Virgin spies on sister & friends and gets lucky

It was so exciting! After a year staying home attending community college while her other two friends left the boring small town for the year… the three musketeers (as they’d been called since they were in kindergarten and did everything together) were reuniting as Karen and Gemma both returned from their various adventures. Karen had taken a year off to travel… she was incredibly wealthy… and Gemma had attended Harvard for the year… she was the genius of the group… and then she’d spent the past six weeks in London.

So although Olivia had seen Gemma during Christmas, other than Skype and texts they hadn’t all been together since last August. It was now the following July: it was hard to believe they were all old ladies of nineteen years now, but they were.

So tonight was a slumber party… and like every slumber party they’d ever had, there were two simple rules:

No boys.

No cell phones.

Just them, food and John Hughes movies.

At nine pm the three girls were in the living room. Olivia’s mom was on the nightshift as a nurse and wouldn’t be home until at least three in the morning (she was divorced), and Olivia’s eighteen-year-old younger brother was at a friend’s house doing some nerd crap… or at least so she thought.

Unbeknownst to Olivia and her two hot friends, her brother Kody was hiding outside hoping to catch an eyeful. Kody’d had a crush on Karen and Gemma for years, and even during the past year while they were away, the majority of his daily jerk off fantasies were about them… although, truth be told, he also jerked off over his hot red-haired sister. All three of them were wet dreams… sometimes literally.

To Kody, Karen was the hot bubbly blonde cheerleader that every guy fantasized about. Gemma on the other hand was cute and sweet, and the typical girl next door.

To the perverted eighteen-year-old, Karen was the one you ass fucked and used as a three-hole bimbo fuck toy; Gemma was the one you married.

As for his sister, she was a complete bitch to him… so he often fantasized face-fucking her to shut her up.

But these optimistic thoughts were ironic… as they all came from his perverted mind, and not experience… as at eighteen he was still a virgin… not even a blow job… fuck, not even a hand job.

But like all horny teenage boys, he thought tonight might become the night that would change everything… and for once he was right, just not in the way he imagined.

Karen was lying on the couch when she got the ball rolling by asking, “Do you girls know what day today is?”

“Saturday the fourteenth,” the literal-minded Gemma replied.

“Well yes, but it’s also National Nude Day,” Karen revealed, as she unbuttoned her blouse. Karen, as usual, was dressed like she was going to the bar and not for a girl’s night in. She was wearing a blouse, a scandalously short jean skirt and beige thigh high stockings, which were completely in view.

“Isn’t every day Nude Day for you?” the sarcastic-minded Olivia answered.

“Most days,” Karen smiled, as she opened her blouse to reveal she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Kody was listening to every word through the audio pickup he’d hidden in the room earlier, and was now in awe at seeing Karen’s breasts. One of his many bucket list fantasies being checked off, as he filmed it with his phone.

“How do those things not just bounce everywhere without a bra?” Olivia asked, in awe of her friend’s usual no underwear philosophy… she wasn’t surprised that hadn’t changed while she’d been in the more liberally open Europe. Karen had only worn underwear in high school during that time of month and during cheerleading events (after she got in trouble for wearing just pantyhose one day, and flashing her pussy to the entire bleachers… at least it was a road game, so it was only half the school).

“Gravity,” she shrugged.

Gemma teased, “And one day gravity will no longer be your friend.”

“Let’s see gravity holding up your big tits, nerd girl,” Karen demanded illogically.

“Gravity doesn’t hold them up, it holds them down. But just because I know stuff doesn’t make me a nerd,” Gemma protested.

“I think it does,” Karen countered, as she looked to Olivia and asked, “And why are you still dressed, missy?”

“Because I usually want to be seduced out of my clothes,” Olivia replied playfully. Every sleepover ended the same way… a three-way lesbian orgy… but usually show-and-play didn’t start this early. Although since they hadn’t seen each other in such a long time, it seemed Karen was already revved up and raring to go… and as usual, the girls were doing whatever Karen wanted them to do.

“Mine tend to just fall off,” Karen shrugged as she stood up, before moving to Olivia and unzipping her hoodie. She sighed dramatically as she objected, “A bra?”

“I know, how scandalous,” Olivia mocked, even as she allowed Karen to pull her bra up.

Kody stared at his sister’s tits, which were as cute and perky as he had imagined they were a trillion times, his hard cock flinching in his pants. It was going to take all of his willpower to ignore his dawning yearning to touch himself.

“You’d be seen as a prude in Europe,” Karen teased, “they’d laugh and point fingers,” as she began sucking on Olivia’s hard nipple.

Gemma meanwhile felt overdressed so she removed her shirt as she watched her two best friends begin to play.

Kody’s head was going back and forth like a yoyo, from the topless Karen, to his sister having her breasts sucked, to Gemma’s massive breasts in a loose bra. Kody had had no idea Gemma’s breasts were so large, since in the past she’d always worn baggy sweatshirts or t-shirts.

“Trust me, I’m no prude, I was spit roasted a couple weeks ago,” Olivia disagreed with a soft moan. That had been accomplished by two college seniors at a party, although until now she hadn’t shared that information with either of her friends (unaware she was informing Kody of this indiscretion too).

“You were? Good girl,” Karen purred, as she moved to the other breast, “But I figured out you weren’t a prude the first time you went down on me under your kitchen table with your mom in the next room.”

Kody gasped at hearing this.

“I can’t believe you made me do that,” Olivia giggled, recalling Karen ordering her under the table as her mother was watching Wheel of Fortune after dinner.

“You said you wanted some dessert,” Karen shrugged.

“I do enjoy a nice juicy pussy pie,” Olivia agreed, looking forward to tasting Karen and Gemma tonight. Although she liked boys, liked sucking cock and loved getting fucked… there was something special about eating pussy, and something extra special about her friendly threesomes with her besties.

“You’re probably craving my cunt cream right now,” Karen observed accurately.

“I plead the Fifth,” Olivia joked, and she added, “Mom almost caught us when she walked in.”

“No, I had a very civilized conversation with her while you munched on my snatch,” Karen disagreed.

“Yes, telling her I was getting dessert was way subtle,” Olivia said, recalling her mother walking into the kitchen and somehow not noticing her under the table, licking away.

“Well, she asked where you were and I didn’t want to lie,” Karen shrugged, as she lowered herself in front of Olivia.

“I almost died,” Olivia said, the rush of doing it with her mother just a few feet away only enhancing the naughty thrill of lesbian submission.

“And yet you kept licking me,” Karen pointed out, recalling how hot it was to be pleasured with the mom there. In truth, she planned to one day seduce Olivia’s mom, as she was quite sexy, and Karen loved seducing older women… yet because of her friendship with Olivia, she had yet to go on the offensive.

“Well, if I was going to get killed I was going to die enjoying myself,” Olivia shrugged, feeling Karen unbuttoning her jeans.

“That’s a great philosophy,” Karen concurred, as she pulled Olivia’s jeans down. She approved of what she’d uncovered, “Well, at least your underwear matches.”

“Of course it does,” Olivia mocked, “I’m not some uncivilized uncouth slob.”

“Thank God you’re a couth slob,” Karen laughed, matching her friend’s sarcastic tone, as she got up and moved to Gemma, still in her jeans and a bra, and said, “I see I have to finish undressing you, too.”

Gemma shrugged, looking sexy and coy at the same time, “I like to play hard to fuck.”

Kody gasped at both the words coming out of ‘good girl’ Gemma’s mouth and the probability that he was about to see a lesbian threesome. Fuck, this was too good to be true.

“Oh and you are going to get fucked,” Karen promised, having bought a brand new strap-on for the reunion. This one was thicker than the others.

“You’d better,” Gemma agreed, loving when Karen fucked her hard. She couldn’t explain it, but Karen got her off more than any of the boys she’d fucked. Perhaps it was because Karen’s fake cock lasted longer than two minutes, or perhaps it was Karen’s dominant personality… either way, she’d been looking forward to this reunion for months.

She knew she wasn’t a lesbian, as she liked boys and cock, but she sure was looking forward to some muff dining tonight… something she hadn’t done since she visited Olivia over Christmas and the two spent a lengthy evening dining between each other’s legs. And although she’d enjoyed the lesbian twosome, things were always more intense and satisfying when the three of them got together. Karen brought out the best in them… or rather the worst, which of course was best.

“I don’t make promises I can’t keep,” Karen responded, knowing that both her best friends were secret submissives, who became wanton sluts for her whenever they got around to playtime.

Kody couldn’t believe what he was hearing and seeing. The best he had hoped to see was just the girls in their underwear. He’d never expected to see Actual tits… or actual sex.

Karen moved behind Gemma and unclasped her bra, tossing it aside. “Fuck, have I missed these massive melons.”

Kody was in heaven. Gemma’s breasts were huge, and he now had them on video.

“I love having my tits described as berries,” Gemma moaned, as Karen cupped both her tits. “You did know that technically melons are berries, didn’t you?” she added, giving the lie to her claim of not being a nerd.

“I don’t care, shut up and kiss me,” Karen ordered, as Gemma turned sideways and their lips locked.

Kody’s cock was begging for attention as he watched the intimate lesbian act… wishing he could be the one cupping those massive breasts.

After a couple minutes of passionate kissing, Olivia interjected, “Hey, what about me?”

“What about you?” Karen asked, breaking the kiss.

“I don’t want to be the third wheel,” Olivia pouted playfully.

“Oh, we could never forget about you,” Karen smiled, walking over to the pretty redhead, Gemma following right behind.

Gemma kissed Olivia with the same passionate intimacy she had just received from Karen while she cupped Olivia’s breast. Meanwhile, Karen had one hand on Olivia’s ass while the other gently teased her pussy outside her damp panties.

Gemma loved kissing girls, and she allowed her tongue to explore Olivia’s mouth.

Olivia moaned into Gemma’s mouth, always loving the rare times when both girls’ entire attention was on her. Nothing was more amazing than having her entire body touched: her lips, her ass, her tits and her wet pussy.

Kody was in awe as he watched the three sexiest fantasy girls of his life making out with each other topless. As he did, he prayed that Gemma’s jeans were coming off soon, and all three would be sans panties too.

The girls were so intoxicated with each other they didn’t notice the novice pervert watching them from a secluded spot between two blinds.

Breaking away from Olivia’s tit, Karen announced, “I brought you both presents from Europe.”

“Is it a big strap-on?” Gemma asked, wanting to get fucked ASAP… nothing was better than the way Karen pounded her pussy.

“Okay then, I brought each of you multiple presents,” Karen corrected, having indeed brought a new strap-on, but that was for later.

“Is it a double ended dildo?” Olivia asked.

“Oh, that would be a great toy,” Karen approved, as she went to her bag. She grabbed two pairs of thigh high stockings from France and said, “Although it’s Nude Day, for us it’s going to be Nude Day plus stockings. Nude is always hotter with stockings.”

“You and your nylon fetish,” Olivia sighed, not a big fan of them, hating the pantyhose she used to have to wear as a cheerleader.

“Yeah, can’t you just put on the strap-on?” Gemma added, needing a cock in her right now, the kissing and breast play triggering a fire in her neglected pussy.

“All in good time,” Karen said, as she pointed to a long, padded bench, “both of you sit on the edge of the bench. After you get your jeans off, Gemma.”

“Now you’re going to dress us?” Gemma asked, amused, but quickly climbing out of her jeans, leaving her in just bra and panties.

“You’re my two personal living Barbie dolls to dress, undress and position as I wish,” Karen declared, as she moved to the bench.

“We are Barbie girls,” Olivia began to sing the popular Aqua song.

“In a Karen world,” Gemma added, playing with the lyrics.

Both girls went to the bench, they always obeyed Karen, as Olivia continued, “Life with a plastic.”

Gemma added, “Cock.”

Olivia giggled as she finished, “Is fantastic.”

“Come on Karen, fuck your Barbies,” Gemma finished.

“That should be Weird Al’s next song,” Karen chuckled as she moved to Gemma and unwrapped a pair of white stockings.

“Maybe we should start our own band,” Gemma suggested.

“Just parodying songs and making them dirty?” Karen asked, as she rolled up a stocking.

Olivia sang, “I’m in love with the shape of you, we bump and grind like lezzies do, although my cunt is dripping too, I’m in love with your strap-on.”

“You girls really do want to get fucked,” Karen acknowledged as she rolled the first stocking up Gemma’s leg.

“Fuck me baby one more time,” Gemma sang, all three of them big Britney Spears fans when they were tweens.

“Oops, I’ll sodomize you again,” Karen sang, having once taken both of their anal cherries… in the same night.

As Karen put the second stocking on Gemma, slowly, Gemma sang, “I’m a Slave 4 U.”

“That’s not a parody,” Karen pointed out, as Gemma spread her legs more as Karen finished putting the thigh high stocking on her leg.

“No, just a fact,” Gemma hinted, as Karen moved her hands to Gemma’s hips and pulled her panties down.

“True enough,” Karen agreed, loving how submissive Gemma got when she was horny… her limits were pretty much nonexistent when her pussy took control of her mind. For a genius, she could turn into a bumbling bimbo when she was revved up. “You shaved?” Karen noticed.

“Just for you,” Gemma smiled, having indeed done it for her… wanting to surprise her. Truth was, Gemma was in love with Karen and would do anything to please her. She knew she was going to be ordered around tonight, and she couldn’t wait for things to get hot and heavy.

“Well, I approve,” Karen said, having always been clean-shaven down there until she discovered the liberation of a hairier patch down below in Europe. She added, “Although, I’ve discovered that some hair down there can really capture the sweet scent of cunt.”

“Sweet cunt of mine,” Gemma sang.

“Guns and Roses, a classic,” Karen smiled, leaning forward and bestowing a kiss on Gemma’s lower lips before moving to Olivia.

Olivia, wanting the attention back on her, sang a Bieber cover, “If you love the way I lick that much, oh baby you should spread open and give yourself.”

“That’s weak,” Karen pointed out, as she opened a package containing a pair of black stockings.

Gemma said, as she felt the nylon on her legs, “Oh my, these are so soft.”

“The best nylons in the world,” Karen bragged, as she got ready to put the first stocking on Olivia.

“And we licked all night to the best orgy ever,” Gemma sang, parodying a One Direction song… each of them crushing on a different band member.

As Karen rolled the nylon up her leg, Olivia parodied her favourite One Direction song, “You and we got a whole lot of history, we could be the greatest threesome that the world has ever seen.”

“You girls are missing our favourite singer,” Karen said, as she grabbed the last stocking.

“Selena,” both Olivia and Gemma said in unison.

As Karen began putting on the last stocking, Gemma sang, “I lick your sweet cunt, baby.”

Olivia followed suit, “I eat you like a ripe peach, baby.”

“You girls only think about sex,” Karen mock objected, as she finished draping on the final stocking and looked up at Olivia.

Karen ordered, “Lift up your hips.”

Olivia smiled, as she obeyed and sang, “Because my hips don’t lie.”

“No more songs,” Karen forbade, shaking her head as she pulled Olivia’s panties off.

“Then you’d better shut us up with something,” Gemma interjected.

“I have the perfect idea to do just that,” Karen said, standing up and adding, “Both of you: on your knees on the floor.”

Kody had been watching the past few minutes in awe. So much teasing, so much playful banter… yet still no oral or fucking. Kody was surprised to see both girls obey… obedience didn’t usually seem to be a word his sister even knew.

Karen sat down on the bench and ordered, as she offered each of her pets a nylon-clad foot, “Suck on my feet.”

“Seriously?” Olivia asked, this not being something they’d done before, even as Gemma unquestioningly took the sheer silk foot in her hands.

“Don’t make me tell you twice,” Karen snapped, able to shift from sweet to dominant in a heartbeat.

“Fine,” Olivia sighed, as she took the left foot in her hands.

“Good girls,” Karen returned to tender as both girls massaged her feet.

Kody was completely transfixed. His mother was a nurse and he definitely had a nylon fetish, although other than when she was a cheerleader he’d only ever seen his sister wear nylons at a funeral and a wedding… so seeing her in nylons now only added to the sheer pleasure of what he was watching.

Gemma always wanted to please Karen, so she moved the right foot between her big tits and took the big toe into her mouth.

“That feels so nice, Gemma,” Karen moaned, having learned in Europe that she loved having her toes sucked, when a hot MILF she picked up in Italy had worshipped her feet for over an hour.”I could play with these nylons all night,” Gemma said, loving the sheer silk and loving hearing Karen moan because of her.

Olivia wasn’t nearly as submissive as Gemma, but she was very competitive, and as soon as she saw Gemma first obey and then go further to please Karen, she knew she had to one up her. She took the nylon-clad foot and with a bit of work, took all the toes in her mouth.

“I knew you had a big mouth, but this is impressive,” Karen approved playfully, as she watched all five toes disappear between Olivia’s lips.

Olivia tried to bob slightly, like this was the thickest cock ever.

Gemma sucked each toe individually, treating each like a small, delicate cock while moving her tits up and down, giving the most unique tit foot job ever.

Olivia’s mouth got sore eventually, and she licked the entire sole of Karen’s foot before replicating Gemma’s Actions and sucking each toe individually.

Both girls were worshipping her feet differently, but each was giving Karen great pleasure. And for three or four minutes, she just closed her eyes and allowed her feet to be pleasured.

Olivia then decided to get Karen’s full attention and suddenly said, “I’ve already had your foot in one hole, think it can fit in another?”

Kody’s eyes went wide.

Karen opened her eyes and asked, “You mean you want me to foot fuck you?”

“I do,” Olivia nodded, wondering if she could take an entire foot.

Karen had fisted a couple women in Europe, both MILFs, one she’d even gotten a couple inches past the wrist, but she’d never tried to foot fuck anyone. This was an offer she couldn’t resist. She ordered, “Okay, lie on the floor, you little slut.”

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Virgin spies on sister & friends and gets lucky

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