Wild Side Of My Neighbour Bhabhi

Wild Side Of My Neighbour Bhabhi

It was a Saturday, the day-off for me. I didn’t have any plans for the afternoon. So, I thought of doing something which I used to do during college days – spend the day in my room watching porn and indulging in self-pleasure.

I took my tablet and started scanning through porn. I went to my favourite section: “Japanese Porn”. I always wonder why I always choose this section but I never tried to find out because that was not important.

45 minutes into the porn where the guy was fucking his wife until she was totally spent and felt wasted, he goes to the washroom to clean himself up. Then find his wife’s best friend sleeping in another room with her t-shirt rolled up to show her milky boobs covered in pink bra and short pants a little down to show her pink panties.

He goes inside and pulls the short pants and panties off in one go and starts licking his wife’s best friend’s pussy eagerly. The girl gets into the mood – real mood. But when she wakes up, she tries to stop but couldn’t stop the pleasure she was getting.

The guy gets in 69 immediately and shoves the dick in her mouth to stop her from resisting. She then obeys him and starts sucking him. She holds his dick and take it in deep and keeps doing it again and again. Later, the guy starts fucking his wife’s best friend in doggy style.

I was very excited at this stage and was going through immense pleasure. My erection was feeling like a hard-rock and my dick-riding in an awesome rhythm. I always try to last beyond my levels, I try to cool down if I feel the climax is near. Though it is inevitable but I like to extend and test my limits.

Just when I decided to put everything to end, the streaming had gone. I tried a few times to refresh it but realized the internet was down. I went out of the room and found out that the electricity had gone.

I went to the balcony to see if it was just my home or the whole street. But it was afternoon and not night time. So it was difficult. I was trying to scan my neighbour’s house. What I saw blew my mind away.

My neighbour Pinky bhabhi’s house had 3 rooms – 1 room on the left (Opposite her kitchen), then comes the hall in the middle and at last 2 rooms next to each other – one belongs to Pinky bhabhi. The room door was slightly open just enough to see what was happening inside. I saw my neighbour bhabhi blowing someone’s dick!

I quickly took my phone and zoomed in the camera and I was right. Pinky bhabhi was giving a blowjob. Immediately, I pressed the record button (I don’t know why).

By the way guys, Pinky bhabhi is a sex bomb – a ticking sex bomb! She can blow anyone, anytime and anywhere with her perfect tits, more than sexy ass, lusty lips and killer eyes and silky hairs. It was a dream for many but true for one – her husband. And there she was blowing him. I started watching my porn – live porn!

For another minute, bhabhi was still blowing and I wanted to see more action. I tried to distract them and threw a sketch pen (lying around in the balcony). It fell below the sofa but made enough noise to distract bhabhi and her husband Prem.

I saw Pinky turning but Prem brought her face again to his dick and asked her to keep sucking. But what I saw next – another guy came out and found nothing and went back to the room. The guy was wearing a black mask and left the door open while going inside. I was shell shocked.

The guy went to bhabhi. He took his dick out. It was 6-inch long. He took bhabhi’s hand placed it on his dick. Now, Pinky was blowing both dicks alternatively. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The first guy’s dick was 8.5 or 9-inch long.

He then went behind her and made bhabhi on her fours. He brought his dick near her pussy and started kicking her pussy with his dick in a playful manner.

He spat on his hand and applied it to his dick and pressed it against bhabhi’s pussy. He did this again, playing with my sexy neighbour bhabhi’s pussy. The guy pressed it a little more and a few inches went inside this time.

He then took it out and put it inside a little again. He was teasing bhabhi. Then Pinky bhabhi spoke for the first time, “Jaldi karoo naa”.

I was sure she didn’t mean do fast and done with it. She was getting horny and she wanted it inside her. She said again, “Please, jaldi dalo na”.

The first guy understood and he gave a strong thrust. His dick went inside her, stretching her inner walls to new limits. Her mouth made an ‘O’ shape at that very moment. That’s when the second guy pushed his dick in Pinky bhabhi’s mouth and started mouthfucking her.

He caught her long silky hairs and tried to choke her with his dick in her mouth.

The first guy was slapping Pinky bhabhi’s ass in between each thrust and was literally fucking her like cowboy. Bhabhi was trying to meet each thrust equally by pushing her ass.

Bhabhi was still blowing the second guy. She took all the 6-inch down her throat. That’s when the first guy who was fucking bhabhi in pure lust and full rhythm put his hands on her boobs and started mauling them.

He caught hold of bhabhi’s boobs and was molesting them while grabbing them tightly. He started giving hard strokes (more like bullet shots) into bhabhi’s pussy.

Getting her boobs grabbed so tightly and fucked so hard was giving an amazing pleasure to my neighbour bhabhi. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly. She pushed away the guy she was blowing and shouted “Yessssss..Ahh”.

It seemed like bhabhi had an orgasm. Her head fell down, her sexy body shivered. But the guy was still pushing it in her deeper and deeper. It looked like it was just the beginning. The second guy said, “Let me also fuck her. I will finish it off quickly then you can continue your marathon fucking”.

The second guy’s dick was small compared to the first guy. The second guy started fucking Pinky bhabhi now. He was very aggressive and fucking her at a good speed. I knew he wouldn’t last long even though he took bhabhi to another ride of ecstasy.

I saw her holding the bedsheet tightly with her moans coming out rapidly, “Ah ah ah dheere chodo, pls dheere dheere chodo, ah ah ahh. Nahi aise nahi. Ahhhh”

It felt like she was begging to the first guy, “Please isse bolo na, ahhh dheere se chodne ko..ahhh ahhh”. Pinky bhabhi’s boobs were swinging wildly now and she was shaking her head with the kind of fucking she was getting.

Soon, with one last mighty stroke, the second guy was done. Bhabhi was left panting and she was trying to catch her breath. Her stomach was still vibrating and she was still in fucking rhythm with her body moving up and down.

The small guy also collapsed next to her while he kissed her lips and with the other hand pressing her boobs softly. The first guy was holding his dick in his hand.

He put Pinky on her back and came on top of her. He was still wearing a mask like the other guy. His eyes locked with bhabhi’s eyes. I thought she will say, “Enough, main aur nahi kar sakti”. But I saw her hand going down and grabbing his dick and guiding it to her pussy. She wanted more, more of this big dick!

He pushed it in her and waited.

Pinky: Kya hua?

The first guy shook his head like nothing.

Pinky: Toh do it!

First guy (raises his head): Like what?

Pinky knew what the guy wanted to hear from her. She closed her eyes and said, “Fuck me, please fuck me..”

It seemed like the first guy got what he wanted. He took it out and shoved it in, the whole of it.

Pinky (moaning deeply): Yesss…more..fuck me more.

The guy fucked her harder, deeper and wilder. He placed his mouth on her boobs and bit her nipples in between. Bhabhi put her hand on his head first and then on his back and dug her nails on his back. The guy kept pushing his dick in her and kept fucking bhabhi like mad. The sounds of his leg meeting bhabhi’s thighs were increasing rapidly.

Just then, the second guy held her hand and brought on top of her head, holding it tightly. The first guy got in full gear and was fucking bhabhi at full speed.

He started fucking her faster and faster. With every stroke, he was going deeper exerting more power. He kept going as if he wanted to reach somewhere.

Bhabhi held his hands tightly. She knew he won’t let go but she needed to hold it tighter because of the hard fucking. She kept pushing her ass backward to avoid meeting his powerful strokes but he kept pushing in more and harder. He was fucking like it was his last fuck.

He then closed his eyes and his head was raised towards the ceiling. Bhabhi freed her hand and she immediately reached for his dick and squeezed every drop of his cum out of it. He felt immense satisfaction and less powerful and collapsed onto her boobs.

Then they turned her on her tummy and tied her hands on her back. I left too and went towards Pinky bhabhi’s house. I started climbing the stairs and reached her door. I found it open and went inside. She was lying naked on her tummy and trying to free her hands.

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Wild Side Of My Neighbour Bhabhi