It was a surprise for her. We hadn’t been on a holiday for some time and when I asked my wife to pack up for a week, she was curious. Normally she does all the planning and I am called in only to make the payments…so this was a real departure from the norm for us…even though we had been married for 10 years. She pestered me to tell her where it was but all I said was that soon she would find out.

In fact I had booked an old colonial bungalow in the midst of deep jungles in central India. A local tribal was running a small NGO to raise funds for the education of their children by running this bungalow as a niche tourist place. They organized jungle safaris, photography sessions, angling, trekking and other (safe) adventure tourism related activities. I had arranged for safaris and angling sessions.

Anyway, three hours into the drive towards our destination, I had no choice but tell her where we were heading or she would have pulled my hair out. She was very happy to hear that we were going far away from the madding crowds. We arrived at a small town where our guide was supposed to pick us up. He was already waiting for us at the only post office in the town together with two other men. All three hopped in the back of my car as we sped away to the deeper jungles.

About half an hour later we reached a ranger station. No private cars were allowed inside the national park so we parked our car in the lot and rented a jeep. Once everything was loaded in, we moved again. Five of us and the driver made it a cramp in the old jeep but after two hours of slow and bumpy jungle ride we were at the rest house.

It looked like an old bungalow and although the paint was peeling and the building old, it was very charming. The two additional men who came with the guide turned out to be the cook and housekeeper promised by the NGO to take care of us. As it was late evening already we Sepided to rest. After a nice warm bath (there was no shower) we gathered in the garden for a nice firelit dinner. I was surprised to see that the cook and the housekeeper – both tribal men – had changed into just a half-sarong, tied loosely around their waists; it only reached their mid thighs. But they were not conscious of their almost complete nudity at all. My wife, raised and married as a conservative shy girl, was stealing glances at their shiny black bodies, oiled and glistening in the flickering fire from the bonfire. Their muscles rippled under their velvet black skin with each movement while they set up the table and chairs and arranged the food in the garden.

Then the cook got busy preparing dinner in the kitchen and the housekeeper asked us if we wanted drinks. “Of course,” I said. And soon we were both nursing rum and cokes. Either the cook was slow or he was preparing a lavish dinner because I realized that it was already an hour before the first of the food appeared before us. And by then, we had already downed four large rums. I was slightly drunk (and so was my wife) when I noticed that the housekeeper was stoking the fire. Hunched on his heels, he had squatted down and that revealed that he was not wearing any underwear under his sarong. In that position, I could clearly see two bulging sacks of his ball and a long limp noodle of his black cock. I turned to my wife and realized her eyes were glued to his cock too. He too noticed her but quickly turned his gaze pretending that he hadn’t noticed. His legs widened a little bit more to give her a better view. My cock, hardened slightly, seeing my wife of many years openly ogling at another man’s cock and that too a jet black, uneducated unbathed slimy tribal. When he was not doing anything, he just sat down by our side and smoked a hand rolled tobacco leaf. After the viewing encounter he ensured that he sat towards my wife and gave her ample to look at.

His name was Joonda he told us in between. Later, he went inside and returned with two more drinks. He passed me my drink and turned towards my wife. Although his back was towards me, I couldn’t help but see that he quickly scratched his balls while giving my wife her glass. Anyway, I got up and was walking inside to the toilet, when he whistled to me and said, “Sir, this is the jungle, you can piss anywhere…see, like this…” with that he got up, turned around and started peeing a massive stream of piss
just behind the chairs. My wife started laughing. She was laughing so hard that when he came closer to inquire about her well being, she tipped all her drink on to him.

“Oh I am sorry,” she chided herself as she realized what she had done. And without a second thought, she kneeled down and started wiping his leg where she had dropped the rum. I was surprised that the leg was constantly getting wet despite her efforts to wipe the wetness. Then I realized that he was still dripping his pee slowly on the side of his inner thighs and my wife was actually wiping his piss thinking it was rum. I was very amused. Then my wife scooped some of his piss…er…rum and licked her fingers.

“Umm it tastes different,” she said. Quickly, Joonda turned around and – I could hear the sound clearly – filled a glass with his piss. He then passed it to her and she started sipping it slowly, savouring it. “Umm, very different…very dry…and the aroma…wow…very…eh…masculine, here darling,” and then she turned towards me, “try a little. You will love it.”

Jeez! I was in a fix, if I told her that she was drinking Joonda’s tribal piss she would be angry at me for not stopping her and otherwise, I will have to drink this smelly tribal man’s piss knowingly. I looked at Joonda. He knew that I knew and he had this nasty smile on his face as I accepted the offered glass, sniffed the acrid stuff and downed a sip. It clearly smelled like urine to me. I felt something in my mouth and pulled it out to realize that it was the nasty tribal’s curled up pubic hair.

“What is this, Joonda?” My wife asked him, taking a long sip from the glass.

“Madam, this is one form of what we call the bodily nectar,” he grinned and told her, “we make it ourselves men for women and women make it for men. There is another form of bodily nectar that women apply on their face to nurture the skin and to make it gentle and soft.”

“Wow, do you have some now? I would love to have that.”

Joonda, looked at me slyly and smiled, “Oh yes, I can make it for you…just wait for a few minutes.” And then the sly fox winked at me and went inside. About ten minutes later, he returned, his face looking flushed and his broad black chest all sweaty. In his outstretched upturned palm he held about four tea-spoons of yellowish creamy “bodily nectar”. “It can’t be kept…you must apply right now and there should be no contact except the human skin,” he said and emptied the sticky gooey stuff onto my wife’s eager hand. Immediately my wife brought it to her nose and inhaled. She seemed to have gone in a trance…and as expected, she proffered her hand for me to smell it too. One whiff was enough to confirm what I had been dreading. It was Joonda’s tribal cum that my wife was holding in her hand. My wife at the same time lost her balance and her hand went smack on my face coating some of the still warm sperm on my mouth.

“Oh dear, I am sorry…now don’t let that waste, darling just lick it up,” she told me and I unwillingly licked his smelly tribal cum. The gamey smell of his loins spread in my mouth and created a deep seated sexual hunger. Suddenly I wanted more. So I darted my tongue and scooped some more of his bodily nectar. Actually it was delicious. I have been a straight heterosexual so far but that night, my body was lusting to have Joonda, the tribal man whose freshly pumped sperm was held in my innocent’s wife’s palm. At the time my tongue darted out, from the corner of my eyes I saw, something big inside Joonda’s sarong twitched.

“Anyway, how am I supposed to apply it,” my wife asked. In response Joonda came forward, and gently plucked some of his own cum in his fingers and it hung loosely like a thick white rope of cream. He then asked my wife to close her eyes and started massaging his sperm on her cheeks, forehead, chin and even mouth. Once her eyes were shut, he smiled at me, and hauled a blackest of black cocks (I was wondering how he was keeping it out of view inside) and squeezed it from the base to let some remaining cum from his previous jerk off leak out. Then he grinned and rubbed his fore skinned cock tip on my lovely wife’s lips. My wife’s pink tongue darted out and licked that cum straight from his cock. “Hmmm delicious. Bhura, isn’t it nice darling,” she said, her eyes still shut and added, “Joonda, please give a little to sir too.” Joonda walked towards me holding his cock at eye level and without my saying or doing anything rubbed his cock on my lips. Embarrassingly, my mouth opened on its own free will and let the cock slide in and rest on my wet and soft tongue. My tongue (also on its own accord) flicked and started pushing
through his piss hole. I was only beginning to enjoy that cock in my mouth when the guide and the driver walked through their rooms abruptly halting my first cock worship.

But the guide, Bodhi, saw Joonda’s cock slipping out of my mouth and he whispered something in the driver’s ear who grinned cheekily. They reached near and plopped down on two rattan chairs right opposite us. Both were now dressed casually in their sarongs – the local sleepwear. And the way both were seated, I could see their black tribal cocks slowly hardening. My wife, under the influence of too much alcohol, had passed out on the large lounge chair – Joonda’s slimy cum slowly drying into flakes plastered on her face. Joonda turned to Bodhi and the driver and laughing like a madman, spoke to them in their tribal language. Bodhi got up and checked my wife’s face and burst into laughter too. Then they sobered up slightly and asked Joonda to arrange for some rum for them. Then they started talking about the jungle and the animals etc.

After three rums, Bodhi got up and walked to my wife. He was openly massaging his cock from under the sarong. “Madam, madam?” he shouted but my wife was already gone. We hadn’t had any lunch or snack and after all that we drank so much rum on empty stomach that the booze must have hit her really hard. When he didn’t hear any response from her, he said to me, “Her face is drying up if I don’t apply some more bodily nectar her skin make crack.” With that he hauled his own black cock, about eight inches long and four inches thick and of course uncut like all other tribals. Then he started rubbing his cock head across my wife’s lips…slowly his cock became rock hard and started leaking pre cum…and he started spreading his copious
precum all across her face with the purple head of his black cock. Then he slowly pulled my wife’s gown up and pushed her white panties to one side, revealing her hairy pink pussy. It was not as dry as I thought my wife’s innocent pussy might have been. So my wife was acting up!

Anyway, Bodhi, slowly eased his tribal fat cock in her conservative pussy and slowly started fucking her bareback. With each pull, I saw, her pussy lips clung tightly to his black cock. Every once in a while, he also pulled his entire cock out, his skin pulled back to display the angry purple cock head seeping more precum. And then, he would plunge his big black cock again to the hilt. He was fucking her steadily…and with a force that would have woken up a horse but my wife was dead to the world.

After fucking her mercilessly with his dirty smelly tribal cock, Bodhi grunted and collapsed all over my wife. From the back I could see his balls expanding and contracting, probably releasing all his potent tribal sperm inside her fertile pussy. Once he was done, he pulled out and thick white cum started flowing out. Joonda scooped it all and harshly poured it in my mouth saying, “this faggot loves to drink cum.”

Then it was the driver’s turn. His cock was dark brown and very very ugly. It was not straight like a normal cock but it had a bent towards left and the cock head was very wide almost like an apple. The piss slit was long and that made more and more precum leak out. He didn’t wait and plunged in with his weird and ugly cock all the way. How he fit that shape in my wife’s perfect pussy I don’t know but I know he fucked her for about 10 minutes before shooting his dirty seed inside.

Joonda pulled me and made me suck all the tribal smelly cum from my wife’s well fucked and red pussy. Once it was reasonably dry, he forced his own meaty cock down my throat to make it hard. Within five minutes of brutal assault on my mouth he pushed me away like a used rag and fucked my wife like a drunken monster, making her grunt and groan even in her drunker
stupor. The three of them continued like this for three hours and just when I thought it was over, the cook, a massive man on 100kg walked out. “The food is ready,” he said, but then looked at my fuckslut of a wife sprawled with inviting open pussy, he added, “Oh but let me sample this pussy first.”