Uncle ne ki mom ki chudai

Uncle ne ki mom ki chudai

My self happy from Ludhiana. Doing job in a mnc. This is the real story of my mother fucked by my neighbor uncle. I regularly read stories from iss. When I see mom with uncle I become very upset but after some time I thought my father may be not satisfying her completely. My mom is 40 yrs old , little bit fat, bigggg boobs and very sexy ass. My uncle is good friend of my dad so he can come to our house anytime. So nobody in our street think that something is going wrong between Ashok uncle and my mom. One Sunday my dad was going for some official tour to Mumbai, my mom and Ashok uncle go to station for their see off in the next morning I am sleeping then door bell rang, it was uncle Ashok, he asked for me, my mom sad that he is sleeping because he comes late in night. Then he comes to my room and said how young man, I am very tired coz of late night work so I dont answer any thing and acting that I am I sleeping.


Then uncle goes out my room and I locked my door from inside that no one break my sleeping but after one an hour I see that uncle Ashok was still there. I doubt what he is doing there. From key hole I see my mom and uncle was taking tea and talking each other. My mom wear loose blouse in house and her boobs are partially visible to Ashok uncle and I see that uncle is staring at that watermelon boobs. At that time I think that there is some wrong intentions in the mind of Ashok uncle. But I can’t say anything to him bozo they are very nice persons and good friend of my father and that time he is doing nothing wrong. So I go back to my bed, then suddenly I hear a sound of tea cup broken, I see that my mom is cleaning utensils and uncle is standing right back to her. At that time I am sure that uncle will do something wrong with my mother first I think I interfere the situation. But I thought if my mom is enjoying then why I stop them.


So I go back to curtain and closely looking all the activates. At that time my mom has also got some hint that uncle Ashok intention was not good but he can’t say anything to him, coz he is only chatting with mom at that time. Suddenly uncle change the topic of chat to sex and kissing scenes in Hindi film. My mom become little shy on that topic and say this is normal thing in these day life. Then my mom says he has to do some house cleaning so he can come in evening. But uncle say “yaar baad me kar lena”. My mom shocked with the word yaar from uncle mouth. My mom shocked and laughed , then suddenly uncle hold my mom hand, my mom scared that he is doing, she got up says uncle plz go to your home I am not that type of women. Uncle says when I said your are that type of woman. Yaar this for enjoyment , this is the time when you can enjoy and your husband is my friend and tells me that coz of blood sugar he is not able to do much with you. So she can enjoy that moment and said that we will do only oral sex nothing more than that my mom desire comes because my father was not satisfying her. She says happy is in house and she cant do that, uncle says he is sleeping and wake up after two to three hours and till we have a good time if you want.


My mom actually a very nice and honest lady, but I dont know why she become ready for this kind of act. My mom slowly go to upstairs in her room, and behind my uncle. Both went to bedroom, I was also chasing both. Their bed room has two doors so I go to another room and from I see what they are doing I see mom and uncle sitting on sofa, and my mom saying that dont expect much from me , we are here for just some fun with oral sex nothing more than that. Uncle says ok dear , you are behaving like that its first time for you, my mom smiles and says its my not first time but I have some respect. Uncle say ok dear I will never do anything without your permission. Mom smiles and uncle grab my mom and kissing on their lips smoothly for 07 minutes , I am sure mom is enjoying very much but not showing its to uncle, uncle has great fun with mother , then he touch my mom boobs , she opposed strongly and saying this is wrong I am going but uncle hold tightly from back . She can’t do anything , uncle muscled her boobs very fast. Mom does not understand what to do, she stand quietly and uncle doing the great work on her body but mom didn’t open her blouse, all done from outside uncle intention is to unzip her blouse, but he knows that this resistant is for small time.


Then uncle says ok I am going coz I think your typical Indian lady does not have courage to that. My mom says I afraid from society, what people think about her. Intestinally she is ready for this enjoyment , then uncle and mom sits on bed, uncle is upon my mom and kissing everywhere on her body. My mom resistant is almost zero. She can feel hard dick of uncle from his pant. Uncle enter his hand between her legs, mom hold his hand and says nothing to be done here .she remind him the oral sex condition. Uncle become very unhappy but he knows he can seduce it. Uncle open his pant zip and his tool of 8″ is out like erect pole, mom close her eyes and saying plz do not, uncle starting masturbating while my mother is on bed and saying you cant do anything so I am doing that. After two minutes he cums over the mom navel and blouse I see mom feel the warmth of that. After that uncle lie down on bed with his tool out my moms eyes are on his 8″ long tool. Uncle says can you do sucking, mom says I dont did it with even my husband. Then he says then masturbate me, my mom take his tool in her hand starting jerking. I saw uncle has a great time there again uncle offer for sucking and this time she can’t oppose and starting sucking. My mom is sucking dick of uncle like a lollypop. Uncle cums to her mouth and filled her mouth with cum.


At the same time my mom also has got orgasm. Now uncle says he wants to see her nude , my mom says go and see your wife, uncle says she has not a great body like you but mom says she can’t do that, but uncle made her topless with some efforts. Now she is lying half naked on bed. His one hand on her boobs and one between legs. My mom is moaning ahhhh ahhhh plz stop but uncle is on fire. He sucks her boobs madly he bites over her nipple and mom is crying in pain and enjoyment. Uncle removes her shirt and underwear and lying naked over my mom. Mom is also enjoying his great muscular body. He than says to my mom that he wants to remove her petticoat, my mom understands what he wants, she says but nothing. He understand says unless I fuck you all is oral sex, and he removes her petticoat and black panty, I see there is no opposition from mom first time I see my mom pussy, its covered with black hairs all around. Uncle put a finger in her pussy , she is enjoying and moaning. Uncle lick her pussy and enter his tongue inside her. Mom have great fun. The uncle put his cock between my mom boobs and with the help of boobs masturbate and cum over her watermelons. Mom feel very good and also cum for three to two times in between.


Then uncle took out his latest n series mobile and make a film of her ass , pussy , boobs but not her face. Uncle shows her some fucking movies on her mobile. Uncle says can he fuck her, I think no women in world say no in this situation. Uncle parted her legs and put her tool on the mouth of her pussy, mom is breathing deeply suddenly my mom says fuck me hard, uncle has green signal and he enters his tool in to her pussy. But his tool is so dick and long that my mom has tears in her eyes but she is moaning make me bitch, fuck me hard, ahhhhhh, ahhhhhh, fast. My tool become erect and I also masturbate many times there. Uncle cums to mom pussy and this lasted for an hour. I also make movie of this with my mobile, then my mom says you cum inside and this can pregnant me. Uncle says if anything happen we will go to dJulor and abort this child and he says next time he will bring condoms to fuck her. Uncle ask my mom whose tool is bigger and thicker your husband and mine.


Mom stare at his tool and took in her hand says this much bigger and thicker and I have a fun of lifetime with you. Mom says happy can got up any time so you go plz. Uncle tool is erect and he wants one session more , mom agreed and this last for half an hour, I think he torn my mom pussy, she is bleeding but uncle is on Rajdhani express. And he cum all over my mom mouth and his tool is on her lips , mom suck it like lollypop. Uncle and mom is very tired , uncle put up his clothes and mom also. Mom can’t walk easily coz of that pain . Uncle says when he will again come, mom says she will phone him. Uncle kissed mom and go to her house . Mom clean her room and remove all proofs of that incidence. When I call mom she behaves like that nothing happen. I ask why are you walking slow then she says that she has pain in her legs. I smiled and says ok mom. They enjoy overtime when my dad is not at home. Now I am planning to fuck my mom by blackmailing by the video I recorded. Plz suggest me on whether I should do this or not any aunty especially little fatty want some fun like my mother mail me at


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Uncle ne ki mom ki chudai