Unexpected sex with Elder sister

Unexpected sex with Elder sister

Here is my confession,

Before that I will give you my family background.

My Father expired at very early age. Means I was 6 yrs and my sister is 12 yrs.

So we are lower middle class family from Mumbai , living in small house.

Me my mom and elder sis.
After dad passed away , my elder sister took care of the house completely.

Unexpected sex with Elder sister

Everyone sleep in one room only as we have 1 rk
From childhood only I was attracted to my sister as we are so much close, she used to take care of me a lot

This happend when I was 19 yrs (preparing my 12 th exam) and she was 25, working as a accountant

As it was 12th exams going, I used to wake up early morning at 4.30 to study

And I had habit of study while walking I can’t sit and study.

At 5.10am I saw my elder sis gown got lifted till her thighs

I felt so awesome seeing her like this.
My mind was getting diverted. I was continuosly starring her
And after 15 , 20 mins she turned a little and then I was able to see her panty
That give me immediate hard-on

I kept my book aside and slept next to her… I don’t know what I was thinking , but I kept my leg on her and lower my shorts tried to rub my dick from my underwear on her panty, doing this gave to ultimate hard-on.

Then I continued this for next 15 mins. This was making me mad. I gathered courage and removed my dick out and start to rub on her panty with pressure and push
Then she woke up little.

I hugged her tightly and acted sleepy .
I was so horney I lifted her gown till her waist and pushed her on me for 2,3 times , and she woke up fully . resisted alot But I forced her
Then I forcefully removed her panty and fucked her for 20 mins

She denied for 10 mins then she realised I won’t listen..

I pressed her boobs over gown and started giving her hard strokes. She won’t be able to scream because mom was sleeping close to us. Then I turned her my side and kissed her on her lips and lift her gown tell neck, she was not wearing bra, it was awesome sexy view of her 32c boobs, I pressed them hard and sucked her nipple for 10 mins . Then my fingers moved to her pussy, omg her pussy is so wet, I can’t hold my self and slept on her , and pushed my hard dick in her wet pussy , fucked her for 15 mins.

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Unexpected sex with Elder sister