Unprotected Sex With Girlfriend In Mumbai

Unprotected Sex With Girlfriend In Mumbai

Hello. I am a 25-year-old guy from Mumbai. This is a story from last year when I and my girlfriend planned to bake cookies at my place.

It was a Sunday and my parents had gone out for the whole day and that’s when I planned to get my girlfriend over to cook something as we both were culinary enthusiasts.

I had kept all the ingredients ready, from chocolate sauce to butter. (I didn’t know that these would be used in a very different way that day!).

About my girlfriend, she is a busty woman with cute looks and a wheatish complexion. More details about her features would be revealed during the course of this story.

My girlfriend arrived at around 11 am wearing a grey tight buttoned shirt and denims. She was looking too hot due to the tightness of the shirt around her boobs. She was hungry so we also decided to make a quick sandwich first and then proceeded to bake cookies.

While prepping up, we flirted a little. Sometimes my hand caressed her waist and her soft ass. I think that turned my girlfriend on and she was less focused on the sandwich and tried to kiss me a few times. I teasingly dodged them.

But then, a masterstroke by her finally let me in. She put a small piece of cheese between her lips and came near me. I couldn’t resist that. I started kissing her passionately while the cheese melted between our hot embrace.

We smooched for a while and my hands were all over her body. I had both my hands on my girlfriend’s ass caressing them with one hand and trying to get in her denims.

With a failed attempt at the tight denims, I moved my hands softly on her boobs, squeezing and pinching them at the same time. My girlfriend let out a few soft moans between the smooch due to my pinching.

Our tongues went smoothly into action circling all around in the mouth as we exchanged saliva. I then moved to her neck. I kissed and licked while giving her a few bites.

We both removed each other’s shirts and started smooching again. And now my hands were all over her smooth and soft hip-folds and again pressing her boobs over the pink bra. Then I broke our kiss, turned her around and started kissing her meaty back with my hands squeezing those hard boobs.

I went at the back of her neck and shoulders, not leaving an inch without them kissing, licking and eating them. I unhooked the bra and there they were, two amazing heavenly melons anyone would die for. 38D in perfect shape, light brown areolas and hard nipples.

I started sucking one while squeezing the other one. I pinched and bit those nipples a few times and my girlfriend’s moans were getting louder. All this was happening in the kitchen itself.

I cleared the kitchen platform and lifted her up. She sat on it while I was still sucking her boobs. I got the chocolate sauce and dripped it in her boobs. I started licking the sauce off her boobs and kissed her a few times in between to give her the sweet taste of chocolate and lust.

I then laid my girlfriend down on the platform, removed her denims and started dripping chocolate sauce all over her body. I started from the milky thighs, licking the sauce and kissing her inner thighs, teasingly avoiding her pussy area. Sucking off all that sauce from those smooth thighs was one hell of an experience.

Then I started licking my girlfriend’s navel and waist, not wasting a single drop. I removed my pants and lied down on her to squeeze those boobs again.

There was a thin layer of chocolate between our bodies which made the rubbing of two bodies very smooth. It almost felt that we both were giving each other a body massage but using chocolate sauce instead of the oil.

I then glided down my girlfriend’s soft body and came over her pussy. Tearing off the pantie, I circled around with my tongue on her pussy.

By then, my girlfriend was getting highly impatient to get me inside her. I licked her clit gently and then kissed it softly. I put one finger inside her pussy which went very easily as she was very wet down there.

Then I entered my second finger and started sucking her clit. I began with the to and fro motion of the finger slowly and gradually increased the speed.

I started eating her pussy and with the fast fingers, she started to moan very loudly. I kept licking and sucking my girlfriend’s vagina. At the same time, I was getting my third finger inside her which led her to the verge of getting an orgasm.

I increased my speed and soon, my girlfriend squirted all her juices all over me with an even louder moan. She just laid there motionless for a few minutes and then asked me to kiss her and remove my underwear at the same time.

My girlfriend got down from the kitchen-top, knelt and gripped her hands around my dick. She started with a few kisses at the tip and licked the shaft gently.

She then began to suck my penis and was using her tongue to slurp all the juices. She created a vacuum in her mouth which intensified the blowjob and made the sucking more powerful and rough.

My gf then increased the speed and gagged herself as she took the dick till her throat. Although relatively amateur, she gave one of the best blowjobs which can make you weak on your knees.

After a few minutes, I came with all my force on my girlfriend’s face and boobs. However, she made sure she licked and swallowed each drop. We then just laid down on the kitchen floor, naked, and draped in chocolate sauce.

After some time, we snuggled, our hands and legs going smoothly over each other’s bodies. She put one of the nipples in my mouth which started to make me hard again. I didn’t have any condoms but she told that she will have the pill later.

My girlfriend was already down on the floor and I came on top of her again, this time to get into missionary position. I inserted my dick slowly into her, she gasped and kissed me at the same time.

I slowly increased my speed while my hands were all over her body and my lips on hers. Unprotected sex with chocolate sauce all over the body made it even more exciting and added a little zing.

I caressed her thighs now and then while fucking my girlfriend. I then got up, turned her to get into doggy style. I got hold of her hair and then went inside her and started to ram her roughly. The sounds made by our bodies were all over my empty house.

She was about to get another orgasm when I removed my dick, laid down and got her on top in the cowgirl position. She then inserted my dick inside her and started to vigorously jump up and down. Her boobs bouncing in front of me was a sight to behold. Her smooth hip-folds were in my grip and I was enjoying every bit of it.

She then came heavily in this position and my dick was showered in all her juices.

After that, I laid her down, put my dick between her boobs and started to have boobsex with all my might. I came within a few minutes on her face and boobs which she happily licked.

We both were exhausted at the end of this and ordered food online rather than cooking. We did have sex 3 times during the whole course of the days which I will tell you about in my next story. We went fucking brutal in our next sessions.

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Unprotected Sex With Girlfriend In Mumbai