Unusual Sexual Experience With Best Friend Shreya

Unusual Sexual Experience With Best Friend Shreya

Hey girls and boys, I am Siya, a 20-year-old girl from Andhra. I am not gonna enclose any personal details expect my name because there are many people with the same names.

The below story is real and all the names and places are changed because I don’t want any troubles in my real life. A little intro about me, I am a middle-class child of a single mother who worked so hard to educate me. I lost my father at a very small age and even though my relatives forced my mom to remarry, she stayed single for me.

Coming to me, I was 19 years old when this happened and studying B.Tech 1st year. I was fair looking with body measurements 34-24-33 but not too fair and 5.3″ in height.

I am always active and speak well with everyone but I only had very small close friends circle. My best friend is Shreya (name changed) who is my childhood friend.

There are many changes in my life happened, thanks to her. Without boring you, I will get into the story.

After completing inter (+2 class), my best friend Shreya and I decided to join in pretty reputed college of our city and applied to it.

But, she failed to get into it and was allotted another college which had a pretty bad rep for being a college for spoiled brats and less study focused. The positive was that it was a very rich looking building and friendly faculty.

I was sad and tried to convince my parents to join in the same college as her and after many days of angry and sad struggles, my parents agreed to send me to that college (if they didn’t have agreed, I would’ve been a totally different person today).

Shreya and I used to go to college every day together and used to be together all the time. I used to speak with everyone in a friendly manner but used to be so decisive about my friends’ circle.

But, after a couple of months, my best friend fell in love (at least I thought so) with a guy and she started talking with me less and less every day. She started to go out with his gang who were 4 guys and 3 girls.

Most of them were rich and used to spend money like water and I used to wonder how Shreya can afford to go out with them. Then one day, I confronted her. I burst into tears and asked why she was avoiding me (Trust me, it looks so silly looking back now).

She then consoled me and started saying the truth that she was not in love with anyone but they were giving her money for sleeping with them.

Shreya started brainwashing me saying they sometimes asked her about making me join the gang. Shreya also told me that she lost her virginity when she was in Inter college. I was so shocked about this and left immediately as I felt disgusted even with the thought.

Shreya called me and texted me but I blocked her and started avoiding her. Two weeks passed and one day, she came to my home as it was her birthday.

It was a practice between us from years to go to the temple and then to a movie. She came to me and cried to forgive her. My heart melted seeing her crying and I said that we can become normal like before and leave all these. She said okay and we went to the temple.

We then went to the movie. She was sitting next to me and very happy in the theater. She said she was sorry and she kissed me on the cheek.

It was pretty normal between us to kiss but this felt very different. Later that night, we were in her room. Shreya hugged me and told me that this was the best day in her life and she kissed me again but this time, on the lips! I resisted at first but then gave up.

My best friend slowly started eating my lips and I thought that was it and pushed her aside and started taking my things to leave.

She caught my hand and pulled me back saying, “Stop Siya. I know you enjoyed it. Please stop these dramas and agree with me.” I said, “No Shreya. This is wrong! What about the society and our parents? I will be getting married to a good guy after my studies and I can’t do this”.

“Come on Siya, This can be our little secret and no one has to know”.

I was now standing still and to be honest, my sexual desire had been awoken. I had watched porn now and then in inter but had never masturbated. I didn’t know what to say.

Suddenly, Shreya stood up, made me sit on the bed and started removing my shirt. I resisted a bit but deep down, I wanted it. Then, my bestie slowly started kissing me and rubbing my bareback and whispered in my ears, “kiss me back”. That was all I needed to hear and I started kissing her back and chewing her lips like hell.

Suddenly her mom tapped on the door asking us to come for dinner. We stopped what we were doing in fear of getting caught. Then we dressed up and went for lunch. We both were blushing while eating dinner. Then I left and went to my home as my mom called and said that it was getting late.

After I went home, I started thinking about whether I was a lesbian. But, I knew that I was attracted to males and think that many boys are hot and cute.

These thoughts were disturbed by messages from my best friend Shreya asking me to come to the college terrace block A the next day early morning. I replied sure babe and was so excited thinking what was going to happen the next day morning.

The next day, I woke up early and got ready (that day was a Saturday so no need for uniform).

I was so excited about what was going to happen and went to the terrace. It was empty as no one came there at this time. Labs were in the afternoon.

My heart was racing inside, thinking what was going to happen. I reached the terrace and pushed the door open and walked forward. Suddenly, the door behind me was shut and I was shocked to see it was Yashu, Shreya’s boyfriend there.

I will continue what happened in the next part.

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Unusual Sexual Experience With Best Friend Shreya