Work Place To Sex Date – Part 2

Work Place To Sex Date – Part 2

Dear readers, this is Vijay again with the second part of my story. For the new readers please read my last story first to understand this one.

Previous Part: Work Place To Sex Date – Part 1

Here is a quick intro about me and the heroines of the story.

I am 5.4 tall with a well-built body and have a 6 inches tool. The first heroine (Shruti) who works in my office and is also my girlfriend has stats of 36D-28-30. The most beautiful parts are her lips and boobs. The second heroine (Vidya) has stats of 34-30-32 and the most beautiful parts are her ass and boobs.

Let me get to the story, as you all know, Shruti and I were in a secret relationship at the office. Whenever we get a chance, we used to smooch and cuddle each other in the dark places at the office.

One weekend, I was feeling like having sex. So I called Shruti and informed her that we can go for dinner and I will stay back at her place. She understood what I was up to and she readily agreed.

It was a Saturday. I informed my parents that I was going out to my friend’s house for a party and may not come back home. I reached Shruti’s place at around 7 pm. On the way, I took some drinks and snacks. As she liked sweets, I picked up some sweets and chocolates.

As soon as I reached, the sexy office girlfriend Shruti welcomed me with a hug and a passionate kiss. We went inside and I started fondling her boobs. Anyone who sees her can’t stop kissing her beautiful lips and fondling her amazing boobs!

Then we stopped and started drinking and it was turning us on. I told her to be just in her bra and panty and likewise, even I was only in my shorts.

All of a sudden, we felt a cold puff of breeze which left us with goosebumps. We started kissing passionately and fondling each other.

In no time, I removed my office girlfriend’s bra and saw her amazing big areola with 1/2 inch brown nipples. I started sucking and biting them. She was going mad. With my other hand, I was pressing her left boob.

Slowly, I started kissing her earlobes and moving down to her navel. It was an amazingly beautiful sight. I started circling her navel with my tongue and she was moaning.

Then I pulled her panty down with my teeth, and there was the beautiful area of a beautiful lady, pink and it was already wet there. As soon as I saw it, I pounced on it and started licking it deeply.

She was excited and pushing herself more towards me. She also started pushing my head more in. She started stroking my dick and I was completely turned on.

I started to insert my dick into my office girlfriend’s pussy. We then heard a noise at the door! both of us were completely naked! It was Shruti’s friend Vidya staring at us!!

I took a blanket which was near and covered myself. Shruti quickly got dressed and asked Vidya to come in.

I went inside, wore a t-shirt and shorts and came out. Vidya had a naughty smile on her face. I was not able to face her. She started talking to me on general topics.

Shruti made drinks for the three of us, and we started drinking. The mood that was there had gone and we became normal and started drinking. I had no bad intentions toward Vidya even though she was also beautiful.

After 2-3 pegs, Vidya wanted to use the washroom and started to walk away, (the drinks had started to take their toll on me and Shruti, as we already had 2 pegs).

That was when I noticed Vidya’s ass swinging from left to right. It was so sexy that I got into the mood and went near Shruti and started smooching her. Since Shruti was not wearing any innerwear, I started pressing her boobs. Vidya entered the room but we were in no mood to stop.

Vidya was just staring at us, not uttering a word. Suddenly, I pulled Vidya and started smooching her. Initially, she was resisting, but after 2-3 minutes of resistance, she started responding.

I started to press her ass – it was so soft and spongy. She started to moan. Now Shruti also got into the action and made Vidya naked in no time.

Vidya had a clean, shaven pussy and she was already dripping wet. I was on the dot and started inserting my finger. I started stroking slowly and she was moaning loudly. I was scared whether the neighbors would hear and told Shruti. They both started to smooch each other to suppress the sounds.

Then I took Shruti on top of Vidya and inserted from behind, and started humping Shruti. At the same time, I kept pressing Vidya’s boobs.

Shruti was shouting to go harder. I was pushing harder and took out my dick. Without giving a hint, I pushed Shruti to the side and inserted straight into Vidya in a missionary position. It went in without any problem as she was wet and lubricated and started pushing harder.

I was in that position for 5 minutes and then changed my position to doggy. I inserted from behind and started stoking and she started to scream. She said that she was cumming, but I was in no mood to listen and continued stroking. Vidya came with a huge load and fell on the bed.

Immediately, I took Shruti into missionary position and started fucking her. She was enjoying in that position for a good 10 minutes. Later she came on top of me and started pushing. Nearly after 10 minutes in that position, she was about to come. So I changed the position to missionary and started fucking her hard.

When I was about to cum, I told her. She was okay with me cumming in her. After 5 minutes, we both came together and collapsed on each other. Then all 3 of us slept naked.

After about 2 hours, we got up. It was almost 11 pm. We ordered food as we were not in the mood to cook. In the meantime, Vidya confessed that she had come in earlier and had seen me and Shruti in action!

After dinner, we had another beautiful session.


Please share your valuable feedback. I will share what happened next in my next part, and also a new and exciting story that happened during lockdown with a beautiful lady that I met online.

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Work Place To Sex Date – Part 2