Trisha and Tony meet two black men and Trisha fucks them both.

Trisha and Tony meet two black men and Trisha fucks them both.

Trisha looked slowly around the sparsely furnished ratty apartment through alcohol clouded eyes. The room smelled of a mix of pot smoke, dirt, sex and sweat and she knew she should be repulsed by her surroundings but instead all she felt was an insatiable hunger.

Her eyes focused on Jared and her heart leapt in her chest. He was tall and muscular with broad shoulders and powerful arms and legs. His medium brown skin glistened with sweat and moisturizer and the combination was utterly delicious.

She gazed through lust filled eyes at his impressive dick and chewed excitedly on her bottom lip. Trisha had never given a lot of thought about dick size. She’d had good sex and bad with big and average sized cocks but she hadn’t had one near as big as Jared before. Big dicks sometimes hurt but she was very intrigued by him and his beautiful black cock.

Trisha got goosebumps on her exposed flesh when Derek’s hand rested on her shoulder. Her heart started to race and she felt a familiar tingling between her legs. Derek was almost as hot as his friend but in a different way. He was slender and lanky with sinewy arms and legs. His complexion was dark and he had a sexy British accent that made Trisha giddy and wet.

“You need to stop,” she said unconvincingly as his hand moved inside her tight, cotton tank top.

“You didn’t want me to stop at the club,” Derek said confidently as he squeezed her big natural DD breasts . His touch felt great and she clenched her teeth to stifle a low moan. Her nipples grew taut and a surge of wetness flooded her ravenous sex. She had secretly fantasized about black men since high school and she often thought about being with two men at once but she’d always figured that her husband would be one of the guys.

“I’m married,” Trisha replied quickly. Her voice trembled and she breathed deep to steady herself. Her heart felt like it would burst and her face was warm and flushed. She had never been unfaithful to her husband but he had seemed to be really turned on watching her dance with the two sexy black men.

“So, he didn’t seem to mind watching us at the club,” Derek countered in a velvety smooth voice that sent a shiver down her spine. He gestured towards her drunk, stoned husband Tony who lay past out on the disheveled couch in the corner of the studio apartment.

“But he’s not watching now,” Trisha reasoned weakly. She closed her eyes and moaned long and low. Her mouth hung open and she breathed deep and steady. It had been more than ten years since she’d been touched like that by any man other than Tony.

“That’s okay baby, Jared is watching for him,” Derek said with a low chuckle. His British accent really was one of the sexiest things she’d ever heard and she felt powerless to resist his charm. “He’s even taping us so Tony doesn’t miss a thing,”

Trisha opened her sleepy eyes and looked at jared’s handsome smiling face. He had set up a tripod with a video camera and he was recording Derek’s hands inside her tank top.

“No, don’t,” Trisha said without conviction. She shook her head weakly and raised her arms as Derek lifted off her tank top, offering no resistance what so ever. He balled her shirt up and tossed it across the room at her sleeping husband where it landed beside him on the ratty leather couch.

Jared’s big dick swung like a baby elephant’s trunk and Trisha gazed at it through cloudy eyes. Her tongue circled her lips and she swayed gently in her seat. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Three hours earlier she and Tony had been drinking in a downtown club when Derek has asked her to dance. She loved to dance but Tony hated it so he insisted that she go. She had taken turns dancing with both Derek and Jared for several hours and when they suggested Tony and she join them at their Jared’s apartment to smoke a joint they’d hesitantly accepted the offer. Neither Tony nor Trisha was big smokers but they did occasionally partake when offered and the two well-built black men seemed pleasant and nice.

Derek moved to Trisha’s left and pushed her black lace bra down so he could paw at her big pale tits. His dark flesh contrasted nicely with her alabaster skin and she looked up at him with narrow, glazed red eyes. His cock, smaller than Jared’s but impressive none the less, brushed against her shoulder and Trisha turned to face it. It was mostly hard and he smiled down at her as he pulled back his foreskin exposing the bulbous head.

Trisha parted her lips wide and took him into her mouth. The salty flavor of sweat and precum tickled her tongue and she closed her hand around the shaft and sucked hard on the tip. He quickly grew fully erect, stretching her lips, and she cooed softly as her head and fist worked in concert with each other.

Jared zoomed the camera in on Trisha’s pretty round face. She was ten or so years older than him and she was thick and curvy with a bit of a belly but she was sexy as hell. Her big tits, pretty green eyes and slutty personality more than made up for her slightly sloppy body and it looked to him like she gave good head too. She’d made several suggestive comments to him on the dance floor at the club and she had even grabbed his cock while they danced. He had been with several married white women with jungle fever and he knew the symptoms well.

Derek closed his eyes and an expression of bliss danced on his full lips. His fingers ran through Trisha’s tangled blonde hair and he guided her pace as he breathed deep and steady. Soft mews slipped from her lips and it was clear to him that not only was she good at sucking dick, she loved doing it.

Trisha sucked and slurped noisily on Derek’s big delicious cock for several long minutes. Saliva spilled from the corners of her mouth and dripped from her chin. She felt dirty and wicked sucking Derek’s cock while Tony slept close by. Her pussy was soaking wet and she reached down between her thick thighs, hiked her skirt up and moved her tiny black thong to the side so she could rub her hard, needy clit.

Derek pulled away and Trisha whimpered sadly. She gazed up at him with soft pleading eyes and played with his big hairy balls. She liked his cock and she wanted to suck it some more. The pretty blonde had loved sucking cock since she was a teenager. There was something empowering about having a hard throbbing dick in her hand and mouth. There was something visceral about the smell and taste of a man. Her husband had tried to get her into women and she had kissed and even felt up other women but nothing beat a hard cock and a strong musky body, nothing.

Jared moved beside Trisha and Derek yielded to him. His huge elephant trunk swung from side to side and she quickly grabbed hold of it. Her fingers couldn’t circle his thick semi-erect shaft and the weight of it was impressive to say the least. She lifted the pliable brown dick to her lips and kisssed the tip. It felt enormous and her pussy tingled as she opened her mouth and started to suck.

“Yeah, work that dick Baby Girl,” Jared said with a trashy southern twang. His big meaty hand pulled her onto his growing cock and it slid, semi turgid, into her throat. He was about as thick as Derek but already a few inches longer and his floppy dick was still far from fully erect.

Trisha sucked and stroked Jared’s enormous dick until it reached its peak. It was the biggest dick she’d seen or touched by a sizeable margin and she struggled to take more than a few inches into her willing mouth because of its girth.

Her deep moans grew urgent and needy and her free hand rubbed her hard, throbbing clit. She sucked him for even longer than she’d sucked Derek’s dark hunk of meat and her jaw ached by the time Jared eased her off his prodigious brown dick.

“Get on the bed,” Jared said firmly. He looked down at her with hard, unyielding eyes that sent a shiver down her spine and gave her goosebumps.

“No,” Trisha replied softly as she shook her head tossing her mussed hair from side to side. “You’re too big.” They both knew it was a token protest and her hand continued to stroke and squeeze his mammoth cock. She rose slowly to her feet and staggered to the big unmade king sized bed. She was still drunk and stoned but she had most of her faculties and she knew exactly what she was doing.

Derek kept the camera on Trisha while Jared followed her to the disheveled bed. He climbed between her splayed white legs and rubbed his big circumcised dick across her shaved pink labia. His cock head glistened with her wetness and he slapped her clit with his shaft making her moan softly.

“Don’t, you’re too big,” Trisha slurred soft and low. “You’re gonna hurt me.” The pretty 35 year old mother of two protested. Her eyes closed and she shielded her head from Derek and the video camera.

Jared paused for a moment with the head of his cock at the mouth of her pussy. He was ready to stop, though he didn’t want to, but when she grabbed at his hips, pulling him closer, he knew her words were just for show. He pushed slowly and his fat cock parted her swollen lips.

“Oh fuck,” Trisha hissed loudly. Her painted pink nails dug into the milk chocolate flesh of Jared’s hips and she coaxed him deeper until his balls pressed tightly against her fat round ass. She had never felt so stretched, so stuffed or so full. Her eyes fluttered and she unhaled sharply drawing the musky scent of his hard muscle bound body into her lungs.

Jared started slowly. He pushed deep and withdrew methodically. His body moved with fluid motions and he lowered his torso letting her feel his substantial mass. His glutes flexed and his pace quickened. The head of his cock pounded rhythmically against her cervix and Trisha felt her stomach tighten.

Trisha wiggled and writhed beneath him. She wrapped her legs around his thighs and draped her arms around his shoulders. She wanted to kiss him but she held back and closed her eyes as her dam burst. Intense waves of pleasure coursed through her and her muted cries of pleasure filled the night air.

Derek stood beside the bed and Jared guided Trisha onto her hands and knees. Her lips closed quickly around Derek’s delicious cock and Jared plunged his giant fuck stick into her depths. She loved doggy style. It was by far her favorite position but his length and girth made it excruciatingly painful.

“Stop,” Trisha moaned. “It hurts.” Her words rang out but her fat ass pushed back forcing Jared deep. Her mouth descended on Derek’s dick and she rocked back and forth fucking them both as her juices seeped from her tightly stretched pussy.

A second, less powerful climax rolled through her and she rolled onto her side facing Derek. She eagerly slurped his dick into her open mouth as Jared reentered her while he spooned behind her. He deftly unfastened her bra and fucked her with long languid strokes.

“Stop,” Trisha said firmly. She pushed Jared out of her tender womb and rolled onto her back. “I’m fucking sore.” Her fingers parted her engorged labia and she rubbed her clit as Jared climbed off the bed.

Derek settled between Trisha’s big thighs and eased into her warm, wet cunt. He looked into her pretty eyes and smiled. “Is this okay?” He asked politely. His heavy British accent made her shiver anew and she nodded slowly. His cock felt great and her hips thrust up towards him as he started to fuck her hard and fast.

Trisha ran her hands over Derek’s sinewy body. His sweat covered flesh was slick and warm and his dick hit her g spot with each fantastic stroke. Her eyes closed and she writhed sensuously under him as he fucked her towards another orgasm. Her body tensed and she let out a long guttural moan as she came for a third time.

She pushed Derek off of her and again rolled onto her side with her arm over her head. Her bountiful chest heaved and sweat soaked her body. Her tight, cotton skirt was still bunched around her waist but her panties were long gone and her chest was flushed crimson.

“Stop, no more,” she insisted as she playfully kicked Derek off the bed. Neither man was familiar with her foibles or idiosyncrasies but it was her MO not to want to be fucked after she climaxed.

“Every time you get yours you don’t want no dick inside you,” Jared observed. He climbed onto the bed and aggressively pulled her legs wide. His cock, guided by her small white hand, moved to her frothy cunt and he rammed it deep, making her yelp in pain.

Jared propped his torso up on his outstretched arms and thrust hard and deep. His cock head pummeled her cervix and the sound of his body slapping against hers filled the room. The bed creaked and groaned and it slammed rhythmically against the bare wall. His breathing labored and his glutes tightened.

Trisha grunted and moaned. Her pussy felt raw and abused and she gritted her teeth to bear the pain. She watched his handsome face contort and she knew that he was about to cum. Panic rocked her and she pounded on his chest as he pushed deep. His eyes rolled back in his head and he groaned deep and loud. His cum splashed inside her fertile womb and he pumped ribbons of hot cream into her depths.

Jared continued to fuck Trisha’s sloppy hole until his cock wilted. He pulled it out and wiped their combined juices against her leg as Derek brought the video camera in for an extreme close up.

A large dollop of white cream oozed from her hole and Jared smeared it across her clit and down the crack of her ass. “I gave you a load Baby Girl,” he barked proudly. “That’s some cum right there.” He ambled off the bed and disaapeared into the bathroom.

His words filled Trisha with fear. She didn’t want another baby. She did a quick calculation and thought she was at a safe point in her cycle but she wasn’t certain that was right. She felt his entire load drain from her pussy, soaking the sheet beneath her as she lay silent and still on the bed. Her chest heaved and she idly fingered her hard clit, reigning the fire in her loins.

Jared walked confidently from the bathroom. His big spent dick dangled between his muscular thighs and Trisha climbed off the bed. She walked, with her skirt still bunched around her waist, to the bathroom. She had to pee and she wanted to splash water on her face.

The bathroom lock was broken and she looked around at the low rent, inner city apartment vathroom as a heavy stream of piss flowed from her bladder. The cold, white cinder block walls felt sterile and a shiver ran down her spine as the stream of pee subsided. She wiped pee and cum from her pussy and rose to her feet to wash her hands.

Derek opened the door and stepped inside the small cramped room before closing the door behind him. He pressed his taut body against her and bent down to kiss her. He had stollen a few kisses on the dance floor hours earlier but she hadn’t been kissed since and her legs felt weak and rubbery from his deep wet kiss.

“I think its my turn,” Derek said with a playful lilt. He turned Trish around and bent her forward over the sink. His hard cock slipped effortlessly into her cum soaked hole. He’d followed Jared before and he was always amazed how quickly a woman’s pussy recovered from a romp with his mighty sword.

“Oh god,” Trisha groaned. His angle of attack was perfect and his pace was divine. She chewed hungrily on her bottom lip and watched Derek’s handsome face while he fucked her hard from behind. Jared had a great cock and he was a good fuck but Derek was fantastic. The only thing better world have been if Tony was licking her clit.

Her pussy clutched at Derek’s cock and milked his big black dick. His breathing became erratic and he deep dicked her hard and fast. Derek grunted like a wild animal. His dick seemed to grow bigger and harder as cum surged through his shaft. He erupted inside her, his seed joining Jared’s in the murky depths of her womb.

“You are smiling now,” Derek observed. His cum leaked from her gaping, well fucked cunt and he swung the bathroom door open.

“That’s cuz I got fucked,” Trisha purred contently. Derek led her back to the bed and she curled up between Derek and Jarid. She was exhausted and sated and glanced over at her husband who was still sleeping and blissfully unaware of the nights events.

Sleep came easy for the sexy blonde once the lights were off as she lay naked between the two black men. Her slumber was filled with erotic dreams and when she awoke Derek and Tony were watching the homemade porn of Trisha and her first interracial threesome.

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Trisha and Tony meet two black men and Trisha fucks them both.