Upsetting the apple cart Part 7_(0) by stevestrong

Upsetting the apple cart Part 7_(0)
by stevestrong

Steve woke up and remembering where he was grinned smugly. Jane was asleep cuddling him, Lynn had her back to him asleep on her side.
The clock on Lynn’s bedside table read just after eight and with Sandra coming at ten Steve decided to get things moving, he had a semi lob on and wanted sex followed by a good breakfast before then.

Steve untangled himself from Jane and spooned up to her mum, he dribbled a mouthful of sylvia onto the palm of his hand and smeared it around his ever swelling bellend and the top two inches of his thickening shaft.
Aiming it between Lyndi Loo’s soft arse cheeks he rubbed his wet helmet against her sleeping pussy lips and soon found the entrance to her delightful cunt.

Steve knew Jane would be jealous and a bit pissed off when she woke to find him fucking her mum instead of her. It was all part of Steve’s plan to keep her on her toes and compete with her mother.

As he pushed his now rock hard erection slow and deep into her cunt Lynn woke and let a satisfied moan escape her lips. Remembering the bliss that followed whenever her vagina was invaded by his beautiful, big fat cock. Lynn pushed her arse back to aid his penetration.

Steve reached one arm round her, his hand finding her tits and hardening nipples, his other hand gripping a handful of her hair, pulling her head until she faced him, Lynn saw her sleeping daughter before Steve found her lips and began kissing her passionately.

Jane was woken from her tranquil sleep by the bouncing mattress and the sound off slapping. She opened her eyes and focused on the sight of her boyfriend and mother kissing passionately as he fucked her hard from behind.

Jane felt the green eyed monster of jealousy rise, she remembered the events of last night and how it was her suggestion that her boyfriend should fuck her mother. All the threesome and taboo fucking that ensued was a consequence of her decision. Now the fact that her boyfriend had chosen to fuck her mother and not her brought home the enormity of the situation she had created.

Yesterday she and her amazing boyfriend had a wonderful monogamous relationship, today she was laying in her parents marital bed watching her mother and boyfriend fucking right next to her.

Jane knew she couldn’t react to her jealous thoughts and feelings, the look and sounds of pleasure radiating from her mother reminding her of the fact that her mum had been denied such bliss until it was unselfishly given to her by her boyfriend.
Jane had decided to lovingly share her boyfriend with her mother and would have to resign herself and accept the consequences as it unfolded over the coming days, months and years.
Jane had no idea how it would pan out as she watched them fucking next to her.

Jane looked on intently as her mothers moans intensified, leaning up on one arm Jane watched her mothers arse fucking back at her boyfriends angry cock, the soft slightly fat fleshy arse cheek rippling violently over her exposed hip, her boyfriends big strong hand cupping her mothers tit, a big fat erect nipple firmly trapped between his thumb and forefinger, the unrestrained excess of her mothers large, syrup filled breast undulating in glorious waves every time Steve’s pelvis smashed into her mothers thrusting arse.

Lynn broke the passionate kiss, her eyes briefly opening to lock onto her daughters own voyeuristic eyes before she shut them again, arching her head backward away from Jane, Lyndi Loo erupted into her first glorious orgasm of the day. “Oh god, aaaaaaarrrrrgggghhh fuuuuuuuck”.

Jane witnessed her mothers body shake and convulse uncontrollably as she was consumed by her climax. As her mother slowly recovered, Jane was oblivious to the fact she had been fingering her now sopping wet pussy, her jealousy replaced by lust and the need to be fucked to the same glorious bliss her mother had just enjoyed.

Steve hadn’t needed to look at his girlfriend to know she was awake and watching him fuck her mother. He pulled his stiff, throbbing cock out of her mum and rolled onto his back.
Looking into Janes lust filled eyes he told her. “Morning beautiful, if your cunts as wet as your mums, my big cock’s gonna be happy “.

Steve kicked the quilt that was still covering their lower legs to the bottom of the bed and pulled Jane into a tender kiss. All Janes thoughts of jealousy evaporated as she melted into her boyfriends embrace.
Breaking the kiss he said. “If you want what mummies just had , give my cock a good sucking. Let mummie see what she’s got to do after i’ve fucked that sweet pussy of yours “.

Both Jane and Lynn realised last nights acts of taboo that Steve had coerced them into wouldn’t be a one off. He’d already started the way he meant to carry on.

Jane kissed her way down Steve’s muscled torso and gripping the sticky base of his eight inch, fat throbbing meat, feasted on her mothers sweet tasting cunt and cum juice for the first time today, she knew it wouldn’t be the last.

It was now Lynn’s turn look on as her daughter sucked the magnificent cock that had just fucked her senseless until she had covered it with the contents of her spasming pussy.

Steve gave the two lovers under his control their instructions. “Time to take that cock out of your throat and bury it inside your dripping cunt. I want you to ride it good and hard.
Lyndi Loo, i want you to feed me those fucking gorgeous tits and your big fat nipples”.

Jane easily slid her wet pussy down the entire length of his cunt stretching meat and rode her hunk of a boyfriend hard.
Lynn lent in offering her cupped breasts and protruding nipples to her young lover to feast on.

Steve took turns chewing on Lyndi Loo’s truly spectacular nipples as Lynn pushed her equally spectacular big fat tits into his face and moaned loudly at the pleasure she was receiving.

It was only a few minutes until Jane reached the bliss she craved. “Oh fuck, soooo gooood, aaaarrrggghh sweeeet jesuuuus, fuuucck”.

Steve freed his face from Lynn’s beautiful smothering flesh and told mother and daughter. “Off you get Janie, Lyndi Loo, get your lips round my meat and show your daughter you can suck cock as good as her”.

Lynn almost pushed her daughter off Steve’s cock, she was eager to repay him for the bliss he’d bestowed upon her a few minutes earlier.
She grasped his slippery fat shaft and surveyed the sticky mess Janes squirting pussy had made of it, then set about trying to upstage her daughters earlier efforts.
Lyndi Loo had developed quite an appetite for the sweet tasting nectar secreted by her daughter and sister, lapping it up like a cat with a saucer of milk.

Steve had developed a taste for it too over the years and ordered his girlfriend. “Sit on my face with that leaking cunt, i want your sweet cum juice to fill me up until it’s time for breakfast “.

Jane duly obliged and gripping her parents headboard told him. “Oh shit, i love your tongue and lips almost as much as i love that amazing cock of yours “.

Steve waited until Jane gushed the contents of her orgasming cunt into his mouth before he embarked on his early morning grand finale.

“Right my two horny bitches, as you’ve both been such a great fuck this morning, i’m go to fuck both of you together.
Lyndi Loo, get on all fours in the middle of the bed, Jane, lay on top of mummy and reach under and play with her tits”. Instructed Steve.

Kneeling behind the four arse cheeks on display to him Steve decided to part Lyndi Loo’s first. Lining up with her still gapping pussy steve entered her and fucked her with deep powerful strokes.
Steve surveyed his handiwork, his girlfriend on her mothers back, her big tits squashed out at the sides, her arms wrapped round her mum’s torso playing with her hanging breasts.

Steve watched mother and daughters bum cheeks rippling to the rhythm of his penetrating cock, Lyndi Loo’s slightly fleshier arse more than Janes.

“Right you two dirty sluts, i’m gonna swap between your dripping cunts and the one that gets the contents of my full ball bag fired up them gets the honour of making me a big full english breakfast”. Laughed Steve.

Taking his rampant cock out of his girlfriends mum he replaced the void with three fingers, Steve buried his meat balls deep in her daughters eagerly waiting snatch.
Steve fucked them both giving the two of them playful smacks on their arses as he offered words of encouragement. “I can’t believe how fucking hot and sexy you pair of horny bitches are. I could spend the rest of my life fucking the shit out of your beautiful slut bodies.
Squeeze your mums nipples hard and i’ll fuck you for another five minutes before i start playing Russian roulette with my loaded weapon “.

Mother and daughter were so turned on by their early morning fucking they started to offer their own words of encouragement.

“Fuck mum, your nipples are so fucking big and hard. Shit Steve, pound that gorgeous penis up me, rip my pussy hole apart you dirty fucking bastard, aaarrrggghh fuuuuck, soooo goood”. Moaned Jane building to a massive release.

“Stick one of them big strong fingers up my arse bad boy, finger this filthy slut hard, make me cum while my slutty daughter pinches my nipples, oooh god, sooo niiiice”. Responded Lynn.

Steve was in heaven as he smashed his meat into his girlfriend. He adjusted his fingers so all four of them were squelching into her mothers well stretched cunt, his thumb gaining full entry up her rubbery sphincter on his third probing thrust.

Jane was first to cum. “Ooooooh god, fuuuuuuuck, aaaarrrrggghhh”.

Moments later her mother followed suit. “Oooooooh fuuuuuuuck, ooooooo christ, cuuuummmiiinnng”.

The sight of mother and daughter shaking and twitching through their rampaging orgasms left Steve on the brink, he took his fingers and prick out of their waterfall cunts, gripped Janes pert arse cheeks and proceeded to swap between mother and daughters pussies, three thrusts into each well fucked sodden haven.

Three minutes was all he could last, the friction on his sensitive helmet becoming too much as he fully withdrew from one clutching set of cunt flaps and punched home past the clinging flaps of the other.
With a final plunge into his girlfriends mother he announced the magnitude of his eruption that went to eight on the richter scale.
” Aaaawwwwww fuuuuuk, cuuuuuummmiiiiing, arghh, aaarrgh, aaaarrrrgggghhh”. Steve grunted his way through the sheer joy of his ejeculating orgasm. Blasting four powerful squirts of thick jizz, coating the walls of Lyndi Loo’s sex passage.

Steve stayed sunk to the nuts until he was satisfied there were no more aftershocks to come, then collapsed to the bed as a torrent of his cum spewed from his girlfriends mothers gapping gash and made it’s way down the inside of her thigh staining her marital bedsheet.

“Fuck girls, that was awesome, you’ll be the death of me with those amazingly fuckable bodies of yours, but what a way to die”. Laughed Steve.

“You started it, taking my virginity and turning me into your cock craving, horny bitch”. Purred Jane.

“Yeah, you unlocked the sex siren that i never knew i was was capable of being, now we’re going to punish you by having sex with you at every opportunity you dirty fucker”. Teased Lynn.

“Well, if that’s your intentions, you better get that frying pan on the go and build my strength up Lyndi Loo”. Goaded Steve, then added. “I’m gonna let your daughter suck my dripping cock and have a nice lazy cuddle until it’s time to eat “.

Steve gave Lynn an encouraging spank on the arse as she left the bed and floated while humming to the kitchen via her bathroom.

Jane dutifully sucked Steve’s cock as she basked in the afterglow of a woman well fucked.
The smell of eggs and bacon soon had Steve and Jane heading downstairs, Steve in his tee shirt and jeans, Jane in her silk pyjama top and cotton panties.

Lynn was wearing a japanese style kimono. She was putting the finishing touches to their hearty breakfasts, the three of them having worked up quite an appetite after their exhaustive sexual exploits of this morning and last night.
Steve walked up behind Lindi Loo, he placed his phone and wallet on the counter, patted her arse and reached his hands under her armpits, giving her tits a nice squeeze he told her. “That breakfast looks as gorgeous and edible as you two naughty little minxes”.

Lynn let out a contented sigh, welcoming the attention of his playful hands, she could feel his well endowed package pressing against the top of her arse.
Her mind flashed back a few days to their first meeting remembering the shock and indignation she felt when he had fondled her bottom and groped her breast, if she had managed to tell her husband like she intended, she would still be void of the amazing sexual contentment that now coursed through her well fucked body.
All her self doubts and feelings of betrayal by god that had tormented her in the following days until yesterday morning were now banished, her spirit and belief restored.

They were just finishing breakfast when Sandra knocked on the front door. Jane let her in and asked. “No Sarah, not like her to miss out on a chance to go shopping “.

“Thought it’d be best if she kept an eye on the boys, just in case they tried to burn the house down”. Laughed Sandra giving her niece a hug and a kiss. She instantly recognised that freshly fucked smell her sister had emitted yesterday.
“You’re looking positively radiant, i reckon my little niece isn’t so little anymore, is there anything you’d like to tell me”. Smirked Sandra.

Jane blushed, she was close to her aunt and could always talk to her about anything, even problems and stuff she’d never dream of talking to her mum about. “Is it that obvious, oh god, isn’t sex amazing. I love him so much “.

Sandra felt flushed with guilt as she recalled her first hand knowledge attesting to the fact that her hunk of a boyfriend was indeed amazing when it came to sex.

Sandra followed her niece into the kitchen and looking at her sister instantly knew she too had that recently fucked glow about her, she couldn’t wait to find out every sordid little detail, did he fuck them together, did he fuck them separately and Jane was still unaware her boyfriend was fucking her mum.

Sandra went weak at the knees as Steve pretended to greet Janes aunt for the first time. “Auntie Sandra i presume, i’m Steve, Janes boyfriend. It’s so nice to finally meet you “.
Steve gave her a friendly embrace and a kiss on the cheek.

“Lovely to meet you too, Jane’s told me so much about you, i feel like i know you already “. Sandra replied. The ‘I feel like i know you already’ bit not lost on Steve and Lynn.

Lynn embraced her sister, whispering “Naughty ” in her ear before greeting her with a kiss.

Jane announced. “I’m heading for a shower, if i’m not back down before you leave for the shops i’ll catch up with you when you get back home “.

Once Jane was out of the room Steve greeted Sandra properly. “Well Randi Sandi, it’s a pity you had to miss out on all the fun last night and this morning, i’m sure Lyndi Loo will fill you in with all the intimate details while you’re on your slutty shopping spree”.
Then added. “Shit, you look hot, it looks to me like you’ve dressed like that in the hope of getting fucked. What would you say Lyndi Loo, do you think your sister has come round here in that sexy dress and high heels hoping to get her cunt full of her nieces boyfriends big fat cock?”.

“I have to admit it did cross my mind “. Offered Lynn, knowing where this was heading.

Steve ignored Sandra and pulled Lyndi Loo into a passionate embrace, ravaging her eagerly receptive mouth.
Her daughters boyfriend pulled open her kimono, pulled his restricting jeans and boxers down to his knees and grabbing her arse cheeks lifted her clean off her feet, his bulbous helmet finding her wet aroused pussy entrance.

Again Sandra was treated to the sight of her sister getting fucked by her daughters boyfriend, but unlike yesterday her niece was only upstairs in the shower.
Sandra wondered if there would be sufficient time to get her turn, just seeing Steve again had made her nipples hard and her pussy wet for his beautiful big cock.
She didn’t have long to ponder her dilemma. Sandra watched her sister getting more vocal as she fucked back harder and harder at her young lovers pleasuring shaft, when all at once Steve lifted her of his glistening cock and sat her on the granite counter.

“Aaarrggghh fuuuuck, why did you stop you bastard, i was nearly there “. complained Lynn.

“Don’t worry, your sisters gonna finish you off while i fuck that poor neglected cunt of hers “. Said Steve as he reached out and manoeuvred Sandra so that she was between them facing her sister.

Steve unzipped, then slid the straps of her dress down and freed her big breasts from their restraining cups, he pushed the back of her head into her sisters lap, telling her.
“Time to eat pussy Randi Sandie”.

Steve watched as the big sister slid her arms under her younger sisters thighs, gripped her arse cheeks and continued what Steve had just started, her lips and tongue rekindling the pleasure that had been cruelly denied to her sister.

Sandra dutifully feasted on her sisters drenched cunt, the taste of her sweet nectar still tinged with the remnants of her cum and Steve’s salty deposits, confirming her thoughts that she had been freshly fucked earlier this morning.

Sandra excitedly braced herself as she felt her dress sliding up the back of her thighs, over her arse cheeks and coming to rest in the middle of her back.
Feeling him tugging her tiny thong down to her knees had her positively dripping with anticipation at the thought of having her quim filled and pounded with throbbing meat.

Steve easily entered her wet cunt and slowly buried his full thick length. Taking hold of her hips he told the sisters. “We ain’t got much time, this calls for fast and furious “.

All three of them knew it would break Janes heart if she she caught them fucking but at the same time it also ramped up their heightened state of arousel and accentuated their need to get their rocks off.

Steve reached for his phone and was soon filming as he fucked his girlfriends aunt for all he was worth, he wanted to send her on her shopping spree with a full load of his spunk inside her.
Sandra couldn’t believe the force and speed he was spearing his log of a cock into her begging cunt, driving her towards the blissful destination she needed. The feel and taste of her sisters pussy heightening the sensation as her face was repeatedly rammed home.

Lynn was both exhilarated and terrified in equal measure as her entwined hands pulled her sisters head forcing her mouth to eat her grinding pussy, freeing one hand she instinctively cupped one of her large breasts and fed it to herself sucking and chewing on her engorged, rock hard nipple, she even smiled for the camera, past caring to what ends his intended use for it would be.

Steve hoped Jane was still in the shower with the en suite and bedroom doors closed, the noise they were making could wake the dead.
Lyndi Loo was wailing like a coyote, the slapping noise between his pelvis and Randi Sandie’s arse could probably be heard in another postcode.

Steve was loving the experience of fucking Jane, her mother and aunt, he didn’t want this to end before it had run its full course.
His phone captured the amazing sight as Sandra started to tremble and scream obscenities into her sisters silencing pussy, Lynn was triggered into her own violent eruption, shaking and voicing her overwhelming pleasure. “Oh god, arrrgghhh fuuuck, keep meee cumming you dirty biiiiiitch, fuuuuuck”.

Steve felt his balls tighten and held himself deep inside Randi Sandi’s spasaming cunt, he moaned in victory as his spunk forced its way up his thick shaft and liberated itself through his jap eye, coating her insides with three big blasts.

“Aaarrggghh fuuuuuck, take that shopping with you, you dirty bitch………… fucking hell, that made me go weak at the knees, i love fucking the pair of you together”. Steve told them as he put his phone down.

It had been twenty minutes since Jane had headed for the shower and time was of the essence.
Steve reached past Lynn and grabbing the kitchen roll handed a few sheets to both women. Holding an absorbing sheet under Sandra’s dripping cunt and his buried meat, Steve slowly withdrew catching the ensuing waterfall as her undammed gapping cunt ejected its flooded contents.

Lynn cleaned her offending fanny juice and cum from her sisters face, Sandra returned the favour, mopping up her sister’s soaking wet pussy and the granite counter.
Steve helped Lynn off the worktop and both sisters automatically dropped to their knees and quickly set about removing the cheating evidence of of their snatched threesome from their lovers deflating cock.
They made short work of their labour of love and the three of them made themselves presentable.
Lynn and Sandra exchanged sheepish grins before Lynn took the cum soaked kitchen roll and headed off to her room to shower.

Steve handed Sandra a thousand pounds in fifties telling her. “I said it was my treat, i’m going to fuck the two of you together again at my flat on Monday, i want the pair of you to look so fucking hot that it makes my cock grow an extra inch”.

“Oh my, that’s so much money, are you sure?”. Gasped Sandra.

“Only the best for my two sexy, fuckable sisters. Silk is my favourite, ok, oh and don’t forget the dildo”. Steve told her.

“Okay, got it”. Said Sandra putting the money in her handbag, taking out her hairbrush and compact mirror to complete the task of making herself look like a woman that hadn’t just been fucked to a screaming orgasm.

Luckily for all of them, Jane was taking a lot more time making herself presentable these days, It would be a further fifteen minutes before she eventually reappeared.
In that time Steve had told Sandra more about his intentions to fuck her and her sister at his flat, he left out the bit about his plan to invite Rob to the private party and film every obscene act they would willingly be coerced into participating in.

Jane entered the kitchen looking gorgeous in skin tight ripped jeans, a matching ripped, tight fitting top and no bra, she was not too surprised to see Sandra still there.

“Hi, take it you’re waiting for mum, what’s she like, i thought i took ages getting sorted, what has she been doing that could take her longer than me “. Laughed Jane.

Both Steve and Sandra thought it best not to answer that question, if Jane was to ever watch Steve’s homemade porn film showing the reason for her mothers delay she would be crestfallen.
The trust she shared with auntie Sandra was in some ways even stronger than the trust she shared with her mother.

Sandra looked at her sexy niece, the family trait of big breasts, huge nipples and slim figure making her look so fuckable, she knew Steve would be all over her the minute the front door shut behind her shops bound mum and aunt.

“Look at my little niece all grown up, hope you’re going to behave yourself when me and your mum have gone “. Teased her aunt.

Jane blushed. “Auntie “.

“Don’t worry, i’ll take good care of her”. Grinned Steve, leaving both of them in no doubt that he intended to fuck her stupid while they were alone.

A further twenty minutes passed before a still fairly prim and proper looking Lynn came into the kitchen and announced. “Sorry about the delay, let’s go sis”.

They all said their goodbyes and Jane was relieved to finally be alone with her wonderful boyfriend knowing it would be at least four hours before they returned.

Steve was true to his word, within five minutes of Janes mum and aunt leaving he had stripped her and was fucking her in the same position he had just fucked her aunt.

Lynn and Sandra had made small talk on the way to lakeside shopping centre, they were still a bit embarrassed by yet again letting Steve coerce them into committing a perverse sexual act.

Sandra took charge of their choice of lingerie and clothing and despite Lynn’s frequent shocked objections of. “Good lord, i couldn’t possibly wear that”.
With Sandra assuring her. “Yes you can, trust me, you’ll look soooo fuckable”.

Once they had bought a few sexy outfits they decided to have a coffee break. It’s surprising what effect a bit of retail therapy can have on women and the conversation soon turned to the love tryst they were embroiled in.

“While you were showering Steve told me he was going to get us both round his flat on Monday. He intends to fuck us both stupid while Jane’s at college”. Sandra told her sister.

“Oh my, really. I wish i had the willpower to resist his advances, i hate cheating on Jane behind her back but since he seduced me yesterday morning i’ve craved the sexual attention he’s shown me. He’s unlocked feelings i never knew existed until he used his charm and that magnificent cock on me”. Confided Lynn.

“He’s certainly a dirty fucker, i could tell just by looking at you and Jane that you had both been freshly fucked this morning. Remember, no secrets between sisters, spill the beans sis”. Egged on Sandra.

Lynn told her sister the whole story from the moment Steve had grabbed her bottom to the threesome she had shared with her daughter this morning.
When it came to the parts of incest between her and Jane, Lynn could not look into her sisters eyes, looking down at her coffee she embarrassingly confessed every intimate detail.

“Wow, just listening to you has got me horny, i’m positively dripping, he really is one dirty, horny fucker.
I can’t wait for Monday and a seriously good seeing to. As good as the quickie this morning was, there’s nothing like a long unhurried fuck and a dozen orgasm’s to make you glow all week long “. Laughed Sandra.

“Alleluia to that…….On a serious note, are you still on the pill like me? With the amount of semen he’s pumping up us you would be pregnant in no time if you wasn’t taking precautions “. Asked a concerned Lynn.

Sandra giggled. “I’ve never seen so much semen, he cums like a whale spouting out of its blow hole “. Adding “Yeah, luckily i’ve stayed on it more out of habit than necessity. I hadn’t been fucked since that cheating bastard husband of mine started shagging that bimbo bitch from his office. I kept taking the pill in case he came back or i got lucky”.

“Well judging by the look on your face yesterday and this morning i’d say you definitely got lucky “. Lynn said,

When they both stopped laughing Sandra said. “I think we should double our efforts shopping for something that will get him so excited he’ll cum like a water cannon”.

Steve had fucked Jane all over the house. He was now fucking her from behind as she was bent over the banisters on the upstairs landing, her tits were swinging free in time to the pounding her juiced up cunt was receiving.
Jane was worried he would fuck her right through the flexing banister and send them both crashing to the floor below.

They had been fucking for two hours straight and Jane had lost count of the amount of times he had brought her to climax, she thought how wonderful it was to have his undivided attention again. Her battered pussy was building to yet another orgasm, when he took his hands from her hips and used one to pull her hair while reaching through the banister to pinch her right nipple hard.
She was instantly catapulted to ecstasy.

“Aaaargghhh fuuuuuck, i’m cummming soooo much, i loooove yooou”. Jane told Steve in the grip of yet another all consuming orgasm.

“That’s it bitch, keep cumming on my cock, when you’ve finished whimpering i’m gonna fuck that tight arsehole of yours.
Reach back and pull them sweet cheeks apart, show me that little shithole that’s about to get violated you dirty fucking slag”. Ordered Steve.

Jane did as ordered, lapping up the verbal abuse in her orgasmic state, responding with her own sordid thoughts. ” Fuck yeah, give this slut a good arse fucking, fill your dirty girlfriends shithole with that big fat throbbing cock, rip my arse apart you dirty arse fucker, rape my arse”.

Steve exited her froth filled cunt and temporarily releasing her nipple aimed he’s bloated helmet at her exposed ring piece.
Her now educated, elastic sphincter popping open without to much resistance to welcome his big fat, anal intruder into its depths.
Reclaiming her nipple and pulling hard on her hair Steve was soon inflicting her cute arse to a severe battering.

Sandra and Lynn had twice returned to the car to offload the bags and boxes they had accumulated. With £300 still to lavish on themselves Sandra suggested they make their final stop a visit to the sex shop.

Lynn’s mouth fell open and she turned half a dozen shades of bright red. “I couldn’t go inside one of those shops, i have to go to church tomorrow, i’ll be struck down by a bolt of lightning “.

“After what you told me earlier i think visiting a sex shop would be at the bottom of the list that requires the big fella in the sky to unleash one of his lightning bolts “. Teased Sandra.

Still blushing, Lynn allowed herself to be led by the arm into the Ann Summers sex shop. As they browsed through the shelve laden isles her blushes turned to shock.
They had entered the sex toy section and Lynn never knew such toys existed let alone seen any so close up and personal. “Oh sweet Jesus, do people actually use such things “.

“You’d be surprised, i bet half the congregation at your church own a few choice items “. Laughed Sandra.

“I hope not, i could never look them in the eye again “. Said Lynn frowning.

” I can see i need to cure you of your prudish insecurities, after your sexual exploits these last few days this experience should be a doddle “. Sandra assured her little sister.

“I’m not so sure about that, i mean, god, look at the size of some them, Steve has the biggest cock i’ve ever seen, well, i’ve only ever seen two but some of these are twice the size and girth of even his magnificent penis”. Said Lynn looking incredulously at the range of giant rubber dildos on display.

They carried on exploring what the shop had to offer. Sandra picked out a tight latex nurses uniform shortly followed by a maids outfit.
Sandra burst out laughing, picking out her final pick and telling her sister. “This is right up your street, you could have worn it last week in all innocence, unlike the filthy, cheating slut you’ll be when Steve’s fucking the shit out of your arse when you wear it for him Monday “.

“SANDRA…….. That’s blasphemy, you’re so naughty…….Although i have always fantasied about being a nun. Oh god, i’m going straight to hell “. Said Lynn excited and shocked in equal amounts.

Sandra then spotted the perfect gift for Steve before leading her sister back to the toy section. Picking out a lifelike ten inch flesh coloured dildo, resplendent with a bulbous helmet and thick veined shaft.
Handing the items and the cash to Lynn telling her. “Time to exorcise your demons sis, the tills are that way “.

” No, no, i can’t, i will die with the shame, please you go”. Protested Lynn.

Pulling her phone out of her handbag and starting to film her pleading sister, Sandra told Lynn, ” Steve’s instructions not mine, off you pop, i’ll be right behind you “.

Lynn headed slowly towards the cash till shaking with fear while cursing her sister and Daughters boyfriend.
Sandra filmed her sisters humiliation as she placed the articles on the counter for the twenty something male assistant to process as he smiled smugly at her purchases.
The look on Lynn’s face as she placed the dildo on the counter was priceless, Sandra captured every squirming moment of her sisters ordeal.

Lynn paid up and mumbled her thanks before desperately heading for the exit.

Once a safe distance from the sex shop a flustered Lynn expressed her relief to her sister. “Oh my god, i’ve never been so embarrassed in all my life, you can carry these bags, i need a drink”.

Finding a secluded seat at a bar/restaurant they ordered a light lunch and glass of wine each.
Both women were discussing their days purchases when it suddenly occurred to Lynn. “Where are we going to hid everything we’ve bought “.

“I won’t be able to keep much of it at mine, Sarah is a right nosy cow, she’s always wanting to borrow something from my wardrobe or chest of drawers”. Said Sandra, leaving the burden on Lynn.

“What if Mark finds them or Jane”. Retaliated Lynn.

“Oh come off it, Mark wouldn’t be able to find them if you were wearing them “. Scoffed Sandra. “As for Jane, since when have you ever had a single item of clothing that she’d be interested in wearing “.

“I suppose you’re right “. Lynn conceded begrudgingly. “But you’re going to have to help me smuggle most of it in without Jane seeing. She’s bound to want to see what i’ve bought and apart from a couple of dresses, underwear and shoes there’s no way i want her seeing the rest”.

“I’m sure we’ll manage something”. Offered Sandra. “Now can we please get going, i want to get home while i’ve still got one, god knows what the three of them are up too”.

Steve was on the brink, his cock was getting sore, his balls were bright red and aching.
He needed to cum and recover, letting Jane know he was close, saying. “Nearly there babe, fuck that beautiful tiny arse back on my cock, make me cum you dirty slut, cum with me as i fill your tight shitter full of spunk, aaaarrrggghhh fuuuuck, shiiiit, cuuumming, aaarrrggghhh…….”.

Feeling his pulsing cock spurting the contents of his aching scrotem into her clinging rectum instantly had her matching the force of his release . “Oh god so powerful, sooo fuucking goood, sooo beautiful, aaaaaaaaaawwwww fuuuuuuck”.

The pair slowly came back to earth, Steve’s spent cock falling out of his girlfriends bum along with their fluids that freely ran down both her closed thighs.
Free from her boyfriends grip Jane turned to kiss him, then aided by their sweating, slippery bodies, slid down onto her knees to clean his mess of a deflated cock.
It was an act of love, a thank you to him for the many orgasms and contented glow he had bestowed on her.

Janes soft mouth was soothing, even for him the amount of fucking he’d done lately was excessive. When Jane was done Steve helped her to her unsteady feet telling her. “Wow babe, i’m totally fucked in every sense of the word.
Let’s have a nice bath and long afternoon nap”.

“Mmmmmnnnnnnn, sounds perfect”. Purred Jane.

Jane lent back against her wonderful boyfriends chest, both soothed by the hot suds. The closest they came to sexual excitement was Steve cleaning her big, sud covered slippery tits and still huge nipples.
Jane returning the favour, reaching behind her to clean his beautiful flaccid penis.

When Lynn and Sandra returned they found the house was quiet and seemed empty.
Taking advantage of the situation both sisters carried their shopping up to Lynn’s bedroom, both doing their best to hide the saucier items of clothing behind her normal frumpy attire.
That just left them to come up with a hiding place for the dildo.
Inside one of Lynn’s hat boxes on the top shelf of her wardrobe seemed as secret a place as anywhere.

Their covert mission completed, they left Lynn’s bedroom giggling like a couple of schoolgirls and then quietly tip toeing to Janes bedroom door, putting her previous nights experience to good use Lynn listened at her daughters door before carefully opening it just wide enough to peep round.

It made a change to spy on her daughter and Steve and not see them fucking like rabbits, they were cuddled up and sleeping soundly. Sandra took her turn to spy before they both went downstairs.

” Poor luvs, they must have worn each other out “. Said Lynn.

“Wouldn’t be surprised if he slept for a week with the amount of shagging he’s down lately, don’t fuck him too much before it’s my turn on Monday”. Laughed Sandra.

“Can’t promise that, if that dirty fucker wants me, i won’t be able to refuse. From now on i intend to get all the cock he can give me, i’ve got a lot of catching up to do “. Teased Lynn.

“All right, don’t rub it in. I’m off now, back to my house with no man to satisfy me, i’ll just have to try and satisfy myself if i get too lonely “.
Sighed Sandra.

The sisters kissed and said their goodbyes.

“I’ll drop Tom back about six tomorrow evening “. Were Sandra’s parting words.

Lynn thought about stripping off her clothes and sneaking into bed with her daughter and boyfriend but didn’t want to push her luck, she was sure it wouldn’t be too long before her pussy was full of his magnificent pleasuring penis. For now a cup of coffee and her book would have to suffice.

Steve was the first to wake and carefully left the bed without disturbing Jane. His first thought was how sore his cock was and his balls ached, he still had about twenty four hours until Tom would return, curtailing his opportunity to fuck his mum and sister together.
He would have to take it easy if he didn’t want to end up in the A&E department at the local hospital. He also wanted to be fully match fit for his planned foursome he’d arranged for Monday at his flat.

Steve put on his boxers to give his tackle some comforting support and made his way to the kitchen for a cup of tea.

“Hello you, how did your shopping spree go?”. He asked Lynn.

“Well, it was certainly an education. Sandra said it was your idea to make me buy the big rubber willy. Thanks for that, i’ve never felt so embarrassed and humiliated in my life”. Scowled Lynn before bursting out laughing on seeing the funny side of her ordeal.

“No need to thank me, it’s all part of your liberating education “. Laughed Steve, then added, “so what did you buy?”.

“We bought some lovely dresses, lingerie and shoes. You’ll have to wait until Monday to find out what else we bought but i’m sure you will approve, you dirty fucker”. Teased Lynn.

” You’re really starting to come out of your shell Lyndi Loo, it’s amazing how getting a proper fucking on a regular basis has transformed you”. Smiled Steve cupping her big heavy breasts and giving them a playful juggle.

Lynn returned the favour, taking hold of his meaty package through his boxers and giving it a playful squeeze said. “Yes it has, now you’ve started you better not stop you motherfucker”. Beamed Lynn.

Steve gave Lynn’s nipples a cheeky tweak then backed off and headed for the kettle, they were shortly joined by Jane and the three of them moved to the lounge to chat and relax.

Despite Jane and Lynn’s frequent innuendos Steve decided to keep them waiting like bitches on heat, he needed time to recover. Knowing he would have all night to fuck the pair of them, he asked. “How about instead of trying to fight you two dirty sluts off all evening, i take you both out for dinner. It will give you both a chance to dress up in some of the new clothes you’ve been buying lately “.

They both thought it would be very romantic and readily agreed. “Oh yes please “. They both said at the same time like a pair of intuitive twins.

“Well off you go and get ready, let’s see which one of you can get me the hardest. I’ll book the restaurant “. Smiled Steve.

It was like a red rag to a bull, mother and daughter would be going all out to compete for their lovers approval.

Now alone Steve booked a table for 7.30 at his favourite Italian restaurant, then stretched out on the sofa to relax and think of all the permutations he wanted to fuck them in tonight.
He knew he could chill for at least another hour before he headed for a shower and changed into some fresh clothes he’d brought with him last night.

Ninety minutes later both mother and daughter entered the lounge having coordinated their return so neither gained an unfair advantage.

“Fuck me, how hot do you two look. You’re gonna turn some heads in the restaurant later”. Praised Steve.

Jane was wearing a pair of very tight black leather trousers, pink stilettos and matching pink, silk blouse, knotted just below her bra less breasts to the same devastating effect of her previous nights schoolgirl top.
Her hair and makeup again in the same immaculate fashion of the night before.

Lynn had forced herself to heed her older sisters advice, knowing she would have to overcome her natural prudishness if she had any chance of competing with her daughter over half her age.

She had chosen a white, see through cheesecloth dress that stopped a few inches above her knees, its shoulder straps plunging to reveal her beautiful cleavage created by her large breasts struggling to fit into a black strapless, half cup, silk bra.
The back of her dress revealing her stylish silver bra clasp, two inches of arse cleavage and the top of her tiny matching black silk thong.
Her outfit was further enhanced by hold up black stockings and black four inch stilettos.
Immaculate hair and makeup completing her stunning look. If her husband and church friends could see her astonishing transformation they would have fainted on the spot.

“Wow mum, you look so sexy and beautiful, getting a good fucking is really bringing out that sex siren you’ve kept locked away all those years, i hardly recognised you “. Said Jane admiringly.

“Well a good seeing too certainly helps but i’m not altogether sure i have the body or nerve to pull off the ‘desirable housewife’ look”. Said Lynn, still uncomfortable in her new found sexuality and wardrobe .

“Trust me Lyndi Loo, your every bit as hot and fuckable as your teenage daughter, you just need to have a bit of faith in yourself, don’t save it all for the big boss in the sky”. Steve assured her.

“Steve’s right mum, you need to start enjoying showing off that gorgeous figure, not be ashamed or embarrassed by it. That saying
‘use it or lose it’ applies to you. It’s been lost for far too long, now it’s time to use it “. Laughed Jane.

“We better get going before i have to rape you both right now. Fuck, it’s gonna be torture holding out until we get back here my gorgeous fucking sluts. Come on let’s go”. Ordered Steve, he was aware he needed a few more hours to let his cock and balls recover.

Despite her new found confidence and her daughter and Steve’s encouraging words Lynn felt the trepidation growing as they pulled into the restaurants car park.
Lynn had the feeling of being almost naked and exposed as she exited the concealment of Steve’s X5 and entered the busy restaurant, the walk to their table resembled the walk to the checkout at the sex shop earlier.

Steve and Jane’s feelings were the complete opposite to Lynn’s, both revelling in the looks they received by the staff and customers.
Jane proud of her hunky boyfriend and sexy mother.
Steve thinking ‘ that’s right you sad, boring bastards, i’m smashing the granny out of these two hot sluts’.

As the meal progressed Lynn’s self conscious fears subsided, she even managed a trip to the toilet adding a little shimmy to her walk, she used her imagined images of being fucked senseless later to allay her years of prudish thinking.

Steve had limited himself to a couple of small beers, due to the fact he was driving, while encouraging both women to freely drink the champagne he’d ordered.
By the end of the lovely meal they had consumed two bottles between them, not fully appreciating it’s full effect until the fresh, cool night air hit them on the short walk back to the car.

Once inside they were both having giggling fits and sharing their thoughts with Steve as he started the twenty minute drive to their house.

“Mum, i think we should let Steve drop us home, give him a good night kiss and wave him goodbye “. Sniggered Jane.

“Yes, no point inviting him in, he’s a rubbish fuck, he couldn’t satisfy a gerbil with that tiny dick of his “. Said Lynn in her best disappointed voice.

Jane added. “Besides we can pleasure each other now, might as well cut out the dead wood. It’s not as though he’s even good looking to make up for that needle dick”.

“Perhaps we should let him watch, after all he did just treat us to a lovely meal at an expensive restaurant “. Teased Lynn.

“I suppose…… We could strip him naked and tie his hands to your beds headboard then put on a sexy show for him out of pity. I doubt if he’s ever had much in the way of excitement in his boringly dull life”. Teased Jane.

Steve was loving their champagne fuelled teasing. He was content to remain silent and drive knowing that in their intoxicated horny state he would receive the fuck of his life as mother and daughter unleashed all their uninhibited desires on him.

Jane was in the front with Steve and asked her mum. “Can you lean through the middle and give my itching tits a nice scratch mum”.

“Of course, if it wasn’t for your skin tight trousers i’d give your itching pussy a scratch too”. Said Lynn unbuckling her seat belt, leaning through the gap between the front seats she reached out and began lightly scratching her daughters silk covered breasts.

Janes already huge hard nipples seemed to double in size as her mothers fingernails grazed repeatedly across them.

Steve kept glancing over at his whimpering girlfriends heaving tits as they lapped up the attention from her tipsy mother.

By the time Steve pulled into their driveway Lynn had both her arms over the front seat, her hands treating her daughters breasts and nipples in the same rough fashion that Steve had treated Janes, Sandra’s and her own to amazing effect.

For the first time Jane exploded into orgasm on the strength of having just her tits alone pleasured. “Aarrgghh fuck i’m cumming, ooohhh mum keep pinching my nippleeeeeess, aaaaaahhhh Jeeesuuus”.

Steve was amazed at the sight he could now witness properly, his girlfriend in ecstasy as her mother pinched the big, fat nipples poking through her daughters pink, silk blouse.
‘Perhaps they were right, they didn’t need me to satisfy their lust’ he chuckled to himself. He couldn’t wait to fuck the shit out of the dirty drunken sluts.

The tipsy pair stumbled in and headed straight for Lynn’s bedroom, Steve so fucking horny as he followed them up the stairs on three legs.

Once inside Jane proclaimed. “Right big boy, we’re going to strip you naked and tie those wandering hands of yours to the bed.
That should keep you out of mischief and stop you interfering with our show “.

They soon had him stripped and found it highly amusing as they tied his wrists to the headboard with a couple of Marks favourite silk ties. They found it even more amusing as they took turns to gently slap his huge throbbing erection and watch it spring from side to side like a metronome.

“I don’t know why it’s so excited mum, it’s not invited to the party “. Teased Jane.

“I think we should show it and it’s owner what it’s missing, don’t you Jane”. Said Lynn looking at her daughter with lust in her eyes.

Steve watched mesmerised as Jane stood behind her mother, reached her hands between her mums arms and body, gently she cupped her mothers ample breasts through her dress and bra stating. “It’s only fair i repay the pleasure you gave me in Steve’s car, don’t you think “.

Lynn already whimpering softly, managed a panting. “God, yes please “. In response.

Jane released her mothers heaving tits and slowly teased the straps off her shoulders, the two top halves of her scantily clad, cheesecloth dress falling past her hips as they slid free of her arms.

Steve couldn’t help thinking how stunning her magnificent breasts looked now they were showcased in her new, black silk, half cup bra as opposed to the heavy duty monstrosities she’d worn up until now.

Jane went back to work on her mother, teasing out just enough breast flesh from their cups to expose her over excited nipples. Latching an index finger and thumb to each Jane gently rolled and tugged both rock hard rubbery teats sending her mother into raptures.

Looking into her boyfriends vouering eyes, Jane told him. “You taught me well my lover, look at the horny bitch moan. I bet her pussy’s leaking like a tap with no washer, shall i find out?”.

For the first time in a long while Steve was at a loss for words, totally captivated by his girlfriends sexy seduction of her mother.
He was only able to nod which was enough to encourage Janes hand to slowly inch down her mothers flat stomach and creep inside the bottom half of mummies transparent dress.

Steve could see her hand as it edged closer to the thin strip of black silk that masqueraded as protection to Lyndi Loo’s leaking honey pot.

Jane used four fingers to lightly smack her mums silk covered mons several times. All three heard a noise that resembled a small child wearing wellington boots jumping up and down in a puddle.

As Lynn cried out in pleasure and increased the sticky flow, Jane voiced her surprise. “Fuck mum, at the rate you’re leaking we’ll have to untie Steve so he can build an ark”. Adding. “I better get you out of that new dress before you ruin it”.

The bottom half of Lynn’s dress was only held in place by its own stretchy nature, with only the gentlest of tugs it was quickly in a heap around her stilettos. Lynn stepped out of it and Jane retrieved it, folding it neatly over the back of a chair.

Jane sat on the edge of the bed, taking a firm grip of her boyfriends thick shaft she gently wanked him saying. “How sexy does my mum look, she’s so fuckable wearing her new sexy lingerie. I better take off her wet thong, wouldn’t want her to catch a cold”.

Jane released Steve’s cock, gave it playful slap, then rejoined her mother. Kneeling in front of her Jane slowly peeled off the drenched thong then lent in and briefly licked up the excess juice that had found its way onto Lynn’s inner thighs before moving up to lap at her dripping cunt lips for a few seconds.

Lynn was loving the attention her daughter was lavishing on her “Oh sweet Jesus, that beautiful tongue and soft lips “.

Jane rejoined her boyfriend and teased his throbbing erection with her mum’s thong for a minute before moving up to his face and ordering him. “Open wide, it’s time for me to return the favour of the other night. I can’t have you making a noise and interrupting as i make Lyndi Loo cum on my face can i”.

Steve dutifully opened wide and was treated to the sweet tasting gag, thinking how the tables had been turned on him, remembering stuffing her mothers soiled panties into her mouth before fucking her in front of her sleeping parents and loving it.

Even though it was only a fraction of the size of her mums panties that Steve had used to silence her she wedged the silk thong playfully into her boyfriends mouth and kissed him passionately.
They both tasted Lyndi Loo’s nectar that had permeated into the thong from her sodden cunt.

Jane broke the kiss, then teased her boyfriend, telling him. “Why should i settle with sharing second hand nectar with you when i can drink my fill straight from the source “.

Jane reached out for her mums hand pulling her mother onto the foot of the bed, guiding her so that she was kneeling upright facing her boyfriend. Again Jane positioned herself behind her mother and reaching round fully freed her spectacular tits from their hiding place.
“Well big boy, do you want me to remove her sexy bra so i can play with them without getting tangled up ?”. Asked Jane as she seductively juggled her mothers syrupy mounds.

“Oh yeah”. Mumbled Steve, the gag not big enough to make him incoherent.

Giving her mums tits a few slaps into each other before letting them fall, Jane used both hands to release the clasp. Teasing both Steve and her mothers tits with the bra before pulling it clear and throwing it at her boyfriends head, both women watching it come to rest on his shoulder.

Resuming the sexual assault on her mothers large heaving breasts and juicy fat nipples soon had Lynn wailing like a banshee, her cunt visibly dripping onto her quilt cover.

Steve saw Jane lay flat on her back and witnessed her head appear between her mothers silk clad thighs, her tongue extending until contact was made with her mums dripping vulva. Jane’s mouth voraciously attacked, lapping every available drop produced by the over excited cunt clamped onto her face.

Lyndi Loo was writhing in ecstasy and couldn’t resist leaning forward onto Steve’s thighs and sucking his defenceless cock until she lost control and gushed her cum into her daughters struggling to swallow mouth.

Once her mums climax subsided, Jane extracted herself, then pulled her mothers mouth off of her boyfriends erection, telling her.
” Naughty mummy, you know his cock is out of bounds for now, but i know what part of his body isn’t “.

Jane edged her mum forward until she was positioned over one of Steve’s feet, ordering her. “Time to squat down on big boys toes mum”. Adding. “Well my sexy boyfriend, if you can satisfy my beautiful mum’s hot cunt we might reward you for your efforts “.

Steve’s toes were soon embedded in Lyndi Loo’s sloppy excuse of a pussy as it hungrily ground down demanding satisfaction.

Jane moved up beside her boyfriends head and thrust out her impressive chest within teasing range of his mouth, her over excited nipples causing the one remaining fastened button to strain to breaking point.

Very slowly she untied the knot of her pink silk blouse that had been responsible for keeping her bra less tit’s from escaping . All the while Steve was straining in vain as he tried to gather a rock hard nipple between his teeth.

The knot delt with, Jane used her forearms to press in her tits releaving the strain on her button before completing the task, freeing
her amazing assets Jane flopped them from side to side, giving her boyfriends face a slapping, then teasingly cupping them she slapped them together a few times before lifting them one at a time to bite on her massive granite like nipples, then telling him. “That’s all you get for now, you’ve got to earn our sexual favours dirty boy “. Adding. ” I need help getting out of these tight leather trousers and seeing as how your hands are out of commission i’ll just have to let Lyndi Loo do it instead “.

Jane removed her silk blouse then moved beside her mother, holding her head for support, Steve watched enthralled as Lyndi Loo struggled with the button and zip while trying to continue to fuck his by now half buried foot.

After a few minutes struggle, between the both them they managed to remove them leaving Jane naked except for a frilly pair of pink french knickers that barely covered three quarters of her cute arse cheeks.
The front and crutch was drenched, in large part due to the orgasm she’d had in Steve’s car a short while ago and the lustful state she continued to find herself in.

Lynn soon had her daughter naked and Jane took her knickers, telling her boyfriend. “Time for a fresh gag, the flavour must have been sucked out of mums tiny thong by now and besides these are a more appropriate size to do the job properly, open wide”.

Steve obliged and was soon tasting Jane’s sweet, nectar soaked knickers. Jane kissed his smiling lips then made her way down his unoccupied leg giving his cock another smack on her journey.
Squatting over his foot, Jane centred her dripping cunt on his toes and slowly worked them inside, then preceded to use them to fuck herself while she turned to her mother telling her. “Don’t you dare cum until i’ve caught up, you dirty slut”.

“Can’t promise, my fannies on fire, but i can help you “. Said Lynn leaning towards Jane, cupping her tit’s she began chewing on each nipple in turn.

Both were soon on the verge of cumming, Steve wiggling his feet as he watched Lyndi Loo move her head up to kiss her daughters moaning lips and both his horny sluts pinching each other’s nipples hard before succumbing to the inevitable release they had both been desperate to achieve.

Both loudly swapping obscenities into each other’s mouths then slowly coming back to earth with satisfied grins on their faces.

Jane was first to speak. “I don’t know about you but as nice as the sex has been i need some proper cock in my pussy, i’m going to sit on it, you can sit on his face and untie his hands, i think he’s suffered enough, don’t you?”.

“Oh god yes, but i think we should suck the mess we’ve made off his toes first “. Answered her mother.

Steve overcame his ticklish feet, resisting the urge to squirm as mother and daughter daughter set about the task in hand with great relish.
He noticed they automatically swapped feet without a word being said between them, they obviously got a sexual kick from feasting on taboo nectar.
Once their clean up operation was complete Lynn declared. “I need my pussy pounded by that dirty bastard, boyfriend of yours, ride him fast so i get my turn quickly, i want that beautiful, full to the brim feeling only that big fat, donkey cock of his can provide “. replied Lynn.

Mother and daughter were soon in position, seeking the gratification their demanding cunts coveted. Lyndi Loo dutifully removing his gag then untied his hands as she ground her pussy onto his empty mouth.

Finally free Steve reached up and played with Lyndi Loo’s tits.
Knowing they would soon be cumming Steve bidded his time, thinking about the payback they were due for all the teasing they had subjected him to.

Jane lent forward, reached round her mum and pushing Steve’s hands off gripped hold of her big melons for support while riding her boyfriends cock for all she was worth.

The additional sensation of her daughters hands squeezing her breasts saw her over the finishing line first. “Ooooh god, soooooo nice, beautifuuuul tongueeeee, aaaarrrggggg fuuuuuuck”. Moaned Lyndi Loo.

Jane was a close second, getting to the bottom of her downward thrust she held his pleasuring penis deep inside and ground hard onto his pubic bone, gushing her fluids as her orgasm overwhelmed her. “Fuuuuuuck, soooo fucking gooood, mmmmnnnnnn i love your gorgeous cock”.

Steve untangled himself from their sweat covered, panting bodies and got off the bed telling them. “Right my little sluts, time to dance to my tune. Jane i’m gonna fuck your mum and your gonna film it. You must have a family camcorder right?”.

“Er yeah, you really want me to film you fucking my mother, why?”. Gasped Jane.

” Because your both so fucking hot. You’re getting filmed too, i want to be able to film the way the three of us fuck tonight so that sometime in the future i can watch it to remind me it wasn’t a dream. Do you have a problem with that?”. Demanded Steve.

Lyndi Loo hardly batted an eyelid, she was becoming quite the porn star, used to him using his iphone to film parts of her threesomes with her sister, unaware he’d filmed her a couple of times without her knowledge.

Jane on the other hand was quite shocked, even in her tipsy state the thought of being filmed having sex with her boyfriend let alone a threesome involving her own mother frightened her. “Mum, are you okay with this?”.

A giggling Lynn mocking her daughter replied. “I thought i was meant to be the prudish one, it’s only a bit of harmless fun. Come on Jane, it’s not as if we’re going to be showing it to the rest of the family after christmas dinner “.

Jane looked from one to the other open mouthed in surprise at her mothers lack of opposition to what amounted to agreeing to make an x rated porn film.

Steve snapped her out of her stunned trance. “Come on Janie, you heard your mother, go get the camcorder. I can see your mum is gonna be a better actress than you. Hurry up, my cock wants to be balls deep in wet cunt, don’t make us start without you “.

Jane felt her competitive jealousy rise. ‘no way is my mum going to out do me’. Were Janes thoughts and with the help of a playful smack on her bottom from Steve she headed for the kitchen cupboard to retrieve the family camcorder.

Steve was feeling pleased with himself having coerced his girlfriend into agreeing to some homemade porn courtesy of her mothers submissive nature and Janes need to compete for his attention now her mother was part of their sexual deal.

He decided to push Jane further, knowing she performed her best when jealous. When Jane returned, camcorder in hand she was confronted with her mum on her stockinged knees, her throat full of Steve’s throbbing meat.

“About time, i couldn’t wait, now fire that thing up and film my bollocks banging against your mums chin”. Said steve.

Jane complied and soon found herself sexually invigorated and empowered as she viewed her boyfriend face fucking her mother through the camera lens.

Lyndi Loo was surpassing herself and desperate to impress, after some initial gagging she had finally managed to accommodate the full eight inches of his fat prick past her tonsils.

Jane had quickly cured herself of her reluctance and started to offer direction to the two porn stars. “Way to go mum, swallow that cock. That’s it Steve, fuck her throat hard, make your beautiful, big balls slap her chin. Fuck, it looks so hot through the camera, lay her on the bed, i want to film you fucking that leaking, bald cunt of hers “.

Her wish was soon granted. Steve had her mum on the bed, arse overhanging the edge, her silk covered legs over his shoulders, his thick shaft and bulbous helmet pounding in and out of her bald pussy.

Jane moved in for a closeup, mesmerised as her mothers puffy pussy lips stretched to accommodate his formidable shaft, her succulent, wet cunt lips forced to cling to the invading cock on each retreat.

“Oh god, don’t stop, fuck my tight cunt you bastard, harder, harder “. Begged Lyndi Loo.

“That’s right, film that begging bitch, mum of yours as i fuck her senseless. Put your hands above your head slut, i want your daughter to film her mothers massive tits as they wobble like two giant jellies with big strawberries stuck in the middle “. Ordered Steve.

Lyndi Loo stretched her arms above her head, knotted her hands in the quilt as she writhed and moaned , demanding to be fucked hard to orgasm. “Fuck me, fuck me, make me cum you dirty fucker”.

Jane captured every bit of her mothers impressive, rampaging tits, every powerful thrust of her boyfriends big, fat cock, every begging obscenity that escaped her lips until finally every closeup second of her mothers face as it flushed bright red and screamed through a massive climax.

“Ooooooh god, ooooooooohhhh Jesus, fuuuuuuuuuck, cuuuuuummming soooooooo muuuuuuuuuch, sweeeet moooother of Mary, shiiiiiiiiiiit”. Screamed Lyndi Loo, lost in her bliss.

As Lynn’s powerful orgasm subsided Steve told Jane. “Hand me the camcorder, i’ve got other plans for you”.

Steve took the camcorder in his left hand and started filming as he guided his girlfriends to her knees, his other hand gently pushing down on the top her head.
He then instructed her mother. “Lyndi Loo, pull your knees onto those gorgeous fucking tits of yours. I want a clear view so i can film your daughter cleaning up the mess you’ve made of your pussy and my cock.
When i pull my cock out she’s gonna have to be quick if she doesn’t want to spill a drop of sweet nectar “.

Jane eagerly wedged her mouth onto the joining flesh of boyfriends cock and mothers perineum, sucking frantically as her boyfriend slowly extracted his glistening meat.
Steve captured the amazing moment his bulbous helmet popped free, dragging a glistening snail trail across her lips, nose and forehead and Lyndi Loo’s undammed cunt spewed her free flowing love juice out of her pussy lips flooding over Her daughters bottom lip, filling her mouth.
Once the flood had abated Jane opened her mouth wider and proudly showed her boyfriend her prize.

“Don’t swallow you dirty slut, l’ve got a good use for that “. Steve told her.

Grabbing a handful of her hair he filmed as he pushed a couple of inches of cock past her lips and splashed about in the puddle her mother had deposited.
He let go of her hair and gripped the base of his sticky shaft, withdrawing his helmet he proceeded to wipe and slap her mothers cum juice all over her face. Dipping it back into her mouth several times as he repeated the process until her face was a sticky glistening mess.

“Now eat your mothers mucky cunt while i fuck your cunt and arsehole you dirty bitch”. Ordered Steve.

Jane returned her mouth to her mothers exposed gaping cunt and eagerly feasted as she enticingly wiggled her backside at her boyfriend.

Steve wasted no time spearing her wet paradise, he filmed the performance in front of him, Lyndi Loo moaned as she held her stocking clad thighs onto the sides of her tits, willingly allowing her feasting daughter full access to her greedy pussy.
Jane making even more of a mess of her face as she slurped from the very place she had been pushed out of seventeen years ago, her face being bumped into her mother’s wet fanny every time he cannoned his pelvis into the firm flesh of her pert bottom.

“Reach back and offer me your arsehole, i’m gonna sodomise that tight shitter of yours and once you cum it’ll be mummy’s turn to get arse fucked”. Said Steve, informing them both of his intentions.

Jane complied, pulling her arse cheeks apart and letting an inch of her index finger enter her about to be fucked rust tunnel.

Steve redoubled his efforts, powerfully fucking his muff eating, arse fingering girlfriend until two minutes later the inevitable happened. Jane screamed a loud long “Fuuuuuuuuuuck” into her her mums wet sloppy cunt and shook uncontrollably as her orgasm scythed her down.
For the first time in ages Lyndi Loo didn’t follow suit. As much as her daughters climax upped her pleasure, it just fell short of tipping her over the edge, it didn’t bother her, she knew she was close and it would only be a matter of time before she would be gushing in pleasure into her daughters soft, tender mouth.

Steve filmed his girlfriends cavernous cunt splash it’s contents onto her parents bedroom carpet as he exited. Bending down he spat a mouthful of saliva covering the finger that was buried up her tight anus.
Steve gripped her wrist, telling her. “Push two fingers together, i’m gonna help you loosen up your soon to be fucked bum hole”.

Steve was soon using Janes two fingers like a dildo, thrusting them in and out of her rubbery sphincter as he set about preparing her. After a minute he stopped and placed her hand back on her arse cheek.

“Time to bite down on your mothers minge to ease the pain, i’m gonna sodomise you pair of dirty, shit cunts, starting with you. Got it “. He told Jane.

“Got it “. Answered Jane, before clamping her mouth as tightly onto her mothers pussy as possible without biting her.

“Sodomise that dirty bitch daughter of mine good and proper, i want her screaming into my cunt so it can be my turn soon”. Ordered Lyndi Loo, needing her turn on his magical meat real bad.

With one final spit of sylvia launched into her rubbery sphincter Steve lined up his blood engorged weapon telling Jane. “ Pull those cute little arse cheeks wide apart, i want to get a real good close up of my big fat throbbing cock ploughing into that gorgeous tight shitter of yours “.

Doing as told Jane braced herself for a right royal arse fucking, she clamped her mouth tightly onto her mothers sloppy pussy, pulled her small firm buttocks as wide apart as she could and waited for her bumhole to be breached and fucked by her boyfriends rampant magic wand.

Steve wasted no time as he set about turning her small gaping rusty sheriffs badge into a large gaping cave.
Filming as inch after inch of thick blood engorged meat stretched and vanished up her rubberey wrinkled brown eye, he was soon fully buried and slowly pumping her as he set about loosening her up before ramping up the pace.

Jane was in heaven as her arse was soon free from the slight pain and discomfort that was to be expected when such a large foreign object was inserted into a place that wasn’t designed to be treated that way.

Soon the three of them were into their stride, Lyndi Loo was pulling her legs tighter to her heaving breasts and instructing her daughter. “ That’s it you dirty bitch, use that beautiful soft mouth to eat my pussy, oohh yeah, soooo goood, nearly there, make me cum, soooo nice, soooo gooood”.

Jane was torn between getting it large from one end and dishing it out at the other. Her boyfriend was sending her to heaven as he plundered her bum hole, each wonderful thrust bumping her face into her mother’s juicy bald cunt, Jane’s moans of pleasure enhancing her mother’s feelings of bliss.

Steve captured Lyndi Loo’s face screw up in intense concentration and throw her head back as she succumbed to her orgasm, shaking and cursing as she was swept along on her wave of euphoria.

Jane felt her mums pussy flood her probing mouth, before she could swallow all of her sticky nectar her own climax swamped her and arching her head away from her mothers leaking pussy she too was shaking and cursing in identical fashion to her mum.

A smile spread across Steve’s face as he captured their choreographed orgasms on film. ‘Like mother, like daughter ‘. Steve thought to himself smugly.

Steve let his playthings regain their composure before telling them. “ Okay Jane, take the camcorder and film your dirty whore of a mother sucking your arse juice off my cock, then film me fucking her cheating shitter”.

Steve exited Jane’s bum hole with a pop and manoeuvred her mum onto her hands and knees in the middle of the bed.
Kneeling in front of her he grabbed a handful of her hair and roughly forced his dirty cock to the back of her throat, allowing her no time to adjust he started face fucking her.

Lyndi Loo was struggling to cope, she began gagging and choking, her defence mechanism producing copious amounts of thick saliva that was coughed up through her nose and mouth.

Jane was becoming concerned for her mum, seeing her boyfriend treating her so roughly. Lynn’s suffering was temporarily interrupted as Steve’s fat choking cock was withdrawn, it was covered in thick clingy sylvia, more than enough lubrication for its next destination.

“Turn around Lyndi Loo, i’m gonna give that cheating shitter of yours a proper fucking”. Instructed Steve.

Lynn obliged and as Steve lined up his bulbous helmet with her rusty sheriffs badge, Jane zoomed in to capture the action.

Lynn’s excited anticipation turned to shock as her daughters boyfriend rammed hard and deep as he battered through her guarding sphincter burying his plundering meat to the hilt.

“Aaaaarrrrgggghhh fuuuuuuuck, you bastard, that hurt”. Lynn screamed in pain.

Steve ignored her pain and showing no sympathy proceeded to plough her hard and fast, pistoning in and out with all the force he could muster.
Lynn’s arse flesh resembled waves crashing on a beach during a storm as every sharp thrust sent it cavorting past her hips where it stalled in a ridge before dissipating back until the next thrust. Her head jolted forward on every violent thrust like a rag doll being shaken in the jaws of a rottweiler.

Jane filmed as her mother continued to abuse her boyfriend, she was getting worried he was hurting her a bit too much, her concern increased as Steve told her mother in a mocking tone. “You sound like an ungrateful whore, you derserve to be punished you cheating slut, if you can’t handle all the cock i’m giving you perhaps you should go back to fucking that tiny cocked husband of yours “.

Steve backed up his harsh words by spanking her arse cheek with a fair amount of venom causing tears to flow down Lynn’s cheeks.

Lynn knew her daughters boyfriend was right, she did deserve to be punished for cheating on her daughter and husband.

Jane was just about to intervene when Lyndi Loo once again verbally abused her boyfriend. “Is that all you’ve got, if you can’t fuck me any harder i might as well go back to my husband”.

Steve grabbed a handful of her hair pulling her head sharply back and administered another hard slap to her already welted arse cheek.
Although he couldn’t fuck her arse any harder than he already was he did slap one of her wildly swinging breasts a couple of times before latching onto her nipple and squeezing as hard as he could.

Both Steve and Jane witnessed Lyndi Loo go limp then start to shake followed by screaming at the top of her voice as the entire contents of her bladder emptied over Steve’s lower thighs and the quilt cover.
Ten seconds later she passed out, flopping face first onto the quilt causing Steve’s magnificent meat to spring free with a loud pop.

They both looked on in amazement as Lyndi Loo lay passed out farting uncontrollably.

Steve had never seen a woman have an orgasm like that before. “ Wow, fucking hell, that was awesome “.

Jane just couldn’t believe what she’d just witnessed and filmed, her mother cumming so powerfully that it caused her to lose all bladder control and piss the bed. She was still open mouthed as she watched her mother returning to the land of the living.”Are you okay mum, fuck, that was some performance “. Asked her concerned daughter.

“I think so, i was so turned on by the pleasure and pain that Steve’s fucking was giving me, the orgasm just became overwhelming and i fainted “. Lyndi Loo mumbled, still visible shaken.

“ Well girls, now we’ve established i didn’t fuck her to death can we sort out my problem “. Said Steve pointing to his throbbing cock. “I was on the verge of filling Lyndi Loo’s bum hole, when she fainted. I think she deserves a reward “.

Steve pulled at Lynn’s hips helping her back on all fours, he slowly fed his cock into her soaking wet pussy and marvelled at her ruined gaping arsehole, ‘ it’ll be a week before her back doors close of their own accord ‘, he thought.

“Hand me the camcorder crazy Janey, i want you on your back with your head between your mothers legs, wouldn’t won’t you to miss out on the fun and my hot ball sauce “. Laughed Steve.

Jane was soon in position, oblivious to the fact her hair and the back of her head was laying on the piss soaked quilt.

Lynn automatically lowered onto her forearms, gripped her daughters arse cheeks and nuzzled her face between her legs until her mouth found Janes willing sex.

Steve was now on the brink as he leisurely stroked his painfully gorged cock into Lyndi Loo’s accommodating pussy. He managed to last long enough to swap between mothers cunt and daughters mouth a few times.

Finally unable to stop the inevitable he pulled his cock free from Lyndi Loo’s wetness and frantically wanked away as his spaseming cock fired it’s first blast of cum straight into Lynn’s gaping shithole without touching the sides.

“Aaaaarrrgghhh fuuuuuck, take it bitches”. Cried Steve out of bliss and relief, doing his best to film his shooting practice.

Steve aimed the second and scored a direct hit on Janes nose and mouth, his third cleared Lynn’s back landing on her neck and hair.
His last three blasts covered Lynn’s arse and pussy, Janes face, then her right tit and nipple.

Spent, Steve edged back from mother and daughter telling them. “Fuck me girls, that was insane. Now finish each other off you dirty sluts”.

Mother and daughter went at each others demanding cunts, both needing one more final orgasm to end their perfect night. They didn’t have to wait long, Steve filmed their synchronised climax a mere two minutes later as they writhed and moaned in a sweaty, cum covered sixty nine unil they were satiated and spent.

Both women looked a picture as they sheepishly untangled themselves and knelt up facing Steve.
Their finale show had smeared the copious amount of spunk Steve had hosed them down with, they were covered in sweat, their hair and makeup a disheveled mess. A more fucked pair of whores kneeling in Lyndi Loo’s piss patch would be hard to find.

Steve hadn’t fared much better, sweaty, covered in their secreted juices, Lynn’s piss on his legs.

All three of them were literally too fucked to leave the bed and shower, they simply crawled beneath the soiled quilt cover and fell asleep in the same position as the night before.

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