Woman forced to become a Rakhail and a Randi by a man she considered like a brother

Woman forced to become a Rakhail and a Randi by a man she considered like a brother

Sanchita Bose was a beautiful,married Bengali woman of 28 years of age.She was married for a year now, and she and her husband Sayantan Bose had shifted to Delhi about 7 months back, from their home town Kolkata. Sayantan had left his previous job in Kolkata and now joined this private firm in Delhi which payed him a far better salary than his job in Kolkata.Sanchita had also got a job in an educational institute andworked as a counsellor. Sanchita and Sayantan had an arranged marriage but were very much in love and had a good active sex life.Sanchita was a beautiful woman with a dusky,chocolate brown complexion(like Bollywood’s Bong babes like Bipasha basu,Kajol etc),she had sharp features,large,deep,sensuous black eyes,long,lustrous black hair till her waist, and had a confoident,bold body language.She wore nice sarees and salwar suits and carried herself with elegance and dignity.Sanchita was of medium height and had a nice figure,she was not fat and she was not thin too.She was voluptuous , had right amount of curves in her body and lovely big breasts. Now back to the story,it was a saturday evening, amd sanchita was getting ready to attend Sayantan’s office party at a five star hotel.Sanchita got dressed,she wore a nice,sky blue saree and nice,flue sleeved but low back blue blouse,which showed off a great amount of her bare back .she did her make up,put on the lipstick and went off to the party with her husband sayantan,who had dressed up in a formal suit-pant and also wore a tie.

After about half an hour,Sanchita and Sayantan reached the five star hotel in a taxi.They entered the hotel and then proceeded towards the banquet hall where the party was being held. on entering the banquet hall,they were received by sayantan’s colleagues.Everyone praised them and gave them compliments saying they were looking great…they are a lovely couple and that Sanchita was looking really elegant and gorgeous in her saree.Sayantan alos introduced Sanchita to his company’s MD-Mihir Walia,a tall,broad structured and handsome man with an uncanny resemblance to Hollywood actor George Clooney.Mihir Walia was a 47 year old man, and like George Clooney,he too had greyish hair. Sayantan also intoduced Sanchita to his immediate boss- Lakshman Reddy, a dark complexioned,little plump,moustached man of average height.he was a south indian.Sanchita was now mingling with the party crowd,interacting with sayantan’s male and femal colleagues.After 10 mins or so,one man entered the party with two security guards,Mihir walia and other senior office staff received the man with great warmth.Sanchita and sayantan looked at the man.sanchita felt that she had seen the man before and knew him. then Mihir walia announced,”ladies and gentlemen,I welcome on behalf of our company,our guest, and my dear friend and one of the leading young,emerging politicians of our country-Mr.Vinod Pandey.” sanchita now remembered how she knew him, and said to Sayantan,” Sayantan I know this man…he is Vinod bhaiya…he is an old friend of my dada(elder brother).” Mihir walia was introducing Vinod Pandey to everyone in the party.Vinod Pandey saw sanchita and sayantan from a distance.he saw that sanchita was also looking at him.Then mihir walia brought Vinod pandey to sanchita and sayantan,to introduce him to them.Vinod pandey shaked hands with Sayantan and looked at Sanchita,who had a smile on her face, and said,” madam I think I know you….” Sanchita smiled and said,”don’t you remember me Vinod bhaiya…I am Sanchita,younger sister of Sanjay Ghosh, your batch mate in engineering college.” Vinod Pandey recollected his memory instantly, and said,” arre haan…sanjay ki chhoti behen Pinky.” sanchita laughed at being addressed by her nickname.Vinod pandey said,”Tu kitna badal gayi…saree mein…maang mein sindoor….pehle toh ekdum tomboy thi-jeans,t-shirt,tops.” Sanchita smiled and said,”Ab main ek shaadishuda aurat hoon….yeh mere pati hain…Sayantan.” vinod pandey chatted with them for a while and said that he was now an MP and also a junior minister in the union government in Delhi and stayed mostly in Delhi and less in Bihar,his home state.Sanchita asked him about his marriage, and Vinod Pandey said that he had married 4 years ago, and has a 2 year old son, and his wife and son stay in Bihar with his family. vinod pandey then gave his official card to sanchita and sayantan and left the party with his bodyguards.sanchita and sayantan had their dinner and left the party after a short while.

In the taxi, on the way back to home,sanchita didn’t talk much to sayantan but kept thinking about vinod pandey.She remembered that she saw him for the first time,when Vinod came with her elder brother sanjay,to stay in their house in Kolkata for ten days, as it was holiday in their engineering college. At that time, Sanchita was just 18 years old,and a plump,fat girl and Sanjay and Vinod were 20 years old. Along with her brother Sanjay,Vinod too teased her calling her Moti and saying that she won’t have a boyfriend and no one will ask her for a date if she remains like this.At that time,sanchita was hurt at these comments,but she motivated herself and started yoga,other free hand exercises and also controlled her diet,to go on to become the beautiful woman that she is today.Sanchita also remembered that her second meeting with vinod was seven years later at the marriage of her brother sanjay. Sanchita was 22 years old at that time and in college. Vinod had come down to kolkat for attending the marriage and stayed in sanchita’s house for a few days. Vinod praised sanchita’s beauty,gave her nice compliments and also asked her out on a date. sanchita agreed as she was happy that the guy who teased her about her weight a few years back, had praised her beauty and asked her out on a date,which was very fulfilling for her as a woman.Sanchita went out on a lunch and movie date with Vinod in Kolkata.After having lunch and watching the movie,when they were returning to sanchita’s home,vinod had proposed to her,saying that he was in love with her and wanted to marry her, and she should become his girlfriend.He also tried to embrace her and kiss her,but sanchita pushed him and shouted at him, and said that Vinod was her elder brother’s friend, and like a brother to her, and she can never think of marrying him and she never loved him.she also told him to behave or she will tell her elder brother and father. Vinod then apologised to her, and said that he is orry and will never repeat this act. then they returned home. After sanchita’s brother’s marriage was over,Vinod left. And now after 6 years, Sanchita was meeting Vinod.She thought that Vinod looked so dapper in white kurta and white trousers-his politician look.He also looked dashing and handsome.Vinod was about 5ft 9inches tall,had a moustache,was lean and fit physically. She remembered that her brother Sanjay had told him that Vinod belonged to a political family in Bihar and always wanted to join politics,even though he di engineering. After reaching home,Sanchita and Sayantan wore therie night dresses,Sayantan wore a half pant and ganjee and Sanchita wore her nightie and they went off to sleep. The next morning,both woke up and went off to woke up.The next two months passed by….then suddenly one evening when sanchita had returned home
from work and was cooking for dinner and waiting for Sayantan to return, the telephone rang. sanchita picked up the phone and said,”Hello.” The caller at the other side, a man said,”hello is this Mrs Sanchita Bose…I am speaking from your husband’s office…you need to come immediately to his office…” sanchita said,”Hello whats the matter…”The man said,”everything can’t be said over the telephone….please come immediately,” and he disconnected the line. Sanchita was worried now,she called up on sayantan’s mobile,but iw was switched off.sanchita then just wore a saree quickly and took a taxi to sayantan’s office.after about 45 mins or so,she reached the office,gave the receptionist her introduction and was told to wait in the lobby.After sometime, lakshman reddy,the immediate boss of Sayantan came to the lobby and said to Sanchita,”Miss Bose it was I who called you….please come. he then took her to the conference room.on entering the conference room, she saw that the MD, Mihir walia was also sitting on a chair.Mihir walia told her to take a seat.Sanchita wa now in the conference room with Mihir walia and lakshman reddy.Mihir walia said,”Miss Bose…your husband Sayantan has done a fraud with our company with financial transactions…and we have come to know about it just today afternoon….he is now being interrogated in one room by our personal investigator.” sanchita said,”sir it can’t be true…he is a honest,hard working guy…he can never do such a thing…there has been some misunderstanding.”Mihir walia shouted at Sanchita and said,”Shut up…I am not joking with you …its a big amount…and he was in charge of the transactions….and a big amount has been found in his employee account.”Then he pushed th papers and documents towards sanchita’s side.sanchita went over the documents thoroughly and it indeed looked as if sayantan had done some financial fraud and it was a really big amount….a hell of a lot of money.But she was unable to believe that her husband,he dear Sayantan could do something like this.She asked Mihir Walia for permission to meet her husband.He took her to the room where he was being interrogated.It was a small room, and a big,tall guy was interrogating him…sayantan was looking tired,jaded,his hair untidy,shirt tucked outside.Walia then asked the interrogator to come out for 5 mins.Now sanchita and sayantan were alone in the room.She clearec the sweat on his forehead with her saree pallu.She hugged him and kissed his cheeks and told him that she doesn’t believe that he has done spmething like this.Sayantan kept saying to her,”I am innocent …I don’t know how all this happened…I was incharge of the transactions but everything was allright…now suddenly…” then walia entered the room with the interrogator, and said,” No more meeting madam..now you’ll have to leave…and yes…this amount has to be returned to the company within 48hours otherwise your husband will be sent to the jail….and with the level of financial fraud that he has done,it could be a jail term of atleast 10 years.So you have to pay the money in 48 hours or…” sanchita said,”Sir its such a big amount….its impossible in 48 hours….it will take atleast two years…our earnings are not that huge.”Walia said,”Thats your problem madam…but its 48 hours…so buck up.”sanchita then kissed goodbye to sayantan and left the office.sayantan was to be under house arrest in the office till the amount was paid back to the company. sanchita took a taxi and returned home.

After returning home,Sanchita sat on the sofa for sometime. sanchita was really worried abou sayantan, but did not know what to do,how to get such a large amount of money and pay it back to his company.she thought about it for a longtime,but had no idea..she was clueless.then she took off her saree and blouse,as she was feeling really hot because of mental tension…Then she had 2 biscuits,a banana and a mango for dinner, as she was not in the mood for a full meal.then she took off her petticoat too.Now she was just in lingerie, her red bra and red panty.She lied down on the bed in the bedroom,but just could not get any sleep thinking about sayantan’s plight and the huge amount of money that she had to get to free sayantan form his misery,his plight.Sanchita spent a sleepless night on the bed.It was morning,but sanchita was still clueless, she had no relative or friend who could pay her such a big amount and that too so soon.Also how will she ask for the money as she can’t reveal that Sayantan has been suspected of being a fraud by his company.Also she did not have friends or relatives in Delhi.Her aged parents lived in Kolkata and were not financially so well off to give her so much money.Sanchita’s Dada(elder brother)-sanjay ghosh lived in Dubai with his wife and two kids, and was well placed financially but still not so well off that he can pay off such a big amount. sayantan’s parents were also aged and a simple middle class old bengali couple,not that well off financially.His sister lived in Bangalore and his sister’s husband earned just about enough. Now sanchita was totally clueless…simply helpless.She just held her purse,opened it,took out her lipstick,and other things and threw them on the bed.She was now angry with herself too.Then suddenly she saw among all the things scattered on her bed while throwing things on her bed,there was a card.She picked it up and saw that it was the official card of Vinod pandey that he gave her at the party.She now thought that probably only Vinod pandey could help her as he is a successful politician and also her brother’s friend. sanchita though in two minds, dialled Vinod pandey’s number.She then cut the line. she again dialled the number and cut it.finally she gathered the confidence and dialled the number again.the call was picked up, and Vinod spoke,”Hello yeh subah subah kaun missed call de rahaa hain mujhe…aur koi kaam nahin hai kya..”Sanchita felt nervous but then spoke,”hello Vinod Bhaiya…main hoon sanchita…Pinky…us din party mein miley the.’ vinod pandey said,”Oh Pinky…bol …kaisi hain tu?” sanchita said in an emotional tone,”Vinod bhaiya main bahut pareshaani mein hoon….mujhe aap hi bachaa sakte hain….I need your help…please.’ Vinod Pandey said,”Arrey kyaa baat hain…kis baat ki tension hain tujhe. bataa naa…main hoon naa.”sanchita said,”main aapko phone par nahin bataa sakti…I need to meet you….please kahaa aaun aapse milene.” Vinod Pandey said,” Theek hain tu mere office mein aajaa..mere personal office mein…card mein mere personal office aur party office dono ke address and telephone numbers hain…tu mere personal office mein aajaa….theek do ghaante mein.don’t worry…main hoon naa.”sanchita told him that she’ll come to her personal office in 2 hours time, and disconnected the phone.Sanchita then had a cup of tea, biscuits and also ate bread and jam for breakfast.She then took her bath and got ready…she wore a simple pink saree, and half sleeved pink blouse, and did not put lipstick and did not do her make up,but still looked pretty and nice in the mirror when she saw her.She took some money and her purse and Vinod pandey’s card with her.She left her house and took an auto.In this auto she went uptill a certain distance,then she took another auto.The second auto took her uptill another distance.Then she cam out of the second auto,paid the auto wala his fare, and started to walk towards the building in which Vinod pandey’s perosnal office was situated.sanchita walked for about 7-8 mins and then she reached the building where Vinod Pandey’s office was situated.She entered the building…she told the security that she had come to meet mr.Vinod pandey.The security said that his office was on the 5th floor and she must sign the attendance register for vistors. sanchita signed the register and then took the elevator/lift and pressed the button for 5th floor.

The lift reached 5th floor and the lift door opened.Sanchita came out of it and walked towards Vinod Pandey’s office room.As she was progressing towards his room,a man stopped and said,”Madam aap Sanchita Bose hain naa…Vinod ji se milne ka appointment hain aapka.” Sanchita said,”haan par aap kaun hain?”The man said,”Madam main Vinod ji ka PA(personal assistant)Ashok dubey…Vinod ji ne mujhe phone par kahaa ki agar aap unse pehle office pahuch jaaye to aapko receive karoo aur aapko office mein bithaao.” he then took sanchita inside the office room and told her to sit.Sanchita sat on the chair facing the boss’schair,i.e,Vinod pandey’s chair,on the other side of the table parallelly straight to the chair on which sanchita was sitting.Vinod pandey’s PA-Ashok dubey brought a glass of cold drink and two samosas on a plate for her.though sanchita hesitated to have them,but Dubey persuaded her, and finally she agreed to have them. sanchita ate the two samosas and finished the cold drink…and after 2-3 mins,vinod pandey entered the room.He said,”Pinky tu toh mere pehle aagayi.” sanchita turned her back,saw vinod pandey and stood up from her chair.In her quick movement,sanchita’s saree pallu fell down….and Vinod Pandey just stared at her awesome cleavage which though was covered inside her bra and pink blouse,but made its size and shape prominent and it could be understood by any man that two big,lovely breasts were covered inside the bra and blouse.Vinod pandey also saw Sanchita’s dusky waist.sexy belly and sensuous,deep navel..sanchita was also looking at Vinod Pandey for about 1-2 mins,then she gathered herself and quickly lifted her pallu and put it on her shoulder and covered herself.Sanchita now felt shy and looked down on the floor.Vinod pandey then relieved the tense atmosphere and said,” Pinky yeh tere liye and gave Sanchita the bouquet of roses that he was having in his hand.sanchita took the bouquet and said,”Thank You Vinod bhaiya.” Vinod pandey said,”ek khubsurat ladki ke liye khubsurat gulaab ke phool.”sanchita blushed shily and smiled.Vinod pandey then told her to sit and he too sat on his chair.He then said,”Pinky tu kitni badal gayi hain….ek dum bharatiya naari…sundar sushil…pehle toh ekdum tomboy type ladki thi nakhre wali,gusse wali….baat baat par chir jaati thi….scooty chalaati thi…hameshaa t-shits,tops,jeans…aur ab saari….” Sanchita smiled shyly, and said,”Tab main bachchi thi…school mein,college mein….aur ab main ek aurat hoon…shaadishudaa aurat…. Vinod pandey interrupted her and said,”aur ek bahut hi khubsurat aurat.”Sanchita looked at him nervously.He said,”haan woh tu phone par badi tense lag rahi thi….kyaa baat hain.kya problem hain tujhe.”sanchita became emotional and said in a crying tone,”Vinod bhaiya…mer pati bahut badi mushkil mein phas gaye hain….aap hi bachaa sakte hain.”Vinod pandey said,”Achcha ro mat aur mujhe bataa kya baat hain.” Sanchita narrated the whole story about sayantan and the financial fraud that he got framed for, and the big amount of money that she need ed to pay to his company to free him.Vinod pandey listened to the whole story,kept quiet for some time and then said,”Dekh yeh toh bahut badi mushkil hain Pinky….bahut badaa lafdaa hain….” sanchita said,”Par aap hi bachaa sakte hain sayantan ko Vinod Bhaiya…please.” Vinod pandey said,”bahut badaa amount hain Pinky…abhi itne paise mere paas…kuch hi mahino mein election bhi ho sakta hain….” Sanchita again said,”Please Vinod Bhaiya…”vinod pandey said,”Waise us company ka MD-Mihir walia mera dost hain…ussey baat karke dekhta hoon..par yeh business hain…pataa nahi woh meri kitna sunegaa…..chal hum unke office mein chalte hain…” Vinod pandey then took sanchita with him in his white ambassador car and they left for Mihir walia’s company.After 20 mins or so,they reached the company building.They went straight to mihir walia’s office room.The security did not stop Vinod pandey and sanchita.Mihir walia was sitting on his chair,He stood up seeing Vinod pandey.he shaked hands with Vinod pandey and said,” Arre Pandey ji aap humaare office mein…kyaa baat hain…mujhe bulaa liya hota.” Vinod
pandey said,” Aapne sayantan babu ko house arrest pe kyun rakha…unki wife sanchita ji meri family member jaisi hain…” Mihir walia looked at sanchita and said to Vinod pandey,” Arrey pandey ji inkaa pati ek number kaa fraud hain…pataa hain kitni badi rakam ki hera pheri ki hain us Sayantan ne…” Vinod pandey interrupted and said,”Main sab jaanta hoon….mujhe sanchita ne sab bataaya hain….aap sayantan ko chhor dijiye…usey ghar jaane dijiye…amin guarantee letaa hoon…”Walia said,”aap par bharosaa hain mujhe…lekin amount bahut badi hain…I need the money in 1 day’s time…warnaa meri company aur mera diwaala nikal jaayega.” sanchita tum jaao aur sayantan ko yahaa le aao…’sanchita then went to the room where sayantan was,told him that he will be free now and brought him to the office room of wali where Vinod pandey was sitting with walia.vinod Pandey saw sayantan who was tired and weak, and gave him his seat.He then said,”Sanchita aur sayantan…maine Walia saab se baat kar li hain…I will pay him the amount of money that he needs …aur sayantan ko bhi uski naukri wapas mil jayegi…par 1 month suspension period ke baad…par meri is amount ko pay karne ki ek shart hain….sanchita ko mere liye kaam karnaa hogaa…meri employee banni padegi…she will have to work for me for 2-3 years atleast.Sanchita don’t worry main tumhe achchi salry bhi dungaa…far higher salary that you now get in your current job.kaam karogi naa mere liye?’ sanchita was nervous,but she said,”Haan main aapke liye kaam karungi Vinod bhaiya.”Main aaj shaam tak contract papers banaa lungaa…tum ab sayantan ko lekar ghar jaao..tum dono thodaa aaram karlo…main call karta hoon tumhe shaam ko…phir tum dono mere office mein aajaana. Sanchita and Sayantan then left walia’s office to go to their home.

After returning to their home, Sanchita and sayantan just lied down on their bed hugging each other.they were so tired that they did not even change their dress and just lied down on the bed and fell asleep together.they were woken up when suddenly Sanchita’s mobile rang. she looked at the wall clock and saw that it was 6:30 PM.she saw that it was vinod pandey’s call.She received the call and said,”hello boliye vinod bhaiya!”vinod pandey said,”Hello sanchita …tum aur Sayantan mere office mein aajaao theek ek ghante mein…contract papers ready ho gaye hain….” sanchita said,”Hum jaldi hi aarahe hain….”Then Vinod disconnected the phone.sanchita and sayantan washed their faces and left the house in the dresses they were wearing all though the day.As Sayantan was tired and weak,they took a taxi.They reached Vinod pandey’s personal office soon.When they entered Vinod Pandey’s office,he told them to sit.he took his boss’s seat.Vinod gave them the papers and said,” These are the contract papers for you both…and i have my copies…” sanchita and sayantan got ready to sign the papers,when Vinod pandey said,”Read the papers once…and then sign them…”Sanchita said,”What’s there to read….its about my working for you….and i have already said yes to you…” sanchita and sayantan signed the papers.They aslo signerd Vinod’s pandey’s copies. Vinod pandey shaked hands with them and said,”Your worries are over now…relax.”Vinod pandey then started reading the contract papers and what he read stunned and scared Sanchita and sayantan….now they realized their mistake of not reading the papers before signing them….the contract papers mentioned that sanchita was now an employee of Vinod pandey and that her job would have two profiles-one of being a mistress for vinod pandey,living in with him and give him any and every service that he desires for, even if it is sexual in nature. The second profile is of being his On hire Professional Slut,who would have to serve and satisfy vinod pandey’s business as well as political an social clients and friends.Also she can have unprotected SEX(without condoms) only with her master i.e. vinod pandey, and also only her master has the right to have anal sex with her.The clients have to use condoms to have sex with her and they cannot have anal sex with her.the papers also mentioned that even her legally wedded husband can have sex with her only if he uses condoms and he too cannot have anal sex with her.sayantan’s papers also mentioned that as Sanchita’s legally wedded wife,he permits her to do the job and work for Vinod pandey and he has no objections whatsoever about what the nature of her job. The papers also mentioned that form now onwards,sanchita would live in with Vinod Pandey and she can go to her legally wedded husband’s house only on Thursdays every week and live with him on that day,the rest six days of the week she would have to live with Vinod pandey.Finally, Vinod pandey finished reading the papers.he smiled and looked at sanchita and sayantan, and said,”isliye bolaa tha ke pehle padlo aur uske baad sign karo.” sanchita said,”You cheated us Vinod bhaiya.”Vinod pandey smiled and said,”maine koi cheating nahin ki…its a fair deal…main itnaa paisa de rahaa hoon tumhaare liye…badle mein mujhe bhi kuch badaa hi chaahiye…aur tujh jaisi badiya cheez main ko main kyun chhor doon.” sayantan tried to punch vinod pandey,but he caught hold of his hand, and pushed sayantan.he fell don the chair and on the ground.Vinod pandey stood up from his chair and came in the front and kicked sayantan on his legs and hips, and said,”Saala mujhe maarne ki koshish kartaa hain….khade rehne ka dum nahi….ladaai karegaa…”he kept hitting sayantan….when sanchita held his hand and said,”Don’t beat him Vinod Bhaiya…please vinod bhaiya…”Vinod pandey stopped kicking sayantan and he looked at sanchita and gave her a tight slap.sanchita collapsed on the floor.Vinod pandey looked at sanchita and said,”shut up…dobaara mujhe Bhaiya mat bulaana…main tera saiyaa hoon…tujhse pyaar karta hoon…shaadi bhi karnaa chahta tha…propose bhi kiya tha tujhko…..par tune mujhe reject kar diya tha…tu haan kar deti toh shaadi karta tujhse aur Kolkata se tujhe Bihaar le jaata aur apne ghar mein RANI banaake rakhtaa…ab tujhe main Delhi mein apni RAKHAIL banaake rakhungaa aur tujhe RANDI bhi banaaungaa…tu dhanda karegi apne jism kaa aur khud ko chudwayegi main jin jin mardon se chudwane ko kahungaa.Ab Jaa ghar jaa raat ho rahi hain…apne is pati ko bhi le jaa…aaj Thursday hain..iska din hain…kal subah theek dus baje mera driver tujhe lene jaayegaa….phir tujhe main shopping le jaaunga aur phir beauty parlour….aur kal raat ko main tujhse shaadi karungaa,teri mang bharungaa aur tere saath suhaag raat manaaungaa….ab jaa.Aur jaane se pehle apni panty mujhe de kar jaa…yeh meri jeet ki nishaani hogi..” sanchita felt embarrassed but lifted her saree and pallu and took off her panty and gave it to Vinod pandey.Vinod pnadey took it and saw that it was wet with her pussy juice.He smiled, kissed it and said,”Tu toh ekdum geeli ho gayi.”Vinod pandey then embraced Sanchita in his arms,crushing her lovely breasts to his chest.He then kissed her on her lips,cheeks and neck.He then released her nd said,”Baaki sab kal hogaa…ab jaa aur haan abse tu mujhe Vinod Ji yaa pandey ji yaa saiyaa yaa darling kehkar pukaaregi…no more bhaiya…samjhi tu..’ sanchita said,”JI Vinod Ji samajh gayi main.”sanchita then helped sayantan getup from the floor and left Vinod pandey’s office with him. They returned to thier home.

when sanchita and sayantan returned home,it was quite late.They ate a small dinner and prepared to sleep.The day’s events and their strange future life made them quiet and silent with nothing to sleep.Just before going off to sleep,Sanchita recieved an sms on her mobile phone.It was an sms by Vinod pandey, and it was-Pinky darling tum kaal subah jab mer paas aaogi toh apne maang mein lagey sayantan ke naam ka sindoor poch ke aana…tumhaar maang main bharungaa kal.Good night.” Sanchita read the sms and then went off to sleep.the next morning,Sanchita woke up and had a quick break fast and also had her bath.She then wiped off her maang ka sindoor as Vinod pandey wanted his maang to be free so that he can put sindoor on it.she then Sepide to pack her bags with her sarees,salwar suits,nighties and other things.Sanchita then got ready,she wore a nice,yellow salwar kameez with a yellow dupatta and the kameez being sleaveless.she applied lipstick on her lips and did her make up.She then called her office and told them that she is leaving the job with immediate effect and she doesnot need her pending salary.it was now 9:55 am, and her door bell rang.sanchita opened the door.it was Vinod Pandey’s driver Bhola.He took Sanchita’s bag, and sanchita left with him after bidding goodbye to Sayantan,who then closed the door.the driver then started the car and Sanchita left for vinod pandey’s house.When they reached vinod pandey’s house,he welcomed sanchita with a warm hug and said,’Yeh mera ek ghar hain….mera ek aur ghar hain..ek achcha sa flat jahaan tu mere saath rahegi.”vinod pandey then took sanchita for shopping.They went to a mall and there he bought her lots of dresses,all of them being western dresses-half sleeved tops,tank tops,jeans,t-shirts,skirts,short pants/hot pants,lingerie wear, and then he also brought her sarees and blouses-all sleeveless blouses and backless blouses. he then brought a bridal dress for their marriage tonight.he bought her a ghagra,a sleeveless choli which also revealed her bare back and a nice dupatta.he then took her to a beauty parlour to make her look like a beautiful bride.they then went to the house,i.e.apartment of vinod pandey where sanchita would live in with him.they entered the house.sanchita was impressed seeing the house….it was a big,spacious house,it had a nice,big living room,a nice kitchen,tow toilets,two bed rooms and a master bed in one of them.The master bed was Seporated with rose petals by Vinod pandey’s staff for their boss’s suhaag raat.sanchita felt a strange but romantic feeling thinking about the shaadi and suhaag raat.

Sanchita then started unpacking her bag,and also the bags which had her clothes brought during shopping with vinod pandey during the day.She was keeping all her dresses-sarees,salwar suits,nighties,lingeries and other western dresses in the cupboard and arranging them in a proper manner.After 2-3 mins,Vinod pandey came inside the room and said,”Pinky idhar aao…i’ve something for you…” sanchita went towards him.he had a small box in his hand, and opened it,there was a nice,diamond ring in it.he said,”Pinky this is my engagement ring for you…give me your hand and your finger.”Sanchita gave him her hand, and Vinod pandey put on the diamond ring on her finger.He then said,”Do you like it?” Sanchita said,”Its BEAUTIFUL…really LOVELY…THANK YOU vinod ji.” Vinod pandey said,”Sirf Thank You se kaam nahin chalegaa…kiss me on my cheeks…mer gaalon pe pappi do.”sanchita felt a bit awkward but then she fulfilled his wish by kissing his cheeks with her nice,lovely,luscious lips.after being kissed on his cheeks,Vinod pandey said,”Waah bahut achcha lagaa…tere naram naram honthon ke garam garam pappi paakar mere gaal bhi garam ho gaye.He then told her to take some rest and then get ready for their marriage in the night.sanchita finished arranging her clothes,dresses,etc in the cupborad.Then she took off her salwar suit and changed into a nightie and lied on the sofa in bedroom as themaster bed was Seporated with rose petals for the suhaag raat.sanchita slept for an hour or two.then she woke up,went to the bathroom,took a nice bath.Then she started getting ready for her marriage with Vinod pandey.she was now wearing her bridal dress-ghagra choli. while getting ready,sanchita was having many thoughts like what she was getting into-she was sayantan’s wife but now all set to live in with Vinod Pandey as his rakhail.she was also feeling awkard thinking about the fact that Vinod pandey,who was one of her elder brother’s really good friends, and some one whom she thought of as an elder brother would now…her Vinod Bhaiya would now fuck her,ravage her pussy,make her his woman.she was having all these mixed feelings,but finally got ready.She looked herself in the mirror and saw that she looked really gorgeous in the ghagra choli and put on a dupatta on her head like a bride to be.She then put lipstick on her lips and di her make up.Now she was ready to be Vinod pandey’s bride.she got out of the bedroom and went to the living room.She saw that Vinod pandey was standing infront of a small fire arrangement done for the marriage.He was dressed up in a nice kurta and pyjaama and looked like a perfect bridegroom.She also saw that Vinod pandey’s PA-Ashok Dubey was dressed up like a Pujaari to organise the marriage.She came near and stood beside Vinod Pandey and looked down on the floor like a shy bride. Ashok dubey then started preaching some mantras, and Sanchita and Vinod pandey took saat pheras infront of the fire.After the pheras,vinod pandey put a mangalsutra on sanchita’s neck and then he put sindoor on her maang.the marriage formalities were over now.Vinod pandey smiledand looked at sanchita and whispered into her ear,”Now we are married…and you are Mrs Sanchita Pandey.”he then told her to go to the bedroom and sit on the bed,covering her face like a new bride and wait for him to come for the suhaag raat.Sanchita then went to the bedroom and sat on the master bed covering her head with her dupatta.

After 10 mins or so,vinod pandey entered the bedroom.He was carrying two bottles-a bottle of whisky and a bottle of mineral water.he kept them on the table beside the sofa.the table already had two glasses on it.he then closed the bedroom door.vinod pandey then went towards the bed.hecame up on the bed and sat straight facing Sanchita.He then lifted her dupatta and kept it on the side of the bed.sanchita was looking down like a shy newly wedded bride.vinod pandey held sanchita’s face in his hands and made her look into his eyes.he said,”Waah meri nayi naveli dulhan…tu toh ekdum chaand ka tukdaa lag rahi hain…waah meri sexy pinky…meri jaaneman.”he then kissed her forehead,her eyes,her nose,her cheeks.then he started kissing her neck and shoulder.sanchita was feeling really nice,really erotic…she started feeling a sensation in her body.sanchita embraced Vinod pandey tightly in her arms as he was kissing her.Vinod pandey could feel that she was coming into the mood.he then started kissing sanchita’s lovely luscious lips.He was kissing her passionately.he then made her mouth a bot wide and inserted his tongue inside her mouth.Now his tongue was playing with her tongue.Within a few seconds, sanchita reciprocated by putting her tongue inside his mouth and playing with his tongue.Vinod Pandey and sanchita now shared a passionate French Kiss.They were at it for some time.then Vinod Pandey released her and embraced her and started opening Sanchita’s choli strings.he opened it and now her choli came off.sanchita opened her choli and kept it on a chair beside the bed.now sanchita was only wearing a black bra which was just about able to hold her big,lovely breasts.vinod pandey looked at her breasts and half naked front body and said,”WOW!”he then pulled his bra straps from both sides and brought them down and then unhooked the bra.now sanchita was topless…vinod pandey just kept staring and looking at her big,lovely breasts,nice nipples and her topless situation.sanchita had tried to cover her breasts with her hands,but Vinod Pandey stopped her and he said,”nahin apne breasts ko haathon se mat cover kar…dekhne de mujhe….kyaa mast boobs hain tere…yeh tera mast savla(dusky),chocolate colour ka jism aur yesh saavle rang ki mast aur bade chhaatiyaan…I Love your dusky body,duscky breasts,nipples…your so HOT and Sexy…Tu toh Bipasha basu se bhi zyaada sundar aur sexy hain.”at this comment,sanchita blushed shyly and smiled shyly.vinod then went and sat on the sofa.he asked sanchita to come to him.sanchita got up from bed and walked towards the sofa.while she walked towards him,Vinod looked at her walking topless,just wearing her ghagra.he said,”Waah kya mast lag rahi hain tu meri pinky…tu kisi model yaa heroine se kam nahin.”he then stood up and told her to open his pyjaama.sanchita loosened the naadaas(strings) of pyjaama and the pyjaama fell down on his knees.he came out of it.he then told her to take off his kurta.Sanchita lifted his kurta and helped him take it off.now Vinod Pandey was bare chested and was only wearing his underwear.Now sanchita was seeing Vinod pandey bare chested for the first time.She never knew that her Vinod Bhaiya(now all set to be her Saiyaa) had a hairy chest.she also saw that he had a broad chest,nice shoulders and a flat stomach,he did not have six pack abs but he also did not have a belly.he also had nice toned legs.He looked quite macho and sexy in his 5 feet 9 inches tall body.sanchita was impressed by Vinod Pandey.Now Vinod loosened sanchita’s ghagr and it fell down on her knees.sanchita came out of it.now sanchita was just wearing her black panty.vinod said to sanchita,”Chal ab apni panty utaar aur nangi ho jaa.”sanchita looked into his eyes and then took off her panty.Now Sanchita was nude…completely nude infront of Vinod Pandey.

seeing sanchita completely nude infront of him,vinod pandey was feeling really good and felt victorious.He saw her from both her front side and her backside.Vinod admired sanchita’s beauty and paid her compliments about her hot and sexy body,excellent figure.sanchita just kept blushing and smiling shyly. vinod pandey loved her amazing,lovely big breasts,her sexy belly and deep,sensuous navel, and was also impressed by her fleshythighs,legs and her nice,fleshy ass and her clean shaved pussy.vinod pandey then took off his underwear.Now vinod was also nude.Now both sanchita and vinod were nude.Sanchita saw that his cock was now erect and it was quite big-must be 8-9 inches long and thick.now vinod embraced sanchita and caressed her bare back.he then started kissing her-on her forehead,nose,cheeks,her lips and then her neck,shoulders,her cheek bone.He then played with her breasts,he pressed her big brests, and sanchita gave a sexy moan,”aah.” he then licked and kissed her breasts and nipples.he played with her cleavage for some time and then sat infront of her.he made her stand with her legs wide.He first put one finger inside her pussy,then he put two more fingers in her pussy.his finger fucking made her crazy with pleasure and she moaned,”ooh aah aah naaa.” After a while vinod took out his fingers and then started licking and kissing her pussy with his tongue.His tongue fucking made her wild and she moaned and screamed,”aah aaah naaa chharo…ooh oh maa.” sanchita realized that she was going to have an orgasm.finally she came and Sanchita had an orgasm and exploded her pussy juices in Vinod’s tongue and mouth.then Vinod stood up, and again embraced her and kissed her and played with her breasts for a while.Then he took sanchita towards the sofa and sat on the sofa and made sanchita sit on her knees facing him.Vinod then said,”Ab Pinky tu mere lund ko apne haathon mein lekar usey hilaa(hand job) aur phir usey apne muh mein le aur choos usey…Give me a BLOW JOB.” Sanchita was terrified now as she had never taken even sayantan’s cock in her mouth and vinod’s cock’s size was bigger than sayantan’s cock size.sanchita nervously said,”nahin yeh nahin hogaa mujhse Vinod bhaiya…maine kabhi apne muh mein lund nahin liyaa aur aapka lund bahut badaa aur motaa hain.”Vinod then gave a tight slap on Sanchita’s face and said,”Tune phir mujhe bhaiya bulaaya…aur tu meri rakhail hain….le mera lund apne muh mein aur choos mera lund…chal shuru ho jaa randi…”he then held her hair tightly.now sanchita had no alternative,so she held his cock in her hand,stroked it,gave it handjob,made it hot and firm and then opened her mouth and took it inside her mouth..Her mouth became wide in taking vinod’s large cock inside.Sanchita started slowly but then gradually started sucking the cock faster and passionately.Finally,Vinod’s cock ejaculated cum inside her mouth.He then took his cock out.Sanchita swallowed the whole load of cum in her mouth and enjoyed the experience, and she loved the taste of Vinod’s cum.

Now both Sanchita and Vinod sat on the sofa.vinod made drinks for them and offered her a drink.sanchita said,”main nahin peeti.”Vinod said,”aaj se pehle tune apne pati ke alaawa kisi aur mard se bhi toh nahin chudwaya tha aur aaj se pehle tune kabhi blow job bhi nahi diya tha kisi ko…toh ab sharaab peene se kyun manaa kar rahi hain…..tu thak gayi hain…thoda peele…achcha lagega tujhe.sanchita the took her drink.While having their drinks,they chatted with each other, and Vinod asked her about how she felt at giving him a blow job.She said that she loved sucking his cock though initially she was scared because of his cock size.She also thanked him for sucking her pussy so wonderfully and giving her so much pleasure.they finished their drinks and then Vinod took sanchita to the edge of the bed and said,”Ab tu apni taango par baith jaa…sit down on your fours…i want to fuck you doggy style now(anal sex).Sanchita was worried that she would get hurt as she had never been fucked in her ass before.But vinod convinced her that she’d love it.he then put some key jelly on her ass hole and also gave his spit on it.now sanchita was on her fours, and vinod inserted his cock inside her pussy.he gave gentle thrusts inside her ass initially and then started giving powerful thrusts ans said,”meri darling pinky…meri sexy bangaalan…aaj main teri gaand phaad dunga..’ His pwerful thrusts wer making Sanchita wild and she moaned and screamed,”Aaah aaah aaste…oh maa…more gelam…meri gaand phaad di…”Finally vinod ejaculated in her ass.Now he lifted her and and mad her lie down on the bed.he lied down beside her.They embraced each other.vinod fondled her breasts and sucked and licked her breasts and nipples.Vinod then kissed her beely and licked her navel and kissed and licked her thighs and legs and kissed her feet.Vinod then again made sanchita give him ahand job.sanchita took his cock in her hand and stroked it.soon it gained full erection again.Now Vinod made sanchita spread her legs wid and lifted her legs on his shoulders.Vinod then inserted his cock inside her pussy.He started giving slow thrusts with his penis but gradually he increased the pace and started fucking sanchita’s vagina rougly with his penis making powerful thrusts insideher vagina.sanchita was getting crazy and wild in pain and pleasure and moaned and screamed,”aah aah aar naa aar naaa oh maa. fuck my cunt. tear my cunt….”Vinod while still making thrusts inside her,smiled and said,”Meri Pinky tujhe kaisa lag raha hain apne vinod bhaiya se chudwaakar..mera lund apni choot mein lekar.”sanchita said,”bahut achcha lag raha hain aapse chudwaakar…bahut achcha lag rahaa hain aapke lund ko apni choot mein paakar…par aap mere bhaiya nahin ho…aap mere saiyaa ho…mere vinod saiyaa….mere darling…” Vinod then said,”Toh bol ki tu meri rakhail hain…meri aurat hain.”sanchita was struggling with pain and pleasure,bu said,”Haan main aapki rakhail hoon….aapki aurat hoon….aap mere mard hain…I Love You! Aami tomaake bhalobashi.” Vinod then said,” I love you too…aami o tomaake bhalobashi pinky.”Finally Vinod ejaculated inside sanchita’s pussy and collapsed on the bed.He took her in her arms,embraced her and they both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

the next morning,sanchita was woken up by vinod pandey.He had brought tea and biscuits for both of them.After waking up and getting back to her senses,Sanchita hugged vinod pandey and kissed him.she told him that he gave her such a beautiful night and great sex.Vinod Pandey took the compliments and then told her that he had wanted to marry her from the time he saw her at her brother sanjay’s wedding six years ago as he was mesmerised by her beauty and was stunned to see her a lovely,beautiful 22 year old girl who used to be fat and plump at the age of 18.he also showed her an album which had her pictures from her brother’s wedding.The album was full of sanchita’s pictures from her brother’s wedding, and wearing a saree and looking gorgeous.e said that he had paid extra money to the photographer to click pictures of sanchita at the marriage to make an album of her pics, and he had kept this album with him for six years.Vinod pandey told sanchita that her brother Sanjay had invited him at her marriage but vinod Seplined the invitation as he was heartbroken at the thought of Sanchita getting married to someone else.He was bitter about the fact that sanchita rejected him when he proposed to her and was getting married to someone else.The day he met sanchita at the hotel for Mihir walia’s office party,he was again stunned by Sanchita’s beauty and loved her graceful and elegant look in a saree.He was again determined to get Sanchita by any means and he did not care about her being a married woman now. So he made a plan with Mihir Walia,the MD of the company where her husband Sayantan worked, to implicate Sayantan in a financial fruad case and get him trapped miserably which will force Sanchita to come to Vinod for help.Sanchita was surprised and shocked to know that all these things were planned by vinod pandey.vinod Pandey said that now he felt happy and victorious about the fact that he got sanchita in bed with him and now he had made her his woman,his Rakhail(mistress).Sanchita and Vinod finished having their tea and biscuits.Then Vinod’s Mobile started ringing.He took the call and said,”haan boliye Mr.Walia..” vinod smiled and said,”Haan kal raat shaadi bhi karli aur uske saath suhaag raat bhi manaa liya maine..kal raat woh meri biwi thi aaj se meri rakhail ho jayegi aur mere liye randi bankar mere kehne par chudwayegi bi main jin jin se chudwane ko kahunga.haan haan aapko chance milegaa…kya kahaa…theek hain…ok.”vinod then diconnected the phone.Sanchita was stunned seeing Vinod talking so cheaply and vulgarly about her with Mihir Walia.vinod then told Sanchita that she had been his wife last night,had her suhaag raat with him and now she was his rakhail. he also told her that from now,she would also star working as a Randi for him and fuck anybody he says her to fuck.He then told her Mihir walia would be her first client and she would have to go to his place next sunday and have sex with him and spend the night with him.He said that Mihir walia helped him in implicating Sayantan and getting Sanchita for Vinod, and it was his condition that vinod would have to let mihir fuck Sanchita and have her for a night.Vinod told sanchita that he was a wealthy businessman and always helped Vinod and his political paty with funds during elections and other financial needs, so she had to satisfy him and make Mihir happy.Sanchita knew that she had no other choice and she nodded her head and said”Yes I’ll go to his place and have sex with him.”
That day and the next few days went by quickly without anything very eventful,though sanchita and vinod had sex with each other quite a few times. Then on thursday morning,she went to her home where Sayantan stayed.Sanchita spent the day with sayantan,cooking for him,watching TV with him and then had sex with him in the evening before going to sleep at night.The next day morning,it was Friday, and sanchita woke up quickly and went back to Vinod pandey’s house to live with him as his rakhail.

After coming back to Vinod pandey’s house, she was welcomed by Vinod pnadey with a warm hug and kiss on her cheeks.Vinod said,”khush hain pati ke saath ek raat bitaake.” sanchita smile adn said,”Haan.’ vinod was ready to go to his office and he had a meeting of his political party.he bid her goodbye and left for office.Sanchita then got busky cooking in the kitchen for her and Vinod.after cooking meals for them,she had her lunch and took an afternoon nap.After waking up in the evening,Sanchita did some yoga and some free hand and stretching exercises.then Vinod returned from office.Sanchita and Vinod had dinner together and watched TV together.They then had sex for some time and finally went off to sleep together,having each other in arms.The next morning,sanchita and Vinod woke up.Vinod told her that he won’t fuck her today as she would have to have energy and stamina for having sex with Mihir walia on sunday night.sanchita felt happy and impressed with this nice,considerate gesture on the part of vinod.sanchita had a quick bath,then cooked food for Vinod and herself.Sanchita had lunch with Vinod.Vinod then gave her a few DVD’s of porn films and told her to watch them as watching them will help her becoming a Good,Professional Slut.Vinod went out for some work in the afternoon.sanchita then watched a few DVDS of the porn films, andgained valuable experience of becoming a slut and a whore.She then slept for sometime.In the Evening,Sanchita did some yoga and other free hand exercises.she had dinner with Vinod and then went to sleep.The next morning,Sanchita woke up feeling refreshed and charged after a good night’s sleep.sanchita remembered that it was sunday and tonight she would have to go to Mihir walia’s place and spend the night with him and have sex with him.sanchita took her bath,had break fast.Vinod told her that she had to dress up like a slut-He said,”Tu Randi hain aur randi ki tarah lagni chaahiye….achche se make up karnaa, lipstcik lagaana and aur ek tight si low-waist jeans pehenna aur ek red color ka tank top.”Sanchita told him that she would follow his instruction and dress up like he said.Then the afternoon went by quickly and it was evening.sanchita had a nice afternoon nap and felt fresh.the she started getting ready.While getting ready, she thought about Mihir walia,her husband sayantan’s boss, whom she met at the party that day and then met him at the office when sayantan was trapped and kept hostage in his office.She remembered that Mihir Walia was a tall,about 6ft1 or 6ft2 in height,broad and muscular guy,47 years old and very handsome,with slightly greysih hair and he shared an uncanny resemblance to George clooney,the hollywood actor.sanchita got fully ready.She was wearing a blue low waist jeans, a red tank top(it covered her breasts and was upto a little above her navel, and it kept her back,shoulders open and also exposed her navel and belly.She had also put on lipstick very well,her lips looking burning RED and she also applied lot of make up, and now looked like a perfect slut/whore.She then put on a Black jacket over her tank top and picked up her purse and mobile phone.vinod saw her and was impressed, and aid,”Waah Pinky tu kamaal lag rahi hain…bilkul mast…ekdum RAAND…you ar looking like a perfect slut, a perfect WHORE.”She thanked him for his compliment and left.Sanchita left for walia’s place in Vinod’s car and the driver drove the car.

After half an hour or so,the car reached Mihir Walia’s place.The driver parked the car, and then opened the back seat door for Sanchita to come out of the car.Sanchita came out of the car.The driver accompanied Sanchita upto the groundfloor reception where the building’s security guard asked sanchita where she had to go.Sanchita told him that she had to go to Mihir walia’s flat.The security guard told her to sign on the register and also that his flat was on the 5th floor.sanchita signed the resgister.the driver then told her that he will come tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM to pick her up, and then he left.sanchita took the lift and went to the 5th floor.On reaching the fifth floor,she found mihir walia’s flat as the main door had his name-MIHIR WALIA-inscribed on it.Sanchita rang the bell.The door was opened by Mihir walia.he was dressed in his bathing robe.He looked like he was freshly bathed as sanchita could feel the smell of water from his body.Mihir walia gave her a warm smile, said,”Oh come in Mrs Bose…please come in,” and welcomed her inside his flat.sanchita came inside.Mihir walia closed the door.Sanchita took off her black jacket and folded the jacket and held it in her hands.Mihir Walia looked at Sanchita with full concentration.he looked at her from top to bottom and was impressed seeing her bare shoulders,bare back,arms,belly and navel.Sanchita had also worn high heel shoes so that she could come close to the height of mihir walia who was a tall man.he then said,”WOW! you ar looking stunning Mrs Bose…really HOT.”sanchita then told him not to call her Mrs Bose,but to call her Sanchita. he agreed and told her to sit on the sofa.Mihir walia sat beside her on the sofa and placed his hand on her naked shoulders,holding her tightly to him.he then said,”Sanchita you are beautiful….seeing you that day at our office party in that blue saree and blue,fulll sleeved,low back blouse, I was mesmerised by your beauty.I was instantly attracted to you…i fell in lust with you…I felt so much lust and desire for you…i can’t explain”.sanchita blushed and smiled shyly. Mihir walia then said,”You have done the right thing….you have taken the right Sepision…you are such a sexy,beautiful woman…you deserve more than just being the wife of a simple,middle class man like sayantan.you deserve real men…you need many men to satisfy you sexually,fulfill your sexual urge,your sexual desires and make you satisfied and happy….this is the best job for you…Being a whore,being a professional slut is the right job for a sexy woman for you…it is as glamorous a job as being a film heroine….you are no less than the baollywood heroines.”sanchita thanked him for his compliments.he then told her that she had really sexy,sensuous eyes and a beautiful body…and he loved his dusky skin…he said he loved bengali girls..he said that bengali girls are really Hot,really Sexy and gave examples of bollywood’s Bong Bombshells like Bipasha,Sushmita,Kajol,Raima,Riya. he said that Bengali girls are also very sweet.he then took her to the dinner table and they had dinner together.

After they finished their dinner,Mihir walia again took her back to the sofa.They sat on the sofa and they both had some whisky.While having their drinks,they chatted,cracked jokes with each otther and laughed with each other.Mihir walia then also sang songs admiring her beauty,like Chehra hain yaa chaand khila hain…zulf ghaneri shaam hain…saagar jaisi aankhon wali yeh toh bataa tera naam kya hain….and kya khoob lagti ho badi sundar lagti ho….”sanchita was loving all the attention he was giving her and praising her so much.she said,”Mihir ji aap bahut woh ho…you are a real flirt…you are so good looking….you look like george clooney…the hollywood actor.mihir ji aap bahut handsome ho.”Mihir walia smiled and thanked her kissing her forehead.they both finished their drinks….Walia then put on some music…and played the song…Ishq di galli vich no entry from the film NO ENTRY and told her to dance.Sanchita got up from sofa and started dancing.Sanchita really danced…swaying her hips sensuously and gyrating to the song very passionately.towards the end of the song,Mihir walia also got up and danced with Sanchita.finally the song ended,Mihir walia held sanchita by her waist and said,”Waah kya dance kiya tumne….Bipasha se achcha dance kiya tumne….kitni garam ho tum.”he then embraced her, and started kissing her.mihir walia kissed sanchita’s forehead,eyes,nose,cheeks,her neck,her shoulders,her collar bone.Sanchita was now geeting HOT,feeling really erotic..”he kissed her body for quite sometime and also caressed her bare back.he then released her.he told her to take off her clothes.sanchita took off jeans,her tank top,her panty…now she was nude…now sanchita was nude infront of Mihir walia….Mihir walia had also taken off his bathing robe.he then took off his underwear.Now mihir walia was nude too.sanchita saw that he had a hairy chest,he was broad,muscular,had great legs and his cock was really big.He told her to give him a Hand Job.sanchita took his cock in her hands,striked it for sometime, and then it became hot andd firm, and gained full erection…about 10 inches.Mihir walia then took sanchita to his bedroom.He lied down on the bed and told sanchita to come on top of him….Sanchita now came on top of Mihir walia and took a condom from mihir walia and put it on his cock and then put the condom covered cock inside her pussy.now sanchita started riding mihir walia in the woman on top position.She rode him for quite some time and then his cock became limp and it came out.Sanchita sat beside him.She took out the condom from his cock, and saw that he had ejaculated a whole load of semen in the condom.He then made her lie down on the bed and started kissing her lips passionately and smooched her really well.Then he brought her on top of him again.Now Mihir walia was lying on the bed with his back on the bed, and sanchita was lying on him.She kissed his face,his forehead,his eyes,his nose,his cheeks,his shoulders,his chest…his face,his neck,his chest were now filled with red marks of sanchita’s lipstick.he then brought her down again…he was again on top of her…he started sucking her breasts,her nipples.he also licked her breasts,nipples and sucked and licked her navel….He then kissed her thighs and made her spread her legs wide, and then he kissed her pussy and sucked and licked her pussy,making her wild,sanchita moaned,”ooh ooh aaah uimaa uimaa….mar gayi.”She exploded her pussy juices on his tongue and mouth.He the came up and started smooching her passionately,kisssing her,putting hsi tongue inside her mouth and playing with her tongue.Sanchita too reciprocated..Mihir walia and sanchita shared a war,passionate franch Kiss.They were at it for some time.He then made he give a Blow Job.sanchita gave him a hand job for sometime,made it fully erect and thenstarted sucking his huge cock.she started sucking it with passionately and gave him BLOW JOB.after she finished sucking him,she slept beside him.Mihir walia embraced her and took her in her arms.He kissed and cuddled her…and they rested for a while,just talking to each other.He again put sanchita’s hands on his cock and made her stroke it.within no time,it became erect again, and he made her spread her legs wide and he put a condom on his cock and inserted his condom covered cock inside her pussy.mihir walia made strong thrusts inside sanchita’s pussy and mad her wild with pain and pleasure.sanchita moaned and screamed,”aah aah aah uimaaa..mar gayi mar gayi main…meri choot phaad di….phat gay meri choot….phaad de meri choot mere hero…oh mere mihir wali phad de meri choot…main teri randi hoon…randi hoon main teri.aah.” Mihir walia then ejaculated inside her pussy.His cock became weak and then he took it out.he took out the condom and saw that there was a big amount of semen ejaculated inside the condom. he then slept beside sanchita,embracing her and taking her in his arms.They both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning,Sanchita woke up early.She had a bath,then got dressed to go back to Vinod pandey’s house.Mihir Walia paid her a good amount of money for spending the night with him and having sex with him.sanchita was also happy with the amount she was paid and the great sex she had in the night with Mihir walia.at 10 am,Vinod pandey’s driver came to pick her up.sanchita kissed walia on his cheeks,said good bye to him and left.She left in the car for Vinod pandey’s house.sanchita was now happy at completing her first job as a Randi and felt nice that she had fucked her first client and got a good amount of money too.

When Sanchita returned to Vinod pandey’s house,Vinod opened the door, and seeing the glow on Sanchita’s face,he understood that she had great fun last night, and asked her,”kyun mazaa aayaa naa….chehra toh khila khila lag raha hain…”sanchita smiled and nodded her head and told him that she had a great time, and Mihir walia was really good with her,he treated her really well and also paid her very good amount of money.Vinod pandey now understood that sanchita had now become a true slut,she was now enjoying sex and also enjoying being paid for sex.The next few days went by insignificantly.Vinod and sanchita had sex with each other but a certain monotony and routineness started to creep in in vinod and sanchita’s sex life.Then after a week or two,Vinod again sent her to have sex with a client.this time the client was, a veteran politician,a senior leader in Vinod’s party-Brij Mohan Tiwari, a heavy weight in Uttar Pradesh politics and national politics.he was a 70 year old man and a bachelor.sanchita had read about him and had seen him on tv news channels and knew him to a be a leader of the masses, someone who worked for poor people and also for women’s empowerment and education for girl child programs.Sanchita was surprised that he will have sex with her as he was a bachelor.She told about it to Vinod.Vinod said to her,”Arrey woh bachelor hain impotent nahin…mard hain after all…shaadi nahin ki toh kyaa…par apne sexual desires ko fulfill karte hain Randiyon ke saath SEX karke.Tu bhi Randi hain aur unke saath SEX karegi…its simple.” sanchita however felt awkward at the thought of having SEX with a man who was old enough to be her father.But she somehow made herself ready and went over to Brij Mohan Tiwari’s place on the fixed date.When she arrived at his place, she saw that Brij Mohan Tiwari was a tall,healthy man….he greeted her well and welcomed her inside his house.he chatted with her for sometime.

sanchita and brij mohan tiwari sat on the sofa and chatted for some time.Sanchita had worn a nice,gorgoeus yellow saree, and a nice,sleeveless yellow blouse,which was low cut and hence gave a good peek into Sanchita’s big,lovely breasts and some part of her back was also exposed.While chatting with her,Brij mohan Tiwari smiled,cracked jokes and kept ogling at her cleavage.He then slowly kept his arm over her shoulder and started caressing her bare back.sanchita felt a bit awkward initially but then gradually started liking his caressing and his touch.After a while,Brij Mohan Tiwari lifted his arm from her shoulders, and then took her face in his hands, and started kissing her.he kissed her forehad,nose,cheeks and her neck and collar bone very gently and softly….and it was arousing Sanchita.He then started kissing her lips.Slowly he put his tongue inside her mouth and then began playing with her tongue.Sanchita and Brij Mohan Tiwari shared a nice french kiss for a while.Then he released her.Brij Mohan Tiwar then told her to get up from the sofa,stand infront of him and take off her saree,blouse etc and become naked for him.Sanchita then stood up from the sofa and stood infront of Tiwari.Sanchita threw her saree pallu down to her knees,then opened her saree, standing just in blouse and petticoat.Then she took off her blouse and threw it down on the saree.Now sanchita was just wearing her bouse and petticoat and panty inside her petticoat.She then quickly loosened her petticoat and threw it down, and came out of it.Now she stood there only wearing her bra and panty.Seeing her like that,Tiwari got excited,he took off his pyjaama and his kurta.He was now barechested and only wearing his tiny underwear,which was just about able to manage the bulge of his cock….which sanchita saw.She gave him a seductive smile.Sanchita knew that she was now in control, and that this old man was under the spell of her beauty.Sanchita slowly undid her bra straps and took them off slowly and sensuously….thus seducing and teasing Tiwari even more.now tiwari was licking his mouth with his tongue anticipating to see the sight of Sanchita getting completely nude.Sanchita walked a bit infront of him,did a catwalk for him like models do on the ramp….teasing him evn more.Finally she pulled her bra down to her knees, and came out of it.Now sanchita was completely nude infornt of Brij Mohan Tiwari.She started smiling at him,blowing flying kisses towards him….teasing him…flirting outrageously with him….behaving really slutty with him…Now Brij mohan Tiwari was unable to bear it any more.he stood up from the sofa,took off his underwear….now he was nude too.sanchita saw that his cock was really big,she smiled seeing his cock and felt nice.Brij mohan tiwari now came towards her,took her in her arms tightly and started caressing her bare back.sanchita too embraced him tightly and caressed tiwari’s bare back…after a while tiwari release her….he then held her breasts in his hands,pressed it, making sanchita moan,”aah aah.” he then pressed her nipples and started kissing,licking and sucking her breasts and nipples.After playing with her cleavage for sometime,he sat on his knees and started kissing sanchita’s navel and belly….he even licked her navel and belly.sanchita was really feeling nice.He then made her stand with her legs spread wide and put his finger in her pussy.he moved his finger inside her pussy…sanchita was liking it and felt really nice.After finger fucking her pussy for sometime,he took his finger out.he then held sanchita by her waist and tooh her to the sofa.Now tiwari sat on the sofa and made sanchita sit on her knees,facing him.He held sanchita’s hand and put it on his cock.Sanchita knew what she had to do.She held his cock in her hand,stroked it,gave him hand job, and made his erect fully erect.then she took his cock inside her mouth and started sucking it.She sucked his cock passionately, and made tiwari moan,”aah aah mazaa aa rahaa hain…achcha choos rahi ho…”Finally his cock ejaculated a lot of cum inside her mouth.sanchita swallowed all the cum in her mouth.then she sat on the sofa for some time.After a while,Tiwari lifted her up and took her to the bedroom and made her lie down on th bed.he then came on top of her,kissed her lips,her neck,her breasts and her belly.he then kissed her thighs.then he made her give him a hand job again.His cock became erect again.Now Tiwari made sanchita spread her legs wide,he put on a condom on hi penis and then he inserted his penis inside her vagina.He gave her powerful strokes, and sanchita moaned adn screamed,”aah oohaah uimaa….nahin aaah mar gayi…phad di meri choot…”After making several thrusts inside her,Tiwari finally took out his condom covered penis which had become limp now.he took out the condom and saw that he ejaculated a nice amount of semen.He then lied don beside sanchita and took her in arms.They both fell asleep.The next morning,Tiwari thanked sanchita for the beautiful night and gave her sufficient money for the night,thus making her happy and satisfied.sanchita then left his place to return to Vinod pandey’s house.

while returning,inside the car,sanchita was immersed in her thoughts about the last night,the night she spent with brij mohan tiwari.She was feeling really happy.She couldn’t believe that a 70 year old man,a man old enough to be her father gave her so much pleasure,he made love to her so nicely.She thought that she was silly to have underestimated his sexual prowess even before meeting him.When she returned back to Vinod pandey’s house,he embraced her warmly and kissed her on her cheeks.He said,”tuney kamaal kar diyaa Pinky…abhi Tiwari ji ka phone aaya thaa…woh ek dum lattu ho gaye hain tujhpe…teri taarif hi taarif kar rahe the…tuney ek baap ke umar ke aadmi ko bhi apnaa deewana bana liya…tu sach mein kamaal ki RANDI hain.Tu jaanti nahin tuney mera kitna badaa kaam kiyaa hain…Tiwari ji humaare party ke senior leader hain…woh khush hain tujhse aur woh mere liye kuch bhi karenge….mere political career mein tarakki pakki hain ab.” Vinod wanted to have sex with her instantly and told her to take off her clothes.sanchita took off her saree,blouse etc, and became nude.Vinod too undressed himself and then he took her in her arms.they embraced each other,caressed each other’s bare backs,kissed each other passionately and then sanchita gave Vinod a hand job and made his dick erect.Vinod then made her ie down on the carpet in the living room,spread her legs wide, and inserted his dick inside her vagina, and started humping her.he made several thrusts inside her, and stayed inside her for quite a while.sanchita was getting excited with pain and pleasure, and screamed,”Aah aah argh…naa naa..oh maa aar naa…”Finally Vinod ejaculated his semen inside her pussy.They both lied down on the carpet.Vinod gor up after a while and sat on the sofa.sanchita lied down there for some more time,naked and exhausted after yesterday night’s fucking and now this quickie with Vinod just after returning to his house.the rest of the day went along insignificantly.vinod and sanchita had dinner together and then went off to sleep early as sanchita was very tired and Vinod did not pressurise her for sex again.

Now sanchita had become a complete slut..a real whore…both mentally and physically.in her free time she had erotic thoughts and thoughts about sex and getting fucked.Her body was also strong enough to withstand the pressures of regular sex and love making as she had developed the proper level of stamina and energy required to have so regular sex and leading such an active sex life.Even on Thursdays,when she went to live with her husband sayantan,she gave him great sex,making love to him passionately,even giving him blow jobswhich she never gave him earlier.sayantan though missed all through the week,but waited eagerly for Thursdays as she made the thursdays memorable for him,giving him long nights of passion and never denying him sex.Sanchita made up to sayantan for the days they lost out on during the week and compensated with such great sex on that one thursday night that it was enough to keep sayantan satisfied and happy.sayantan knew that sanchita was now a slut and she had had sex with several men and felt jealous thinking that his wife was fucked by other men,but he also felt happy that because of the experiences she was gathering by having sex with other men,being fucked by other men, made her more adventurous and wild in the art of sex and as a result she made love to him more passionately and gave him far better sex than what she gave him when she was his loyal,faithful,devoted wife.Sayantan was also happy about the fact that she never denied him sex when she came to stay with him on saturdays.
when sanchita was back at vinod pandey’s house for the rest of the days of the week,she had a great time with him too.Now it was quite some time since she had fucked Brij Mohan Tiwari.For the past few weeks,she had only had sex with vinod pandey and with sayantan on Thursdays.it was a Friday,and vinod returned from work in the evening and was having dinner with Sanchita and he said to her,”pinky is sunday tujhe ek aur aadmi ke paas jaana hogaa…to have sex with him…well i have told him about you,he is excited…he is a lawyer,he has fought some really tough cases and won them.He has fought cases for our party too and won the cases too…he is dashing and handsome…he is lawyer but looks like a rockstar,has long hair…he is my friend…a dear friend..like a brother…he is 2 years younger than me…tumhe usey khush karna hi hogaa…his a bit Devdaas type…he loved a girl….but his love was rejected and he carries the hurt feelings in his heart…he is a bachelor…shaadi nahin karnaa chaahta…”sanchita said,”Don’t worry I will make him happy and satisfied…”Then vinod said,”Aur haan woh bhi Bengali hain….woh bi pehle Kolkata mein rehtaa thaa aur uska naam hain Shekhar Dutta.Hearing the name,Sanchita felt strange hearing the name.She felt that she knew someone by the name but couldn’t recollect who it was.then she consoled herself saying that there can be more than one people with the same name.After finishing the dinner,Vinod and sanchita did not have sex as Vinod told her that he would not fuck her tonight as well as tomoorow night so that she remains fresh and energetic for sunday night and have the stamina to last longer and make passionate love to Shekhar Dutta.

The next day,i.e. saturday went off insignificantly.now it was sunday.sanchita woke up feeling happy that she would get to fuck a Bengali guy tonight as her husband was the only bengali guy she ever fucked,while the other men she fucked wer non-bengalis-Vinod pandey was a bihari,Mihir walia was a punjabi and Brij Mohan Tiwari was from Uttar Pradesh.sanchita did yoga,some breathin exercises and free hand exercises.She had a light meal in the evening,had her bath and then got ready.sanchita wore a pink,sleeveless top with the word Babe written on it.She also wore a blue jeans,high heels hoes,applied red lipstick on her lips and did her make up.She saw herself in the mirror and knew that she looked stunning and a true seductress.she then took her purse and mobile, bid good bye to Vinod pandey and left for Shekhar dutta’s house.After 20-25 mins,the car reached the building where shekhar dutta lived.The driver parked the car,opened the backseat door for sanchita to come out.She came out.he told her that he’ll come at 10 PM in the morning to pick her up and then he left.Sanchita entered the building and asked the security about Shekhar Dutta’s flat.The security guard told her that his flat was on 7th floor.She took the lift and reached the 7th floor.on the 7th floor,she saw the main door of a flat with name-shekhar Dutta-Lawyer-B.A.LLB written on it.She rang the bell.After 2mins,the door was opened.sanchita looked the guy who opened the door and just kept looking at him.he was tall,about 5ft11-6ft in height,had a nice,toned,fit body,he also had six pack abs.he was not very fair,but not dusky either,he was handsome, and he was standing bare chested,dripping with sweat and looking like he was having a work out/exercising.She saw that he had long hair and jis hair style was simliar to cricketer MS Dhoni’s old hair style, and as Vinod pandey had told her,he looked like a rockstar.but sanchita watched his face and eyes attentively and thought that she knew him and had met him before.he was also looking attentively at her and called her inside.she came inside.he closed the main door.he told her to sit on the sofa and to excuse him.Sanchita waited patiently and thought about him.After 5 mins, he came,dressed in white t-shirt and bermuda shorts.he sat besideher on the sofa and looked at her attentively.sanchita initially looked down shyly,but then she looked at him and smiled.finally,shekhar said,”Pinky right…yor elder brother’s name is sanjay ghosh.your father’s name is Sanjib ghosh and your mother’s name is sanjukta ghosh.” sanchita was stunned and shocked.She was further shocked when he told her he knew where her parents lived in kolkata and also the name of the lcoality where they lived.sanchita now feeling really awkward.He was smiling.she then said in a stern voice looking at him,”How do you know my personal details…my parents name,my brother’s name.” he said,”you don’t remember me pinky…you don’t remember RANA…the boy who fought with you,who teased you,who proposed to you…I am RANA.” sanchita now recollected that he was the same shekhar dutta alias RANA(his nick name) who lived in her locality.he was 3 years older than her.they were rivals.he was the leader of the gang of young boys in the locality and she was the leader of the gang of young girls in the locality.sanchita was a tomboy,always in t-shirts,jeans, and was arrogant and rude with boys and always clashed with Shekhar and his gang of boys whenever they teased or disturbed the girls.then at a socila function in the locality,shekhar who was 19 at that time,caught hold of sanchita and out bangles in her hands,put a bindi on her forehead and covered her head with a dupatta and announced in public that he will marry sanchita nad make her his bou(wife).sanchita a 16 year old girl at that time, went home,complained to her parents and then her parents cam and slapped and abused Shekhar in public.his parents also apologised to her and her parents.after 6 months or so,Shekhar and his parents left the locality, and sanchita did not see him again and did not hear anything about him, and now she was seeing him after 09 years.sanchita now said,”Tui rana(you ar rana)you have changed so much.”Shekhar said,”yes i have changed…tui o toh bodlegechish(you have also changed)…then you were the tomboy girl..sweet daughter of her parents,fought with boys whenever other girls were teased or insulted….and now you are vinod pandey’s rakhail and also a randi fucking different men…khub chudaachhish(getting fucked a lot)…if I circulate this news in kolkata that you work as a slut in delhi…then.” sanchita became nervous and scared, and begged to him,”naa Rana..naa please(no rana no please)…don’t do it…I’ll do anything for you…i am all yours tonight…i am your slut…I am your WHORE tonight. Shekhar dutta just smiled cunningly and kept staring at her.

Now sanchita was looking at him with nervousness and fear, and was begging for his mercy.shekhar took her in his arms, and started kissing her lips,he was kissing her passionately,putting his tongue inside her mouth and even put his tongue over tongue.sanchita too reciprocated by putting her tongue inside his mouth, and on his tongue.they played with each other’s tongue now.shekhar and sacnhita shared an erotic French Kiss for sometime.Then he released her.Sanchita’s eyes were closed and she put her head down and was feeling shy.shekhar looked at her, and said,”you and your parents humiliated me inn public,infront of the whole locality…and my mistake was just that I proposed to you in public,announced that i will make your wife….and What you are doing these days….You have become a slut,a whore who fucks different men….so why should i not spread this news in your locality in Kolkata…you and your parents will also feel the humiliation.”Sanchita had now opened her eyes and looked at him, and said,”Naa Rana please don’t do it….I apologise to you on behalf of me and my parents…..please forgive us…you fuck me…do anything with me…but don’t do this.”shekhar looked at her and said,”OK then you will have to do whatever I say tonight….you are fine with it.”Sanchita said,”Yes I’ll do whatever you say….You are my master and I am your whore.”she khar then said,”Now go stand up and stand straight to me,with a little distance and strip your self …take off your clothes.”Sanchita got up and stood where he told him to stand.Sanchita then took off her jeans first.Then she took off her pink,sleeveless top.Now she was just wearing her black bra and black panty.Shekhar looked at her with lust.he had meanwhile taken off his t-shirt.He was bare chested.sanchita then took off her bra and kept it on the floor.Now she was topless and exposed her big,lovely breasts to shekhar.he was impressed, and said,”Waah! Daarun(great)Lovely Boobs…BIG and Sexy.”Then sanchita took off her panty and threw on the floor along with the other clothes.Now she stood totally nude infront of shekhar and looked into his eyes.Shekhar had now opened his bermuda shorts too.His underwear was unable to hide the bulge of his dick.He then took off his underwear and sanchita was impressed seeing his dick.it was a BIG dick.He was sitting on the sofa.he said,”now you slut,youcall me to come to you and tell me that you want to be fucked by me…” Sanchita then gestured with her hands spread wide,welcoming him to come to her and embrace her, and said,”My master my Rana please come to me…come to me…I beg of you…Please come..Aasho raana aamar kache aasho eshe aamaye chodo aamaye nijer baniye neo…(Come Rana,come to me,fuck me and make me yours)” shekhar got up and came to her, and told her,”Now i am standing,you explore my body,make love to me.”Sanchita held his long hair in her both hands,she played with shekhar’s long hair,caressing it with her hands,pulling it softly.Then took her head from the back in her hands,shekhar lowered down his head a bit, and she kissed his forehead,his nose,his cheeks.Then sanchita started kissing his ears and also gave sweet bites on his ear. He moaned,”Ouch…you slut!”She then kissed his neck and shoulders,embracing him and caressing his bare back.He too embraced her and caressed her bare back.She then released the embrace, and started kissing his chest,licking his chest.After a while she came down and sat on her knees facing him.sanchita now kissed his six pack abs,she also licked his perfect abs.Thenshe held his legs,caressed his thighs.Then she held his big dick in her hands, gave him a hand job for a while,thus making it fully erect.sanchita realized that he had a big dick,similar to vinod pandey-it was about 8-9 inches.Sanchita now opened her mouth wide and took Shekhar’s big dick inside her mouth, and started sucking it,gently,slowly,sensuously.shekhar was enjoying the BLOW JOB, ad he moaned,”aah khub bhaalo(very nice)tui khub bhaalo choosh chish (you ar sucking very well,wey good).’sanchita then started sucking his cock with more vigour.finally he ejaculated cum iside her mouth,his cock became limp and sanchita took it out of her mouth.she swallowed the whole amount of cum deposited inside her mouth nicely.then she sat down on the floor eshausted.shekhar too sat beside her on the floor.they sat there like that for a few minutes…without speaking to each other.

Then Shekhar got up, and went inside.sanchita just looked at him as he walked, appreciating the way he looked from the back.She still sta on the floor.after 2 mins,he came back,carrying two white towels.He came near her and said,” Pinky eibaar ei towel taa ne(pinky now take this towel),wrap yourself in it and come staright to the bathroom….I am going in …We’ll have fun in the bathroom.he then went awy.Sanchita got up from the floor and wrapped herself in the towel,covering her from cleavage till a little above the knee.She went straight towards the bathroom.she opened the door of the bathroom and found Shekhar already there.Sanchita and shekhar gave each other erotic glances and smiled at each other.Now both sanchita and shekhar took off their towels, and became nude again.shekhar said,”Now come to me…come straight in my arms baby.”Sanchita came straight to him.He opened the shower, and now they were under the shower together.now both Shekhar and sanchita started playing with each other’s wet bodies,caressing each other’s wet bare backs,kissing each other’s face,neck.sanchita and shekhar also kissed each other’s wet lips and shared a wet french kiss too.Then shekhar put his hands on Sanchita’s wet boobs,he caressed them,he pressed her boobs hard,making her moan,”Aah aah,” he then pressed her nipples.Then he came down on her,and sucked and licked her breasts and nipples.he then sat on his knees,and caressed her wet belly and also licked her belly and sensuous navel.then he made her stand with her legs spread and put his finger inside her pussy and finger fucked her pussy and sanchita was getting ecstatic standing under the shower and getting her pussy finger fucked.She moaned,”aah aah…khub bhaalo(very nice).it feels so nice.He then took out his finger and steed up,without sucking her pussy.he then embraced her again and both caressed each other’s bare backs and kissed each other.Then he released the embrace and he put her hand on her dick.Sanchita started stroking his dick and gave him a hand job…His dick became fully erect.Now he told her to get inside the bathtub and take her side,sit and lift her legs and spread t,keeping it on both the sides bars of the bathtub.sanchita went inside and did as he told her.Shekhar then put a condom on his dick and came inside the bathtub and sat on his knees facing sanchita and he inserted his condom covered dick inside her pussy.He started gently and gradually increased his pace.Sanchita kept her hands on his shoulders,she grabbed him by his shoulder tightly, and was geeting wild with pleasure, and moaned,”aah aah…naa naa …fuck fuck fuck me…”Shekhar made powerful thrusts inside her pussy and after staying inside her for some time,he pulled out his dick when it became limp.He pulled out,took oof the condom and saw that he had ejaculated a big amount of semen inside the condom.Sanchita too saw the condom and was feeling happy.she was tired and lied inside the bathtub for a while, and shekhar too lied down with him for a while.then shekhar got up,came out of the bath tub and said,”i am going to the living room,You come there soon.’He wrapped himself in his towel and went out of the bathroom.

sanchita came out of the bath tub,wiped her wet body with the towel,then wrapped herself in the towel and came out of the bathroom.Now Sanchita came to the living room.Seeing her wrapped in the towel,and her long,lustrous hair on her shoulders,shekhar was mesmerised by her beauty, and said,”GORGEOUS! You are looking stunning…my pinky darling…come take your seat.sanchita came and sat on the sofa.shekhar brought a bottle of champagne and two glasses and kept them on the table infront of the sofa.he then uncorked the champagne bottle and poured champagne in the glasses.he offered her a glass, and took the other glass.They said cheers to each other and started having their drinks.they were now stitting on the sofa,having their drinks and chatting.Shekhar told her that she is really HOT…a true SEX BOMB….he can’t imagine …the same tomboy girl Pinky who he knew,had grown up into such a sexy woman now….a true sex expert.sanchita smiled and thanked him for his compliments.She also told him that he had become a TRUE HUNK,had a great body,she really loved getting fucked by him in the bathroom,it was a new,exciting experience for her.after they finished their drinks,shekhar took sanchita to the bedroom and gave her his white full sleeved shirt,black tie,black suit and black pant and told her to wear those and come to the living room.he left the bedroom.Sanchita wore the clothes,got dressed up and came to the living room.shekhar was impressed seeing sanchita wearing his suit,pant,shirt and tie.he was now wearing his t-shirt and bermuda shorts.he now told her that he will switch on the tv,put a dvd in the dvd player and a song will play on it and she will have to dance to the song and do a striptease for him.he put on the TV,inserted a dvd in the dvd player and a song started-it was Raveena Tandon’s song from the film AKS-yeh raat yeh kaali zehreeli raat. The song started.sanchita started dancing,dancing slowly and sensuously moving her body,swaying her hips sensuously.she now dance sensuously and seductively…slowly she started taking off her clothes.She took off the suit and then opened the tie.Then she tookoff her pant.She danced wearing the shirt and her panty for some time.then she took off her panty.she looked seductively at shekhar,made sexy gestures to him,blew flying kisses towards him.She started to opening the buttons of the shirt slowly,and looking at shekhar time to time.shekhar was getting aroused in anticipation and took off his t-shirt as he was feeling the heat.sanchita took off the shirt,and then her bra.She was completely nude now.the song finally ended.shekhar took off his bermuda shorts and came towards sanchita.he then took off his underwear and became completely nude.he embraced sanchita in his arms,caressed her bare back,then he pressed her breasts,licked them,licked and sucked her nipples.he then took her hand and kept on his dick.sanchita gave him a hand job and his dick became fully erect.he then made sanchita lie down on the carpet on the floor, and he came on top of her,spread her legs wide and inserted his dick inside her pussy.he started pounding her pussy,slowly at first,and then making powerful thrusts inside her.this time he was gucking her even more passionately and strongly.sanchita was getting wild with passion and enjoying the pain and pleasure, and moaned,”aah aah…” and then screamed,”aah aah naa naa ….aamar goodh phaatiye dili tui(you have torn my cunt)…tui shottikarer purush(you are a real man)…my hero…”Finally he took out his condom covered dick and took off the condom and saw that he had again ejaculated a good amount of semen inside the condom.they both lied down on the carpet on the floor for sometime.

Then after 10 mins or so, he got up,held sanchita’s arms,picked her up and took her to the bedroom,holding her by her waist.once inside the bedroom,he made her lie down on the bed.He again came on top of her,kissed her lips passionately,kissed her face,neck,collar bone,shoulders and then made her lie down on her chest.he then kissed and caressed her shoulders and bare back.he also rubbed her bare back and gave her a sensuous back massage and also kissed and licked her bare back and then he also kissed and licked her bare ass, and kissed her thighs and legs.Then he again tutned her over,making her lie on her back.he then pressed her breasts,nipples,sucked her nipples,licked her breasts and nipples for some time.Then his dick was erect again.he again spread her legs wide,inserted his condom covered dick inside her pussy and he gave powerful thrusts inside her.Sanchita was getting crazy with pleasure and was screaming,Aah aaah aar aar naa…no …tear my cunt…fuck me…i am you slut….I LOVE YOU RANA! “sanchita could feel she was going to come soon, and she did come.sanchita experienced an orgasm once gain in this long love making session that was going on tonight.finally his dick became limp,he took out his dick and took off the condom, and saw that he had again ejaculated a good amount of semen inside the condom,though it was the third time he had had intercourse with her in the night.he then slept beside her on the bed,embracing her and taking her in his arms.Shekhar and sanchita fell asleep in each others arms.the next morning,Sanchita was woken up by shekhar.It was 10 pm.he told her that vinod pandey’s driver had come to pick her up and is waiting for her downstairs.Sanchita woke up,she was helped in getting up from the bed and helped in standing and walking as her body was still tired and her pussy was aching and paining as she had been exhausted after yesterday night’s lovemaking and also it was the first time she was fucked in the pussy three times in one night of love making.Sanchiat somehow got dressed up, and was ready to leave.Shekhar hugged her,kissed her on her cheeks and her lips.He told her that he won’t circulate anything about her in kolkata and she needn’t worry.He then paid her a big amount of money and also gave her his white shirt that she had worn when she danced and did a striptease for him.then sanchita bid him good bye and left for vinod pandey’s house in the car.

Time flew by very quickly.It was now more than 2 years since Sanchita had become Vinod pandey’s rakhail and also a randi,who had sex with the people vinod pandey told her to have sex with.Sanchita had now grown and evolved in the job and was an expert slut and did not have her initial shyness and inhibitions anymore.By now Sanchita had also earned a lot of money,made a lot of money in these 2years,the kind of money she would have taken atleast 10 years to make if she worked in a office and did a normal office job.She was having a good time.But then one day,Vinod pandey told her that she would not continue being a slut any more, and it was time she returned back to being a good wife to her husband, and also she should now become a mother.Sanchita was disaapointed about the fact that she had to stop working as a slut,but she also became happy about getting the chance to become a mother,have a child of her own.she was 30 years old now.vinod had not finished talking when Sanchita had started thinking these things.Now vinod told her that she had to have 3 kids.he told her that she would first have his baby.he wanted her first child to be his.then he told her that her second child would be from Shekhar Dutta as he also wanted her to have his child. then vinod told her that she had to have her third child from sayantan,her loving and considerate husband. Sanchita was a bit stunned about having 3 kids,but she was happy that she can have the babies of Vinod pandey and Shekhar Dutta,two men who were strong guys, and who always made passionate love to her.She also felt that Sayantan,her husband deserved to get a baby from her,as he still loved her,never tried to control her life, and still gave her the status of his wife and never talked about divorcing her.Sanchita agreed to Vinod’s proposal.Now she was mentally prepared to become a mother.


Now six years had gone by,Sanchita was now a 36 year old woman, and a mother of three kids. Sanchita had two sons and a daughter.Sanchita’s first child was a boy and he was 5 years old.His name was Vinay.He was the biological child of Vinod pandey.Sacnhita’s second child was also a boy and he was 3 years old.His name was Shubhankar.he was the biological child of Shekhar Dutta.Sanchita’s third child was a girl and she was just a few months old.Her name was Sayantika.she was the biological child of sanchita’s husband,sayantan.All the three kids were know in society as Sayantan’s children, as he gave them his surname and legal recognition.sanchita had named the three kids with names matching their respective biological father’s names.Vinod pandey’s son was named Vinay,Shekhar dutta’s son was named Shubhankar and sayantan’s daughter was named sayantika.Now Sanchita was busy with her 3 kids, and lived the life of a house wife.She was no more the sexy slut who had sex with different men.Now sanchita lived with her husband sayantan and her three kids.She was still paid a good amount of money by Vinod pandey and Shekhar Dutta,for herself and the two sons she had with them.sanchita also continued having sex with Vinod and Shekhar sometimes, apart from having sex with her husband,sayantan.sanchita always felt naughty and horny whenever she thought about the fact she had three children from three different men, and that thoiugh she was no more working as a slut,having three kids from three different men was a symbol, a proof of her being a slut and a memory of being a slut that she will have all her lifetime. Now Sanchita had three men in her life, and shared three different relationships with them.For sayanatan, she was his wife/biwi.For shekhar,she was his lover/premika, and for vinod,she was his mistress/rakhail.

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Woman forced to become a Rakhail and a Randi by a man she considered like a brother