Uncle Charlie and my Summer Family (Ch 1) by fuzzybunnylove

Uncle Charlie and my Summer Family (Ch 1)
by fuzzybunnylove

This is a work of fantasy. None of it is true. Don’t use it for inspiration. Don’t hurt people you love.

Complete Synopsis

Senior high schooler Tessa O’Connell takes her annual summer retreat to rural Arkansas to live with her Uncle Charlie, Aunt Kat, and Cousins Shane and Donny. It’s her first visit since COVID. The family is more at ease with each other this year, and it soon becomes clear why. Join Tessa on her incestuous adventure where she experiences or observes sex, oral sex, anal play, group sex, cum eating, anal sex, ass-to-mouth, nighttime molestation, shaving, bi-sexualism, and dom/sub. Story takes place over 6 chapters, all written.

Chapter 1. Return to Arkansas (2100 words)

One of the highlights of Tessa O’Connell’s summer each year was going to her Uncle Charlie and Aunt Kat’s property in rural Arkansas. It was a welcome retreat from the concrete and asphalt of downtown Knoxville, where her parents lived and worked. For as long as she could remember, her parents left her there for a month each summer. Meanwhile, her parents, Mike and Jessica O’Connell, went on long road trips across the country. They used that time to be alone and reconnect with each other.

This would be Tessa’s first visit to Arkansas since COVID had ruined all of 2020. Tess had just finished her sophomore year and got her COVID vaccine in early summer. Life was getting back to normal, and she couldn’t wait to get back to Arkansas.

Tessa, or Tess to her friends and family, loved being away from her parents. She was a single child, and they were really overprotective of her. Uncle Charlie and Aunt Kat, on the other hand, always gave her lots of freedom to be herself and do what she liked. Charlie and her dad were brothers, and Charlie knew how uptight Mike could be. He was always cautious to inform Tess what she should and shouldn’t tell her parents. “If you tell them, they may not let you come back,” was the subtext.

Uncle Charlie had 50 acres of forest and meadowland in the northwest corner of Arkansas. Their nearest neighbors were two miles away. They had a large house in the middle of the property. It was older, and only a portion of the rooms had air conditioning. There was a large above ground pool and deck out back that was the center of activity for the family. They basically lived out there during the hot dry summers. Charlie and Kat had two sons, Donny and Shane. Donny was Tess’s age while Shane was a couple years older.

Tess was giddy as the family car turned onto her Uncle’s long red dirt driveway. Her uncle, aunt, and cousins – what she called her summer family – came running out as her dad parked. Tess immediately ran to Uncle Charlie and jumped into his arms. Her bare feet waved about as he swung her from side to side.

Charlie was a big, tall, strong man at 6’2”, 230. He had to get his shirts tailored to accommodate his broad chest and narrower waist. His mid-length brown hair had a trendier look than she remembered, but his scruffy beard and hairy arms gave him a rustic look that she loved. Uncle Charlie contrasted strongly against her dad, who was thin, shaved, and dressed like a city guy going to the country.

“Oh my goodness, Tessie, you have grown so much!” Charlie exclaimed. “I’m not going to be able to hold you up next year.”

Tess actually had grown quite a bit since she’d last saw her summer family two years before. She’d added a few inches in height and her body had filled in considerably. She was tall for her age at 5’7” and skinny, but she was now sporting firm B-cups and her hips and butt had become wider. With her dark red hair and fair skin, she was getting a lot more attention. She was looking forward to getting a tan and showing off her new body.

Charlie put her down and Aunt Kat immediately smothered her in hugs and kisses. Kat was a good southern gal. She was 5’5” with shoulder length wavy blond hair that she usually kept in a messy bun. She was wearing a threadbare white tee shirt that revealed her white bra underneath along with some tiny, tight cut-off jean shorts. Her shape was distinctly hour-glass with large breasts and hips.

“Girl, I’ve missed you,” Kat squealed, “I’ve been telling all my friends how excited I am to have my summer daughter back with me. These boys are great, but I’m so happy to have another girl around the place.”

Tess then hugged Shane and Donny. She and Donny had been thick as thieves for years. He looked like a young Brad Pitt with swooping golden brown hair and natural highlights. Shane looked a bit like Henry Cavill and his chiseled facial features and thick neck made him look older than he was. She and Donny used to be the same size, but now he was clearly taller. Shane’s growth was even more apparent. Both of them had started lifting weights with their dad, and it showed. Tess kept finding herself staring at each of them and had to make herself look away.

The adults all hugged and chatted for a while. Tess and the boys walked the property and chatted. An hour later Tess’s parents walked out, ready to start their trip. Tessa gave them hugs and kisses before they pulled away. Everyone waved until they passed from view.

“Okay, are you ready to go swimming?” Kat asked excitedly. Tess definitely was.

Charlie carried her bag into her normal room and set it on her bed. They hugged again. She’d always loved the way his body enveloped hers.

Tess watched as he started putting her clothes in the dresser and closet, making comments about what he did and didn’t like. He’d done this for years, and it affected what she wore around the house, probably more than she realized. He commented on how many clothes she had, especially the huge stack of underwear. “You can wear as much or little of these as you want, Girlie. It’s up to you, okay?” Tess smiled and nodded.

“Okay, you get into your swim suit. I’ll see you out back,” he said as he walked out, unbuttoning his shirt. Tessa looked around and took a deep breath. She was so happy to be there. And Uncle Charlie was right, she wasn’t going to wear most of that stuff. Right then, she wanted to wear as little of it possible.

Tessa walked outside in her new dark blue one-piece swim suit, which contrasted nicely with her red hair. It was also very flattering to her new body. Her mom didn’t like it, but somehow she’d convinced her. Tess was excited to wear it.

Uncle Charlie and Aunt Kat were laying on their matching oversize loungers while the boys swam in the pool. Charlie lifted his sunglasses as she walked up the steps.

“Hey, little lady, nice suit.” He looked her up and down and smiled. Aunt Kat raised her head from her magazine.

“Oh, Tessa, you look beautiful. You picked out a nice one, honey. I’m surprised your mom let you keep it.” Tess turned slightly and struck a pose, basking in their praise.

Tess’s suit was downright conservative compared to aunt and uncle’s. Kat wore a small red two-piece that barely contained her D-cup breasts. The bottom was a thin strip of fabric with strings at the side. Tessa didn’t see even a hint of body hair, and her skin shined with tanning oil.

“Come here, darlin’, we need to get you greased up so you don’t burn.” Kat spread her legs and Tess flopped down between them, then went to work coating her niece in sun oil. Kat’s fingers worked into the sides and bottom of her suit, touching the sides of Tess’s breasts and the top of her ass. Tess looked over and smiled at Uncle Charlie, who was supervising his wife’s work.

Charlie was wearing a tropical themed speedo that left little to the imagination. He was in great shape for a 35 year old man. His years working in construction and forestry had left him with a strong upper body and legs. Before this summer Tess had given little attention to the bulge in Charlie’s suit. As she chatted with him she kept stealing glances at it when Charlie wasn’t looking. It seemed big.

As Tess chatted with Uncle Charlie her aunt rubbed oil into Tess’s legs, including her soft inner thighs. Tess could feel her heart beating faster.

“Okay, sugar, you’re covered. Wear this hat and go have fun.” Kat patted Tess’s butt as she got up from the lounger. She smiled back at them over her shoulder. They both watched her walk away.

Tess could feel Donny and Shane’s eyes on her as she sat on the edge of the pool. After a couple awkward moments they picked up right where they’d left off, catching up on all the things they were into. Their lives were so different, but as she sat there none of those differences mattered. She felt like part of the family.

They swam together for two hours before breaking for dinner. There’d been a lot of inadvertent touching below the water line. Shane’s entire body had rubbed long Tess’s covered vulva as they took turns diving between each other’s legs. And Tess had definitely bumped into Donny’s erection as they wrestled. She’d lost count of how many times the boys had touched her breasts. Tess didn’t care much though, they’d seen her naked over the years even more than her parents had. Granted, that was before she got boobs.

They took turns in the outdoor shower, leaving their suits to dry on the deck and walking in wrapped in only a towel. Tess’s seemed small. She had to carefully manage covering her boobs and butt at the same time. She caught Uncle Charlie’s eye as she passed him starting the grill. He took in the sight and smiled at her. She smiled back.

Dinner was thick, delicious steaks, mashed potatoes, and grilled vegetables. Tess devoured her slab. The whole family chatted and laughed. Two summers before there seemed to be growing tension between the boys and the parents. All of them seemed more relaxed now.

Tess got ready for bed once the dishes were cleared. Tess got into her sleep shirt and laid down. Kat and Charlie came in to say goodnight. Kat gave her another hug and kissed her neck. It made Tess shiver. Kat walked out as her uncle sat next to her on the bed. He ran his hand along her thigh. As he leaned in to kiss her forehead she could feel slide onto her butt cheek. “Sleep well, kiddo.” She nodded as he got up and walked out. Tess was asleep in minutes.

Tess’s fingers twitched as dreams overtook her. Sexy dreams. She was in her uncle’s arm, his hands roaming her body, grabbing her ass. Slowly they floated down and he was between her legs, his mouth on her nipples. Tess’s body was writhing. All of her felt hot. She looked down as he held his huge cock above her.

“Too big…too big,” she thought to herself. Then he was inside her, thrusting and making the bed slam against the wall. Tess’s head moved back and forth and her uncle fucked her.

“Too big…oh…fuck…it’s too big…”

Tess’s eyes opened. She was in her dark bedroom. Her heart was pounding in her chest. Her body was hot and sweaty. But she could hear knocking nearby, and moaning. It was her aunt. She and Charlie were having sex. Energetic sex by the sound it. Kat was saying something between moans, but Tess couldn’t make it out.

She laid quietly and listened, imagining Aunt Kat naked with her legs spread as Uncle Charlie thrust his cock in and out of her.

Tess’s hand slipped into her panties. Her vulva was more engorged and wetter than she’d ever felt. She circled her clit, then rubbed the sensitive entrance of her pussy. She closed her eyes and relived her dream, Charlie’s body thrusting his cock into her tiny opening. Her fingers stayed in rhythm with the knocking. As it became more urgent she pushed a finger inside until she felt her hymen. Tess’s head went back and her body tightened.

Her aunt’s moans became more urgent. Tess could feel the pleasure growing in her body. Her body was quivering, begging for release. Suddenly the knocking changed to slow, hard sounds. Aunt Kat moaned loudly. Tess’s imagination sent her over the edge. She sharply inhaled as her back arched, pleasure she had never known pulsing through her. She rocked her pelvis against her fingers. A suppressed moan escaped her lips as her body shook. She had just experienced her first orgasm. It was definitely her new favorite thing. She breathed deeply as her body relaxed. She listened for a moment but could only hear her own heartbeat.

She slipped her panties down her legs and used them to wipe her dripping sex and fingers. She gently pet her labia, feeling the soft hairs and engorged lips. She felt like a new chapter had just opened in her life.

She threw her moist underwear toward the closet before rolling over for sleep. It was the last time she wore any that summer.

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