Unexpected Lock Down Experience In Hyderabad – Part 2

Unexpected Lock Down Experience In Hyderabad – Part 2

Hello All, this is Anurag. After my previous story, ‘Unexpected Lockdown Experience In Hyderabad,’ I got many emails and good comments about the story and asking to post the continuation. Those emails encouraged me to bring up my next experience with Navya during the lock down.

The first incident took place at the time of may ending. The lock down was partially liberated, and people were permitted to go out with precautions as instructed by the government. After our last encounter that night, it was all normal. Evening walks and chats.

We used to pretend to be just a ‘hi, bye,’ friends in evening times. There were others also who used to come for evening walks to the terrace. We don’t want to behave or pull anyone’s attention as we knew each other. So we used to maintain some distance and have eye contact and smiles now and then.

But we were so regular in chat. We used to spend late nights chatting less and sexting more. However, it would start only after 12:30 or 1:00 am after ensuring that all family members slept in both our homes.

This was continued for nearly 10 days. We did not have a chance to meet in private as both of us were little occupied. As her husband worked as a project manager and after lockdown, the work has increased for him. He was like almost all day working.

Navya has to take care of the boy and house needs. One day I was asked to grab some groceries from a supermarket nearby as all items were not available at a nearby store. I had to go a distance to grab them. As we used to chat regularly, I informed the same that I was going out.

Within some time, I got a message from her that she would like to come if possible, as she also needs some things. But I was not sure immediately after her message as I don’t want any of us to be noticed or get caught. However, before I asked to make some plans, she had already made a story.

She informed me that she would like to come out on my bike. As it was Covid time, one best and safe thing was its very little chance to identify persons with masks. There used to be two parking levels, one at the cellar and another at ground level. Most of them park their vehicles on the ground.

We made a plan and planned to meet in the cellar as she was covered with a mask and scarf. As I was a non-resident, my bike was not familiar to any of them in society. I reached the cellar, and she was waiting behind the lift. She was wearing jeans with a top with a pony.

The pony was hanging covering the scarf tie, and she was happy and blushing on seeing me. Though her face was not clear, I could see that spark and charm in her eyes. I stopped my bike a little away from her to ensure no one was around.

She immediately came to me and got on the bike. Soon after, she jumped on the bike. She gave me a warm hug from the back and kissed on my shoulder. It was such a tight hug. I could feel her intention that she was already missing me. Without wasting any of the time, we started from there.

I asked her what made her come out. She replied she had 2 reasons. One was that she was missing me, and another was she had to grab some things as well. There was a supermarket about 2kms away. But she insisted on going to any other supermarket as most community persons would be visiting this one.

I happily agreed to it and went to some other store, which was 5 km away. She planned to go far as she wanted to enjoy the ride and also my company. Soon after we left the society, she was very tightly hugging me. I could even feel her hard nipples.

We had a ride like lovers. She teased and played with me placing her hands inside my shirt, rubbing my nipples, and moving her hands around the body. Trust me, guys, it was a really great feeling when you are riding a bike, and you get this type of pleasure!

I had a boner. She was even teasing me, taking her hands down. I was controlling myself hard because I was wearing track pants. I was afraid that as soon as I get down off my bike, my tent will be clearly visible. She made me mad, I thought to drive somewhere outskirts and fuck her, but I controlled.

At the time of shopping, she was open and freely. I didn’t see that shade of her before in society. She was behaving so mischievously in the store. I was worried that we might get attention as most of them saw her, making fun and cracking jokes.

After buying all the required things and billing, I asked if we could drive for some time out and then go home. At that time, she was thinking she got a call from her hubby that her kid was asking for her. He had a call, so he asked her to come quickly.

Which on hearing that, I was a little disappointed, even she was. On the way back, I asked her when we can meet again. She replied very naughtily, asking me I could not control to see her (Agaleka pothurana, sir). I did not say anything but kept silent.

After having silent for some time, she broke the ice saying that she was also making some plan to meet me. There was some casual chat, and we reached our society. She said that she would plan and ping me. I was not sure about what she said, but I was happy to hear that.

I had lunch, and there was no work, so I fell asleep for some time. It was evening time to go for a walk, but I did not hear from her. I went to the terrace and enjoyed the evening. It was 6:30, and it was almost getting dark. She called me asking to meet her in the cellar and inform in my home that I may go out.

I went home and changed up and went to the cellar. I saw no one around. I looked all around. But I could see no one. I was walking to a corner, and I saw there was a car and passed beam light. I thought it was someone and I ignored and walking towards the corner.

Again, I saw a pass light, so I walked slowly towards the car. The engine was running, and as it was dark, I could not see the person inside the car properly. Then I saw that Navya switched on the roof light from inside and waved at me to hop inside the car.

I am very fond of cars, and it’s her car. I really liked the way she maintained her car. After entering the car, I was asking where we are going now. She smiled and said nowhere. She was looking so good. She was wearing a skirt and top, she wore lipstick and looking as she was going somewhere.

I saw her lips all time as she put on light red-colored lipstick. It was so juicy with loose hair that was moving by the AC blower. She was looking damn sexy. We were facing each other and looking into our eyes deep. She had a blush on her face.

I could not control and placed my hand around her neck, separating her falling hairs on her shoulder. After touching her smooth neck while touching her earlobe, I could see a spark and excitement in her eyes. She started to breathe heavily. I slowly pulled her towards me, and I also moved front.

We kissed, so soft and slow one this time as we know we are at a safe place and had a good time. We started with a soft kiss. But it changed to a passionate we explored both our lips and had a tongue fight. It was almost 10 minutes where I was running my fingers around her cheeks.

She was pulling me towards her and locked me to ensure that I don’t break the kiss. I slid my hands towards her top, and unbuttoned her collar hooks, grabbed her right boob. She got excited and broke the kiss, letting me free from her lock. She asked me to recline my seat and also reclined herself.

But I got up and checked around to ensure no one came. I was all clear, and I told her the same, and I rested back. Navya suddenly jumped from her seat and fell on me while she was shifting. She also pulled her skirt up till her knees, then she was on my top and kissing me like a wild cheetah.

Navya held my head with her hands and was kissing me so passionately with moans and breathing heaving. I, in this process, slid her skirt completely up and placed my hand on her pussy. It was already so wet and hot that she immediately started kissing my face all over then untied my track knot.

She was jumping very forcefully, slid my pant, and undie down as she was on my top. It was hard, so I helped her in dropping my pant. I could feel her pussy. It was so wet and hot. I then asked if she can remove her top. She immediately removed within a second, and the right boob was out of the bra already out.

I played with it before. I pulled it out at that time. She immediately grabbed my cock and slid it inside. It was tight through my dick. She went completely in as she was so wet, and my dick was covered with precum. Her hair was falling from her shoulders on both sides.

She placed both hands on the back seat and her feet on the seat beside my tights, and she was jumping. She jumps and falls on me sometimes. When I sucked her breast and nipples, both hands are on her hips for giving support. She was moaning so heavily and also sweating already.

Her husband never allows her to ride on him, and last time in the dark, she did it and was so happy. So, she planned to ride on me, which she was enjoying now. It did not last for much longer for me, and I said that I might get to climax within 5 minutes.

She asked me to hold and think about something else to lower the excitement. She fell on me, breathing heavily as my dick was in her pussy. She was kissing my ear and teasing me. I asked can we change our positions, and we changed our positions. I slide her little down, and we are in a missionary position.

Though it was a little congested to set the positions, we managed. I was on her top. She locked me with her legs that I could only slide up and down, and she was running her hands on my back. After fucking for 5 minutes, I was about to climax.

I was about to tell her that. She was done, and she cum. She had a shiver on her body, and I told that to unlock me or else I may cum inside. She laughed and said that she was safe that I can cum inside. I blew my juices and collapsed on her. We both breathed so heavily and took some time to gain our energies back.

She whispered that it was the best fuck she had, and I am the only man other than her husband, who has fucked her. And she was so happy with me. We cleaned up and took some time to regain our energy and went to our flats.

Sorry for my lengthy story, because I could regain all the memories while I was typing this. After this, we barely met as she went to their hometown in the middle of June and might take time to head back. I, too, headed back to my place.

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Unexpected Lock Down Experience In Hyderabad – Part 2