Tina gets mad at her boyfriend and cheats. – Tina’s Revenge

Tina gets mad at her boyfriend and cheats. – Tina’s Revenge

Tina stood alone beside the keg. She had no idea where her boyfriend Johnny was. He had left to go to the bathroom 45 minutes earlier and she’d been drinking alone ever since. The pretty redhead was starting to get mad because she had already had to fend off several boys and she was beginning to think she should take one back to her apartment. That would teach Johnny a lesson. They had been together for nearly two years and Tina was tired of the way he took her for granted.

“Damn Tina,” Manny said in a thick Latino accent, “you look good.” His pretty hazel eyes looked her up and down and a warm smile spread across his face.

‘Thanks,” Tina blushed, “you don’t think it’s too short?” She teased playfully as she showed off her long, pale freckled legs. She kept herself in shape and had avoided the freshman 15 and was now into her junior year at well known division one university.

Tina didn’t know Manny well but they had talked a few times in the cafeteria and in their sociology class. He was originally from the Dominican Republic but he’d lived in the United States since the beginning of high school and spoke English extremely well for someone who’d only been speaking it for 6 years.

“Too long maybe,” Manny replied with a wry grin. He was tall and muscular with dark skin and a shaved head. He’d played baseball his entire life and had used his talents to get a full ride to college. Some of his high school teammates from Queens were toiling in the minor leagues playing baseball but Manny knew that his chances of getting to the majors were slim so he chose to focus on school. He was a bright kid and he knew that his future lay with a business degree and not on a baseball field.

“Too long?” Tina said with mock incredulity. “If my dress was any shorter you’d be able to see my panties. If I was wearing any.” She put her finger up to her mouth as if she had accidentally let that slip. She felt an adrenaline rush when Manny’s eyes lit up.

“Oh shit,” he whispered. He liked Tina. She was cute and sexy with long red hair, a pretty little nose and high cheekbones. Her big green eyes were gorgeous and she had a hot skinny body that she loved to show off. In class she often wore yoga pants and she had an amazing ass, but she was dating a skinny white boy who Manny was sure didn’t appreciate her. “Where is Johnny?”

“He took off to go to the bathroom almost an hour ago and I haven’t seen him since. He’s probably chatting up some slutty sorority bitch,” Tina replied angrily. Her face grew warm and her neck muscles tightened. Johnny was a tremendous flirt and Tina suspected that he’d cheated on her before but she had no proof that he’d ever been unfaithful.

“Well I’m here now. I’ll keep you company,” Manny nodded. He stepped closer and politely grabbed her near empty red solo cup to refill it from the keg. He was smooth, confident and, as an athlete in college, he was used to getting what he wanted.

The crowd around the seemed to disappear as Tina focused on Manny. He was hot with a fantastic body and pretty hazel eyes that looked striking with his ebony skin. His deep sexy voice made her tingle and she suddenly didn’t care where or why her boyfriend had disappeared for so long.

The two flirted and talked for another 15 or twenty minutes. Manny was funnier than Tina expected and he was exceptionally polite and chivalrous, filling her beer each time it was close to empty.

“What the fuck?” Johnny said angrily when he saw Manny chatting with Tina. The two friends were standing close and acting cozy and his blood began to boil. He hated when guys chatted his girlfriend up, but it happened a lot. She had, to the best of his knowledge, never cheated on him but she did like attention from other boys.

“Well you took off and left me here all alone for over and hour,” Tina snapped. She was half Irish and half Italian and she had the fiery temper of both. “And Manny was nice enough to keep me company.” She moved closer to the big strapping Dominican and put her arm around his waist. Her pulse quickened as she felt the warmth of his body through his shirt and she flashed Johnny a defiant sassy smile. She usually kept her temper in check but she’d been drinking for a while and her anger was boiling over.

Johnny’s face warmed and he clenched his fists. He’d been having a good night and he hadn’t realized how long he’d been gone. He had run into a few friends outside of the bathroom and he’d lost track of time. He hadn’t been doing anything nefarious but he did understand why she was mad at him.

“Come on Baby,” Johnny said pleadingly. “Let’s get out of here. I’m sorry.” His voice raised several octaves and he sounded shrill and whiny. He didn’t like seeing her with her arm around another guy and especially not one as big and good looking as Manny.

“I don’t think so. I’m having a good time with Manny, but you are free to hang around with us if you want,” Tina said tersely. She dug her fingers into Manny’s side and pulled him tight. Despite her rather ferocious temper she had rarely stood up to Johnny like that and it felt good. It was liberating and she clutched at Manny’s big strong body for support and to quiet her racing mind.

“Fine,” Johnny said meekly. He stood silently brooding as his girlfriend and the big jock talked and he guzzled several beers until the keg mercifully started to sputter, signaling an end to the party.

“Can we go now,” Johnny whined. He looked at his pretty girlfriend with soft puppy dog eyes, silently begging her to ditch Manny and come home with him.

“Manny and I are going back to my apartment,” Tina said dismissively as she walked past Johnny and headed towards the door. She glanced back at him over her shoulder and smiled. “You can come if you want.” He smile was bitter and she grabbed Manny’s strong meaty hand as she walked away. She was a little drunk but she knew exactly what she was doing. She was making her boyfriend jealous and teaching him a lesson he’d never forget but she had no intention of doing anything with Manny.

Johnny felt humiliated. He wanted to punch the big “dumb” jock in the face but he knew that wouldn’t turn out well. Johnny was wiry and strong but he was no match for a division one college athlete so he followed them outside into the cool autumn night.

Tina’s apartment was located within the same complex as the party and the walk was thankfully short, but for Johnny it was far from sweet. His fists were balled in rage as he watched Tina’s hand rest on Manny’s firm butt. He was torn. He wanted to bail and let them do whatever they wanted but that would be even more humiliating and he hoped that they wouldn’t do anything if he was at the apartment with them.

Tina tugged at the hem of her tight dress and then walked up the stairs to her apartment. She felt bad about what she was doing to Johnny but she needed to teach him a lesson so he would stop taking her for granted.

Her hands trembled as she fumbled with the key and then let the boys inside. Her roommates were both home for the weekend and they had the place to themselves. Her plan was to flirt some more and then tell Manny that she had her period and send him home.

“I’ve gotta pee,” Tina giggled. She felt a little dizzy and her mind had started to swirl.

The pretty redhead looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She did look hot. Her long flaming red hair was tussled and sexy and she still had a bit of a summer tan left which hid some of her freckles. She hated her small b cup tits but her dress clung to her curves like a second skin and she loved her ass.

“You gonna show me that thong?” Manny teased as he stood beside the couch. She walked over to him with sassy confidence and shook her head.

Manny stepped closer and his big hands moved to Tina’s full hips. He playfully hiked her dress up until the curve of her ass was almost visible and looked into her eyes to see if she would make him stop.

Tina’s pretty green eyes widened and she clenched her teeth. A quick squeak escaped her lips and her heart began to race. She knew that she should stop him. Her point was made and Johnny had likely learned his lesson, but she didn’t want Manny to stop. She breathed deep and his manly natural musk filled her lungs.

Johnny bit his lip to quiet his protest and his pulse quickened. He couldn’t believe Tina was acting that way. They had been together for almost two years and she had never done anything like that before. She was usually sweet and nice to him but she was being a total bitch and he was questioning if he wanted to be with her.

His hand brushed against his dick and he quickly stifled a moan. He was rock hard and he watched Manny move his hand to his girlfriend’s ass. Johnny squeezed his hard dick as Manny hiked her dress up to her waist baring her creamy white flesh. The contrast between his dark skin and her pale ass was striking and Johnny began to rub his hard throbbing dick.

“I told you that I’m not wearing any panties,” Tina said softly. Her sweet voice shook with tremolo and she gazed up at many with alcohol clouded and lust glazed eyes. She breathed deep drawing the faint scent of her arousal into her lungs and she sighed as Manny kneaded her soft round ass.

Manny pressed his body against Tina and grabbed her ass with both hands. He was rock hard and he wanted her to feel his big dick against her tummy. It was an oft publicized fact in the Dominican Republic that Dominican men had the biggest dicks around and his endowment support that belief.

Tina moaned softly and moved her hands to Manny’s strong muscular back. Her hips ground subtly against his taut body. She slid her hand between them and grabbed his hard cock. He felt huge and Tina shuddered. Johnny had a nice big dick. He was the biggest that she’d ever had but Manny’s felt enormous in comparison.

“Let me see your tits,” Manny said firmly, but with a warm smile that left Tina weak in the knees. She hated her breasts but she felt oddly compelled to do as he asked. She could see Johnny’s face out of the corner of her eye. The blank, emotionless expression on her boyfriend’s face reignited her anger and she pushed the top of her dress down exposing her perky tits to Manny’s hungry gaze.

Her hands moved back to Manny’s big dick and she nervously fumbled with the snap and zipper of his jeans. It had been two years since she had been with a boy other than Johnny and she was scared but excited at the prospect of doing so. She pushed Manny’s pants and boxers down and he quickly stepped out of them.

Tina’s eyes widened and she stared awestruck at Manny’s cock. She had seen dicks like his in pornos but never anything close in person. Johnny’s measured over 7 inches but Manny’s looked to be almost 2 inches longer. She grabbed hold of it with both hands and gasped.

“My god,” the sexy coed said in a soft raspy voice, “your dick is huge.” Her knees buckled and she sank to the ground before him. Her tongue flicked out and she licked the length of his shaft. The salty taste of his warm pulsating shaft was delicious and she slobbered over it like a St. Bernard, covering its length with saliva.

A low moan from the corner reminded Tina that she and Manny weren’t alone and she felt a pang of guilt when she remembered that Johnny was watching. She glanced at her boyfriend and saw him reclined on the chair with his pants off, his thick dick in his hand and his eyes affixed with hers. He had a strange expression on his face and, for the first time since he’d left her standing beside the keg, she felt sorry for him.

She started to say something but Manny stopped her. He fisted his big ebony fuck stick and rubbed the smooth, spongy wet tip across her lips, smearing salty precum onto them. Unlike her girlfriends Tina had always liked the taste of cum and she instinctively opened her mouth so he could give her what she wanted.

Manny guided his big dick into Tina’s waiting mouth and grabbed her head. His hips jogged slowly fore and aft, pushing the head of his big black dick into her eager throat.

“Take it deep,” he groaned. “That’s it Baby. Choke on it.” He forced her to hold his cock in her throat until she gagged and then he forced it even deeper. Tears streamed down her cheeks, making her mascara run. Saliva poured from her mouth, coating his huge dick and dripping from his heavy balls.

Tina had never had rough sex before. Johnny and all of her previous partners had been tender and loving. Johnny would never have fucked her mouth or made her choke on his dick. He never would have thought about doing that and she never imagined that she might want it but it ignited something inside of her which she couldn’t deny.

Her hands circled Manny’s strong legs and she clutched at his firm ass. She had watched the baseball team and she had checked Manny out in his tight baseball pants numerous times. He had a great ass and she couldn’t believe that she was grabbing it while his dick was down her throat.

“That was amazing,” Tina gasped as she came up for air. She felt slightly dizzy and somewhat drunk but she wasn’t sure if that was because of alcohol or pure lust. “You’ve got a great dick.”

“Thanks Baby,” Manny said pulling her to her feet roughly by her hair.

The sexy redhead yelped like a scolded puppy and looked up at him with hungry eyes. She felt a pit in her belly and she moaned when he spun her around and guided her to the couch. Her tight dress was bunched around her waist. Her exposed chest was flushed and her nipples were rigid betraying the depths of her depravity.

Johnny watched Manny manhandle his girlfriend and he squeezed his dick hard. It was as hard as it had ever been and his smooth hand stroked the shaft while he watched them. A small part of him wanted to join in but, surprisingly, a much bigger part was content to watch. His mouth was agape and he moaned when Manny plunged his dick inside Tina’s tight pussy. He knew Tina wasn’t on the pill and he’d never had sex with her without a condom but Manny didn’t seem to even consider using protection and he didn’t give her a chance to protest.

Tina’s deep guttural moan filled the room and the rich pungent smell of sex hung in the air. Johnny loved the smell and taste of her pussy. His mouth watered and his dick throbbed as the smell filled his spinning head.

“Oh shit, oh fuck,” Tina hissed. Her gorgeous round ass backed up into Manny’s cock and he chuckled. He loved it when white girls got their first taste of his big black dick. He stood still and let her move forward and back, sliding him deep into her velvety womb.

Johnny watched Tina move and his hand slowed. He didn’t want to cum too soon and his body trembled. He wanted to cum with her. Watching her fuck Manny made him feel close to her in a strange way and he couldn’t believe how much he loved her at that moment. He breathed deep through his mouth, tasting her scent on his tongue and he had an intense urge to lick her succulent pussy while Manny fucked her. The image shocked him and he shook his head to erase it from his mind.

Manny grabbed Tina’s hips and started to thrust. His cock pounded against her cervix and the room started to spin out of control. She felt a tight knot in her belly and it grew stronger with each violent thrust of his hips.

“Oh god, oh god, ” Tina cried out. She wanted to keep quiet like she usually was with Johnny but she couldn’t. The pleasure she felt made her brain short circuit and she began moaning and babbling incoherently. Her knees felt weak and she steadied herself on the couch while Manny savagely ravaged her tender wet pussy. Intense waves of pleasure rocked her to her core and she teased and twisted her sensitive nipples until jolts of pain shot through her as she cried out in ecstasy.

Manny guided Tina onto the couch and positioned her on her back with her shapely legs spread wide. He pressed the fat, bulbous head of his big dick against her puffy red labia and looked down at her with a playful smile. He paused and held it against the opening of her ravenous hole.

“Do you want it?” He teased. His hips stayed still and her juices oozed from her pussy onto the head of his cock.

“I want it Baby,” Tina hissed. She had never been more excited or horny in her life. She couldn’t believe that she was fucking Manny while her boyfriend watched. She knew that Manny was a one time thing. He had countless girls throwing themselves at him and he had a reputation on campus as a “player.”

“How bad do you want it?” He asked in a low playful tone. His strong hips undulated slowly but he only pushed against her and didn’t enter her drooling pussy. He lifted his shirt over his head, baring his well defined chest to her hungry green eyes.

“I need it bad Baby,” Tina groaned. Her body started to tremble and she clutched at his hips.

“Beg for it,” Manny said, still playful and smiling. “Beg for my big dick while your boyfriend watches and jacks off.” His words stung and she felt bad for Johnny but she couldn’t help herself. Manny had worked her into a lather and she needed his big dick inside her.

“Please fuck me Baby,” Tina panted. “Please. I need to feel you inside me. I need it so bad Baby.”

Manny nodded. He’d made a lot of girls beg but never in front of their man. He felt an intense surge of energy and power and he thrust deep with a smooth languid stroke.

Tina’s eyes rolled back and she groaned like a wounded animal. Her lean body squirmed and writhed as Manny leaned forward and buried the length of his cock inside her frothy womb. Her face contorted and she wiggled her hips.

“How do you need it?” He asked with a knowing grin. He propped his muscular torso on outstretched arms and pounded down into her like a jackhammer.

“Like that Baby. Give it to me hard. Hurt me Baby, yes like that, don’t stop,” she rambled. Her pale hands grabbed at his thrusting hips and she grunted and moaned wantonly.

“You’re creaming all over my dick,” Manny observed as he watched his big fat cock piston into her depths. Her juices, lathered and white, coated his cock and oozed slowly down to his big swinging balls.

“Oh my god, oh my god, I’m gonna cum,” Tina cried out loud enough to be heard outside of the apartment. Her entire body, from head to toe, tensed and a warm euphoric sensation washed over her as the dam burst. Her juices poured from her insatiable pussy, soaking the couch and intensifying the smell in the room.

Manny thrust even harder. His body slapped hard against the sexy ginger coed while her pathetic boyfriend watched helplessly from the chair. Sweat dripped from his brow onto her pretty freckled face and she licked her lips, tasting his salty essence. His breathing labored. He clenched his teeth and fought to delay his impending climax but her pussy milked him and he sped past the point of no return.

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Tina gets mad at her boyfriend and cheats. – Tina’s Revenge