Wife cums over to her former high school boyfriend

Wife cums over to her former high school boyfriend

I discovered that my former high School boyfriend moved near our new house. It took some time, but I have missed him a lot and thought it would be nice if I would come over and welcome him to the neighborhood.

At the church we went to in the evening we would hide in the church and kiss and often play with my tits. I would tell him, “no” but he acted like he didn’t hear at all. I would undo my shirt and let Tommy feel my tits and often suck on them. And then we would kiss each other for a long time. Tommy felt me all over rubbed my pussy. My pussy always got wet as could be.

When we heard the janitor we would run outside and go home.

I invited Tommy to come over to see where I now live. We talked all about high school and the fun we had.

Since I am now married I asked my husband if it would be alright if I went to see Tommy. he said of course! but bring her home!

Tommy’s house was a few miles away, but not too far that she couldn’t see him.

I drove over to Tommy’s house and we talked and talked. Then I leaned over and kissed him. He returned my kiss.

Tommy began unbuttoning my shirt and looked straight into my eyes.

In high school my tits were a A cup. Now they are Double DD’s. I told him “no” like he did in high school. I let him unbutton my shirt. He then told me to take my bra off. I did.

As he began to feel me up all over. I was getting hot and I was already wet as could be.

Tommy rubbed my pussy just like he did in high school. And then he pushed his finger into my pussy. I kissed him again.

Tommy unzipped my pants. I kissed him again.

Then I pulled my pants down took them off. I looked straight into Tommy’s eyes as I kissed him again.

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I was now standing naked in front of him except for my lace see thru panties.

This time Tommy kissed me. I wanted him to take me now.

Tommy held my hand. I missed it a lot. Then he led me into his bedroom.

He began to lick my pussy. He rubbed my clit.

Tommy licked all my juices. Then I laid back on his bed and spread my pussy as wide as I could.

His cock was bigger than I thought it would be.

Tommy slapped my pussy with his cock and then began to push his cock inside me.

He then began to fuck me hard and long. I began to buck up into my pussy. I began to breathe hard and began to tell Tommy, Fuck me!! Fuck me!!

He fucked me long and hard and his cum began to run out of my pussy and down my legs.

I forgot my husband and we fucked all night long.

He taught me to suck his cock and I loved it!!

He talked dirty to me and I absolutely loved it!!

He called me a slut and I cried, but I loved it.

He called me a slut and a whore, and I liked it.

He fucked my ass and I loved it!

He came inside my ass and pussy.

He shot his cum all over my face and I licked it all up.

Tommy took pictures of me with cum all over my face, all over my tits, and all over my pussy.

My husband called but I turned my phone off.

I hate hickeys, but Tommy gave me them all over my tits and down my pussy.

We fell asleep and fucked again and woke up fucking each other.

Tommy does fake tattoos and he put one on my right tit of a red kiss, and one that says, whore slut on my left tit.

We are going to the tattoo parlor in the morning and get permanent ones.

I know my husband won’t like it, but he doesn’t fuck me like Tommy does.

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When I got home I called me to come to our bed and I straddled his mouth and forced him to suck and lick up Tommy’s cum.

The next morning we went to the tattoo parlor and did get permanent ones.

Tommy likes me to wear very revealing clothing.

I came into the living room wearing a completely sheer blouse unbuttoned and a black mini skirt.

And high heels.

My husband will be eating and sucking other mens cum a lot.

Tommy took me to a strip club and I got on stage as Tommy wanted and I danced.

I shook my ass and spread my pussy for the men watching.

One the dancers said, “The man at the table wants a lap dance!”

“What do I do? I asked her.

“Go into the couch room and sit on the man’s cock and rub it up and down and try to make him cum and let him suck on your tits and show the man your pussy, the dancer said. So I did it. I got really hot from doing it and Tommy loved it!

My husband went on a trip and we had great fun!

Of course we fucked A Lot!! and we went back to the strip club and now I am a backup dancer if one of the girls doesn’t show up.

Tuesday I was called in and I went crazy! I danced naked, wearing only my high heels. When I danced the men took advantage of me, giving me some hickeys and finger fucking me in the couch room.

However, I made a thousand dollars that day, so I loved it!

One of the dancers asked me to cum into the back room. Two other dancers came in also.

They “initiated” me. They held me and kissed me and fingered me, and licked their pussies and then licked mine. They also had me suck their tits and pussies again. Then they gave me hickeys all over my tits and pussy. Then they pushed a large dildo into my pussy and fucked me with it. Then they dropped oil on the dildo and fucked my ass, all of them.

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Then they used to tits to “fuck” my pussy.

As I was leaving for the day, I again was called into the backroom. One of the bouncers came in and turned me around and bent me over as he fucked me.

He called me a dirty whore and fucked my ass. It hurt a lot.

I discovered that some of the dancers were jealous that I made a Thousand dollars and decided to “fuck me up” and they did.

Tommy found out about it had some of his biker friends beat up the bouncer pretty bad.

That’s all over now.

A few weeks later Tommy and I went to the beach.

Tommy had me wear the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen.

Every Thing prominently showed off my tits and pussy.

It’s OK, I now like to show off “what I’ve got.

We went back to the biker bar and the all the guys bought me beers and they all felt me up.

I loved it.

One of the bikers asked Tommy if I could go to the back room with him. Tommy nodded, which meant “Yes” and I did. He had me strip and I did.

He kissed me, and then he sucked my tits, and had me spread my pussy so I did.

He then had me get on my knees and suck his dick until he comes and swallows.

I now like men’s cum so it’s ok with me.

Then he bent me over his bike and fucked me with the other bikers watching.

I love my life now, it is so fun and I love to be naughty for all the men.

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Wife cums over to her former high school boyfriend

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