cloth and he lifted my buttocks up and placed a new mattress under my ass as it was fully wet with my bed and made my buttocks cold because of the wetness.

I opened my eyes and looked gratefully at john for the care and concern he was showing for me and he smiled back at me. I saw him wiping his giant cock with another new cloth and after cleaning himself he threw the soiled cloth away.

Seema: “Honey, now enter her pussy slowly and fuck her very gently in the beginning and don’t try to show your cock power now.”

I looked at Seema pleadingly and said “ Ma’m…….please ask him to stop now…………my pussy is still paining ……….he can fuck me later…….but pleaseeeeeeeeeee…………….. not now…………….madam”.

Seema: No Baby,……the hardest part is over ……….now is the real pleasure of sex……trust me……I am telling you as a woman…..please co operate with him for a few minutes and you will know why”

And she again pinned my hands on the bed to avoid me resisting and turning to her husband said “Darling……Come on fuck her now and quench your thirst of fucking a virgin young Indian girl”

I had no strength left in me to resist that animal in front of me and closed my eyes fearing for the worst when he enters me. I could sense his cock head entering my pussy, but this time it was not that painful and gradually he drove his giant cock inside my vagina and my vaginal walls were stretched to take his cock back inside and it was easy because of my cum juices still inside my pussy because of the mouth work of Seema who had drove me to two wonderful orgasms.

After driving all of his 9 inch cock inside me, he slowly began to give slow thrusts by pulling it out by about 5 inches and diving back in. These movements of his cock inside my pussy rubbing my hot vaginal walls was now feeling very nice and I started to actual enjoy his cock movements in my wet pussy and I leaked a bit again without me knowing. This lubrication made his cock more wet and felicitated his thrusts by lubricating more.

Seema was now sucking my breast nipple and playing with the other nipple using her fingers which made me hornier and it was showing on my face that I liked this. I opened my eyes and embraced Seema and was pressing her face on to my boobs indicating her to do more for me. John who was watching my movements closely increased his pace more and started to fuck me more vigoursly. I caressed his face with my hands in approval when he was busy digging in my pussy and fucking me nonstop.

Now my whole body was shivering with new excitement I was getting from these couple and started to lift my ass up when he was going inside my pussy and was encouraging him to go more faster.

Myself: Fuck me …..harder…………..more harder………SIR……….Faster……..oohhh……..tear my pussy apart……Baby………………go still more deeper………………my pussy can still take you in…………..there is still more space for you…………..Hit my base.sir….touch the bottom……….l want your cock head to hit my bottom………ooohhh..GOD……….Yesssssssss……… that………OH, HONEY”

Seema was looking at me with astonishment at the way I was screaming and enjoying the brutal fucking I was getting from her hubby and she was shocked when I called John as honey, and she was smiling looking at me. I didn’t give a damn what she thought but I wanted to cherish my first fuck for a very long time and like a woman possessed I was lifting my ass up in the air and receiving his each and every thrusts he was giving to my pussy.

I knew that I was on the threshold of another orgasm, so I pulled Seema back to my bosom indicating her to suck my nipples which she gladly obliged and started sucking my other nipple. She did another thing, she took her hand down where her hubby was penetrating me and started to play with my G- spot which had swelled by now and played with her fingers gently arousing me more. She knew that I had a soft corner for my G spot and get aroused when it is being played with.

Myself: “Bitch….play with it……….I am cumminggggggggggg………..FUCKER………Faster now……….don’t slow your speed, but increase it ..FUCK ME ……..BASTARD………….what have you done to me and my pussy…….Honey………….pleaseeeeeee ……more faster………………now……..I am cummingggg……….please fuck me faster and harder……….GOD……….AAAHH………OHHH………GOD”

I squirted and leaked my cum heavily and collapsed and let my ass hit the bed and slowly opened my eyes. I saw both the couple looking at me with amusement in their eyes and I closed my face with shame for being such a dirty and horny girl. Now the penetration of john’s cock was much easier because of my cum juices which I had released just now.
I could feel his cock tightening inside my pussy walls and knew that he was also about to cum. So I relaxed my body and was waiting for him to release his hot cum inside my hot and warm pussy.

John for the first time spoke to me and said” Babyyyyyy………….I am cumminggggg”, he shot his full load of cum inside my pussy and collapsed on top of me. He had shot enormous cum inside me and both our cum mixed with each other and filled my pussy to its brim and over flowed out of my pussy from the sides of his cock.

John was sweating heavily after the hardcore fuck and his heavy ejaculation and he had a satisfied look on his face, maybe because he has finally conquered me after lusting me and my hot young body. I signalled him to closer to me with my eyes, which he obliged bent his body over me without taking his swollen cock out my cum filled pussy.

When he came closer to me I kissed my first MAN on his cheeks who had just broken my virginity with lot of care and affection and showed me heaven by his fuck. I was tasting his salty sweat on his face and finally pressed my lips on his mouth and kissed him. John was kissing me back and sucking my lower lip gently and playing with my tongue with his tongue. He was a very good kisser even though I had never been kissed by any man; I knew by the way he was playing with my soft lips and tongue.

I was just going through the motions and wanted to savoir this moment for a very long time and never wanted to leave this Greek God from my embrace, so I hugged him tightly with my arms across his sweaty back.

Seema was looking at both of us with amaze in her eyes maybe she feeling like she was left out. I pulled my lips back from John and said “Thanks Madam…….. For sharing your wonderful husband with me ..come……Ma’m .and hug your little Baby” and I stretched my right arm for her.

Seema: “Baby, you were such a sport and a wonderful girl , I love you………my cute baby……….. ………BABY………………MMMWWAAAHHHH……………..” and started kissing me again on my lips.

I embraced her with my right arm and the couple were in my right and left arms and we were cuddling each other’s naked bodies like there was no tomorrow. Myself, Seema and John, we three were enjoying these lovely moments of sex ecstasy and wanted the clock to stay still and nobody uttered a word and there was complete silence in the room now UNTIL…….

Then I heard Seema saying, “ we want a baby from you …….Lavanya”.
I looked at seema confused and the story continues in the next part of preparing ourselves for the BABY………………………………

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the slutty housewife Lavanya – Sex Stories