Uncle Cuddles My Mommy – Part 1

Uncle Cuddles My Mommy – Part 1

Hi Raju here. This story is the part 1 of incidents I witnessed when I was a innocent little boy. what I saw in those days makes me horny even today. Even while sharing with you this story I am having a hard on. This was back in late 90s. we used to stay in a small town. My dad was was an good private company and he used to visit us once in a month. Most of the time I would be me and my Mommy who was a very attractive lady resembling a popular Hindi television actress -tall, fair and curvy body she had.

One day our school left early as there was some senior management person’s death. We were given a half day leave. I was very happy to go home as I would be able play and watch DD 1. It was around 3 pm in the afternoon. When I reached my home door was not latched. So when I pushed it opened. I went in searching for Mommy heard my neighbor uncle Ramesh’s voice. He was a guy around 40 yr old and had a manly physique.

He used to be a very fit person as he was from the army. And he was very sweet to me. He used to bring chocolates for me every time he visits. As I slowly went in to give him a surprise I saw something very unusual. He was hugging Mommy and telling “ kyu jaan tumare jitna khoobsoorath pari se door bhala kaun rehsakta hai.isliye to me tumare liye naukri chod di” Mommy was very happy that day “chalo to tumne to apni pyar sabhith kar diya ab meri baari hai, batao kya karu me tere lile?” apn pati aur bête ko chodke tumhari banjau? Ramesh uncle laughed loudly“ haha” . I got scared and hid behind a curtain.

Mommy angrily “tum kya muj pe has rahe ho? Mere pyar ki koi kadar nahihai tumhe? Ya tumhe lagta hai ki mai jhoot bol rahi hu” . uncle hugged her tightly planted a kiss on her cheeks. His mustache rubbing her soft cheeks. She pushed him away even though she enjoyed. He said “ deekho shaku (shakuntala ) tumhe to pata hai me kitna akle pan se tarsa hu, ab maine man bana liya hai ki baaki ki life bas maje karunga. Tum bhi to centimental banana chod do. Bus enjoyment karo. Hum dono abhi sukhi jeewan ke sare raste khojenge” to which she nodded somewhat.

Then he told her “shaku ek baar mera favourite rasta dikhao na?? aa?” and sat on the chair like a king. She was still standing . she was wearing a nighty brown in colour. Tight fitting showing all the curves. She smiled at him and lifted her nighty exposing her fair voluptuous thighs. Then she slowly lifted more. uncle’s mouth was wide open. Wow what a view it was. she wasn’t wearing anything inside the pussy covered with little bit of hair. Ramesh sniffed her bush and said “ good I don’t like shaven. Thanks” he then went down on his knees. She is still standing lifting her nighty. Both looking in to each others eyes with a big smile.

He then held her ass with both hands and brought her close to his face and then dig his face in her pussy and starting kissing and licking. His mustache was giving her immense pleasure. I could see her expressions. Her expressions made my little dick rise. Now in hindsight I wish I had mobile camera in those days to record only those expressions and her “ahaaa ah ha” moaning sound.

I did not know what to do. I was so curious about what will happen next. After some time he stood up and kissed her lips passionately. I was left wondering how Mommy, who is such a hygiene conscious , always scolds me for eating without washing hands is happily sucking the lips and toungue of a man that too which were just now exploring her private parts. After deep kissing for few minutes. Mommy suddenly became active and pulled his lungi quickly and ran away three steps far giggling and teasing him.

He was stand still very aroused. With his big thick cock standing erect. “Kyu has rahi hai. Apne patiki lund ko bhi aise hi dekh ke khus hoti hai kya. ” . went ahead and tightly held her wrist and pulled her close and said “eey randi tere chut ko aj lal kardunga. Do din pair phailake chalegi wiase choodungu tujhe”. Mommy just like she asks me in same style asked“ abe tu to pehle shayaron ke thara bat karta ye gaali dena kabse seeka” ramesh “teri ma ka bosada , aaj mere dirty talk kare ka mann hai.Mommy bhi boli “ mere ma ke chut chodde pehle raju ki ma ki chut ka jo halat karne wale the na uspe dhyan do” ye sunkar uncle ekdum josh me gaya . he unzipped her nighty and it threw away it fell very close to me.I was going crazy seeing her naked body teasing that man. He sqeezed her big boobs. It were really big even he could not hold one with one hand. She cried in pain “kitna natak karti hai, chudate time bhi itna nahi chillati” and slapped her ass really hard and hard.

I was feeling bad as my mother is being punished like a school girl. But she instead of resisting told “ ahaaa ahh!!tere jaisa mard ke pass ane ke liye mene kya kuch nahi kiya.. mere ko apni randi samaj le re ramesh” . ramesh uncle then pushed her on the bed. Tu dekhti ja tere ko mai pure gaon ka randi nahi banya to mere nam bhi ramesh nahi. Agar tere raju ka khada hota to ussse bhi tuje chudwaunga”.

Mommy controlling her laugh “ abe harami kitna baat karega re madarchod , aja meri pyas bhuja”. Ramesh uncle then took of his shirt just like a WWE wrestler entering the ring and pounced upon Mommy. hugged her afterwards both were rolling on the bed. Their kissing noise was so loud. Now he went down kissing her boobs. Sucking and pulling nipples as much as possible. Mommy was moaning with pain not even having clue that her 8 yr old is witnessing her slutty side.

Ramesh lifted and parted her legs. He applied saliva to his dick. Later he kept his dick head on her pussy and with a jerk pushed it inside completely. Both of them screamed. Then he slowly took it out and again he inserted same way. Three more times he did this. Maybe he was enjoying the expression Mommy would make every time. Then he slowly increased his pace . what stamina he had!! he was ramming her like an engine piston. Mommy was in heaven .she was looking into his eyes.

In between he was kissing on her lips and face. After some 20 minutes he was cumming inside. Mommy shouted “ andar hi chod diya behenchod!thoda mujhe peene to deetaa” . he finished cumming and brought his cock near her mouth. And she started sucking like a lollipop and he cummed on her face and mouth once again. They both hugged and slept.

I ran away outside understanding that the show was over. Now I came back at my regular time. This time I rang the bell. Mommy opened the door she was all freshened up and wearing a saree(maybe ready for another session). She said“ mera raju agaya dekh kaun aye he beta..”. I peeped in pretending as if I dint know. Ramesh saw me “aree beta aja tere mummy ko bore hoga isliye me ajse roj ata rahunga. Tum khush ho na?” to which I smiled and said “bahut”.I was thinking in my mind from now onwards I will be getting daily shows. Me bola chalo kabaddi khelte hai. He said “teri mummy bohot achhi kabaddi player usee bhi bulaao sath kelne”smiling wickedly. Mommy blushed and went inside.

Okay friends I ll be writing a part two soon describing what happened in the next few days days.

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Uncle Cuddles My Mommy – Part 1