Wife’s Sister Cuckold Me – Sex Stories

Wife’s Sister Cuckold Me – Sex Stories

Hi, reader, this is my fantasy sex story of getting cuckold humiliation in front of my wife by her sister and hubby. Hope you all enjoy this sex story and please give me more feedback to encourage me. Please give feedback at [email protected]

My name is Rajesh, 27years old. I just got married a few months ago with a pretty and cute wife name Revathi. My marriage life was good until one incident happen. My wife is slim and short with medium size breast and has a nice round ass.

She is blessed with the perfect figure of 32-28-34 which fit in her tight jeans and shirt. She has an elder sister named Kamala with age of 30years. She is a little dominant women type. When we talk about Kamala’s body, her figure must be 34-28-36. She has a bigger sexy butt which always jiggles when she walks. I have heard about her sex stories with many guys which happen before her marriage life. She has been very slutty before her marriage.

I always have an eye on her sexy body because of her sexy dressing sense. I don’t like my wife wearing sexy clothes which can reveal her body but her sister Kamala always buy little revealing clothes for my wife. So most of the time, we have arguments because of it.

Few months after marriage, we plan to visit her sister who stays far from our place. Her sister stays in a flat with her husband. We pack some clothes and start our journey. Once we reach, we take some rest because of the tiredness of the journey. At night after dinner, I have some chit chat with Kamala’s husband while my wife Revathi talks with her sister in the room. Her husband name is Ram.

Ram is the well built tall guy who looks like a Hollywood hero. I will look like a small boy when standing beside him. While my wife talks to her sister, she told about our argument regarding the revealing clothes issue. Kamala was unhappy with my character and was planning something to change my attitude.

So the next day morning, we all plan to go to some shopping mall. Kamala picks some clothes for my wife to wear. They both were changing clothes together in the bed room while I and Ram wait at the living room. Kamala came out from the room with a knee length sleeveless lace dress with a transparent net on her back shoulder. I was amazed seeing her big butt shape in it.

Her blue bra can be seen from her transparent net on her back. My cock starts to become hard. Followed by her, my wife came out from the room. She was wearing a white color tight shirt with v-neck until her cleavage and tight low waist jeans. I have never been seen her like this before. She was hot and sexy. Her pink lace bra can clearly see thru her white shirt and her bra can poke out if she raises her hands. I can see Ram scanning her full body with his eyes.

My mind refuses to accept other guys seeing my wife in that way but I don’t want to start an argument in front her sister, so I just pretend normal. When my wife bends down to wear her high heels, her shirt raises up from her hip and her pink panties peak out from the low waist jeans of her. Even her ass crack can be seen. I can see Ram’s eye was on her ass. Suddenly I get angry and raise my voice to my wife to behave properly in front Kamala and Ram.

In a second, Kamala gives me a hard slap on the face. I froze for a second and try to recall what just happened. I feel like want to fight back but don’t have enough courage on seeing Ram besides her. Kamala shouted back to me “don’t ever shout in front me. We girls have a nice figure to show off. I know you are not worthy as other guys. So just keep your mouth shut”. I was just in silent and my eyes start to weep. Nothing to speak back and just got into their car’s back seat. Suddenly Kamala gets in the car and sits beside me while my wife sits in the front seat.

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We reached the shopping mall and the ladies make some purchases of clothes. I didn’t see what all they bought. All the time, her cleavage and panties were fully visible to everyone when she bends down to take things. I was very much disappointed in my wife’s attitude. She didn’t even try to cover her cleavage even though she knows everyone having a good view. She was enjoying to tease the guys and I know Ram sure was having a full erection. I was also has a good back view of Kamala on that time even though I was upset. Her big ass was waving while she walks.

After some time, we did with shopping and went back home. Once we reach home, I saw Kamala took our cloth bags from the room we stay and locked the room. She was shifting it to their room. I feel like want to ask but I still can feel the slap she gave me earlier. I just keep silent and sat on the sofa in living room.

Kamala brought the clothes they bought and ask my wife to give a try. It was a yellow short casual dress. Revathi went to the room and closed the door. Suddenly, I realize that Ram was missing. In 5mins the room door was opened. I was shocked seeing Ram was coming out from the room. It was master bed room with attached bathroom. He was using the washroom while my wife changed her clothes.

I can’t imagine what he might see in the room. He left the room door open but I think my wife was still changing. Ram came and sat beside me on the sofa and smile at me. My wife came out from the room with the dress on. It was above her knees and her white soft thighs are in full view. She turned back to her sister and asked her help to put the back zip as her hands can’t reach.

I can see her pink bra when she turns. She didn’t feel any shy as Ram her brother in law was seeing her bra. I feel very embarrassed as he was watching my wife’s body. When Kamala put the back zip, she saw Revathi wearing a short legging inside the dress, so nothing can be seen if she spread her legs. Kamala asked her to remove it immediately. Revathi hesitated at first but she still removed it in front of us. I can see a big bulk on Ram’s pants when she removes her short legging.

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The dress fits well for my wife. She was turning here and there to show us the new dress. When she turned fast, the dress flies higher and more of her thighs are visible. I just remain silent while they all commenting about the dress.

After some time, my wife wanted to changed the clothes back, so she went back to the room. Suddenly Kamala stopped her and asked her to change the clothes in the living room in front everyone. She said, “no more privacy or hiding, do it here”. Then only I realize that all the room inner lock was removed, including a bathroom. They were living in such way. I feel like being trapped.

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In the other side, I feel excited to see Kamala’s body. Kamala instructed me to remove my wife’s dress in an angry tone. I feel shame as Ram was waiting to see her body. I went closer to my wife and unzip her dress. Her dress falls down as I pull it down. Revathi was standing in her lace pink panties and bra in front of us all. She was looking damn hot in it. Kamala asked me “do you want to see me too in this condition?” I didn’t tell anything but my eyes were in her body. She shouted back to me “do you hear me?” I said “yes”.


She replied back to me “prove me you have anything better than my hubby so you can fuck me. If you fail, you won’t longer be a man anymore”. I know there is no option for me, so I was silent. She let me sit beside Ram while she stands beside my half naked wife. Revathi slowly unzipped Kamala’s dress and make her stand in her underwear only. I was stunned seeing her super body.

She was wearing a blue bra and red and white striped panties. My cock gets real hard when saw her big ass inside the panties. Kamala asked both of us to strip naked. As I was horny seeing Kamala’s hot body, I immediately start to remove my pants and underwear. I stand naked with my hard 4inch dick pointing to Kamala imagining that my dick will make them feel horny.

I almost forgot that Ram was still standing beside me. My wife’s eyes were pointing at the other side. When I turn around, I was totally got mad when sees Ram. His cock was 8inch in flaccid. I can’t imagine how big it will become when it is getting hard. I didn’t have seen this big dick before. I thought my size was average but compare to his mine is very tiny. I can see my wife’s eyes getting bigger.

Kamala starts to comment about my cock that “at first I didn’t believe when you told about it, but it is really small like a worm”. I feel very shame when realizing that my wife has told her about my little cock.

Without being told my wife gets on her knees and starts to lick his huge dick. I can’t believe it is happening. Kamala takes my cloth from the floor and placed it in the second room which she locked earlier. I was wondering what is she planning and saw my cloth bag was still in the room. So she purposely left it inside.

My heart starts to pump faster, imagining what going to happen more. She locked the room and join with my wife to suck his hubby’s dick. In a minute it turned to 10inch in full erect. Mine is not even half of it. My wife’s two hands were not enough to hold his big rod. My wife sucks it like a hungry animal while Kamala gave her boobs for Ram to lick. I was standing the like a loser and watching my wife suck a big cock.

Ram removed Kamala’s blue bra and throw on my face. Her boob was fairish and her nipples were surrounded by a large circle around it. It makes me hornier even though my wife is sucking another man. Kamala pulls me to Ram’s balls and makes me lick it. She pushed my mouth to balls and forced me to lick it. I lick the sweaty balls without choice while my wife sucks the dick. I can see my wife’s panties were already wet. She was seeing my face while sucking dick. I was very shame. Kamala unhooks Revathi’s bra.

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They both stand up and make me suck his dick. It was too big for my mouth as I never tasting a cock before. Ram pushed hard his dick inside my mouth and made me gag. The two sisters were standing with their panties and kissing each other. Kamala pulled down Revathi’s wet pink panties and takes off her panties too. They were watching me sucking the dick while kissing. Ram’s dick was full of my saliva.

Kamala pushes my wife to her fours to doggy and sits on top of her. Ram brings his wet dick heading Revathi’s pussy and makes a slow push. I know she can’t take it as she was used to fucking with my small cock. Ram grabs her hip and starts to make a hard stroke. There was a loud scream “AAAAAAaaahhhhhhhhhhh”. He inserted fully his 10inch dick inside her small pussy. Her eyes were gone up for a while. Then he slowly starts to push in and out.

She starts to enjoy the cock of her sister’s husband. She starts to moan “Ahhh….Mmmm…Uhhhhh…Yeah…Fuck me…” After some slow fuck Ram starts to bang her harder. I can hear the sound of his cock inside her wet pussy. He fucks her for more than 20mins. My wife sees my face with the satisfying look because I just can hold for less than 10mins only but now she gets a good fuck from her brother in law. She starts to get to know the real pleasure of big dick. She starts to cum and makes loud moan “AAAAAAhhhhhhhhh”.

Then Kamala spread her leg wide for her hubby while I suck her nipple in a side and my wife suck at the other side. Kamala pussy was little hairy. Ram push hard on Kamala and fucked her. Kamala pulls me to her little hairy armpit and made me lick it. It was very sweaty and Kamala said “this is the right place for a sissy like you” while the others were laughing hearing this.

I was feeling worthless hearing that. She moans very loud when Ram fucks her hard. Ram pull again my wife and fuck her harder for the second round. As she is slim and light weight he fucks her by carrying her in his hands. I didn’t have seen this fuck position before even in any porn movies. After 20mins of fuck, he dropped her down and started to shot cum on their faces. They both open their mouth wide like they getting holy water.

I just think that when last time I ask my wife to take my sperm in mouth she was avoiding it but now she willingly opens her mouth for the cum of big monster dick. They two sisters came near me with cum covered face. Kamala holds my little penis and starts to stroke it. In 2 strokes I started to cum on her body. They all laugh seeing it. Kamala slaps me on the face and asked me to lick back all cum from their faces and body.

Without choice, I lick all even my own cum. They made me swallow it. My wife lies on the floor in tired while Kamala and Ram sit on sofa seeing her. Ram instructs me to clean cum all over the floor naked. They all watch me walking naked with my little cock shaking here and there. Kamala told me to do all the house chores everyday naked. I was very shame and humiliated.

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Wife’s Sister Cuckold Me – Sex Stories

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