Wife Michelle is forced to fuck every man in the bar

Wife Michelle is forced to fuck every man in the bar

Michelle could feel the closeness of the two dicks, one inside her pussy and the other in her ass. Although it was painful the sensations were making her cum. She was being stretched to the limit. She knew she would never be the same again.

The longer she was fucked, the less painful it was. She hated herself for cumming. She didn’t understand how she could cum while being raped.

The man in her ass kept pulling his dick out and then plunging it back in, all in one stroke. She heard the men laughing and wondered what they were saying to each other.

In fact, the men were laughing about how big the gape of Michelle’s ass was after having been fucked by just two of them so far. They determined to make the gape as big as possible.

It was difficult for Michelle to keep the dick in her mouth as she was getting it in two holes from behind. The man held her head and rammed his tool deep down her throat. She choked. Her saliva, mixed with his cum ran down her cheeks again.

This scene was repeated through the night by the six men, stopping only long enough to change drivers and men in her holes.

Michelle awakened and her pussy was still contracting as if she were being fucked. She wasn’t. She was alone on a bed in a dark room. She tried to stand up, but stumbled. Her entire body ached. Michelle tried the crude door, made of rough wood held together by cross boards nailed to the uprights. It was chained and padlocked from the outside.

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She lay back down, dizzy from the events of the night. She had no idea what time it was, only that some daylight was coming through the slats in the door. As she lay there in a half awakened state, she heard the door being unlocked. A Mexican woman a few years older than herself entered the room and helped the naked Michelle walk out.

A large metal tub of warm water had been prepared. The Mexican woman helped Michelle in and then handed her some soap and a sponge. Michelle went to work scrubing herself, trying to get the stench and the feel of the men off of her.

She gently washed around her vagina. There was dried cum all over it. There was so much in fact, that as the dried cum was washed away, she could feel more cum begin to run out of her.

“Oh, God!” she thought, “It has been inside me all night.” After she had scrubbed herself, the woman poured some bath oil in the tub. Michelle had hoped for clean water, but she had to take what she got. The woman was helping her. Could it be that the men have all gone and left her here? She hoped.

Her hopes were soon crushed as she heard a man call out to the woman as he entered the room. They were in a small crude kitchen. Michelle lay in the tub naked as the two talked. She couldn’t understand anything they were saying.


The woman took Michelle’s hand and lifted her up. As she stood there naked the man walked around and around the tub, closely examining Michelle. He felt of her tits. He squeezed her ass. He fingered her pussy. Michelle realized that this ordeal wasn’t over.

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When the man left, the woman helped Michelle dry off. She brought some baby oil and gently massaged it all over Michelle’s body. She had Michelle sit down and spread her legs. Michelle was too broken to be anything but compliant. The woman poured baby oil around Michelle’s vagina and fingered her, coating Michelle’s insides with the oil. She had Michelle stand and bend over and did the same with her anal opening.

Michelle wrapped herself in a towel as the woman set a plate of scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee on the table. Michelle didn’t feel like eating, but did, hoping to get the taste of the men’s cum out of her mouth.

The woman brought in makeup and began skillfully applying it to Michelle’s face. She then turned her attention to Michelle’s hair. She hightighted it, a medium blonde to contrast with her vibrant brown. When she was finished, Michelle looked gorgeous. Except for a few hickeys and the obvious over tired eyes, you would have never known that Michelle had been raped all night.

The woman then gave Michelle a beer and two white pills. She insisted that Michelle take them. Again, she did as told, thinking it was better to go along and hopefully when no one was watching, she would get away. She asked what time it was, pointing to a clock. She could see for herself, it was five in the afternoon. She had slept all day!

The man then came back into the room. He took Michelle’s towel off and led her naked out of the kitchen. Michelle was led down a short hall and out to a larger room. As soon as she entered, cheering began! Although she didn’t know what they were saying, she was correctly afraid it was for her.

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She was naked in a bar surrounded by horny Mexican men! A small mattress had been placed on the floor in the middle. She screamed and turned to run. The man held her arm tight. She fought so hard that three other men ran up. Each getting a hold of an arm or leg, they carried the screaming, crying Michelle to the mattress.

As she was held down on the mattress, the man who led her from the kitchen kneeled down between her legs and took his dick out. He wanted to be the first to sample his purchase.

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Wife Michelle is forced to fuck every man in the bar

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