The Truth Revealed (The Convent III) by farmer Joe

The Truth Revealed (The Convent III)
by farmer Joe

The Truth Revealed (The Convent III)
I ran out into the barn and climbed up the ladder and sat with my head spinning. I used to go there to think or clear my head or more often these days to relieve myself of a throbbing hard on. How on earth could Ingrid be my mother? She went missing and was never found! I tried to convince myself. She couldn’t possibly be anyway because the precious lady I had made love to was a virgin. I mean, I was not the most educated in the area of sex but I knew that Mother Ingrid had never been with a man by the tell tale gush of fluid and resistance I had experienced on entering her. Mother Helena had explained all this to him. So how on earth could she………

“Are you in here my boy?” Mother Helena’s voice called.

I did not want to speak so I scuffed my foot against some crates that I was sitting near to let her know I was up there. She climbed up and sat near me placing some freshly baked cookies between us as a kind of peace offering I guess.

“My dear, dear boy. There are some things I need to tell you, to explain to you that will be hard to understand but will help you to move on and answer some questions for you. Would you like that?”

“I guess so” I mumbled

I sat and listened in amazement, disbelief and occasional horror as she detailed the spectacular yet secret plan that was put into place leading to my existence. She explained that while nuns took their vows very seriously and felt in their heart they could keep them that from time to time there were those who fell victim to the power of lust. It was the one area that saw many a good nun fall by the wayside.

Usually nuns who were drawn by the pull of lust found they became addicted to lust and controlled by it and therefore useless in ministry and were banished from the monastery. Ours was a small monastery and could not afford to lose many, if any nuns without it having a fair impact on everyone else in the convent.

After much prayer and soul searching Mother Ingrid had come up with a plan for the future. This plan involved Mother Ingrid being artificially inseminated and giving birth to a boy. She would give birth by the way of planned caesarean section leaving her vagina unspoiled and her hymen intact. Once this boy was raised and ready he would begin work servicing the nuns on a roster system quelling their desires and leaving their heads free of lust and able to focus on their duties and ministry.

This extraordinary plan involved getting onside some doctors and medical scientists, nevertheless they found the help they needed and their plan went ahead. Over the years that I was growing the odd nun that found she was tempted would go to an older and more controlled nun to be serviced as I had seen that day in the kitchen.

This was either a fantastic fairytale or Mother Helena was telling the truth. I began pacing around the loft with my head spinning more now than ever.

“Mother Helena, thank you for explaining all this but I think I really want to be alone now.” I said

“Ok dear” she agreed

“Oh and if it’s ok I would like to sleep up here tonight?”

“Ok, I’ll send Annabelle out with some dinner a little later then”

“Thank you Mother” I said.

I lay back and began to think through the amazing situation so much that my head ached tremendously. I fell asleep and didn’t wake up till later on that night. The smell of roast meat woke me up. I sat up and saw Annabelle sitting watching me with two plates of food for us.

“Do you mind if I join you for dinner? “She asked

“No, that would be nice actually” I replied.

We began to eat and Annabelle asked how I was feeling. I explained that it was a lot to take in and it would probably take a while to come to terms with. Things would definitely never be the same that was for sure.

Annabelle grinned

“Surely it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if you had to have sex with all of these beautiful women”

My eyes nearly bugged out of my head as I had not even thought of this yet as an outcome.

“It’s kind of funny actually” she mused. “The life that I escaped from is pretty much your mission and ministry her at the monastery”

For the first time I saw the funny side and began to laugh. Then I laughed a bit more which made Annabelle laugh. We both fell about laughing and didn’t stop until we were a crumpled mess on the floor. I placed my hand in Sister Annabelle’s stomach and said

“Can you feel him yet?”

“No Stephan and what makes you sure it’s a him”

“Aren’t all immaculate deception’s boys” I said cheekily

We began laughing again and this time when we stopped Annabelle sighed and said

“When I feel it move you’ll be the first to know, Dad!”

Again I was overwhelmed, I did not know how to respond to that as I had not yet thought about that reality either. I leant in and kissed the mother of my child. I guess I was trying to convey what I was thinking in actions. My message was that we would do whatever needed to be d one together. She returned my kiss and rubbed the front of my pants to awaken my sleeping giant. I knew what she had in mind and asked her if we could still ‘do it’ with the baby in there. She assured me it would not harm the baby and began to unzip my pants.

She reached in and scooped my semi hard penis out of my pants and began to stroke it. I kissed her hard on the lips and rubbed her stomach as if trying to tell the baby I would look after it. Now that my cock was hard she moved down and took the end in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the tip before taking it into the back of her throat. Her head bounced up and down as her tongue glided up and down my shaft. I leaned back on the hay and closed my eyes and bit my lip as Annabelle felt incredible on me and I tried to avoid cumming. I leant over her back as she continued to suck me and grabbed her robe and began to raise it over her head to remove it. Annabelle helped me by raising her arms. I slipped it off over her and grabbed her hands and pulled her on to the hay.

I kissed her once more and began feasting on her neck and shoulders. I moved down and kissed the space between her breasts and then moved across and took a mouthful off her sizeable breast into my mouth before flicking at her nipple with my tongue as I imagined being a baby feasting at her delicious breasts. I continued to feed on her sweet tits as I moved across to the other side and sucked big mouthfuls in and then released them making her gasp. I kissed every inch of her stomach before dancing down her lower stomach with my tongue to her pussy.

When there blew on her reddened clit before taking it gently between my teeth and pulling it softly. She moaned and begged me to eat her. I began sucking as much of her in and out of my mouth as I could while probing her slit with my tongue. I was amazed at how far I had come but credited it to my purpose in life. I shook my head from side to side with a mouthful of her pussy and she grabbed at the back of my head fiercely and pulled me into her dripping wet vagina. I again circled her clit with my tongue as I began to finger her softly. Her breathing got heavier and faster so I responded by increasing the intensity of my oral assault on her now quivering pussy. I placed m hands under her ass cheeks which had moved forward off the hay bale and slurped her clit and all of the surrounding pussy into my mouth and held it there thrusting three fingers into her. Her hips thrust forward several times and her delicious tits jiggled as she was now in the throes of orgasm and moaning very loudly.

I returned to the hay bale next to her and held her placing my hand on her stomach to reassure the baby that there was actually not an earthquake occurring. I spread out a blanket on the hay and picked Annabelle up in my strong arms and lay her down. I climbed in between her legs and hovered above her as she grabbed my cock and placed it in position. I entered her slowly and carefully and began to glide gracefully in and out. I leant down and took a rock hard nipple in my mouth and sucked it and nibbled it carefully before sweeping across to the other nipple to do the same as I continued my steady stroke. I continued that pace for a few more minutes and then sped up watching her firm breasts bounce in harmony with my thrusts. I stopped thrusting and pulled out and moved in behind Annabelle and re-entered her warm moist pussy and began thrusting as I held a handful of her scrumptious breast in my hand. I pumped harder and faster and Annabelle cried that she felt her orgasm approaching. My thrusts became a little slower but very hard into her body as deep as I could manage. I fired round after round of my creamy custard into her shuddering body as she gasped and came yet again herself.

We lay there and giggled for a while. Then Annabelle said

“You know you must fulfil your role here Stephan”

“But, the baby. You and I……..we”

“No Stephan. We will be right here with you but you must stick to the plan and I won’t mind at all”

“I don’t know if I can”

“Of course you can. We all believe in you, I believe in you and Ingrid believed in you”

We got dressed and went inside. When we arrived there Mother Helena and Sister Angelina gave me a big hug and a kiss.

“It’s time for your shower” Angelina beamed “and I think it’s time your true work here began” she said. “Mother Helena, will you escort this young man to the bathroom please”

Mother Helena gasped and held a hand to her chest “oh my gosh, really?”

“Of course Mother now on your way, we can finish up in the kitchen”

I looked at Annabelle and she gave me an approving nod so I took Mother Helena’s hand and led her to the bathroom.

Once there I sat the dear woman down before me and unfastened, dropped and stepped out of my pants and removed my shirt and tossed it aside. Finally I kicked off my shoes and stood in front of her.

“Go ahead” I whispered

“Before we do this dear boy, I need to know. Do you forgive me f or keeping such a secret all this time?”

“I’ve course I do, I love you. I love all of you very much.”

Tears welled in her eyes as I leaned forward to hug her. As I was there I took the opportunity to pull her robe form her body. Surprised to see her naked I said

“Do none of you wear undergarments anymore?”

“I thought I might get lucky” she grinned cheekily

I grabbed her hand while smiling back at her and opened it while I retrieved my cock with the other. I placed it in her hand and said

“I am the lucky one dearest Helena”

I saw her heart melt through the expression on her face as she leaned in and gobbled down my knob. I closed my eyes as this 45 year old virgin clumsily slurped on and gulped down as much of my penis as she could. After a few moments I took her over to a bench in the change room area, and took in her naked body. While she was not as trim and taught as some of the younger nuns she was still quite a turn on to look at. She was very white as she didn’t spend much time in the sun but most of her time in the kitchen. She had large breasts with big round areolas and long hard nipples. Her tummy had the smallest paunch and her legs were firm and solid leading up to her hairy but well trimmed pussy. She had an attractive face with an incredible smile and shoulder length brown straight hair.

She gasped as I climbed on top of her and sucked on her milky white breasts. As ii sucked my penis bobbed about occasionally nudging her pussy lips making her jump and gasp.

“Oooh I do beg you dear boy, go easy will you”

“I’ve course” I assured her.

When I had sucked her breasts to the point where I was happy that her swollen nipples were fully erect I trailed down to her belly with my hungry tongue. I kissed and bit at her stomach and continued on down to her pubic region. Once there I cleared away some bush and started devouring her tasty pussy. She was bitter sweet but delicious and I spent a long time there just licking her lips in a circular motion and flicking and playing with her super sensitive clit hearing a moan every time I did. I tried something new as I licked the space between her ass hole and her pussy making her squirm and groan in ecstasy

“That feels so lovely my boy”

I gorged on her pussy again and then buried myself deeper into her thrusting my tongue as deep as I could. Her breathing grew heavy as she built up to an orgasm so I picked up the paste and shook my head as I ate her sloppy cunt and she came with large vibrations and a deep guttural moan.

I kissed her on the forehead and then went and sat on a chair with my arms outstretched signalling her to come and join me. I directed her to turn around and sit down on me slowly but before she did so she knelt and sucked my cock some more making sure it was well lubricated. She turned and backed slowly down and back against my enormous cock and sat perched on the end puffing and panting in anticipation for a few moments. I grabbed her broad but beautiful hips to steady her waiting for her to ease herself down my slippery shaft. Instead she suddenly dropped letting out a loud scream as her hymen was destroyed and her virginity along with it. She sat impaled on my mammoth cock for a while; I actually started to worry as she sat there motionless. She began to rise with a constant low groan and then eased herself down again. She worked very slowly to start with but soon began bouncing up and down over just the top half of my cock. I grabbed her huge, soft white melons and squeezed them then ribbed the hard nipples between my fingertips making her gasp. Soon she was bouncing up and down the whole length of my penis with my balls slapping into her at the bottom of every thrust.

I felt my balls churn as her pussy began to quiver again and then I cannoned sticky goo into her again and again as her quaking body was taken over by orgasm once more.

As we showered and dressed Mother Helena asked

“Do you think we can make our plan work?”

“It’s a good plan, and it looks very promising at the moment. I am willing to give it all I have got” I assured her.

“I am so excited. Your mother would be so pleased”

“It is still very weird to know Mother Ingrid was my real Mother” I said

“I will see you in the morning” I said as I watched Helena walk very slowly and gingerly out of the room.

The next morning there was no fuss as everyone went about their business as usual. After classes with Sister Katarina I went to Sister Angelina to see if we were headed out on a trip in the afternoon. I was pleased to hear we were and Sister Annabelle was joining us as we needed an extra pair of hands (and her to have a check up at the Doctor’s). When i got home from the trip where everything went well Sister Angelina sat down with me and showed me a new roster that had been worked out with my duties. The timeslot immediately after dinner titled ‘staff service/maintenance’ was what I was most concerned with. I looked over its detail – week 1 Monday, Sister Stephanie, infirmary. Tuesday, Sister Katarina, Chapel. Wednesday, Mother Helena, Kitchen. Thursday (today I thought getting excited) I scanned down the page to see Sister Angelina, I looked up at her beaming and she too seemed happy.

Sister Angelina had just one more thing to discuss with me. To make this work properly we need to have you ‘fixed’ so there will be no more ‘accidents’ she explained. I thought about it during the next couple of hours before dinner time and would give her my answer later on. I thought long and hard about all that had happened recently. I loved my family at the convent and would never intentionally harm them. But I did not want to take away permanently my chance of fathering again. So I began to devise a little deception of my own. I let Angelina know I would go along with their plan and she booked an appointment with the doctor for our trip the following week.

Sister Angelina dropped me at the doctor early as she had some things to do while I was at my appointment. When the nurse came to prepare me for the doctor I made up a terrific story about being kidnapped by an evil sex addict who just wanted to use me to make movies and get rich I was hoping to get out of having the surgery without letting the nuns know. I thought I was very convincing but it turns out I wasn’t. I was distraught, was there nothing I could do to avoid this surgery. Just when I thought all hope was gone the nurse leant over me and said

“Just so you know, Angelina is a close friend of mine and I know about your little ‘work situation’. But if you are serious maybe an arrangement can be made”

She smiled and rubbed my cock licking her lips.

“You see I have these pills that may be taken to suppress male sterility while they are taken. I can supply you with these and ensure your little procedure does not happen, at a cost”

“Um, what cost would that be?”

“You would need to fill a new script monthly and while you are here make your payment. Your first payment being due today”

“Payment of what” I was still very naive.

She undid my pants and yanked out my already stiffening cock which twitched at her touch as she grinned a very shit eating grin and winked at me. I understood immediately and closed my eyes as my cock disappeared into her hungry mouth. As my eyes remained shut and my bloated cock slipped in and out of her greedy mouth I considered the need for deception, the consequences, the sacrifice, the pain but right at that moment I could not ignore the sheer bliss of deception

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