Ultimate Submission (Mother Son Incest)

Ultimate Submission (Mother Son Incest)

I never thought I will jump up with joy when my uncle called me from
India and said my dad had passed away!I almost said “Yes” on phone
but controlled myself and continued being sorrow! It was not because
my dad was abusive or something! He was the best dad I could have!
For that I was greatful to him! The main reason I was happy on his
death was my mom! Yes my mom!

I had my eyes on mom eversince I hit puberty! My feelings triggered
when I saw two dogs fucking outside my house. Me and my friends
joked about it then but in few hours time, I was jerking off on my
bed thinking how good it will be fucking a cunt! As I was doing it,
my mom barged into my room. She quickly saw what was going and then
went back saying sorry! I was pretty embarassed then but my mom’s body
caught my attention! Since then my mom was my lover during my wanking!

I felt guilty about it all the time but never stopped thinking
about fucking her! Three years ago I came to US to do my MS after
my engineering. I thought it would go away but infact my lust for
her increased!And then about an year ago I discovered Mr. Double!
The mother-son stories in here grew more on me and aggravated my
lust for my mother more and more!

About six months ago I went to India to see mom and dad! I have
to confess, for the first time, I felt sexually aroused when my mom
hugged me at the airport. All the tiredness of journey vanished and
I really wanted to molest her and kiss her on her lips then itself!
But I controlled myself but my mind was constantly looking for a
opportunity to grope her! As we got into the car, dad got in first
and moved to the far end of the back seat. Then I got in and sat
beside dad. Then mom got in holding my hand. As she got in and
turned to sit beside me, I moved my hand around her waist and rested
my hand on her midriff. All this part happened naturally but as I
touched her naked flesh of her midriff, my pervertness took over.
Unknowingly, I caressed her midriff and pinched it a little. I donot
know if mom observed it but was busy sitting properly in the car.

Dad, mom and the car driver were busy doing their stuff while
I lustfully played with mom’s midriff.I kept my hand around her
as it got squeezed between mom’s naked back and the car seat.
The touch of her naked flesh was driving me nuts! Mom and dad kept
talking to me.I was answering them but I kept enjoying mom’s body!
I never enjoyed touching mom till then! I never thought of touching
her lustfully before either!

That was the first day I touched mom with lust and since then I
wanted more! And I never missed an opportunity when I got one!
It was then I realised how much dad is around mom! He is retired now
and almost all the time he is with her! He was always there when she
changed, when she was taking shower, and even when she is in kitchen
bending over to pickup something! Everytime I gawked at mother,
I could feel his presence. That way I missed many opportunities
and I could not enjoy mom’s show! Whenever mom did something sexy
dad was always there! How can I ogle at mom when he is around?
I was afraid I might get caught! I got frustrated all the time.

But I always used ‘natural’ ways to feel her assets to get around
dad’s presence. At one instant, in our corridor, we were going out
and somebody was moving a big fridge on wheels. It was occupying
almost all of the corridor and coming our way.Mom wanted to get
back into house but I told her to just squeeze. As I saw mom hugging
the wall, she looked vulnerable! I took the chance and lined myself
against her bum and pushed her a little towards the wall. I had
instant hardon as her arse pressed against my crotch! Unknowingly,
I thursted my crotch a little into her but I quickly took off after
the fridge passed and hoped she didnot realise my bulge.

All the touchings infact increased my lust for her than appease it!
As I grew restless I realised dad was not leaving her alone at any
moment of time! I was obsessed with mom by then but could not get
a single opportunity to take advantage of her!I was so obsessed I
was even ready to rape her if I had an opportunity. At one instance,
dad went out to get some milk in the morning and mom was still
sleeping. As dad left, I closed the door and went and checked on
mom. She was sleeping like a baby on her side.Unfortunately I could
not see any of her naked flesh except her midriff but as I watched her
I grew more horny! At that instant I really wanted to go and rape her.

I planned quickly and intensely on how to do it. My objective was
mainly to fuck her cunt. So my easy way was to loosen her saree and
lift her pettycoat. If I could do that, then I can restrain her and
spread her legs. I took off my sarong and got close to the bed. As I
was climbing the bed, dad knocked the door. I was irritated and put
my feet back on ground while mom got disturbed and turned my way. I
got startled and took my sarong and got to the door while wrapping
it. Dad did ask me why I took that long and I said I was pissing.

That was the closest I got to fucking mom. Dad never left her even
for a moment and my obsession for her grew more. It became somuch,
I said no to my marriage.

Mom and dad were really keen to get me married and were very
dissappointed.I am thirty now and they were very worried I may not
get any girl. I was desperate for a cunt but they cannot marry me
with that cunt because it belongs to my own mother! But to please
my parents, we went and saw some girls and I turned them all down.
Mom was so tired with my turn downs, out of frustration, she asked
me what kind of girl I was looking for! I told her I want someone
exactly like her in freudian style! Mom was flattered by my words
but said everyone is different! I said I will wait! She was not
happy but I was adamant too!

So a month later, I am back in US! No wife but with a lot of
unfulfilled luggage of lust towards my mother!It grew more over
these months as I rang and talked to them! I wanted her somuch
that when I felt like fucking her I used to ring her and masterbate
while I talked to her.Nothing sexual or kinky but having mom on the
otherside asking me how am I doing was enough for me fantasize that
she is riding my cock! I was in control most times but when I loose
it and moan on the phone, I used to say I was excersizing or something!

But I could not fool mother for long! Two months after my coming
back to US, one night when I was masterbating talking to mom on
phone, she told me to ring her the next day few hours earlier.
I asked her why and she said she wants to talk to me then.

Then the next day, I rang her up! This time I was not masterbating as
I thought it might be serious!After sometime mom said she wanted
to talk to me in private! I asked her where dad is! She said
he went to bazaar! Then I asked her what does she want to talk!
She came right to the point! She said “I know you are masterbating
when you are talking to me!”

I was shocked!Instinctively I denied it! I asked “No!…Hell
no!…what gave you that idea?” Shame and guilt struck me! She said
“You cannot escape from your mother! I know you do that! I even
know your deeds with me when you came here!”

“What deeds?” I asked.

“I know everything Ramesh! Those peeps when I am changing!
Those ‘brushings’ against my body! I know!”

I was sweating by then! All the things I thought I escaped from
were infact being counted by mother!

I felt I was caught and I came clean! I said “Sorry mom!”

She said “I didn’t wanted to say anything because your dad was
always around.All these days I have been thinking but expected they
will stop! I explained myself may be you missed me somuch you got
attracted to my body! But seeing you continue after going back was
a bit awkward to me! Initially when I guessed you are masterbating
talking to me, I felt disgusted. But as you were continuing, I had
to talk to you!”

Before I said anything she said “I know its hard for you Ramesh
being unmarried even at thirty! But we gave you options and you
rejected them!It is unhealthy to think about your own mother as
an object of desire! It is also sinful!”

“But I love you mother!” I came to the point.

“I love you too! But our love cannot be forbidden!”

“But I want to be close to you as dad is!”

“You are already close to me more than your dad Ramesh! You are born
from and fed from me! Your dad cannot be as close as you are to me!”

“But I want to be closer on bed too!” I bit my tongue!

“No Ramesh!” Mom asserted. “Mother and her matured son don’t get
closer on bed!”

“Why not?”

“Because it wrong!”

“Why is it wrong?”

“Because I am you mother! Because I am your dad’s wife! Because…”

“But people commit incest, people commit adultry!”

“But I am not!”

There was a brief silence between us.

“We should get you married!”

“I will not marry.”

“Its not your Sepision anymore!”

“It is mother!As same as your Sepision on adultry!”

“Adultry and marriage are not same you idiot!” mom screamed.

“They may be different but making Sepision about them is same!”

“Why are they…”

I interrupted her saying “I am not listening anymore mother! I will
not marry anybody and I love you! I love you….I love you….I
love you! Don’t ask me and bug me again!” and I hungup on her.

I was not very dissappointed as I sought of expected that response
from her. But I was determined I would not call her again until she
gets back to me. I knew she would get back to me as she is my mother!

But two weeks passed and there was no call from mom and dad! I sought
of missed talking to them. I started feeling I might have hurt mom bad!
I wanted to give them a call but my ego said no! After three weeks or
so, I got an email from dad’s friend saying dad wanted me to call home.

That evening I rang home and mom lifted the phone. I immediately
asked her to put dad on! Mom asked dad to get the phone. I knew
dad lifted the second phone as they always talk in parallel to me.
I asked dad all the stuff. He asked me why I am not talking to mom
and I said theres nothing like that. He said mom was sad that I did
not ring her for solong. I said I got busy. Mom tried to talk to
me but I didnot reply her. I kept talking to dad!

After a while mom went away for a while and came back saying she put
teapot on the stove. We kept talking for a while and then mom asked
dad to go and check on the tea. As dad went away, I wanted to hang
up but dad told me to hold. Mom then said in low voice “Okay..Okay
you win! Call me this tuesday when your dad goes to market!”

I said “Yep! You say like this and then preach me!”

She said “No not this time! I won’t!”

I said “Okay!”

Dad came a little later and lifted the other phone and said “So you
are back talking now!”

We kept talking for a little more and then hung up. That day was
a Sunday and I eagerly waited for tuesday.

I eagerly calculated my time that tuesday evening and rang mom up!
Mom pickup up and I asked if dad is gone! She replied he did!
I then asked her whats the matter! She said she has been thinking
about my buttheadedness all those days! “I knew what you were
asking is forbidden and unlawful!” she said. “But I do realise how
much you must love me to stay celibate rather than marry somebody!
So I Sepided I will let you have your way!”

I couldn’t believe what I heard! I said with excitement “Really mom!
You will…”

“Yes!” she said. “I had enough of silence from you! I would rather
accept rather than go without talking to you for months!”

I knew I caught her by not ringing her! “Tell me you are like me mom!
You can’t live without hearing my voice!”

“You won’t understand a mother’s love Ramesh!” she said “All these
physical attractions are beyond her love!”

“I know mother!” I said smiling. “But you cannot live without hearing
my voice!” I teased her.

“Whatever!” mom said. “Seriously Ramesh! I realised how important
your call is for this mother!”

“Important than your chastity mother?” I was still cheeky.

“To a mother, her son is more important than herself! What is more
important in this physical world?”

I became serious too! I said “Thanks mom! Now you realise how
important you are to me!”

“Then why do you want my physical body?” she spurted out.

“To union with you once and for all mother!” I was surprised for my
own answer!

“Wow! Great way to say I have hots for you mother!” she said smiling.

I felt dumb!

“So you have hots for me huh?”

“Yes….”I said shyfully.

“You dream about…me everynight?”




“But you didnot see me naked anytime? Did you?”

“No! But I have my imagination!”

“You think I am sexy?”

“Sexier than love goddess!”

“Wow! Thats a complement!”

“No mom! I swear!”

“Okay…okay…so do you always have …..?”

“Have what?”

“You know!” she hesitated. “have sex?”

“Yes mom!” I said with shy.

I felt awkward. I quickly changed the subject. “So why did you
Sepide to accept my offer mom?” I asked.

“Because you wanted me to! Didn’t you?”

“Yes I did! But you weren’t before!”

“Well I missed your calls and I thought I might as well give you what
you want to keep me happy! A little phone sex wouldn’t harm anybody!”

“Phone sex?” I was puzzled.


“You mean you will just talk to me on phone and nothing else?”

“What else?…oh..no..no!”

I knew she is smiling inside enjoying taking me for a ride.

“Then I don’t want it mom! I am hanging up!” I said affirming.

“NO..NO…don’t hangup! I was just kidding!” mom laughed.

I laughed with her too and then mom stopped laughing as she heard
dad come in. We stopped talking our topic and I ended up talking
to dad for a while before I ended the call.

Since then, tuesdays have become my talk-kinky-to-mum day with mom. I
used to jerkoff talking kinky to her!

For the next two months we kept talking everything from xxx jokes to
erotic stories on mr.double. I sent some money sothat they could
get a computer. I got her a private email and started sending her
sex pictures. It was a dream to share my sex pics with mother and
it came true. Mom managed to watch them when dad was not around her.

My lust for her increased even more! At some instances I just wanted
to go to India just to fuck her!

I have come to a situation where a thought of the word “mother”
would give me a hard-on. Then on that fateful day, my phone rang.
Infact I was masterbating when I got the phonecall about my dad’s
death.Thats why I was jumping with joy! Although I cursed myself
being so insensitive later!

I had to confess that more of my lust than my sorrow took me back
to India. I knew I needed atleast a month to take care of everything
there!I didnot know the mental status of mom! I thought even if
she grieved for the first two weeks, I could seduce her in the next
two weeks! But I got only three weeks of leave. I was dissappointed
but I Sepided I will not return to US without having her pussy juices
on my cock! Worse comes worse, I Sepided to rape if she rejects me.

As I was on the plane, the nakedness of my mother surpassed my
thoughts of dad. I had to seriously make effort to remember my best
times with dad over and over again to make me sorrow when I landed
in India! Mom didn’t come to the airport but my uncle came. We went
home and mom collapsed in my arms. There was nothing sexual then.
Infact I became a normal son as soon as I saw her cry!I cremated
dad, and performed lots of rituals the next day! I watched mom cry
all the time, hugged her a lot more times but no feelings.

But that evening when I told everyone that I got only three weeks
leave, I realised I have to hurryup if I wanted to conquer my mother
on bed! The thought of it got my attention onto mom’s body and I
insisted to sleep with mom that night!As incestuous as it seemed
for me and mom, others thought its just the son in me speaking.
They said they understand me but they said I am tired and cannot
handle my grieving mother! I thought of it for a while and did not
put pressure.

So that night, I slept on my parents’ bed all by myself. That gave
me an opportunity to sniff my mother’s pillow and masterbate on my
mother’s underwear! The nextday morning I was woken up mom’s whisper.
As I opened my eyes and looked at her beautiful face, she smiled
and said “Give me my underwear before anybody sees them!”

Those words brought me back to this world. Before I said anything
she continued “Wait until this evening! Don’t spoil until then!”

We had dad’s third day ceremony that day and it was very busy!
I didnot have time think about mom’s body except few times when I saw
her drop her pallu once and her curves from her side as she bent to
handover something to the priest. I could see her blouse lined breast
curves and her naked midriff clearly. I was performing my ritual
to dad at that time but couldn’t stop thinking about his wife sexually!

By that evening people started leaving us one by one consoling us
not to cry anymore! By about 5pm everyone was gone and house was
eerie silent when we saw off my uncle and aunt.

We closed the door and both sat on the lounge silently for a while.
After a while mom asked “Did you sleep well lastnight?”

As I said “yes” to her she continued “Saw you kept my underwear
very wet!”

I didn’t knew if she meant it in a sexy way!

She then said “I thought you became normal as I expected you to
molest me when I hugged you the day you landed! But I realised
you were acting before when you said you wanted to sleep with me
lastnight! Gosh! So eager to sleep with your dad’s wife on the night
of his cremation?” mom smiled.

Before I opened my mouth she continued “I knew you didnot come
for him! You came for me! Thats why I arranged for you to sleep
alone on our bed! I knew the next best thing of me is my bed and
my underwear! Thats why I had to getup early today because I was
afraid that somebody will figure out that you are spilling your cum
on my underwear! I donot know how many times you cummed on them
but they were very wet. I quickly had hide them away!”

“What can I do mom? I got only three weeks!” I said.

“So then its true that you have come to bed me not to cremate your

“I have come for both mother!” I confessed. “I know when I cremate
dad, I will only be the man in your life!”

“But even then you thought three weeks will not be enough to steal
your mother’s chastity?”

“I knew you probably would be grieving on dad atleast for two weeks
or so!”

“But still you tried to sleep with me lastnight! Do you think I
give you what you wanted?”


“Then how did you expect that I will sleep with you yesterday?” mom
became serious.

“Since I have less time, I thought…I could…force you” I hesitated.

“What?” mom screamed! “You thought you could force me? You mean
rape me?”

I was silent.

“Answer me Ramesh!” mom became fierce.

“I am sorry mom!” I apologised.

“You wanted to rape your mother that night you cremated your father?”

I was silent.

After few seconds mom said “Do you know I kinda guessed the samething

I was surprised and looked at her. She said “Yes! As soon as I
heard that you are coming here, I knew my chastity is on the line!
Given your obsession for me, I expected you would get me to sleep
with you despite my grief! I sought of expected you will rape me
if I protested! Thats why I thought you will take advantage of me
when I hugged you but surprisingly you didn’t!”

I smiled at her!

She smiled and said “So you thought I would grieve for your dad
for two weeks only? He is my husband Ramesh! I would grieve for
him all my life! But I am a mother too! I am sad of loosing my
husband but I have a son too! And I have to take care of him!
They both are different!”

I was happy hearing those words from her and said “So will you take
care of your son mother?”

“Well, if he demands!” she said smiling.

“Then he needs your care now mother!” I gotup, knelt on the floor
and crawled on the floor towards her.

“No! I can’t I am greiving right now!” mom said smiling.

I then held her legs with my hands and pulled her down saying “You
can grieve while taking care of me!”. She screamed and slid towards
me from the sofa to the floor.As she slid her saree crumpled up
to her thighs along with her pettycoat revealing her hairy legs and
her thighs.

I further pulled her towards me and I got closer to her. She was
still leaning on her neck against the sofa as I said “He wants you
now no matter what mother!” and then pulled her pallu off her chest.
Mom was smiling shyfully as I was amazed by a look at her cleavage.
She then said “Will you rape her then?”

It was then I realised she has a hole between her thighs as he saree
crumbled up and formed one lump. I then put my right hand on her inner
thigh as I ogled at mom’s cleavage and slowly moved up her inner thigh.
I could feel mom’s breathing got harder as her chest started expanding.
I held mine to concentrate! After a while I could not wait any longer
so I quickly grabbed her naked pubic mound and looked at her face.
Mom gasped as I firmly held her hair covered mound and said “I can
do whatever I want with you and nobody can stop me!”

Mom said nothing. Possibly started enjoying already. I leant forward
and kissed her on the lips while pushing my right hand between her
legs to explore her pussy. She tried to widen her legs but were
constricted by her clothes. I waited until I had full pleasure
of my first lustful kiss with my mom while still rubbing my hand
against her pussy. Then I realised I was going nowhere down at her
pussy and also how frantic I am! Everything, my first woman, my own
mother,cupping my mother’s mound and then the kissing…everything
shot me to heights. But then I Sepided I will have to make my first
time with my mother last longer.

As I paused to cool down a little, mom opened her eyes trying to
find out why I stopped! I asked her gasping “Do you want to do it
here or shall we go to bed?”

She said “Your wish!”

I was very excited seeing her in her present position.Her uncovered
blouse brought her older tits together and gave me a nice cleavge view
as she sexyly leant on the sofa edge balancing herself with her two
arms either side. Her saree and pettycoat was crumbled up to her
upper thighs as my right hand feeling her mound between her legs.
I dreamt of scenes with mom but never thought they will be real!

I looked at her and said “Lets takeoff our clothes here and then we
will go to bed!”

She then sat straight and started unhooking her blouse. I could not
believe she was doing everything I say! I looked at her tummy and
started pulling her saree tangles off.Its easy to disrobe a saree!
Just pull out the front tangles and three-fourths work is done.
While I was doing it she told me “takeoff your clothes..they will
take longer!”

I guessed mom was right! I was wearing a lalchee pajama. Both are
long and tight but I was quick in pulling them off! As I took off
my lalchee, I took off my underwear with it. My cock sprung out as
it got loose!

I threw my clothes on sofa and looked at mom! Mom by now completely
removed her blouse as her breasts were hanging out a bit. They were
a bit smaller than I last saw them few years ago. They were a bit
wrinkly but still possessed that sexyness. As I got lost in her
toplessness, I realised she removed her saree and untangled her
pettycoat and was about to push the pettycoat down. As it came
just below her pubic hair line. I asked her to stop. She stopped
and looked at me. I said “I want to uncover my mother’s forbidden
genitals myself!”

She said “Good! I am having hardtime pulling it off!” and balanced
on her arms to lift her hip gently! I then knelt before her and
pulled off her pettycoat. As it revealed more of her womanhood, I
was watching at it in awe! As her triangular part completely came
to view, mother sat back on floor and I pulled off the pettycoat
off her legs and threw it on the sofa.

As I looked at mom’s forbidden area, mom got a little shy and got
her legs together. I looked at her and said “Now we are real mother
and son mom! No clothes between our flesh!”

As she looked at me with shy, I stepped between her legs and knelt
pushing her legs apart. Mom was still trying to keep her thighs
together as I eagerly leant forwards to suck her breasts. As I leant
forward, I kissed her between her breasts and took her right nipple
into my mouth.As I sucked and started licking her nipple, I cupped
her other breast with my right hand and started gently squeezing it.
Mom closed her eyes and started moaning a bit.

After a while, I interchanged the breasts. Her nipples by now are
rock hard and protruded out. After having enough fun with her tits,
I slowly started moving down by kissing her tummy. As I reached
below her navel area and to her pubic area, mom started widening
her legs. As I reached her pubic bone, I lifted her legs by her
knees and spread them.Mom slided rightwards and then laid on the
floor saying “I thought you wanted to go to the bed!”

I said “We will…for the climax!”

Mom opened her eyes and said “I thought you finished kissing!”

I said “Not yet! my sexy mother!” and then headed straight to her
clit and caught it with my lips. Mom moaned loudly in pleasure as
she didnot expect it and few seconds later, she orgasmed. I kept
playing with her clit as her moans increased. After a while, I then
started licking her pussy lips and then pushed my tongue into her.
Few moments later she orgasmed again! I could feel her pussy
getting wetter. I actually thought woman have dry vaginas after
menopause but mom’s excitement was getting it wet enough!

Mom was moaning like hell as if her own husband is having sex
with her! I heard her moans when dad and her were having sex but
never this many and this loud.As she gave another moan to signal
her another orgasm, I stopped licking her and looked at her face.
A moment later she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

I smiled back holding my dick with my right hand. She looked at it
and asked me “Do you want to go to bed?”

I said “Yes!” and stoodup. I then leant a hand to lift mom up and
then hugged her close and kissed her. After the kiss we slowly
started moving together to the bedroom. Mom asked me “Where did you
learn all that?” I said “Books!” and kept kissing her shoulders while
taking small steps to to the room. “It was a great experience!” mom
said. I said “Why? Dad didnot do it?”

She said shyfully “No!” By then we reached the bedroom. I got off
the our hug and said “You mean dad never had oral sex with you?” She
went and sat on the bed while I closed the door and said “You were
the first one to lick my cunt!”

I turned to her and said “Poor dad! He missed tasting your sweet

She laid on the bed the bed saying “I could be sweet one for you
and yukkie for others!” and smiled.

I came to the bed saying “Your cunt! Yukkie! Impossible!”

Mom said restlessly “Just get on the bed and make me your wife!” while
rubbing her cunt.

My dick sprang up more as I saw her rubbing and jumped on the bed
and knelt between her knees. She spread her legs wide as I said
“Do you want me to lick you again?”

She said “No! Just shutup and put your rod in me!”

I felt proud as she begged me graciously to fuck her! I then held
my dick with my hand and lined it up with her hole! I then pushed
forward as my dick pierced her cunt lips to bury itself inside her!
Mom moaned again as I dig deep in her until my balls touched her body.

The moment I have been dreaming for years was finally before my eyes.
My own mother is underneath me, naked, and my dick is fully buried
in her cunt! She closed her eyes as if meditating on our ultimate
union.My mother, my dear mother who brought me to this world as a
tiny 4kg baby is now taking my manhood inside her as a normal woman!
The same cunt muscles that pushed me out are now massaging my cock!
I never thought it would be real!

As I instinctively pulled out my dick my first action of fucking my
mother began! It was a starting of whole new relationship with mom!
It was start of whole new life for my widow mother! I had to close
my eyes too and concentrate myself on our union too! The union of
female and male! The union of yoni and lingam!

As I concentrated and thrusted my cock deep into her, it was as if I
was in dream but only the fucking is real. I increased the speed as
I gained more control.As I reached my utmost speed I opened my eyes
to see mom looking at me. Her whole body is vibrating as her tits
were showing it more clearly. Then I had my whole nervous system
loose on me as my dick, for the first time, orgasmed in a real cunt!
I pushed my dick in and grunted as first load emptied into her.
Then my dick spasmed as it dropped my other loads and I fell on to
her huffing and puffing.

I donot know how long we laid on top of each other while we gathered
some breath and my dicked emptied itself in her. As I got some
energy, I looked at mom. Mom smiled at me as always! I then said
to her smiling “You are mine mom! You cunt is mine!” I wanted to
tell her I can talk raw with her!

“But I love you mother!” I let go her tit and grabbed her hair
pulled up! Mom whinged in pain as I said “So stay properly and get
fucked!” I screamed. Mom stopped moving as I started fucking her.

“You said mom are for giving birth and rearing children only! No mom!
Moms are there to take care of their horny sons’ sexual desires too!
Specially when they are widows and live with their unmarried sons!”
I said fucking her vigourously. “They cannot give a better pleasure
than letting them fuck their motherly cunts!”

Mom was still in pain as I continued holding her by her hair.
My right hand held her hip as vigourously thrusted into her.
“My reverence is not by showering flowers on your body mother!” I
said as I reached my climax! As I dig deep into her womb and started
spurting my cum out, I said to her “My reverence is when I shower
your womb with my semen mother!”

I letgo her hair as I grunted for every spasm my dick made inside her!
Mom fell on the floor sobbing as she thrusted her hips more in the
air and breasts hugging the floor. The inadvertant act pushed my
dick more deep into her as it emptied.As I wanted to rest while
my cock did its thing, I pushed mom up so that she would ly flat
on the floor and I laid on the top of her. I laid there until my
dick wilted and seperated from her. Then I got up, and cleaned the
juices with my sarong and went to the bathroom for a piss.

While I came out, mom went in.A few moments later she went to bed
while I watched tv. I felt very sorry as after every sex with her.
I cursed myself that I couldnot control my weekness with her.
The weekness of enjoying controlling her and get to do what I want.
My conciousness didnot allowed me to sleep with her on her bed.
So I went and slept on my bed.


The next morning mom was already up when I got up. It was a monday. The whole
day has been horrible for me. She didnot talk to me except when it was time to eat.
I didnot talk to her either! I went out for few hours just to get out
of it!I came back about 8pm and saw mom was still waiting for me to have
dinner. We then ate together silently as I kept watching tv while we ate.
After cleaning everything up, mom went to her bedroom.I kept watching tv
until until 11pm and then I went and slept on my bed.


The next day was tuesday! It is our market day and dad got veges
from it last week for the last time. I remembered it and left the
house about 630 am. I didnot tell mom! I came back about 9ish to
house with veges. Mom was already up as I walked and was surprised
to see me turn up with veges. “I thought you were still sleeping!” she
broke the silence between us.

“Today is tuesday, I thought I get some veges!” I gave the baskets
to her. She took them and went to the kitchen while I closed the
door. As I got into the lounge I could hear mom cry. So I went
to the kitchen. She was standing by the bench sorting the veges.
She saw me coming and said “You dad got the veges last week!” and
started crying. I went near her and instinctively put my hand on
her shoulder and then immediately took it off as she might lash on
my touching her. Meanwhile she said “I never thought it would be
his last!” She realised my gesture and sobbed for a while and then
suddenly hugged me and laid her head on my chest and kept crying.

I wanted to wrap her with my arms but hesitated. It was then I
realised how I spoilt my intimacy with her. I then put my hand
around her and started crying.I told her everybody was giving
their condolences at the market. I said none of them expected it
would happen this sudden! We kept crying for sometime. Mom went
through her time with dad last week. She then said “Your dad left
me leaving me alone! Now I have only you! You wouldn’t leave me
like that would you?”

I said “No! Mom! Never!”

“I don’t want you to leave me alone Ramesh! I lost my husband and
I don’t want to loose my son! I will do anything you say Ramesh!
But don’t leave me Ramesh?” she said crying.

“Even if you don’t do anything for me mom…” I said “I will not
leave you!” I kissed on her head.

We kept talking about dad after that for a while.

After sometime she gained her composure and told me to change and
come to have my breakfast. I went and changed and came back to
find mom fixing my breakfast on the dining table. I sat and started
eating. Little later I asked if she ate and she said sarcastically
“Why? Will you feed me again by making me sit on your lap?” I gave
her an expression I am not amused and she said “Yes, I had mine!”
I kept eating.

After few moments mom asked me why I was not sleeping with her.
I said I couldn’t. Then mom said to me “This is what I cannot
understand Ramesh! A minute you are a very loving and understanding
son! The other minute you a shelfish, raping, pigheaded, devil!
What make you that way? Why do you mistreat me so bad?”

“Control! Mother! Control” I confessed. “I love to control you
mother! And thats my weekness!” I finished my breakfast and drank
some water.

“Control?” mom said surprising “Why do you want to control me? I
already offered myself to you?”

“Thats what is my weekness mother! Eventhough I know I can have you,
I like to control you my way!”

“But why?” she asked.

“Look at me mother! I am your thirty year old son! Until I left
to US, you have been telling me what to do! Even when I was in US
I was governed by your laws. I never said no to you but did not
liked you telling me everything to do!But you controlled me all
the time!” I said looking at her.

“But you are my son and we are your parents! It is our responsibility
to tell you the right way!”

“I know mom! But sometimes it would be better if you leave it to me.
It would have improved my confidence and sense of having my own

“We do everything for your good Ramesh! We may have controlled you
but it came out of our love! I am sorry you feel that way!”

“I am sorry too! But you know how I feel? You must have felt the
same when your parents did the same!”

“Tell me about it!” mom said lightening up! “They were always on
my nerves! But in those days parents disciplined more particularly
if you are a girl!”

“I am not a girl but I feel the same mom!” I interrupted her.

“I am sorry Ramesh! We never thought you were controlled!”

“Its alright!” I said.

After a while mom took my plate and a dish went to kitchen to put it
in the sink! “Get me the other utensils Ramesh!” she said putting
them in the sink.

I gathered other dishes and took them to her. “Any left?” she asked.
I said no.

“So now you would like to control me huh?” she asked smiling.

“Well, I feel bad later!” I said trying to coverup.

“But you like it when you are doing it to me?” she asked while
rinsing the dishes.

I smiled without looking at her.

“Why do you like to control me? Is it because your dad is not with
us anymore?”

“But I controlled you when dad was around too!” I said smiling
“…on the phone!?”

“Your dad was not around too when you did on phone! He was away
shopping!” she explained.

I was caught.

“I know you were a pussy around your dad and became tiger when he
is not around!” she said.

I was silent.

“So now that your dad’s gone from this world, you are becoming a
tiger permanently! I am a widow of him and helpless now! So you
want to show your authority on me! Right?”

I was ashamed and said nothing.

Mom finished the dishes and wiped her hands.

As I was moving away she asked me if I want some tea. I said yes
and started getting back to the lounge. Mom said “Come here and
talk to me Ramesh!”

I knew she was in talking mode. So I went back and stood before her.
She gave me a bikie as I took it and bit a piece from it. She then
said “You know I have seen a completely different angle of you
after your dad died. The angle that controlled me! I have never
seen you so rude, crude and disrespectful Ramesh! You behave like
an outright bastard!”

I was really ashamed standing there hearing to her. She put tea,
sugar, and water into a kettle and put it on the stove.

She continued “And I know you were enjoying every bit of it! You make
me cry like hell with all your filth! You molested me from behind
when I was opening the door, slapped me like I am your lover, and
groped my womanhood like I am your whore! Then you made me kneel like
a dog and lifted my nightie when I thought you were respecting me!
Then you….then you fuck me by pulling my hair so hard, I thought
it would pull my scalp off!”

I couldn’t even look at her.

She paused too and put a lid on the tea. I was waiting when she
will scream at me. But then she said “I am ashamed to say this and
I am afraid I would spoil your fun too but…” She handed another
bikie to me. I said no but she said “Take it!” So I took it.

“But” she continued. “While you did all those horrible things to
me, I was in dilemma whether to detest your actions or enjoy the
kinkyness of them!”

I was surprised hearing that! I looked at her and she looked away
from me. She then said “Did you ever watch my nipples while you
are doing me?”

“Sometimes” I said.

“You can tell if a woman is enjoying by her nipples! Even when
I was crying in pain my other parts were enjoying the pleasure!
I was so ashamed of it, I wanted to control my arousal!”

She stopped and took the lid off as the water started boiling.
I grabbed the opportunity and said “So you were really enjoying when
I was forcing you?” I asked.

She felt shy and nodded her head as a yes. I smiled. She then said
“What can I do? Your gestures and remarks were so kinky!”

“You mean you got aroused by my slandering remarks?” I asked.

She said “Yes! I liked it the first time when pulled my leg up by
grabbing my arse and passed your fingers into mine and said ‘you
keep me happy mother, I will keep you happy!’….I hit my sexual
prime at that time!”

She paused and said “Since then I got aroused when you made lewd
remarks about me! Specially when you raped…forced me doggy style
even when I was despizing what you are doing, I liked when you said
you want to revere your birth hole by fucking it and my breasts by
molesting them. As unnatural and horrible they sounded to any mother
in this world, I liked the kinky side of it! Actually I orgasmed
at that instant! But couldn’t express myself!”

I was happy to hear her say those words.

“So I am a slutty mother for you who enjoys being raped by my own
son and aroused by his lewd and degrading remarks!” she concluded.

“No mom! You are a good mother! But I am surprised you liked…”

“I never liked anybody controlling me Ramesh!” Mom poured milk into
the tea. “Even your dad tried and failed! But I became a victim
of circumstances with you! With your dad’s death, you made me
realise I not only lost my husband, I also lost my protector! Well,
I thought you would protect me….but who would protect me from
you? And I realised that the moment you dragged me from the sofa
spreading my legs. When my own son put his hand on his birth hole
and caressed my inner thighs my own protector became the offender
and there is no one around for me! My clothes were just covers!”

The tea started boiling again as she stirred it around. She continued
“Since then your deeds made me feel I am defenceless! I hated being
controlled by you but I couldn’t say no to you! Because I enjoyed
the aftermaths! I experienced all which no mother in any world
would experience! And I shamelessly enjoyed them! I was literally
blackmailed and raped by my son but I shamelessly enjoyed it!
And I enjoyed while in pain too!”

My dick started raising by now.

Mom switched off the stove! “Hence I am always confused if I want
to hate you or love you for making me orgasm!”

I grabbed the cups from the cupboard.

She took the cups from me and said “You know when I saw you this
morning with those veges from the market, it reminded me of your
dad but at the same time made realise you infact did what you said!”

“Whats that?” I asked.

“You said the other day that you were claiming your dad’s position in
this house! So when I saw you with those veges, I realised you infact
took his position! I am surprised how soon you took his position too!
It was only last week your father got me the veges this same day.
This week there you were! Until today I thought you took his position
only on my bed! Today you proved you really became your dad! It was
then I thought there is no point trying to protect myself from the man
who took my husband’s position! I know the man is my own son…. but
he is man enough to claim my genitals and deposit his semen in his
own mother! It is incest but he is the man of this house! When the
man of this house claims his mother’s chastity as an inheritance
from his father, the mother has to remove her saree for him…like me!”

She started pouring from tea into cups but I was busy watching mom’s
cups by then.

She continued “So when I saw you at the door, I had this strange
feeling that I am a wife rather than a mother!I was both, a wife
and a mother, in this house. When my husband died I was supposed
to become just a mother to my son! But at seeing you at the door,
I thought I became a new wife!A wife to my own son! I stayed the
same but my husband’s changed. I can see the man who looks as my
new husband is my own son! But what can I do?”

Mom handed over a cup to me while I got filled with lust and said
“So thats my story Ramesh! I am a widow mother of this house who
became an unofficial wife for you! Even if I want to be your mother,
I cannot be! Because your semen already runs in my womb and I orgasmed
with you. I have this feeling of guilt and incest but I will get
over it soon! So do what you want with me but please don’t leave me!”

I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back at me taking a sip from
the cup. I told her “I will not leave you! And I just want you to
be my mother! Mom!”

She was surprised of my remark saying “Really!”

I said “Really!” putting my cup on the bench. She looked at me wierd!
I took her cup and put it on the bench and said “You gave me a nice
cup of tea!”

“So lets drink it!” she said.

“Your mouth has been pretty busy for long time now! You should give
it a rest and open you other mouth you have been resting!”

“Which other mouth?” she asked me innocently. But then she realised
what I was getting at as I winked at her hinting.

She then quickly saw my hard-on and said “So my son is happy to see
his mother already huh?”

“Your son is always happy to see you mom! But all your talk gave
me more happiness!” I said lifting her in my arms by holding her at
her ankles.

“Put me down you will make me fall!” she screamed as I got her into
my arms!

“Not until I open your other mouth mom!” I said taking her to the

“You are forbidden to open that mouth Ramesh!” she said cheekily.

“We will see who will stop me mother!” I said as I reached her bedroom.

I kicked open the bedroom door and went in and threw her on the bed!

I took off my sarong and threw it on the floor and jumped on to
the bed.

I then yanked off her nightie to her waist. She then said “Do you
want me doggie style?”

I liked the idea and said yes as she got up and knelt on her knees.
I then wanted to get the lubricant but mom said she is all wet inside.
I then held her hips and guided my shaft into her.

“It sure is a lot easier than last time huh?” mom asked.

I said yes.

I grabbed her hanging boobs and started caressing them as I fucked her

As we continued our fuck halfway through, the phone rang. We both said
“SHIT!!” and stopped as mom leant to pickup the cordless by the bed.
It was her brother on the line! Mom said ” We are alright! Just
taking rest and thinking about his dad!” I felt kinky and thusted
my rod once. Mom gave a jerky sound and looked at me seriously. Mom
then said “Nothing! We will see you then! Talk to him yourselves!” and
handed me the phone.

I took the phone. He asked me what I was doing? I said nothing ant
first but then kinkily said “just lubricating some old parts!” mom
was surprised I said that! I smiled at her.

I then said”Oh! Nothing! Just some household stuff! They are
squeaking a lot!”

I finished the phone saying “Okay then we see you soon!” and put
the phone down on other side of bed.

“Lubricating old parts huh?…So I have become old to you?”

“No mom! You are always young to me! Its just your cunt!” I resumed
fucking her as my dick got normal with our kinky talk.

“But you didnot lubricate it now?” mom asked.

“Well, what can I say when he asked what I am doing?”

“You might aswell said you were fucking your mother!” mom smiled.

“Okay then, shall we call him and say that!” I said fucking her.

“No! Lets finish this and set everything! They don’t live faraway
you know!” mom said.

“Whats the hurry mother? Let them see? You are a woman too you
know!” I said.

“No woman gets fucked on the fifth day of her husband death Ramesh!
Thats bad enough, and I am being rooted by my own son!So finish
this soon!”

It didnot take long after that, as I enjoyed fucking her, I filled
mom up with another load of my thick baby-making cum.

As we stayed in that position as my dick emptied in her, she kept
asking me if I have finished. I pulled mine out after a while as I
felt nothing coming out. She quickly got off the bed and dressed
herself properly and started tidying up the place. I got down a
little later and went to bathroom. I came out a little later and
picked up my sarong and wrapped around my waist. I then picked up my
underwear from my closet. I donot wear underwear when I am with mom.
As I puton my shirt, there was a knock on the door. Mom came running

from lounge telling me to open the door as she was not ready.

So after I puton my shirt, I opened the door to find uncle and auntie.
I greeting them both and they came in and sat on the sofa. They kept
asking how we are coping and I answered them we are doing alright.
They said they felt sad they could not stay with us to console
our grief. I said we are doing well. Then mom came out of the
bedroom with a white saree on and they kept talking. Meanwhile I
went back to bedroom to see if everything is well and alright.

As I came back, uncle was sitting at dining table and mom and auntie
were in kitchen making tea. All were eating some snacks.

“So what have you been lubricating Ramesh?” uncle asked.

I was a bit shocked hearing it but recovered quickly. I could see
mom looking at me for my answer. I said “Nothing uncle! Just mom’s
closet!” looking at mom.

“You mean closet hinges!” he asked.

“Yes!” I came and sat on an other chair and helped myself to snacks.

“Are they squeeking?”

“Yes! Sometimes they are alright and sometime they are very hard!” I
said kinkyly thinking about setting the analogy to say she is wet

“Are the doors opening alright?” he asked.

“Keep them coming!” I thought and said “They open alright! Its just
that its hard to enter!” I could see mom is enjoying but also
not happy about me talking like that! Mom and aunt were talking
somethingelse but I could hear mom stopping to hear my answer.

“But your mom never complained about it before? Otherwise I
would..” he said as I almost laughed at his remark.

I controlled and said “Well, she learnt to live with it but I

“Were you using her closet too?!” he asked.

I knew where this talk was going. So I coolly said “Well, dad’s part
of her closet is empty now! So I thought of putting my stuff in hers!”

Mom almost choked on her snack hearing that! I went and attended to
her but she said she’s alright.

Mom tried to change the topic but uncle came back to it saying “You
have to go to your mom’s bedroom while you were sleeping in your room!”

I said “Thats the only problem! But I like my clothes being in

I said “Thats the only problem! But I like my clothes being in
mom’s closet. For years I have used my own! But dad is not with us
now and mom’s closet is free! So I thought of using it!” hinting him
that I was masterbating and now that dad’s not around I am fucking her!

“Thats good!” uncle said. “You mom will be happy that you are using
your dad’s part of the closet and not feel left alone!”

I said “Yes! Uncle!”

By then mom and aunt got tea ready and came to the table to join us.
They then changed the topic but the it got interesting when mom
said I got the veges today like dad. Uncle said I started taking
up my responsibility of being man of the house and taking care of
his property. Aunt said the property is not just mine and shared
with mom! But then mom said they wrote the property to me.

Uncle and aunt argued on property inheritence and uncle said the
present rules were only existent since 1955 and also says old rules
still can overwrite some based on the culture.Aunt asked what were
the old rules and he said old rules state that woman are part of the
property. He quoted during ramayana times that when King Vaali drove
his brother off to woods, he inherited his property and his wife.
He also said that when the brother returned and killed King Vaali
with the help of King Rama, he inherited his wealth and also his
brother’s wife.

He said those rules were written and still existent! So he said
according to those rules, dad’s wealth comes to me! “Then what
about the mother?” she asked “Who will take care of her?”

“The son will!” uncle said. “It is the son’s responsibility to take
care of her!”

“But they won’t! Because she has nothing! Brother’s wives can
become his concubines so they care them! Who will care for a mother?”

“I will!” I said.

“You will but not all!” auntie added. “Thats where these rules
fall apart!”

There was a brief silence. Mom was not participating at all!

I then said “Thats why they say Igbo family rules are better than
us!” I said it to ease the silence but I bit my tongue.

“Igbo?Who are they?” Uncle asked.

“They are a tribe in Africa. The have the same father based lineage
as us.But they are polygyny.

“But so were we? How are they different?” uncle asked.

“But so were we? How are they different?” uncle asked.

“Then they have everything the same, a head of family, and if he dies,
his brother will get his assets including his wives.”

“What if he doesn’t have a brother?” uncle asked.

“Then his son will inherit his property!” I said.

“Including his wives?” aunt asked curiously.

“Yes…all his wives except his own mother!” I said.

“There you go!A flaw there too!” aunt said.

“No auntie!” I said! “The son inherits her aswell but will not
change his relationship with her!”

“Then?” she asked.

“He can…” I hesitated and said “He can go and sleep with her if
he wants!”

“What?” uncle and aunt said “With his own mother?”

“Yes!” I said with low voice.

“Really?” aunt said. “What will other brothers do?”

“They will wait for their turn I suppose!” uncle added. “Those

“Its all rubbish! You are pulling our legs!” Mom said.

“No mom! Really! If you want, check on the internet!” I said.

“What if she gets pregnant by her son?” aunt got deep into it.

“Their lineage is a bit complex! If a head of family marries the
woman then its normal that she carries his children. But the head can
also assign women he owns, but not marries, to himself and procreate
under his name or the head he replaced!”

I continued “That means, if a son inherits his father’s wives, he
can marry all except his mother and create his lineage with them.
But he can only procreate with his mother with his father’s lineage.”

“That means!” uncle said. “Quite literally he fathers his own brothers
and sisters in his mother with his father’s lineage?”

I said “Yes!”

There was a brief silence. I could see mom was getting very

“Then they are really animals!” aunt remarked.”They are legally
committing incest! What about between bros and sisters?”

“No! None of that happens. Not even between cousins! Thats why
they donot marry their mother too! But they donot consider wifes of
their dad a incest and since his own mother is from another family
and he inherits her, he has the freedom to sleep with her!”

“Gosh!” mom and uncle said. “And they think their rules are better
than ours?” uncle said.

“Well, atleast they laid out everything well!” aunt remarked “Not
like ours!”

The argument continued for another half an hour! Then they invited
me and mom to come to dinner. We said okay but mom said we will
accompany later as she has to finish some work. So uncle and aunt
left saying they will see us later. We saw them off and came back.
We kept talking when mom cleaned the stuff as I helped her. She said
“my closet and the Igbo? Were you trying to leak our secret?” I said
“No mom!” but I said I liked talking that way with them.

After we cleaned up I went and sat on the sofa and switched on
the tv as mom washed the dishes. When she finished, she came and
stood before me obstructing my view of tv. I was busy watching so
I tried to get around her as I noticed she is lifting her saree.
While lifting she said “Well, you used those Igbo rules and claimed
your mother’s chastity! You might want to fuck her again before you
go and talk to your uncle about somemore kinky stuff?”She stopped
close to exposing her mound.

“So this is what you want to do before going to your brother’s
house?” I said.

“You guessed it my mother fucking son? I kept it all wet for you!” she
said kinkyly.

I caught her mound and felt her wetness. I said “You are so wet mom!
Have been orgasming before your brother?”

“What can I do?” she said smiling. “When my son is talking kinky
to me before them?”

I got up and held her blouse covered breast saying “Then I have to
take care of my mother’s arousal!Don’t I?”

“Well, the man of the house should take care of the woman of the
house!” mom said.

“I sure will mother!” I lifted her and took her into the bedroom.

“I sure will mother!” I lifted her and took her into the bedroom.

Fifteen minutes later, mom and me were naked on bed lying on her backs
while our genitals were full of our juices. While we took some rest
after sex, mom looked at dad’s photo above the bed and said “We have
to take your dad’s photo off! Its making me a bit uncomfortable!”

I looked at it and said “No! we should leave it mom!”

She asked “Why? I have got you?”

I said “This is his room, his bed and his woman mom! I need him
here to see, I got his room, his bed and best of all his woman!
I turned and cupped her right naked breast. “It is a sense of
control for me and helplessness for him!” I continued “I like to
see his photo when I am having you like a man!”

“I am more a woman for you than for your dad Ramesh!” mom said.
“He is gone and I was stripped off my status as his wife the day
he died.”

“Then by the third day I stripped you!” I said smiling at her. “If
uncle didn’t have rescued you, I swear I would have stripped you
the day I cremated him!”

“What if I would have screamed? You would get caught!” mom said

“I wouldn’t bother mother!” I said. “I was so horny I would have
raped you infront of them!”

“By now, you would be in jail!” she said.

“No Problem!” I said.

“See! Patience brings better results!” mom said.

“I never thought I will get you to sleep with me this soon!” I said.

“So did I!” mom said. “Come On! Get and get dressed! We need to go!”

We got up and got dressed. We had a good dinner at uncle’s place.
They told us to stay back but we came home and went straight to bed,
stripping and fucking.

I never mom would be such easy prey! In just five days of dad’s tragic
but fruitful death, I got mom to sleep with me by herself! She got over
her 32 yrs of marriage in just five days. From the day he married her,
for 32 yrs, dad was her only lord! She was his better half and she
gave herself to him. He was the only guy I know of, that stripped and
fucked her! Her egg and his semen spawned me and made us a family.
He was her bed partner and I was her son drooling over assets.
I changed all that in 5 days! On the evening of the third day itself,
I got her wet caressing her inner thighs and fingering her cunt.
She got fucked once and raped twice on the same evening! I stayed
away from her to ease her off her rapes and it worked well from me.
By the fifth day, the widow of my father and my dear own mother was
begging me to fuck her!

Since that day mom never protested me nor gave me any big lectures.
I completely took over my job of being the man of the house.
She sometimes used to say I should cut some slack for her, since
I still call her mother. I let her have her own way in public but
never in closed doors! It has been three months now since we fucked
for the first time! Mom has learnt to ‘obey’ me well. Because I
punished her well when she misbehaved!I even slapped her and
hit her when she protested! Just as she did when I was a kid.
The only thing I did which she never did to me when I was a kid,
is force her to fuck me!

But mom is a bitch, shackled with morals and social taboos. It took
brutality to remove her shackles, but at the end of the day, she
becomes the real bitch she is!Even when I forced her to fuck me,
mom herself invited me for a fuck a few hours later! So the rape
never went in vain!

I Sepided mom should come with me to US. She also accepted it and I
started her visa process ten days after dad died. I had to extend
my leave for another week to cover dad’s monthaversary. And also
the week helped me prepare mom to come with me.

We got mom’s brother to look after our house. Our friends picked us
up from the airport and dropped us at our house. They soon vanished
as we were tired of the journey. But as they left and we settled, my
tiredness turned into lust as I saw mom coming out of the bathroom
after her shower. I grabbed her and took her to the bedroom and
closed the door.

Mom’s Trick I grew up in a small village in Gujarat. Our family
consisted of me, mom, grandma, and dad. My uncles lived in the
other village. Where all started when I was 7 years old. I was
playing around in the street with the kids in dirt as most Indian
kids do when growing up. In the street, there were mostly girls and
only two boys, including myself. We would play all the girlie games
like hop-scotch or jumping ropes or stuff like that. One day,
as we were playing, I got a hard-on. I didn’t know what it was all
about and I got scared.

I ran to my mom, who was washing dishes
at the time. She was sitting down on the floor and doing them.
I ran to her and told her, “maa, maari pee pee soji gay chhe.
hu shu karu? (mom, my pee pee is swollen. What should I do?)”
She blushed and told me, “ayaa aave ne mane dekhaad. (come here
and show it to me)” So I went up to her and took my shorts off.
She took some water and put it on it and it started to go down.

After couple of scoopes of water, it was back to normal. Then she
held my little dickie in her hands, looked around it and said, “bas,
sojo utari gayo, jaa have ram! (that’s it, now the swelling is down,
now go and play!)” So I did. I didn’t think nothing of it ’till
couple of days later. One morning, when mom was giving me a bath,
it happened. This time, as mom was washing me from the back and I
was facing away from her, it started to grow. Mom was sitting on a
“paatalo”, a small bench on the floor. I turned around to show mom
that it happened again. When I did, I could see mom’s blouse was
all wet and I could see her nipples. She never wore a saadi when
she bathed me. I told her, “maa, aa paachu soji gayu (mom, it’s
swollen again)”. She looked at it, now it was eye level to her.

She poured some water on it and rubed it some, but it didn’t go
down at all. She rubed it a little and then, she leaned over and
sucked it in her mouth like a straw. I didn’t know what she was
doing, but it felt good. After a minute or so, she let it go and
put some more water on it, and it went down. I loved that feeling.
Even more so, I started to love my mom’s breasts. When I played
with the girls in the street, I’d make fun of them by pinching their
chest and saying, “taare to jaraay dhaayaa nathi (you have no tits)”.

They would get mad and run after me for a little bit. All part of
growing up I guess. At night, we all put our khatalo (beds) in the
yard and slept on them under the trees. It was only me, grandmother,
and mom sleeping there. Dad always slept in his office near the
entrance of the house. So there were three khats on the yard and
I could hear baa (grandmother) snoring away, but I couldn’t sleep.
So I got out of my khat and went to my mom’s. I mumbled something
to her and she pulled me in her khat. She covered my face with her
sari and put my head against her breasts. I could smell her sweat
from working all day. I soon fell asleep in her arms. I woke up
sometimes at night and my face was between her boobs and her blouse
had come undone or something. Weight of one of her breast was on
my cheek.

I could feel my penis starting to get hard in my shorts.
I tried to move my face and when I did, her nipple was in my mouth
and I kissed it and started to suckle on it. Mom, I guess woke
up and told me to let go cause I was bitting her I guess. I told
her that my penis was erect again. She put her hands in my shorts
and started to rub it slowly. It got harder. I tried to go
to sleep as my mom rubed it and I guess I did. When I woke up,
mom’s hand was still in my shorts and my penis was still hard.
By this time, the sun was out and mom got up and left and I fell
back to sleep. When the cleaning lady came to sweep the yard,
I woke up and mom told me to hurry up and take my bath. I took
off my cloths and went in the bathroom. Mom came in, and took her
saadi off as usual and this time, she took her blouse off too.

She then told me, “vaho farine bes. (sit down facing away)”.
When I did, she started to pour water on me. She then rubed some
soup and cleaned my back. She told me to face her and so I did.
This was the first time I was seeing my mom like this this. She had
her “chaniyo”, skirt’s bottom tucked at the top making it half
in length. The way she was siting, I could almost see her pussy,
but not quite ’cause it was really dark. I kept staring at her tits.
She washed my face and hair. But I never lost eye contact with her

She told me, “have ubho thaija. (now stand up)” So I did.
this time, mom leaned over without even toching my penis, just put
it in her mouth and started to suck it. This time, she was sucking
with power and I felt like my balls were about to be sucked though
my pee hole. It was one of the most incredible feelings. I couldn’t
handle it so I sat down and she kept sucking me. Her boobs were now
on my thighs and I could feel them. I couldn’t hold it any more
and I had to pee. So I tried to tell my mom, but nothing came
out of my mouth, but my dick peed directly in her mouth and she
sucked it all and drank it. When she let go of it I was small.
I couldn’t see anything clear and everything looked blury. She put
her blouse on and lifted me up and carried me back to a khat and
laid me down and left. I must have slept through until noon,
because when I woke up, mom and grandmother were preparing lunch.

I got up and went out side to play. After lunch, everyone slept.
My grandmother had to go to the temple so it was my mom and I
sleeping in one of the big rooms. We had our beds made and we were
laying there. Mom held me in her hands and put her saadi over my
body to cover me and she embrased me. Her closeness got to me I
guess and I started to get a hard-on again. I told mom, “jovo, aa
paachhu soji gayu chhe (look it’s swollen again)”. She said nothing.
So I put my hand on her shoulder and tried to tell her, but my hand
slipped and it landed on her chest. My hand was only seperated by
the thin material of her blouse from her nipple. I felt it hard
and told her, “tamaarey te sojigayu chhe ke su? (yours is swollen or
what?)”. She undid her blouse and said, “haa (yes)”. She told me,
“tu mane haath feravi de, hu tane haath feravi dav (you rub mine, and
I’ll rub yours)”. So I started to rub her nipples and her gorgous

She, meanwhile, was rubbing my little dickie slowly and
sometimes she would cup my balls too. After a while, she said,
“tu aane chus (you suck this)” and held her nipple in her fingers
and pointed to me. I leaned forward and started to suck on them.
I guess I bit it or something, cause mom started to make noices.
I asked her if she was ok, and she nodded yes and I continued
to suck on them. After a while, she gave me her other tit to
suck on and like a good boy, I sucked that too. After awhile,
mom stopped me and got up and started to play with my dickie.
She leaned over and sucked my penis in her mouth. But this time,
she had also taken by balls in her mouth too. Her tongue was moving
my balls around in her mouth while my dick was deep in her throat.
She kept playing with my genitals like that for what seemed like
about an hour. Then, the familiar feeling over came me as I was
laying there.

Earlier when I had to pee. I didn’t want to pee all
over so I tried to tell mom that, but she didn’t hear anything and
kept doing what she was doing. All of a suddent like a shock wave,
I released jets and jets of pee in her mouth and she just kept
swollowing it. When she released my cock and nuts from her mouth,
couple of drops of pee came out, but other than that, she swolloed
all of it. She put her blouse back on and covering us both in her
saadi, we fell asleep. This went on for almost a year. One
day when I was about 8 or 9, one of the bull was screwing with a cow
in our yard. And all the elders were around them and were feeding
the bull and stuff. While I was watching the bull do his stuff,
I got an erection. But by then I knew that it happens and knew how
to control it too. Later that night, I went to my mom’s khat.

She instantly covered me with her saadi and gave me her boob to
suckle on. But I put my hand down lower and started to play with
her pussy through her chaniyo (skirt). I guess that’s when she got
a little frisky too and untied it and let my hand go down on it.
She turned to her back and spread her legs giving me a perfect
feel of her juicy, wet and warm bhos (pussy). I tried to fiddle
around with it, but didn’t know what to do. So mom took my hand,
two fingers, and guided them in her love hole. She moved them
in and out for a little bit and then I cought on and continued to
do it. It felt really weird because it was all warm and stuff.

After a while, she started to play with my dick. I lifted my
butt and took my shorts off. She kept rubbing my dick. Soon,
she huged me and sat on top of me. She guided my dick in her pussy
and I felt my dick being sucked right in. She kept moving around.
She rolled back onto her back and carried me on top of her and kept
on humping me. Then I remember seeing that bull and started to
hump like the bull I had seen earlier. I kept doing it. Soon,
I got that feeling that I was going to pee, but this time it was
much more strong. I was about to scream, when mom put her hand on
my mouth. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me deep into
her. I couldn’t hold it anymore and I let go. But this time,
I didn’t pee, it felt weird and felt like I was peeing somehting
much heavier than regular pee. I just laid there on top of me mom.
I guess I must have fallen asleep like that. When I woke up, I had
my shorts on. It was already light out. This was the time I
lost my virginity, without even knowing it had happened.

I had my eyes on my mother’s chastity since I was 13 and
that was nine years ago. I am 22 now and my mother is 42.
My story happened about six months ago.

I finished my engineering two years ago and came to US
to do my masters. About six months ago, I got a job in
an engineering firm. But two months into my employment,
I heard a shocking news that my dad had an heart attack
and passed away. I had to convince my employers a lot to
get unpaid leave for eight weeks.

I landed in the airport and my uncles picked up. I could
not see mom’s face as I reached home and she fell on my
arms and started crying. I could not hold myself either.
My uncles handled all the arrangements. Everything was going
well until I heard mom asked me to sleep with her. There was
a mother’s gesture in her words but to me the words felt
kinky and brought back the feelings I have been suppressing.
I had to say at this stage that as aoon as I heard my dad’s
death, the first thing I thought was mom is defenseless!
I was ashamed thinking like that then! But her words made me
realise that mom is all alone. I knew I should not think
about my mother that way and that too when I cremated my
dad on the same day. So I suppressed my feelings again.

But it was hard for me sleeping beside the lady I always
loved to fuck eversince my puberty! It made it more
harder when I realised I am sleeping in my dad’s side on
the bed. I kept fantasizing about what he would be doing
with mom! The more the thoughts the more I wanted her!
But I did not have enough guts to do it. She was getting
more closer to me and hugging me on the bed but I couldn’t
do anything enjoy the feeling of her body touching mine.
I have to say frankly that I always cherished when her
breasts got squeezed between us.

Within ten days of my arrival we finished all the
rites for dad and soon we found ourselves in the house.
My feelings for mother grew day by day but they did not
make me do anything except for making me jerk more! But I
was constantly looking for an opportunity to lift her saree!
Then one day mother Sepided we should do pilgrimage visiting
the temples to perform dad’s rites. She chose few temples
and asked me if I wanted to go anywhere. Then suddenly I
remembered about this erotic temple on the east coast of
India called candi temple. The temple is famous but it
has one little known secret that it is a temple of lovers.
Any couple that go to the temple and spend a night in
that village will end up copulating. I had a first hand
experience of this and will tell you about it later!
I got mom to include that temple in our list.

Two days later we left for the pilgrimage. In a week we
visited more than 10 temples and did poojas in dad’s name.
On friday afternoon, we got to the village of candi temple.
We got the cottage booked already so went right to it.
We then had a light lunch, took shower, got dressed and
went to the temple about 5pm. Inside the temple, mom asked
me to get pooja ticket under dad’s name. This time I went
and got 2 pooja tickets. One for dad, and one for us…me
and mother.

When they asked for particulars I filled the following way:

1) Name: Rao, Wife: Suryakantam for dad’s rites 2) Name: Ramesh,
Wife: Suryakantam for consummation

When inside the temple, I gave the tickets to the priest.
The priest looked at them and smiled at me. Then he asked
mom to proceed and asked me to come aside. I knew he
guessed I am trying to bed my mother but before I could
say anything he said he has seen others like me before.
He asked me if I am planning for short term or long term.
I said long term! He then said he would perform a very
strong pooja that would make mother become my lover that
nightand many more nights. I was happy hearing that and
I guessed he needed money too! So I gave him 500 rupees.
His face glew and then went inside to perform pooja.

The priest then performed dad’s pooja first. Then he
performed our pooja. He gave me a garland to me and mother
to put on each other. At the end he then gave a sweet
dumpling and asked us to eat half and half. We ate it.
He then gave a garland of flowers and told mom to wear them
in her head. Mom was a bit surprised but wore them on.
Then he finished his last blessings on us. As I followed
mom to go outside, the priest then called me back. He gave
me an another dumpling and said “Come back with your kid
next year!” I was shocked hearing it!

But then it set the stage to get erotic with my mother.
While we walked home, I noticed mom changing too. She set
her flowers in her hair well and did not talk about dad
at all. I thought she would take off the flowers after she
came out as widows don’t wear flowers but I was surprised
she was setting them. I started believing that the pooja
started working on her. But by then I was so horny that, in
any case, I Sepided I will fuck her that evening when we get
to the cottage. I knew she would be helpless as soon as I
close the room’s door. Nobody will be there to stop me from
fucking her. I Sepided if she accepts, she will have hot sex
with me! But if she rejects, I will go ahead and rape her!
In any case I was determined to fill her cunt with my semen!

My excitement grew as we got to the house and I opened
the door. As mom got inside, I quickly closed the door
and locked it well. As mom was walking away from me, I
quickly grabbed her loose end of the saree and pulled her it
towards me. Mom made a surprising sound turning towards me.
I then went to her and grabbed her by her midriff and pulled
her towards me. She looked startled but acted a bit shy.
I then kissed her on the lips and parted her lips with
my tongue. As I opened my eyes to look at her face she
looked as if she was enjoying with her eyes closed. I was
amazed how well she is taking. I could not believe the pooja
would transform her that much. The effect was very quick.
I also started thinking probably she wanted it right from
the beginning.

I cupped her right breast with my left hand still kissing
her and squeezed it. Mom never said a thing nor protested
to anything. By now her loose end saree is dangling on
the floor and her blouse covered breasts are pressing hard
against me. Our lips were locked in our kiss and hands
are measuring and squeezing her motherly boobs. I used my
right hand to pullout her saree tangles at the front as as
loosened so easily and got the complete saree on the floor.

I know her pettycoat is tied to her waist on her right side
as she always ties that way. There is always a hole between
two ends of the cloth and whenever she used to tie before me,
I always had this temptation to put my hand through the hole
and cup her mound. This time I gave into my temptation and
and put my left hand inside her to grab her forbidden mound.
The touch of her pubic hair sent shivers in my body as I
realised I my mother’s vagina is going to be my cunt for
the day.

I cupped her mound to let her know I have access to her
forbidden womanhood. I then sent my middle finger through
her hole to tell her her motherhood is being conquered.
I found it hard twitching her pussy through her pettycoat
hole so I took off my hand and opened her pettycoat. As I
loosened the knot and removed it over her well formed arse,
it fell down well.

I was still busy kissing and squeezing her but as she got
naked beneath, I got my right hand to cup her motherly
cunt mound. Suddenly I realised my dick is dying to be
freed out of my pants so I suddenly stopped everything and
concentrated on removing my clothes. That did not take long
while I saw mom squeezing her left breast with one hand and
concentrated on removing my clothes. That did not take long
while I saw mom squeezing her left breast with one hand and
fingering her cunt with the other. At that instant I knew
I got my mother for good!

Once I took off my clothes mom kept looking at my erect cock.
She still got her blouse and bra on which she realised and
started unhooking the blouse. I didnot bother to open her
hooks so I pulled them off. It took some force and also
got torn at few places before the blouse and bra opened
and and mom took them off her hands.

I was amazed by the view of her naked body and of all her
huge breasts. I looked at her in awe as thought I was
witing for that day for nine years. I could not help but
get my kid feeling as I took one of her nipples into my
mouth to suckle on them. It was a great feeling sucking
the same nipple I fed on but now to feed my sexual hunger.
“My mother is mine”, I thought as I sucked on her breast
while my two hands kneaded her other breast and fingered
her pussy.

I donot know for how many minutes I had sucked on her but
I felt like, my mission is not complete until her cunt
muscles accommodated her son’s erect dick. I took her
to the bed as she volutarily laid on the bed on her back.
I then positioned myself between her legs, thanked god for
my mother’s vagina, and then inserted my cock into her.
Mom closed her eyes as I slowly inserted my dick into
her wet pussy. It was then I grunted like a gorilla!
With lots of pride!

I over excitement almost caused me to cum as I hit her inner
depths. So I had to stop and cool down for a minute or so.
Then I resumed fucking her. As mom closed her eyes and
started moaning when I was fucking her I had to thank god
once again for making my violation of my mother’s chastity a
lot easy. It was not long my mother-fucking balls Sepided
to fill her womb with its thick cum as it burst out of my
dick as it spasmed.

I fell on my mother as my dick was busy emptying itself
in her cunt. As my dick wilted I rolled away from her to
her side as mom laid in the position for a while. A little
later, mom got up and went to the bathroom. She came back
after her piss and cleaning and took her pettycoat from the
floor to wear it. As she took her bra and blouse to waer
them too, she realied they were torn and said “You tore my
nice blouse and bra”!

That were her first words after our fuck. I was very
surprised how cool she was in regards to our fucking. No
talk of taboos and I am your mother stuff. I thanked god
once again!
Later we got dressed and went out to have dinner! Mom asked
if we could go to the temple once again so we went again.
After going through the alter, I met the priest once again
and he asked me if everything is well. I told him that
everything’s great and I am surprised how mom is so calm.
The priest told me thats the effect of the pooja. He said
the effect will be there until we live in the village and
told me to make use of her situation. I gave him another
500 rupees as a gift. He said everything will be well
from now on and blessed me saying “may you father lots of
children with your mother!”

I took the blessing and came to the cottage for another hot
session with mother! As soon as we went inside and locked
the door, I wasted no time to strip mother naked and took her
to bed. This time I was determined to take time to fuck her.
I started by sucking her nipples and then quickly got to
lick her cunt. As she widened her legs I had a good look at
my birth hole first time so close. I sucked on her clit as
she moaned like a bitch and oragasmed. I then licked her
cunt walls and started fucking her with my tongue. Mom by
now was moaning like hell as her cunt juices oozed out with
more orgasms. Once I had enough fun orally, I started my
mother fucking excercise with my throbbing cock. This time
my strokes were nice and slow. I was more interested in
experiencing mom’s cunt rather than filling her. After a
long fuck session, I filled her finally. That night we had
sex three more times before we dicided we have to sleep as
we were continuing our journey the next morning.

It was not until midday the next day mom came back to her
senses. She kept sleeping on the bus. She then suddenly
started saying she could not remember much of what happened
at candi temple village. She remembers going to the temple
once but she vaguely remembered what happened in the cottage.
When we reached our next destination about 4pm that evening
mom was eager to our cottage.

When we when to the cottage, she quickly opened our baggage
while I went to bathroom for a piss. When I came back,
mom sat on the bed looking puzzled holding her torn blouse
and bra.

“So it is true” she said.

‘What?’ I asked.

“That we did the unthinkable”

‘Are you saying you don’t know until now?’

“I thought it was all a dream”

‘No mother!’

“How can you call me mother? After what you have done?”

‘You are still my mother!’

“Yes, but you raped my motherhood and took it away”

‘I didnot rape you mother! You let me do it!’

“Then how come I cannot remember a thing!”

Then I told her all about the temple and our poojas!
Mom was shocked hearing all that!

“You mean you married me while I performed my rites to
my husband and then consummated it by having firstnight
with me?”

‘Its not that bad mother!’

“It is bad!” she screamed “You made me marry my own son
while I am still grieving for my dead husband”

‘I am sorry if I hurt you mother!’

“Sorry doesn’t suffice with what you have done to me Ramesh”
mom screamed “You have violated my chastity and motherhood”

I kept quite.

I could see she is very mad but calmed down a little later.

By then it was close to 5pm so she realised we had to go
to the temple.

We both took shower and then got dressed and around half
past six we were in the temple.

This time mom accompanied me to get the tickets for pooja.
I took one for dad and she paused and asked for another one.
As the guy asked the names for the second ticket, she told
my name and told her name for my wife! I was surprised!
As she took the ticket she smirked at me a little as I felt
shy looking at her!

While we came out of the temple we shared the prasad we got
and sat on a stair in the temple complex. I then told her
my thanks for the pooja. Then she said whether she likes
or not, she became my wife before god and she also gave me
her womanhood. So she accepted to be my wife.

I felt happy hearing it and felt more happy that evening
when we got inside the cottage after dinner. Mom kissed me
and said to me “Take me my son! I am your wife from tonight!”

That night also mom and me fucked for three times and for
the first time I got to fuck her doggie style. I wanted
to fuck her shit hole but she restricted it until we go home.

From that night, I fucked mom every night and we both
performed pooja in every temple as husband and wife.

Two and half weeks after we started our pilgrimage, we were
back home. While opening the door of our house, mom remarked
that she left the house as a widow and a mother but return
home as a mother and a wife to her own son. We took some
time to settle in the house. Mom then suggested we should
take bath and perform our last pooja to dad as a closure.
I took shower first followed by mom. We then performed
pooja in our pooja room. Then mom garlanded dad’s photo
and we bowed with respect. Mom then told me to bow at god’s
and dad’s feet on the floor and then I did. She then told
me to bow to her feet too and take mother’s blessings.
The thought of that triggered another one of my fond
fantacies. Everytime I used to worship my parents’ feet to
take a blessing, when I knelt to put my head on mom’s feet,
I always wanted to lift mom’s saree and pettycoat and put
my head in and kiss mom’s cunt mound.

As I got ready to put my head on mom’s feet, I knew I have
a chance to experience my fantasy. Thats because dad is not
around anymore and mom is helpless. Even if she resists me I
can overcome her and have my fantasy. So I touched her feet
and then she put some holy rice on my head and blessed me.
While getting up I quickly held on to her saree and pettycoat
edge, lifted them and threw them over my head, and I grabbed
mom to bury my face in her mound. Mom screamed and tried
to get away but by then I was already smelling her cunt.
I kissed her mound before I let go her as she moved back
to set her saree screaming at me.

“What are you doing Ramesh” she screamed “Not in front of
your dad and god!”

‘Why not mother!’ I said ‘You are mine now!’

“But I am your dad’s wife and your mother first!” she said.

Before I said anything, she continued “And this is a
pooja room!”

I was mad with mom’s taboo stuff! It made me more erotic!

I said moving to the room door ‘then lets show what we
do mother!’ and then closed the door.

“Open the door at once Ramesh!” mom screamed.

‘No my dear mother!’ I said ‘Not until dad knows you are
mine now!’

I grabbed her saree loose end to disrobe her. I was
determined to rape her there itself and show her whos the
boss. But then mom started crying “No Ramesh! Please! Don’t
rape me in pooja room! Please listen!”

Her sad face made me to stop. I then let go her saree and
gave her a look that I am the man of the house. I then
went back and opened the door. As I got out mom asked me to
take a piece of coconut offered to god. I stopped and got
the peice from her and ate it. She then also gave me some
coconut water to drink. I drank it and came to the lounge
to switch on the tv. I was wearing only a sarong around my
waist and naked all over. Even when I went to the lounge I
could see my dick pushing my sarong to show how erect it is!

I switched on the tv, sat on the sofa and kept changing
the channels. Mom finished her work in the pooja room and
came to me. I didnot look at her at all and acted busy
with tv. She sat beside me and looked at me for a while.
Then she asked me “Would you like a cup of hot coffee?”.
I kept quite! She then continued “Or would you want to
fuck you mother’s hot cunt!”

I was surprised to hear such bad words from her mouth!
They made me more horny! I then looked at her and smiled.
She then continued “Its not that I didnot wanted you to
fuck me! I just didnot wanted to use pooja room for it.
But then I forgot whos the man in this house for a while too!
I was more a mother than a woman there! But then when you
closed the door I suddenly realised you are a man and I am
a helpless woman! I wasn’t crying for my chastity…I was
crying to keep the sanctity of the room!”

‘I knew it mother!’ I said ‘Thats why I stopped. At the
moment I would have cared even when you cried. I would
have raped you there! But I stopped because I realised
how important the room is for you!’

“Thank you for listening my lover!” mom said “Is your anger
gone now?”

‘Anger’s gone but frustration hasn’t’ I told her leaning
“Well then, take me to bed and fuck me my loving son!” mom
leaned as our lips locked and my hand grabbed her blouse
covered breast.

I then took her to the bedroom while stripping her on
the way. After she got naked and I was about to push her
onto the bed, mom said “wait!” and then ran out naked.
I didn’t know what was doing so I followed her. She then
went into the pooja room and took out the garlanded photo
of dad and came out. I loved the scene of her coming out
of god’s room naked.

She then came to me and then took me to bedroom saying
“Well son! I told you before not fuck me before your
dad’s photo. But you wanted to show your dad who has your
mother’s cunt now. So now I want you to fuck me before him.
Let us show your dad I have a new lover now! I will also
be reassured that that you are the man of the house now
and I am your woman!

She then put the photo on the dressing table and we had sex.
While thusting my dick into mother, I looked at the photo
sometimes to tell dad that I own mom now. Mom also looked
at it few times and said it was erotic for her too.

After I filled her, as we talked, I told her it was also
erotic for me to see her coming out naked from pooja room.
She smiled and said she will let me break that taboo too
when the time comes.

Since that day mom permanently put dad’s photo in our
bedroom. We had sex in every room of the house except the
pooja room. Many a time there were impromptu sex adventures
whenever we were horny. I liked fucking her when she was
dressing up or coming out of the pooja room after her prayer.
I lived all the fantacies I was dreaming before with her.
She liked fucking me in the early mornings and when I am
taking a shower.

Mom also gave me an opportunity to live my ultimate dream
too! That is raping her! Mom stopped me from raping her
before but then I Sepided next time I will do it for sure!
That day was the monthaversary of dad’s passing. I knew
mom would be serious and she was. Mom was bossy and
didnot let me touch her the whole morning. Our relatives
started arriving at around 9am and we got very busy.
We finished the ceremony by lunch and we had the lunch.
Everybody started leaving us after lunch. By the time
everybody left it was 3pm. The last ones to leave were my
maternal uncle and his wife.

As soon as I saw them get into their car, I switched on
my erotic side. I waited until they left in their car
and we both went outside to bid them goodbye. After they
went mom went back into the house and I followed her.
I then closed the door and the windows and then went to
the kitchen and grabbed mom by her midriff and said ‘Now
I got you all by myself!’

“Not now Ramesh!” mom screamed “Can’t you see I am
busy?” grappling to get away from me.

‘You can’t be busy when I want you mother!’ I said still
trying to hold on to her.

“let go!” mom screamed and pushed me away. I took few steps
back and balanced myself with that push!

I knew mom would be upset and tired but my ego took over
me. Eversince dad died I have been cherishing on mom’s
helplessness. Mom was giving me everything from cooking what
I want to spreading her legs whenever I wanted. That did
spoilt me a bit and I couldn’t accept mom’s rejection.
Mom is a widow now and she has got only me now.

Eversince dad died I took the responsibility of this family.
For a normal mother and son, it would be life as normal.
But for a son who desires his mother’s drooling cunt
that situation is heaven! A helpless mother and a mother
loving son. The outcome is always a incestuous experience.
And thats what happened between me and mom!

But as I heard a ‘No’ from mother, I knew I had to make
her realise whos the boss now. With rage, I grabbed her
by her hair and pulled her out of the kitchen and then to
the lounge before I threw her on the floor. Before she
could put a sad face, I caught her loose end of the saree
and pulled it until she twisted and turned to loose all
the saree. She was struggling to to ask me to leave her.
Throwing the saree on the sofa, I said to her ‘You might
be my mother but you will do as I say! You could dictate
me when dad was around but not anymore!’

After a pause, I leaned over her and made her rest on her
back. She got her both hands over her blouse looking at
me with disgust. I controlled both her hands with my left
hand and lifted them away from chest enough to get access
to her blouse hooks between her breasts with my right hand.
I then pulled the blouse to snap the hooks saying ‘Now I will
make you remember I can enjoy you anytime my dear mother!
You will learn to obey me!’ It took me three times to pull
open her blouse and bra. I was thankful mom always uses
front open blouses and bras. They are easier to rip open!

Mom was crying but gaveup pretty quickly as I yanked her
pettycoat up while kissing her breasts and comfortably placed
myself between her legs. I then guided myself into her and
started fucking her. My blood was running full speed in
my body as I felt it in my thrust. Mom was shaking up and
down for every stroke of mine. I liked the way her breasts
wobbled as I fucked her cunt. Few minutes later I filled her
with my cum once again. I collapsed on her still kneading
her breasts as my dick emptied. After I got enough energy,
I then said to her ‘I should have done this before mother!
Now you know nobody can save you from me when I want you!
I will molest you whenever I want and will fuck you anytime
I want! You better obey me or plead me to leave you! Orelse
I will make sure this motherly body of yours will always
get raped by this horny son of yours!’

Mom just laid there and did not say a word. After a while
I gotup and while walking to bathroom, I looked at her.
The whole atmosphere was completely different. It never
looked as if there were many people in that room an hour
ago. Dad’s ceremony indications were not visible anymore.
Instead there were all the signs of a raped mother. Mom was
lying flat on her back with her torn blouse and bra and her
pettycoat lifted up to her thighs. Her saree was on the sofa
and the room has the aroma of mother-son sex juice mixture.

I felt a bit bad looking at my mother in that situation but
kind a felt bit proud that I did that to her! I went to the
toilet to releive myself. When I came back to the lounge
mom walked past me with her saree in her hand and still
wearing her torn blouse and bra and went into her bedroom.

I sat in the lounge watching tv. She went to tiolet a few
minutes later and then came to the lounge. She changed into
her night dress now. I was really surprised how well she’s
taking everything I am doing to her. I thought she will
lock herself up in her bedroom and probably cry but she
looked fresh and took only the possible time for changing
her clothes.

She then went to the kitchen and prepared us some coffee.
The only different thing she did was she kept quiet for the
rest of the evening. We ate morning’s leftovers for dinner
and mom quickly went to bed while I watched tv until 10pm.
I saw some horny sex scenes and got myself horny. I knew I
probably may not get sex with mom but I thought I should give
a try. I got into bed with her as she appeared sleeping on
her side away from me. I quickly hugged her from behind
and grabbed her left breast with my right hand and then
humped my groin in to her arse to see if she responds.

She did not but I lifted her nightie up her arse, parted
my sarong to got my dick out and then insrted it into her
cunt. It took me a while to insert but it finally went in.
I then fucked her and then filled her.

I went back to sound sleep after that and woke up to mom holding
my dick in an attaempt to make it big. I was lying on my back and
she was on the side but as soon as my dick got erect she then sat
over me to insert it into her. I obeyed her totally as she rode
me well to give an excellent morning fuck.

Since then mom was happy and talking as ever! She stopped
swearing at me and never complained.

Things changed for even better when mom found out that she
is pregnant as few days later! She guessed it would happen
as we didnot try any birth control but was surprised it
happened this sooner. Itseems dad and her tried for six
months to conceive me. But she was very upset that she
got pregnant this soon. That too within a month of her
husband’s death. She blamed it all on me and I accepted
it as I was very happy.

She got pretty graphical with her accusations. She said I
was wetting her pussy with my semen even before dad’s ashes
cooled down. Itseems I married her on her 13th day of her
widowship and had firstnight with her eventhough she is my
mother. She said I took good advantage of her helplessness
and finally I did the unthinkable! That is getting my own
mother pregnant.

I told her I always loved her and always wanted to make
love to her even when dad was around. She said I didnot do
anything then because of dad. I had to accept it. Then she
said when dad is no more around I eyed on her chastity.
I said yes. I told her that was the first thing I thought
of when I heard dad passed away. I confessed that I had
this sadistic feeling that her body is mine from then on.
I said I was determined to bed her even when I booked my
ticket to India. Infact, I told her, I took long leave to
take advantage of mom’s insecurity.

I told her I planned the trip to the temple mainly for
this purpose. I also told her I knew about the powers of
that temple before. She could not believe the priest there
performed pooja for a son to fuck his mother.

I told her that the temple is famous for granting love based
wishes and the priest there would perform pooja for anyone.
I told her I knew about that temple when I was in college.
Five of us classmates were very close friends then. One of
our friends had a crush on his aunty (mother’s sister)
Reema and was eyeing on her. He used to brag about her all
the time and was keen to fuck her. He told us about it and
when we met her, all of us wanted to fuck her. My friend
was okay about it and one of my friends suggested us about
the candi temple. Initially we all thought its a joke but
thought we would give it a try. Our plan was if the pooja
works its well and good but if it doesn’t we all planned
to rape her there!

We booked our trip for two days and convinced aunty to come
with us. Aunty was childless and was visiting temples all
the time to conceive. So she agreed as we are going to
the temple.

We performed the pooja when we reached there and I told mom
it had the same effect she had. So, I told her, we took
the aunty from pooja to the cottage. After stripping her we
collectively fucked her together. At first the nephew had
fun with her and we all followed fucking her in the order
we got from a lottery. I was the third one to fuck her.

Mom was surprised hearing this. I said there is more!
But she guessed that aunty Reema’s prayers were heard and
made her pregnant. Aunty had vague idea that she has
been fucked by us but she never brought it up with us.
Uncle was happy that she got pregnant and that was all
that mattered then. The daughter of them is three years
old now and comes to our house every now and then!

Mom didn’t know whether to feel disgusted or happy. Disgusted
because I sexually enjoyed my own mother and planned and did
several sinister acts with her. But she says she’s is sometimes
happy that her own son desires her and went to farther heights to
make her my lover. I told her I want her to be happy and accept
me as her permanant lover and father of her future children.

My eight week trip soon turned into 15 week trip as
mom wanted to accompany me and we waited for her visa.
Meanwhile she showed signs of her pregnancy which raised
eyebrows among some of our relatives. Mom said dad knocked
her up before his death but I had a feeling they did not
believe her. They were joking around and asking me what
she has been upto after dad’s death.

Finally in the 15th week, we got her visa. Mom travelled
as my mother to US. Since then we are living here. Mom is
22 weeks pregnant now and her belly is growing. Mom still
says she cannot believe I made her pregnant and she is
carrying her own grandchild. We stopped having sex for
almost two months now. But last month I finally persuaded
carrying her own grandchild. We stopped having sex for
almost two months now. But last month I finally persuaded
to give me her mouth! I really wanted her arsehole but she
was not keen. May be an another good reason to rape her in
the future! But she finally did agree to give me blowjobs.
So since then her mouth became as busy as her cunt was few
months ago. I felt great fucking her mouth mainly because
it was the same mouth that taught me speech and education
and also disciplined me. Now the same mouth is taking my
baby making dick and getting filled with my baby making cum.

Some of our friends are a bit uncomfortable seeing a pregnant
looking widow mother while staying with her 22yr old son.
Some of their wives even tried to get the secret out of her.
But mom has learnt to deal with them well. I had to tell my
close school friends though who made aunty Reema pregnant as
I knew they would understand. I told them the story and they
were all said they are happy for me and congratulated me.
They said they never thought a son who would take advantage
of his father’s death to impregnate his own mother!
When mom’s belly becomes more evident, I plan to go and
stay with one of my close friends until her delivery.

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Ultimate Submission (Mother Son Incest)