Yoga With Neighbor Turns To Sex

Yoga With Neighbor Turns To Sex

Hello everyone, this is Ashwin from Bangalore. I am 32 years old and working in Bangalore. This incident happened 4 years back. I was staying in a single BHK apartment. It was a 3-floor small apartment. Each floor has 2 houses. I was on the top floor.

On the same floor, a bhabhi used to stay. Since we were on the same floor occasionally we use to share a few words. Her husband was working in Dubai and her only son joined engineering in a different city. Since she was alone from the past few months she moved to our apartment.

She was working as a teacher in one of the private schools. She was 45 years old, with 5.4 height and a nicely built body. Her ass was huge. I was always fascinated with her ass. I wanted to make her friendship but I was not getting chances. One day I was going to the office early. I saw bhabhi was in a hurry to go to school.

She was literally running. I stopped the bike and asked what happened. She was running to catch the school bus. I offered a ride to the bus stop and surprisingly she accepted. It was just a 2-minute ride but I was overjoyed. Just to meet her in the morning I started going to the office early.

The next day I met her on the road she gave a smile and she told that she has enough time you can carry on. After a week again I got a chance to drop her. This time she missed the bus. I offered a ride till her school. She thanked me a lot and told me it was important for her to be in school.

I dropped her and went to the office. Later in the evening, I had a surprise. She invited me to tea. We spoke a lot that day. I sat for more than one hour at her house. Gradually in 15 days, our friendship developed and she asked me to join yoga in her house. Every day early morning we started doing yoga.

She was doing it for many months but it was new to me. More than yoga I was happy spending time with her. Yoga was going on decently. I use to enjoy seeing her body. Many times I got excited about seeing her and it was difficult to hide my hard penis. I used to hold it under my track pants elastic.

One day my t-shirt was small. When I lifted my hand half of my hard penis was visible. I saw her seeing and she slowed down the exercise. I was a little embarrassed and happy as well. That day I came home and masturbated nicely. In a few days, the closeness increased.

We both started helping each other with exercises. We started holding each other’s bodies for different exercises. I even started noticing her hard nipple pushing tight t-shirt. She started wearing tight dresses and no bra inside. One day she wore a transparent thin t-shirt. Her breast was completely visible.

I couldn’t take my eyes from her breast. Her breasts were firm and tight. The nipple was hard and poking. I was so tempted to hold them in my hand and suck as hard as I could. My dick was erect and waiting for attention. It was difficult for me to hide under my pants. It was clearly visible that it’s hard and rock solid.

I didn’t mind to hide it as well. She told me she wants to do some crunches and needs my help. She later down on the mat and asked me to stand near her bum crossing legs. From that position, she will do crunches and want me to pull her as support. I was exposing my dick directly to her.

Whenever she leans forward her mouth used to hit my dick. I was tempted to lower my pants and give my dick in her mouth. She didn’t touch for every crunch but she made sure she touch it once a while. It was an amazing feeling. But that day nothing much happened.

Then next I went to her house in the morning. I was shocked to see her wearing just a towel. She told me that she is having severe body pain so she took hot water bath. But pain is not reducing. I was lost in her sexy body. I was just staring at her. I told, “You need a nice massage.”

She was like ok but my whole body is kind of stiff. I can’t even move will you do it for me. I couldn’t believe my luck. I took coconut oil and heated a bit. I went to her room and she was lying on her bed. She had put an additional bed sheet so that her bed is not spoilt.

She asked me to switch off the light as she is feeling shy. All the windows and curtains were closed but it was not completely dark. She was sleeping on her tummy and asked me to start from the neck. She will close her eyes and try to sleep. My hands were shivering.

I slowly applied oil on her neck and upper back. I wanted to down as much as possible. I was rubbing her sides of the breast. Slowly I go down near her ass. She asked to stop and apply on her leg. I was disappointed but started from her toe. Slowly I reached her knee.

As I was moving she was holding her body tight and moaning. It excited me a lot. I was moving up to her ass. My fingers were touching her ass crack I was pressing her ass. She didn’t utter a word, instead allowed me. I took out her towel. I was playing with her ass.

I spread her crack and applied oil to her ass hole. I made her turn she didn’t stop me. She was covering her nipple with one hand and pussy one other. But slowly I removed her hand. It was amazing to see her naked. She had tight skin and goosebumps all over her body. I slowly kissed her nipples then tummy.

I came in the 69 position. I was slowly kissing her pussy. She was quite till then. Suddenly she grabbed my dick and took it in her mouth. I was in heaven. I couldn’t control the pleasure. I was almost cum in her mouth. But I moved away. I wanted to get in her.

She bent in the doggy style I entered from the back. My balls were hitting her tight ass. I was rocking nicely inside her. I slapped her ass she enjoyed it a lot. I wanted to ask is it ok to come inside her. But seriously I was in no mood to control. I just told her I am coming she responded, “I am coming too.”

We both came out together. It was an unforgettable experience.

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Yoga With Neighbor Turns To Sex