Verity and her Mom. by MDdark

Verity and her Mom.
by MDdark

Verity wrapped the towel around her head to dry it after her shower. Walking out of the bathroom she walked towards her room. As she did she passed her mother’s bedroom door and stopped. She half turned towards the door. The house was silent, her mom was out, and would not be back from work for a while. Which meant there was no one in the house to stop her if she went snooping for her birthday present. She had less than two weeks to go before her birthday and she still had no idea what her mom was getting her. That was totally intolerable. Now she had a chance to snoop.

Moving quickly, she entered her mom’s room before she could talk herself out of it. Inside she glanced around the room. Flicking her gaze over her mom’s king size bed with the weird metal frame that her mom had specifically made in the middle of the room. Past the plain white makeup table and towards the matching large white wardrobe. If there were any presents hidden in the room they would have to be in there. She padded towards it and pulled open the double doors. Before bending down to start fishing through the clothes to try and find any sign of her presents. As she did the towel she had wrapped around her slipped off. She gave a low grumble as she tried to tie it up again. But the moment she bent over again it came undone. With a further grumble, she pulled the towel off and dropped it to the floor. Before beginning a better search for her presents. Soon she found a large box that looked promising. She dragged it out, dropped to her knees by it and lifted off the lid to look inside.

It was immediately obvious that the box did not contain any presents. However, what it did contain was strange and caught her attention. The first thing she saw was a black satin blindfold. Next to that was a strange red ball with straps attached to it. Pulling both items out she looked at them curiously. The blindfold was easy to understand, but what was with that strange ball and the straps. She squeezed the ball, it was made of rubber. Shrugging she put it on the floor with the blindfold then looked into the box for the other items. These made her frown in greater confusion. The first item was a long metal bar with four rubber hoops attached to it. Two at the ends of the bar and two further in from the end. Their positions along the bar seemed to split it into four equal lengths. Next to the bar were two sets of handcuffs, the cuff part wrapped in a soft material. Below the cuffs were something that looked like a strange brush but with thin strips of material rather than feathers. As she picked it up something slid off it. She just caught it before it fell to the floor. It was a chain with two strange clips at each end. As she had no idea what the chain was for she put it on the growing pile of items by the box before checking out the strange brush. The strips she discovered were made of leather and felt quite sharp against her hand. The last thing in the box was a small packet. She lifted it out, opened it and slid its contents out. What she saw made her gasp in shock.

They were photos, photos of her mom. Naked, tied up to what looked like the strange bar. The rubber ball in her mouth like some sort of gag. A man, Verity could not see his face because of the angle of the photos, was using something similar to the strange brush, only bigger, to hit her mom. Verity could see the strips slapping against her mom’s back as the man struck her. What caught Verity’s gaze was the look on her mother’s face. There was pain yes, but also a sort of ecstasy. Her mom had the same look on her face she got when eating her favourite expensive chocolate. In some way, the pain seemed to be bringing her mom pleasure. How the heck did that work?

Verity flicked through the photos, trying to see if there was anything in them that would explain that look of ecstasy on her mom’s face. There was nothing, well not until the last few pictures. In them the man had stopped hitting, had stopped beating her mom. Instead, he was lent down, his face still hidden from the camera. His hand was reaching under her mom. His fingers obviously rubbing at her mom’s private place. Her mom’s expression had altered slightly, but only in that, the pain was going. All that was left was the ecstasy. The expression on her mom’s face was pure sexual pleasure. Verity could tell, she had seen herself in her mirror when she had touched herself in the same way the man was doing to her mom. Of course, without all that beating and cuffs. That confused her, how come her mom had looked so much like she was enjoying it?

One thing that the photos had shown her was what that chain with the clips was for. She could see it clearly, the clips obviously fastened around her mom’s nipples. Picking up the chain she looked at the clips. Opening them was fairly easy and she looked from the one clip to the photos of her mom and then down to her own breasts. What did it feel like with those things on your nipples? Obviously, her mom liked it. It seemed, from the last photo, that her mom enjoyed it more when they were removed. As the man reached round in the photo to undo one clip. From her mom’s expression that must have triggered something, Verity could guess what. Not that she had experienced an orgasm herself. In spite of trying, as yet she had not orgasmed once.

Opening the one clip she moved it to her puffy nipple. She sucked in a breath and held it. Then, before she could change her mind, she set the clip around her nipple and released it. Her breath shot out of her in a rush as she gasped at the sharp pain. She shivered sharply, but there was another feeling. A soft hint of pleasure between her legs. Verity blinked, firstly to clear the tears the pain had caused to fill her eyes. But also in shock at the faint throb of pleasure. Sucking in a couple of breaths she took the other clip and fastened it around her other nipple. The pain increased, making her suck her breathing in through clenched teeth. But, the throb of pleasure between her legs increased. What was going on with her? Was she like her mom, did she like pain? Quickly she glanced down at the photos wanting, needed to test that thought.

Her mom was restrained in the photos, her feet and ankles cuffed to that bar. Verity realised that she could not cuff herself up totally. But she could try a little. The bar seemed too complicated for her to be able to use. But, the normal cuffs she could manage. Grabbing a set she was glad to see the key was in the lock. She opened the lock and fastened the one cuff around her ankle. Clicking it closed but not too tightly. Then she held her hands behind her and fumbled for a few seconds until she managed to fasten the cuff around her wrist. Once she did she stayed still, just testing out how it felt. She pulled at the cuffs, which nearly tipped her over onto her front. Which just went to prove she had been right not to fasten up both hands and ankles. It felt strange, even though her other hand was free she still felt restricted. She was not sure if she enjoyed the feeling. But she kept the cuffs on her, leaving the key in the lock so she could easily undo them if she wanted. She needed to try out all of this now.

Picking up the thing that was obviously not a brush she ran the strips over her thigh. They felt cold, hard against her skin. She wondered what it would feel like striking her leg. Before she could over think it she flicked them against her thigh. Not too hard, but it was enough to make her hiss at the sensation. She knew she had held back, that blow was nowhere close to as strong as the man in the photos had been striking her mom. Ok, there was no way she was going to try it that hard. He really looked like he was going full force. She drew in another long breath, released it slowly. Then slapped the strips hard against her thigh.

“Crap, that hurts,” she gasped. And yet, the faint throb between her legs pulsed again. So she hit her leg again, and then again. Leaving red marks on her thigh. The throb pulsed harder, she felt herself dampen slightly between her thighs. A sensation she knew, from watching the school football team at practice. As well as when she watched some of her female friends in gymnastics after school. Not that she told anyone about that. She did not want her friends to think she was strange. Or that she was some sort of lesbian. Still the feeling between her legs was nice, as was the pain. She slapped the ‘brush’ against her other leg. Then reached around to copy the man in the photos. By slapping it against her backside. Sending shocks of feeling through her. Pain and pleasure together. Now she was most certainly damp, her breathing starting to come in shorter gasps. This was turning her on. Just as she was getting into a pattern she heard a noise downstairs, sounds of movement. Crap, her mom was home.

“Verity, are you upstairs?” She heard her mom call out. Verity panicked, she could not let her mom find her like this. She grabbed the photos and tried to push them back into the packet they had been in. But with only one hand all she did was scatter them more. Shaking her head at her stupidity she reached round to undo the cuffs, the key was not in the lock. Her eyes went wide in fear. She tried to look round to find it. But that nearly tipped her over again. She reached down, padding her free hand at the floor. Desperate to find the key.

“Verity, are you ok?” Her mom called, then she heard footsteps on the stairs. Her mom was coming upstairs. Panicking more she fumbled wildly at the floor. Her fingers brushed over the key. She grabbed at it. Only to knock it out of her grasp. She tried to shuffle herself round to find it. She caught sight of it in the corner of her eye. She reached for it, grabbed it, picked it up. Yes, she had it. But her time had run out!

“Verity!” Her mom’s shocked cry froze her in place and she slowly turned her head to look up at her mom. She stood in the doorway. Her one hand on the frame, the other pulled up to her mouth. Her expression one of horror and shock.

“I’m sorry mom,” Verity said looking up at her. Angela could not reply, she was too shocked by the sight before her. What was her daughter doing? Why did she have Angela’s play box? The one she kept for if her Dom, Robb, wanted to play when he came round. “I was looking for my birthday presents,” Verity added, which explained what she was doing in Angela’s room. That did not explain why she knelt on the floor with a set of nipple clips on her breasts and her one arm and leg fastened together. Nor did it explain the red marks on her legs and side. Looking down at her teenage daughter Angela began to notice interesting facts. First Verity had yet to remove the clips from her nipples. Second, her breathing was short, almost gasping. And it was more than just fear at being caught. The faint red flush on her face and chest showed that. Her eyes were wide and bright. Angela felt certain that if she were to reach down between Verity’s thighs she would feel dampness. All of which was very interesting.

“Give me the key to those cuffs,” Angela said, in a sharp tone. Verity nodded and held up the key. Taking it off her Angela crouched down behind Verity to undo the cuffs and release her daughter. As she did she took a deep breath in, yes there was the faint hint of arousal. Verity was just like her, the pain aroused her. Angela gave a quick smile behind Verity’s back. Once the cuffs were undone she stood up, as she did she grabbed the small flogger Verity had obviously used on herself from where it had been dropped. Standing Angela hid the flogger behind her back.

“On your feet,” Angela ordered. Verity obeyed quickly, standing with her head down. Part of that was her expecting to be in trouble. However, it was also the perfect submissive position. “So, you wanted to find your presents and you think that allows you to look through my private things?” Angela said, Verity looked up and opened her mouth to speak. “No, you don’t get to speak!” Angela snapped, Verity’s eyes went wide as her shock at the sharp tone flashed across her face. “You don’t speak unless I tell you to, nod if you understand.” Verity gasped slightly, then nodded. “Good girl,” Angela told her watching her daughter’s reaction. Yes, there was shock at the tone Angela was using. She had never spoken to Verity in such a harsh tone before. But also she spotted a flash of emotion in her eyes. A flash Angela knew well, one that showed Verity was open to being submissive. It had been a long time since Angela had felt any dominant tendencies. At heart, she was a submissive. But had played the dominant in her past. When she was younger and still feeling out her way in the BDSM world. Now, for some reason, she wanted to be her daughter’s first dominant experience.

“We have a situation here Verity, what am I to do to you? You know looking around my things is not allowed and yet here you are doing it. That requires some sort of punishment. The question is what kind of punishment should I give you?” Angela said in as stern a tone she could manage. Making herself stand as upright as she could. Putting a hard expression on her face. “I could just ground you, two weeks would do. No phone, no TV, no going out at all.” Verity looked up at her with wide eyes.

“But,” she started to say.

“I said not to speak!” Angela snapped sharply. Reaching her one hand up she grabbed the chain that linked the two clips still fastened to Verity’s nipples. She pulled on it firmly, not so hard it risked ripping the clips off but enough to stretch the nipples out. Verity gasped in pain. But, most importantly Angela caught the flush on her daughter’s cheeks and the flash in her eyes that indicated that pain also caused pleasure. Angela hid her need to smile. Yes, it was most certainly like mother like daughter. Angela held her grip on the chain for an extra couple of seconds. Watching Verity’s face as she did. Seeing the way she sucked in her breath, breath that shortened under the sensation. Her eyes flashed with uncontrolled arousal. Angela hid another smile as she released the chain.

“Ah yes, if you are grounded you can’t go out with your friends for your birthday. You’ve been looking forward to visiting the nightclub for a while haven’t you?” Verity opened her mouth to speak, then caught the look on Angela’s face. Closing her mouth she instead gave a quick nod. It seemed her daughter was a quick learner. “It would be a shame for you to miss that. But, you do need punishment for what you’ve done.” Angela pretended to think about what to do. As she did she brought the flogger into view from behind her back. Verity’s eyes flicked down to it and widened. For a moment her breathing stopped, when it started up again it was tighter. Oh yes, it seemed Verity was interested in that possible idea.

“There is another option of course,” Angela said slowly. Verity looked up at her with her big eyes. Angela ran her gaze down Verity’s body. Past her daughter’s plump breasts and over her flat stomach to her round thighs with the faint red marks from where Verity had used the flogger on herself. “The other option is for you to go over to my bed. Climb onto it and kneel to wait for me to finish what you started with my flogger.” Angela lifted the flogger up to wave it slightly in front of Verity’s eyes. Her daughter looked up at her then down to the flogger. Then glanced back towards the bed. The conflict in her eyes was obvious. The fear of what it would mean if she wandered over to the bed. The probable pain, against the loss of her night out. Angela saw the moment her daughter made her choice. Her eyes closed for a few moments. When the opened there was a brightness to them, and a heat in them that sent a thrill through Angela. Without a word Verity turned and walked across the bedroom to the bed. As Angela watched Verity reached the bed. For a moment she hesitated, then seemed to straighten her back before climbing onto the bed and kneeling as Angela had told her too.

Unable to hide her smile Angela bent down to grab the spreader bar, cuffs, and the blindfold. She considered the gag but left it. For the first time, it would be better if Verity could speak. And Angela wanted to hear her daughter cries as she punished her. Carrying the items she had chosen, along with the flogger still in her hand, she moved to the bed and dropped all the items onto the bed in full view of Verity. She heard her daughter suck in a breath. Angela turned her head to hide her smile. It would not do to allow her sub see her smile at that reaction. And now, that was exactly what Verity was, her sub.

“Right, “Angela said. “I know I told you to be silent but from now on in I need you to be vocal. When I ask a question you will answer, do you understand?” Verity nodded, “Out loud Verity.” Angela snapped.

“Yes mom,” Verity said quickly.

“Do not call me mom during this time. Call me Mistress or Ma am.” Angela said.

“Yes Mistress,” Verity said in an unsure tone.

“Good girl, you need to remember to answer me clearly. Before we fully get started we need to set rules. The primary one being that you are not to agree to anything you don’t want to. If I push you too far, do something you do not like or are unable to handle you are to tell me. Now, I am certain you might beg me to stop without realising what you are saying. So, we need to set a word, a safe word. If you say this word I will stop what I am doing instantly.” Angela considered for a moment then gave a small smile. “Rhubarb that will be your safe word.” It was a good choice. Verity hated Rhubarb, it was the only fruit she would not eat. So it should not be hard for Verity to remember it. “Do you understand me, Verity?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And what is your safe word?”

“Rhubarb Mistress.”

“Well done, do not forget it. I will do things that will make you feel uncomfortable, I am going to punish you for what you did. If you find you cannot take it, if the punishment is too much, use your safe word. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” Verity’s tone was shaky. Angela could see the hint of fear in her daughter’s eyes.

“If you feel like you cannot do this tell me now.”

“No, I want to do this Mistress.”

“Do what, tell me what you want me to do to you?”

“I want you to, to punish me, Mistress.” Verity stammered over the words but managed to say them clearly.

“Good girl,” Angela said letting her pride show through in her words and expression. Angela picked up the blindfold. “Time for me to put this on. Do not worry though. I will not leave you. I am not moving from the side of the bed while you wear the blindfold. This is a matter of trust, do you trust me, Verity?” Angela asked the question in as flat a tone as she could.

“Yes Mistress,” Verity answered without any hesitation. Her blue eyes looked up at her filled with trust. The trust of a daughter of her mother and the beginning of the trust between a Sub and their Dom. Angela again let her face shine with her pride. Letting Verity see it. Before wrapping the blindfold around her face and tying it behind her head. Instantly Verity’s breathing tightened further.

“I am still here Verity,” Angela told her, putting her hand on her back. “Now, lay down on your front on the bed please.” Gingerly Verity did as asked. Angela moved down the bed, bringing the spreader bar with her. She brushed her fingers down Verity. Letting her feel the contact and know that she had not been left alone. At the end of the bed, Angela placed the bar below Verity’s feet. Reaching down she took hold of one of Verity’s ankles. She pulled it over to the end fastening on the bar and quickly fastened it around her ankle. She quickly took the other ankle and fastened that up. Forcing Verity’s legs wide on the bed. Angela looked down at her daughter’s spread legs. At the way that position tightened her buttocks and thighs. She moved back up the bed, still brushing her fingers over Verity’s skin.

“Are you still ok Verity?” She asked.

“Yes Mistress,” Verity answered, her voice uncertain but clear.

“What word do you say if you need me to stop?”

“Rhubarb Mistress.”

“Good girl, now I need you to reach your hands up to grasp the slats on the headboard.” Verity did so, a little tentatively until she felt the slats and then she wrapped her hands around them with a certain manner. Angela picked up the cuffs and curled them around one of the slats. They were made of metal, Angela had got them custom made. Solid bars of metal rather than the normal weaker and hollow metal slats that normal headboards were made of. With the cuffs hooked around one metal slat, Angela fastened them to Verity’s wrists. Pinning her hands above her head. Standing up she looked down at her daughter. Running her gaze over her naked, exposed body. Seeing how pale her skin was, how smooth. It called to the dominant part in her. She wanted to mark it, the idea that she was going to be the first to do so send a shiver of pleasure through her. In a weird way, it felt right that she would be the first person to leave marks on her daughter’s skin. Angela’s breathing shortened as she looked down at Verity. Then she lent down and picked up the flogger. Reaching over she let the fronds brush against Verity’s thighs. She heard her daughter’s soft hiss and saw her suck in a sharp breath.

“This is punishment, but it is also pleasure. This flogger is softer than it could be. So it will not be as sharp on your skin. I was going to ground you for two weeks so instead, I will give you fourteen lashes.” Verity gave a small mew of fear. “Are you ok for me to continue?” Angela asked making certain.

“Y, Yes Mistress,” Verity said in a low voice.

“Good, remember if this becomes too much what word do you say?”

“Rhubarb Mistress.”

“Correct,” Angela said as she lifted the flogger up into the air. She heard Verity’s breathing tighten into soft gasps. Saw her body shaking in anticipation. Angela held her first blow, stretching out that moment. Verity shifted, tipping her head to one side as if trying to hear Angela.

“Mistress,” she began to say. Angela struck, bringing the flogger down onto Verity’s left buttock. A hard blow, not full force, but enough to sting. Verity cried out and her body jolted on the bed. Angela lifted the flogger up and held it for a moment. Then brought it down onto her other buttock with equal force. The blow incited another cry from her daughter. A sharp sound of shock and pain. Angela’s next blow landed squarely in the middle, the fronds straddling both buttocks. Verity’s cry was sharper, her body shuddering with the impact.

“Are you still ok Verity?” Angela asked Verity who nodded. “Verbal answers remember!” Angela snapped sharply.

“Yes Mistress, sorry I forgot. Yes, I am ok, that hurt but it’s ok.”

“Good, that was three. So there are eleven to go.” With that Angela struck again. This time aiming at the seam where Verity’s buttock met her left thigh. Then she struck the thigh. Moving down she put two more lashes onto the back of the thigh. Moving down so the last blow was nearly on the back of her knee. Then she moved to her other thigh, starting with the lowest blow she copied her blows on this thigh in reverse. Moving up so the last of the four blows was against the seam of her right buttock. Verity gasped and cried out with each blow. Her legs jolting sharply, Angela frowned.

“You will have to learn to be still Verity, but that will come with time.” She said in a dissatisfied tone. Verity did not reply. “Are you still with me Verity, are you ok?” For a couple of seconds there was no answer then finally Verity spoke.

“Yes, I’m still ok,” she said. Her voice soft, almost floaty. Angela lent over to look at Verity’s face and saw that her daughter was at least partially into subspace. Umm, she was so like Angela. It did not take much to put her into that state of near bliss.

“Good, only three more blows to go,” she told her. The first of these was harder than the others. Lashing the flogger down onto Verity’s left buttock again. She gave a sharp squeal and her body arched away from the blow. The second blow was across the other buttock with equal force.

“Fuck!” Verity shouted and bucked under the blow. Angela raised her eyebrows at that. She had never heard her daughter use obscenity like that before. For the last blow, Angela angled the strike to fall between Verity’s legs. At the bottom of her buttocks and so the fronds would flick round to the front. “FUCK!” Verity’s cry was screamed out and she jolted hard on the bed. Her hands pulling at the headboard making the whole bed shift slightly. Angela stood straight, the flogger at her side. Looking down at her handiwork.

Verity’s ass and thighs were laced with red marks. Painting her pale skin in the most appealing way. Angela dropped the flogger and moved forwards. Putting one knee on the bed to steady herself she reached down to touch her daughter’s ass. Running her fingers over the reddened flesh. Verity lay on the bed sucking in air sharply. Her body shaking softly under Angela’s touch. Angela ran her hands over Verity’s firm ass and down her thighs.

“Oh, baby girl your skin is so hot. You look so beautiful with the redness on your body.” Angela said in a soft voice. Verity gave a small mew in reply.

“I feel strange,” she almost whispered the words.

“Yes, I bet you do. It hurt but that pain felt good, felt right yes?”

“Yes, Mistress it did.”

“Oh my pretty baby, you are just like your mother,” Angela said, brushing her fingers back up her thigh. Rubbing at the crease between her buttock and thigh. Verity gave a soft moan, not of pain but this was one of pleasure. Angela slid her hand further under her thigh, rubbing at the other lips of Verity’s pussy. Her fingers touched dampness as she did. “Baby girl, you’re aroused aren’t you,” Angela said, more a statement than a question.

“Yes Mistress,” Verity replied with a mix of embarrassment and shock in her voice. Angela smiled as she continued to rub softly at Verity’s outer lips. She felt Verity moving, shifting as if she was trying to push herself against Angela’s fingers. Angela lifted them away and Verity gave a subconscious mew of complaint. Quickly Angela moved to grab the spreader bar and used it to flip Verity onto her back. The girl hissed as her sensitive skin landed on the bed. Then gave a soft gasp as Angela pulled the blindfold off and looked her straight in the eyes. Sliding her finger up the inside of Verity’s leg as she did.

“You want more my little sub?” She asked in a tone laced with desire.

“I, I don’t understand,” Verity started to say. Then stopped as Angela held her hand between her thighs. Nearly touching her pussy but not quiet. “Please, I want it Mistress,” Verity said after a moment. Angela quickly pressed her fingers into the damp flesh of her daughter’s sex. Pushing her fingers into the labia and feel just how wet she was.

“Fuck baby girl you’re soaked.” She gasped as she pushed her fingers deeper into her flesh. Pressing one finger against the warm entrance. Then sliding it inside. Instantly it was gripped by the tight passage as she pushed the finger into Verity’s body.

“Yessss,” Verity hissed and rocked into Angela’s hand. Angela gasped at just how wet her daughter’s pussy was. Along with the wanton way she was rocking against her hand. It was obvious that her daughter was not as innocent as Angela had believed. Not that it was a problem, Angela could not talk. Her sexual experience had started way earlier that her parents would have ever thought reasonable. So what if her daughter was the same. With that in mind, Angela began to fuck Verity with her finger. Sliding it in deep with quick thrusts. Then adding a second finger to stretch her daughter’s pussy wider. Verity groaned and pushed herself up into Angela’s hand. Angela decided to get back some control. She pressed her free hand onto Verity’s stomach and pushed her down into the bed.

“Don’t move girl, lay still and take it,” Angela said in a sharp tone. Using her one hand she pinned Verity onto the bed and continued to finger her.

“Please, mistress,” Verity begged. Trying to push into Angela’s hand again.

“No, stop moving!” Angela snapped and pulled her fingers out of Verity. The girl gave a soft sob of distress.

“Please don’t stop,” she begged.

“Do not move and I will continue.”

“But it’s so hard.”

“I know but you will enjoy it more, trust me.”

“I. I’ll try,” Verity said after a few moments.

“Good girl, let’s try this again,” Angela said sliding two fingers back into Verity’s drenched pussy. Verity groaned and almost pushed up, but managed to hold herself still. “Good girl,” Angela said as she began to fuck her pussy hard. Thrusting both fingers in as deep as they would go. The sound of her fingers thrusting in and out filled the air. But was soon drowned by Verity’s cries of passion. Those cries increased as Angela made sure the heel of her palm was pressed against Verity’s clit.

Verity’s hands clawed above her head. Gripping and then releasing the bars of the headboard repeatedly. Angela saw how her breath was coming in sharp gasps. Felt as Verity fought not to move. She could feel the tension in her daughter’s stomach as she struggled with the need to move. Angela was merciless. Driving her fingers in and out with a punishing rhythm. Then rubbing her thumb over Verity’s clit. The girl cried out sharply.

“Oh fuck, mom…mistress.” She screamed as her body shook with her desire. Angela felt that desire herself. Her pussy was soaked now. She knew when this was finished that she would need to finger herself to relieve the ache between her thighs. Watching her daughter coming undone like this was hot. In a terrifying and arousing manner. Angela had never been interested in women before. She had always been totally straight. But right now she wanted to be with Verity. Wanted to watch as her daughter came, wanted to be the one to cause it. And part of her wanted Verity to be the one who dealt with the ache in her pussy.

“Fuck, oh fuck mom I’m, oh fuck I’m close.” Verity moaned loudly. Angela had never heard her daughter use language like that before. Maybe she should punish her for it later. For now, she wanted to see her daughter coming.

“You need to come baby?” Angela asked Verity, who nodded in reply. “Remember you need to tell me not just nod.”

“Yes I’m so close mom, mistress please don’t stop,” Verity begged wildly, losing the battle against her need to move. Her hips rocking slightly into Angela’s hand. Angela frowned, then thought of the perfect punishment and reward.

“In that case baby girl,” she said reaching up to grip the chain attached to the nipple clips on Verity’s breasts. “Come for me, give it to me.” She snarled as she pulled on the chain. Stretching Verity’s nipples out. Verity screamed sharply then burst into her orgasm. Her scream of pain changing to a wild scream of passion. Her body shuddering and rocking on the bed as she orgasmed. Angela pushed her daughter, fucking her hard to stretch out her orgasm. Verity gasped loudly, desperately as Angela’s actions worked. Pushing her orgasm on to stronger and fuller lengths. Until finally Verity collapsed into the bed, panting hard and lying limp. Angela slipped her fingers from her pussy, lifting them up to her lips as she licked her daughter’s juices from them. Watching Verity’s eyes widen as she did so.

“My baby girl,” Angela said in a low husky voice. “That was quite an orgasm you had there. I’m thinking that you’re not as innocent as I may have thought.” Verity’s face flushed deeper and she half opened her mouth as if to deny it. “I’m not angry Verity, you are a beautiful young woman and have every right to enjoy yourself,” Angela told her quickly. “And you look so pretty when you come sweetheart.” As she spoke Angela moved to undo the fastening on Verity’s ankles. Then lent up to undo the cuffs around her wrists. When she had she reached down to run her hand over Verity’s cheek.

“Are you still ok baby girl?” She asked softly, Verity nodded softly.

“Yes, it hurt but it was good. And then when you touched me I was so turned on.” Verity said in a slightly shocked tone. Angela pulled her up to hug her, then rested her head on her knees.

“Baby girl you are so like me. And if you want me to do that to you again I will. However, I am not a proper dominant. I can play at it but if you want a proper dom I’m not it. I can arrange it, the man in the pictures is my dom and he is very much an alpha-dom. In fact, I think your experience would be good. As he likes to end his scenes with sex, great sex in fact.”

“Wouldn’t that be weird, me being with him?” Verity asked.

“Umm, not unless you feel it’s weird. I know he has two other submissive’s who he sees.”

“Submissive’s?” Verity asked, making Angela laugh.

“I think we need to have a short talk about what you’ve just jumped into. Then, I can arrange a meeting between him and you if you want.” Verity gave it a short thought then nodded with a small smile. Angela recognised that smile, knowing she had it on her face. A smile of desire and pleasure. It meant that their relationship was changing beyond that of just mother and daughter.

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