The Unexpected Lover

The Unexpected Lover

Hi. This is a beautiful story about how I met this beauty Thamarai (name changed) and we went to bed in two days. I am a working professional from Chennai name Khabib (name changed).  I am currently preparing for my higher studies.

I’m going to narrate how I met this sexy bomb and how we clicked instantly for sexy adventures. I am a studious handsome guy with a 6-inch stool and a pretty skinny body maintained by playing football. During preparation for my highest studies, I used to go to a public library in Chennai.

There were a lot of people studying. I had noticed this milky white girl, who was pretty short but with the fat in the right places. We never spoke but I would notice her studying. One day as I had come earlier I sat in her place where she usually sits.

She came a bit late and looked frustrated looking at me sitting. But she didn’t say anything. She took the place near me and continued her studies. She was wearing ripped jeans and a t-shirt. I could make out the shape of her sexy boobs which was about 34c and her armpits were also seen.

I was staring at her and suddenly my key fell down. We both bent down at the same time to take it and we hit our heads. And when we were getting up I had a quick glimpse of her milky boobs. She smiled and she returned the key. I held onto her hand one second longer and she smiled.

Then she asked what college I studied and what course I did and from there we started talking. We started talking a lot about college stuff and stories. I suddenly asked if I could take her out and she agreed. So we both left the library and we went to the Besant Nagar beach.

We got some stuff to eat and then we were eating. We started talking about our love life and I started holding her hands and she would also reciprocate. She also noticed me looking at her neck and catching glimpses of her thighs. But she was fine.

I was slowly getting a hard-on which was difficult to hide. Slowly she started placing a hand on my thigh. Then we decided to go back to the car. It was a dark secluded place. She started talking about her abusive ex and started crying. I was consoling her.

Then she asked me if she could have a hug. It was a dark secluded place and we hugged each other. Then she asked me if she could have a hug. And we started. I could smell the scent it gave me a little bit harder. A 6-inch cock was trying to burst off my jeans. Without warning, I kissed her neck.

She let out a soft moan and I got a positive signal. Slowly I started taking her neck more and she was crushing my stomach. I could literally feel are both having heaven. Then without warning, she slid her hand under my shirt. She jumped over me and started kissing passionately.

We sat there rolling our tongues in each other. And we looked at each other. She pulled off my shirt and started sucking on my nipples. I couldn’t control and I asked her if I could touch her boobs. She smiled and spread out her hands. It was so soft and it was firm and perfect. We started making out in the car.

I took her hand to my dick. She started smiling with me kissing my neck and squeeze my dick. It was such passion. I slowly pulled down her pants and started squeezing her ass and fingering her asshole. I can feel her wetness move above my dick. I fingered her pussy making her panties wet. It gave me heaven.

And I made her lay on the backseat. I was above her slowly pressing her boobs and rubbing my cock on her fat sexy ass that sexy ass. I could literally hear her moan loudly begging for more. Then I asked her to suck my cock. At first, she was afraid.

But hen I convinced her. She slowly started taking my dick her beautiful lips. I was in seventh heaven. I was fingering fucking her pussy at the same time and she was moaning in between. And then I was about to come. She pulled back and let the cum flow all over hands.

Then we both looked at each other and started kissing again. Then we dressed up and went to the beach again. On the beach, she was sitting between my legs. Her beautiful ass was in between my thighs with my dick. She slowly started rubbing it my dick from behind.

I slid my hand under her dress. Squeezing her boobs pushed her ass on my dick crushing it. She got a call from home. She said she would be home in another half an hour and smiled at me. Slowly we went back to the car and she immediately sat in on my lap.

She started wobbling her ass on my lap and we were kissing passionately. She then turned around facing me on the seat and started kissing. I was kneading her boobs and started sucking it. she was moaning and pulling my hair. She again bent down and started sucking my cock.

I was squeezing her tits and we both were in seventh heaven. I took all my cum and I threw it over her tits and massaged her with my cum. Then we got up and she started returning home. When she was about to go off, we looked at each other and smiled.

We held hands and again started kissing. We exchange our number and she said that she would make my night special. that night she nearly drained me four times and I made her change three of her wet panties.

I hope you liked this hot story. I’ll tell you about our OMR and ECR sexcapades in other stories. If any college girl or working ladies in Chennai want some secret fun feel free to contact me and please do give your feedback to [email protected]

The Unexpected Lover