The Wrong Babysitting Job – Sex Stories

The Wrong Babysitting Job – Sex Stories

“Oh my god, I’m just desperate. I’m at my wits end. Do you really think you could babysit my boys tomorrow evening?”

“Oh, sure Mrs. Simons,” McKenna said, trying to hide the nervous excitement from her voice. Her first babysitting job! But two boys? She’d thought her first babysitting job would be one child. “Um, what time do you need me? And what’s your address?” McKenna didn’t know Mrs. Simons, who’d called out of the blue – but the woman said she knew Amanda’s mom, so she must be okay.

Mrs. Simons gave McKenna the information before asking a question. “If you don’t mind me asking, dear, how old are you?”

“I… I’m almost thirteen, Mrs. Simons,” McKenna stammered. Was she too young? She didn’t want to lose her first job.

“Oh my, twelve. Well, that’s a bit younger than the boys are used to, but I’m sure they won’t mind. They’re twins, you know. Justin and Mark. They’re good boys, they really are – but it’s hard for a single mother to keep them occupied and they just have so much energy. But I’m sure they’ll take to you just fine, McKenna, I can tell.” She paused for a long moment and McKenna wondered if she was still there, but she came back. “Twelve,” she murmured. “Twelve. Well, it’ll have to do. We’ll see you tomorrow evening, dear,” and she hung up.

“Yes, yes, yes!” McKenna danced around her bedroom with glee. Five hours of babysitting at twenty dollars an hour, way more than she’d hoped for! A hundred bucks! She could already imagine how great her new cell phone would be once she had enough money to buy it. It was so frustrating and embarrassing to use a four-year-old hand-me-down cell from her dad. OMG, it was black. Black! Her new phone was going to be beautiful, shiny, rose colored – and not humiliating. And a new phone was only the first dream on her list of things to get as soon as she had some money of her own. Already a hundred dollars!

Being as it was her first ever paying babysitting job, McKenna tried to look as professional as she could. She put on a short wool skirt over her best black tights and tucked in a blue silk blouse that her aunt gave her for Christmas. She brushed her long red hair until it shined like a beacon and pulled it into a high ponytail that cascaded to the small of her back. McKenna was a bit too young to understand that her presentation was more come-on than professional, especially when she inexpertly applied some blush and eyeshadow in a misguided attempt to look older. But none of her choices could take away from the young girl’s basic beauty – lustrous hair, emerald eyes, a pepper shake of bright freckles across her small nose and high cheeks, and a curvaceous body with long thin legs and a perfectly rounded ass that protruded just the right amount behind her slightly curving spine. A knockout.

The knockout knocked on Mrs. Simons’s door at precisely six o’clock, as requested. The frazzled woman who let her in hardly looked ready to head out to an important meeting. Her hair was a mess, her stockings needed to be adjusted and her makeup was only half done.

“Come in, come in! Oh god, I’m so late! Just make yourself at home, dear. If you haven’t eaten yet there’s some leftovers on the counter. The boys are in their rooms – I’m sure they’ll be out sooner or later, don’t worry about them. If they don’t come out, then they’re not your problem. But please, whatever you do, please try to keep them out of trouble. You just don’t know how destructive… Well, anyway, that’s why I’m willing to pay a premium for a good babysitter. And if this works out I’m sure I’ll have lots of need for your, ah, services. Oh! I’ve got to finish!” Without another word, Mrs. Simons vanished, leaving McKenna to wander the house and into the messy kitchen.

Hoping to make a good impression, McKenna started putting dishes in the dishwasher as she sipped at some of the delicious fruit juice she found in the kitchen. It was so good! She poured herself a second glass. She was cleaning a couple of pans when Mrs. Simons rushed into the room and grabbed her coat and keys from a hook by the kitchen door.

“Oh my goodness, dear, you don’t have to do that!” she cried. “I’ve got to rush now. Don’t worry about the boys. They may never even come out of their rooms – but if they do… well, I’m sure you can entertain them. Whatever they want, I’m sure it’s fine. And remember, they really are good boys – at heart. Gotta rush! I’ll see you in the morning, dear. Bye!”

“Wait! In the morning?” McKenna said to the door that had already slammed shut. In the morning? Mrs. Simons had said eleven o’clock. Did she mean eleven AM? Oh… Well, it was too late now. The woman had left so quickly – McKenna didn’t even have a cell number for her. And wasn’t it out of the ordinary for her to leave before McKenna had even met the boys she was babysitting. She didn’t even know how old they were or what their bedtime was! This was all so odd. But for some reason she didn’t actually seem to mind. She took another long draw at the delicious fruit juice, finished her second large glass and downed half of a third. Yum!

“Oh man, this one’s young.” A deep male voice caused McKenna to twirl around, startled, to find a handsome young man standing in the doorway with his eyes hungrily taking in McKenna’s form. The way he scanned up and down her body, then settled on her pretty green eyes, gave her goosebumps.

McKenna’s goosebumps got even bigger when an exact duplicate of the young man stepped around his brother into the kitchen and gave her the same ogling treatment before he said “Damn, mama must be trolling the middle school for babysitters.” He glanced at his brother. “But she’s damn cute, even though she’s hardly got any… You think she’s really up to the job?”

“Only one way to find out,” the first twin said with a wicked smile that made McKenna bite her lip and take a step back so that her back was pressed hard against the sink counter.

“Who… who are you?” she stammered to the two very handsome young men. At a guess they were both sixteen or seventeen, with dirty blonde bedroom hair she surprisingly wanted to run her finger through, tall and muscular with broad shoulders and twinkling grey eyes. Both boys looked like they could use a shave, and the rugged look it gave them made McKenna’s knees wobble. McKenna had only recently discovered that boys were not the slime of the earth she’d always considered them to be – suddenly boys were fascinating and attractive, even if slightly smelly. But these boys? These boys were hunks – there was no other word for it.

“Ha. Mom didn’t even tell you our names. She’s getting sloppy. I’m Justin,” the first boy said. “The ugly one is Mark. Ow! The fuck, man?” he said as Mark punched him hard on the arm.

“But… but I was supposed to babysit Mark and Justin! You can’t be… You’re too… Oh. What’s going on?” Something was terribly wrong here. So why wasn’t McKenna more concerned about it? Gosh, the two boys were so cute!

“No, babe, you’re here for us.” Mark said with a smirk. “You see,” he continued, moving slowly to McKenna’s left as his brother moved to her right, “mom found out a long time ago that the only way to keep the two of us from causing her more grief than she could handle was to provide us with a certain kind of ‘distraction.’”

“Of course, our distractions are usually a bit older and skankier than you,” Justin continued smoothly, as if only one them was speaking. “You know, the kind of ‘lady’ you pick up on a street corner in the wrong part of town.”

“Mama definitely didn’t find you on a street corner. You’re way too pretty for that.” Mark stood close to McKenna and despite the nervousness she was feeling she was a naturally polite little girl, so she turned to face the boy talking to her. But her politeness allowed the other boy to step in close behind her.

“Damn, look at the way she’s blushing,” Justin proclaimed and then he whispered, his lips just brushing McKenna’s ear, his warm breath tickling the fine hairs on her neck. “What’s the matter, babe? Didn’t anyone ever tell you how pretty and sexy you are? You are, babe you really are.” How did he know no boy had ever called her pretty before, especially not a hunky high school boy! McKenna’s blush deepened. Oh golly, she tingled where he brushed her neck. Should she stop…

“You don’t think she’s a…” At a look from Justin, Mark didn’t finish that question. “Yeah, obviously.” He cupped her chin gently and pulled her face up to look into his eyes. He was so tall! “Never been kissed, babysitter?”

McKenna’s world whirled around her. One part of her brain was screaming ‘bad, bad, danger, run!’ Normally she listened to that part of her brain, but for some reason she was more interested in a different part of her brain, the part that had only recently started noticing boys, and it was screaming ‘OMG they’re so cute, they’re so hunky, OMG, he thinks you’re pretty, he’s going to kiss you!’ She held her breath as she tilted her head and opened her lips, trembling.

But first she felt a hand sweep her long red ponytail off her back and then a gentle, intimate kiss at the back of her neck. It was electric! She arched her back, bringing her lips to Mark’s lips even as Justin trailed kisses through the fine, sensitive hair at the nape of her neck. Mark took advantage of her little gasp to seal his mouth to her open lips. Their tongues curled together. It was her first kiss! Could she ever have imagined her first kiss would involve two boys, no, two young men – handsome, strong, forceful young men who knew how to make a girl shiver and swoon?

Run, danger, BAD! Don’t let them do this!

No! It’s nice, sweet, exciting.

“Maybe we should take this, ah, conversation to a more appropriate venue,” one of the boys suggested. It must have been the one who wasn’t kissing McKenna, but she wasn’t sure anymore which was which. Wait – had they switched places a few seconds ago? Then… oh, who cares! She wrapped her arms around the boy’s neck to kiss him again and didn’t object when she was lifted up into his strong arms.

What are you doing?! Danger! They’re going to hurt you!

But they’re so cute, so nice, such good kissers. They think I’m pretty! And kissing is so… amazing!

Why am I just going along with what they want? Was there something in that fruit…

McKenna’s head spun as she was carried from room to room, kissing and being kissed, handed from one set of arms to another to… She couldn’t keep track, like she’s was playing three card monte with two boys. At some point she understood that she was on top of one of them on a bed, but she couldn’t seem to get very concerned about it. The kisses were so nice. The hands caressing her were so gentle. Were her tights being pulled off? The hands massaging her buttocks were amazing. Wait, whose hands were…?

The only problem was the spinning room. She sat up and closed her eyes to stop the spinning. Oh! How nice, sweet kisses on her neck. Someone unbuttoning her blouse, someone stroking her sides. Oh gosh! Why was her little cunny so wet? It was embarrassing! She was probably getting the front of his shirt wet? Whose shirt? She knew she was blushing but she couldn’t really care. She wanted more kisses on her throat as her blouse disappeared. She couldn’t help grinding her wet cunny into his t-shirt. Why was the boy under her wiggling?

Ohhhh! The first touch of lips and fingers on her tiny, new breasts! She nearly fainted. Her nipples were on fire. Someone bit the lobe of her ear, gently, and McKenna heard someone moaning, some tortured, terrified little girl. Her eyes snapped open and her head whipped around to search for the poor child. OMG – it was her! OMG – the boy she was straddling had no pants on. OMG – strong hands grasped her hips and slid her small body backwards.

Why wasn’t she terrified? But she was terrified. Why didn’t it bother her more that she was wearing nothing but her short skirt?! Wait, no, her skirt was pulled up over her head. Why wasn’t she bothered that someone pulled her arms behind her back? She heard the distinctive sound of velcro and then her wrists were bound together. Why didn’t she seem to mind?

Run! Danger! Escape! Rape!

How could she run when her cunny was telling her to stay, stay, stay?

OMG! She saw the cock below her. It was so big! Were they all that big? She had nothing to compare it to. It was her first. Could that possibly do what she thought it was supposed to do? Surely it was too big! How deep? How fast? Would it hurt? But she didn’t have long to contemplate these deep questions. Strong hands grasped her waist from behind, even as more kisses trailed across her shoulders and she moaned again. She shifted as she arched her back. The cock disappeared beneath her – it disappeared beneath her warm, wet little cunny. OMG! Her damp slit opened around the cock and the hands on her hips guided her to rock her pelvis back and forth, back and forth. OMG! How could grinding a fat cock feel so good? How could it feel so good to have her hard little nipples teased like that? So many hands! So much flesh. It was amazing how sensitive the alley between her butt cheeks could feel with so many other sensations vying for her attention. OMG! The pole of flesh sliding up and down along her tiny rosebud was so wet and smooth – but it throbbed. Where had it come from?

So many hands! Hands on her hips. Hands on her waist. Her hands bound behind her back. A cock grinding through her sex, another grinding between her buttocks. Who was moaning so loud!? Oh right, it was her. She sounded frightened. Was she frightened? Yes! Excited voices kept whispering to her – ‘pretty, sexy, gorgeous, hot,…

Danger! Escape! Rape!

No, no, no, it feels so good. Stay!

Four hands lifted her, held her her, positioned her. Danger. No, excitement. No, danger. OMG, OMG!

Two cocks entered the lightly drugged, bound, helpless little beauty’s virgin ass and cunny at the same moment. McKenna had no idea who was who – but it was Mark who expertly forced the head of his cock past her tiny sphincter just as his brother Justin barely penetrated her tight, warm cunt. Both of them were well lubricated with the little girl’s juices. They were amazed out how easy it had been to get her more and more excited. Mom’s special fruit juice was great stuff, but this was the first time they’d tried it out on a preteen virgin who had no idea what she was getting herself into. This wasn’t just the happy juice. The little vixen was truly hot for them, even though she trembled with fear. But at no point had she said ‘no.’

Knowing they had to be careful with their tender babysitter, but more than ready for the main event, the boys communicated their plans silently, almost telepathically. Taking McKenna by the waist, as his brother firmly held her shoulders, Mark slowly began to pulse his cock up into the child’s ass, gently but inexorably delving deeper and deeper inside of her. The way she grunted and moaned with each small increment of his invasion was so amazing, so erotic. God she was tight! Tighter than anything he’d ever felt. Bit by bit his thick, throbbing manhood slipped into little girl ass, until two-thirds of his length disappeared inside her. Stopping was nearly the hardest thing he’d ever accomplished, but it was his brother’s turn – and it would be so much better in a few moments. Patience!

It was Justin’s turn and the young man could barely control his enthusiasm and desire. But the child was so small, so young. He didn’t want to hurt her. He only wanted to be deep inside her! But Justin couldn’t use his brother’s slow pulsing technique – he had to break the little girl’s cherry. He’d won the mental coin toss, although Mark didn’t seem to mind – that ass was probably incredibly tight. Justin paused, catching the gorgeous girl’s pretty eyes. She was biting her lip, waiting. She knew! Still, he said “Don’t worry babe, it won’t hurt for very long.” He thrust upwards, hard, broke through her barrier and buried half of his thick cock into McKenna’s tight pussy all at once.

McKenna heard the scared little girl scream again. She knew the poor thing felt a stinging, frightening pain but she really couldn’t be bothered to care because suddenly her pussy was so very, very full of throbbing boy-meat! Even as the new sensation overwhelmed her confused young mind, she felt the other boy’s cock slide deeper into her ass. The thin membrane between the two cocks was squeezed tight! It was impossible that they could get so much pulsing, hot flesh inside of her small body. But… but… it felt so good!

The boys worked in well-practiced tandem, perfectly timed, one pulling out as the other thrust in. From behind, Mark cupped McKenna’s little breasts in his hands, thumbed her nipples and pulled her shoulders against his chest. Justin grabbed McKenna’s hips and helped her find that perfect, undulating rhythm of pelvis and spine that increased everyone’s pleasure to the maximum. Mark bent and twisted his neck to bring his lips to the side of the child’s neck. McKenna merely panted and moaned in time with the pulse of the boys’ fast, thorough fucking of her ass and pussy.

McKenna’s first orgasm was explosive. She strained against her wrists, arched her back, screamed and shook violently. The two young men redoubled their efforts and suddenly switched their attack – both of them thrusting into her at the same time. The sensation of the two thick cocks pushing up into her together sent McKenna’s climax even higher. Her eyes started to roll back in her head. Every inch of her skin tingled and her shuddering convulsions grew stronger. She heard one of the boys say “now, now, together!” and then both of them thirst hard up inside of her and held their position. They nearly crushed her between them as they both shot hot, thick cum into her very core.

She nearly passed out, she nearly lost her sanity. But once the boys stopped the frantic energy of fucking her, her orgasm finally, slowly died away. They collapsed together onto the bed, side by side with McKenna still sandwiched between them and filled with slowly shrinking boy-meat.

It was a long night and a longer morning. McKenna’s two babysitting charges were inexhaustible and insatiable as only horny seventeen year old boys can be. Every few hours they would pause for sustenance and give McKenna a bit more of the wonderful fruit juice. Then it was back to bed, back to sex. On her knees, little McKenna took one boy’s thick cock into her eager mouth while the other used her pussy from behind. Later, she lowered her tight ass down onto a thick pole of flesh, eagerly waiting for another to take her cunny from the front. The boys even had a bet on which of them could make little McKenna handle more of their hot cum. They tried every position a trio of hot, excited lovers could try.

The voice that cried ‘run, danger, rape‘ got quieter with every new lascivious act. The screams of the scared child McKenna had heard slowly disappeared as she experienced more and more ways that a pair of boys could use her young, eager body. In the early hours of the morning they all collapsed into a heap of young bodies and sleep washed over McKenna’s exhausted mind and body.

McKenna’s odd dreams may have been influenced by the mild sedatives in the fruit juice. In her dreams she held her beautiful, rosy new cell phone aloft. It seemed to glow like some kind of magical artifact, fueled by the wild energy of the two cocks thrusting impossibly deep into her cunny and ass. But her dream turned dark when the first text on her new phone seemed to be written in crimson blood: Run! Danger! Rape! – Whore!

Waking first, shaking, near ten in the morning, McKenna groaned as she tried to untangle herself from the two snoring boys and rise from their bed. She could barely walk! Her nubile, pretty body hurt everywhere. No wonder, given the number of times one or the other or both of the boys had used every part of her. Her beautiful red hair was crusted with cum and she walked gingerly, bowlegged.

Finally free of the fruit juice, McKenna’s eyes went wild as she fully understood what had happened. They’d drugged and raped her! OMG. No! Why hadn’t she listened to the voice in her head?

Not knowing what else to do, the pretty preteen slipped into the shower, hoping the hot water would relieve some of her aches and pains – cleanse her of the signs of her night of debauchery – give her a minute to understand what had happened and what she should do.

But before McKenna could even finish getting clean, she heard the garage door. The boys’ mother was home.

McKenna ran into the kitchen, her hair still wet and her blouse buttoned crooked. She saw Mrs. Simons, scanning the destruction from the several raids the sex-craved trio had made on the kitchen during the night.

“Oh my goodness, dear, this mess is nothing!” Mrs. Simons said in response to McKenna’s look of horror and shame. “Why, I don’t even see any broken dishes or furniture! This is wonderful.” She practically beamed.

“But, but, Mrs. Simons, you don’t understand, they…”

“Oh my goodness, don’t you fret so. Now, let’s see. I think we said twenty dollars an hour for, ah, seventeen hours, isn’t it? So that’s three hundred and forty dollars. Here you are dear.” Mrs. Simons handed the wide-eyed preteen a check.

They drugged me! I was raped! McKenna wanted to scream. But her eyes fixed on the numbers on the check. Three hundred and forty dollars! So much money!

“I think you might be the best babysitter the little rascals ever had, dear. Oh please say you’ll babysit them again, soon. Please?”

McKenna’s mind, fully free of the drugs she’d been given, flashed through all the horrific experiences she’d gone through – the pain, the humiliation, all the cum! But her eyes insisted on reading the big check one more time. And then her tight, traitorous little cunny clenched in eager anticipation.

“I’d love to babysit again!” McKenna replied with an eager smile.

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The Wrong Babysitting Job – Sex Stories