Virgin GF Has Planned Some Hot Action!

Virgin GF Has Planned Some Hot Action!

So let’s begin right away. This incident happened 2 years ago when I and my girlfriend were in our final year of graduation. Due to studies, I have left my hometown and used to visit in 6 months.

Basically, we were in a long-distance relationship, everything was going well between us. One day I had to cancel my visit to my hometown due to my Internship. After I told this to my virgin GF, the conversation continued like this:

Trisha: You never feel for me. I am sorry, I know that this internship is important for you, but I still can’t help myself from complaining that you won’t be present on our anniversary.

Me: I am extremely sorry dear, but I am sure I will make this up to you.

There was an awkward silence and she cut the call. My girlfriend didn’t speak to me for 20 days. In between, I was close to complete my one-month internship. So, after 20 days, she called me and started her emotional dialogues.

Trisha: You don’t love me, that’s why you didn’t try to contact me even once in these 20 days.

Me: Sorry dear, I thought you were angry and you need some time.

Trisha: No, I am sorry for not calling you.

Me: I love you, baby.

Trisha: Love you too.

Me: Guess what, I am returning to you within a week.

She got so excited that she gave a series of kisses on the screen.

Trisha: Actually, I have a surprise for you.

Me (hiding my excitement): What is that?!

Trisha: Not now, will let you know after we meet.

She hung the call. Finally, the day arrived when I was to return to my home town. That day itself we met at a public park, seeing her after a long time I feel excited.

We found a secluded spot under a tree and I started to kiss her, touch her boobs, she was wearing a sky blue color salwar kameez. She started to moan lightly and was reciprocating very well.

Trisha: Oooohhh baby, hold them tightly, yes!!!! Press them harder. that..

My lover started to bite my earlobe and my neck. I lost control and started to press her boobs. She was enjoying and was at the peak. Then she took my right hand from her boob and placed it near her pussy region.

Me: My baby is wet down there.

Trisha: It’s all because of you; now get your hands inside my pants.

I started to rub my virgin girlfriend’s pussy over her panty. She was getting restless. Suddenly, I placed my hand inside her panty and straight away pushed two of my fingers inside her warm pussy. I must say she was dripping wet.

She gasped for air and started yelling, “Ooo baby!! that’s it! Don’t stop!”

Suddenly, Trisha screamed. I felt she was cumming – cumming, very hard. All couples nearby just glanced at us and continued their business with what they were doing.

Trisha: Ahhh…I loveeee youuuu, babyuuu (she kissed me deeply).

Me: Now tell me, what is the surprise that you were telling me about?

Trisha (feeling a little shy): I have planned a couple’s get together along with my friend, at my friend’s relative place; so that we can spend some quality time together – just you and me.

And she kissed me again.

Me: What!! Which place?

Trisha: Ssssshhh!! Don’t ask anything else just get my fav chocolate.

Me (confused): but you don’t like chocolate!

Trisha: You are dumb!! Not that chocolate.. I mean condom chocolate.

Me: Hahaha.. Ok, babe.

We kissed for the final time that day as she was getting calls from her family. She said that we will meet directly after 4 days so be prepared.

After getting back home, I was constantly having a hard-on thinking about her, that I will get to bang this hot bong girl.

I masturbated and discharged quite a good load more than the regular. She texted me in the evening.

Trisha: Hi!! So what’s my baby doing?

Me: Nothing just took my afternoon nap, what about you babe?

Trisha: Me too, so what are you going to do now?

Me: Chill out with my friends, but if you say babe I want to place my hot rod in your warm hole.

Trisha: You are always in a naughty mood.

Me: What can I do, if I have such a hot girlfriend and after you have told me about the plan, I just can’t wait.

Trisha: Haha, be patient, naughty boy.

Me: It’s hard to be patient, can we meet tomorrow, please?

Trisha: No, we will only meet that day.

Me: Please baby, I need to see you. I am feeling restless.

Trisha: Just control your feelings my jaan, I will be in a new form for you that day. Ok.. Now, bye!! Mom is calling me.

Me: love.

I moved out to chill with my friends but my mind revolved around, the feeling was unbearable and even my friends asked me, “Is there any problem, you seem to be lost in some thoughts?”

I just said, “Nothing like that, I am not feeling well.” They insisted that I go on a ride to Bhutan with them the following day. Even I thought it would be a great way to divert my mind temporarily. I said, “yes!!” to them. That night I messaged my gf.

Me: Hi baby, have you completed your dinner?

Trisha: Yes!! Have you done your dinner?

Me: Yes, I have something to tell you.

Trisha: What is it?

Me: Actually, I am going for a bike ride to Bhutan with my friends.

Trisha (she got a bit angry as she does not like me to go on such bike rides): Ok!! But ride safely and just drop a message once you reach.

Me: Love you babe!! Surely I will text you.

As planned the next morning at 6:00 am, I started from my home towards the meeting point where my friends were waiting. The ride was great.

After I returned from the ride, I messaged my GF, “Extremely sorry, baby!! But there was no signal near the border region so I could not text you.”

Trisha: It’s ok baby, I understand.

Me: Love you.

Trisha: Love you too. I hope you are ready for the action tomorrow! Or are you tired after this trip?

Me: You will get the answer when I meet you in bed tomorrow.


That’s all for the first part. Stay tuned for the upcoming actions. Feel free to mail me your feedbacks at [email protected]

Virgin GF Has Planned Some Hot Action!