Young Indian girl’s vacation trip turns sexually amazing

Young Indian girl’s vacation trip turns sexually amazing

It was the middle of the night when my dad woke me up. He had luggage in his hand and told me that we were going on a trip; just me and him. I got excited. The prospect of me going on a trip with my dad while my remaining siblings didn’t, made me even more happy.

Quietly, I followed him out of the house, made our way to the railway station, and boarded the train.

After over a day’s journey, we reached our destination. Jubilated I was to be in a new city, on a vacation with just my dad, but little did I know that this vacation will be permanent (my dad had left my mom and rest of my family; which I learned later in my life).

As time went by, I grew accustomed to my new family and grew into it. I grew up with 2 step mothers (with the addition of 1 more in later years) and a lot of step siblings. And with time, I also stopped missing my mom and the brother and my sister I left behind.

This new family I grew up in, well, open-minded would be a small term to describe them. Sex was considered not only normal but also as a prayer or an offering to God.

The girls in my family were told to never say no to sex and were also taught that when men want to fuck you, it means that Gods was showering their blessing on them and they must never say no to sex.

Because of this strange grooming I received and other weird traditions in my family that my dad started, I grew up as a sexually welcoming person.

I studied in all girls’ school and also in all girls’ college. Hence, my knowledge and interaction with the opposite sex only came from within my family, which also contributed to my strange upbringing.

One day, my dad and his friend, Indrajeet, decided to take me and my youngest step mom, Nicole, on a small trip in the Himalayas. Nicole was my third step mom who was added to our unique family a couple of years prior. Nicole was just 7 years older than me but since she was married to my dad, she was my step mother. ‘Nikki Ma’, I call her.

From Kalka, we hired a Sumo car. Dad and Indrajeet uncle occupied the middle seats while I, Nikki Ma, and my two step sister sat at the back with my 1-year old step sister in my arms. My brown hands on her white head was like chocolate covering over a vanilla ice cream. The car moved along, towards the resort Indrajeet uncle owned.

As night arrived, I was summoned by my dad to the outside. He, alongside Indrajeet uncle, was sitting out in the open front lawn near a bonfire. 3 foreigners were also present with them.

“Yes, Dad?”, I addressed politely.

“Kavya, these gentlemen”, he pointed at the three foreigners, “they want to cast you in a movie that they are making.”

“Really!”, I said jubilantly. I was young and just 19 years old. It was the age where people have dreams of living a glamorous life and fame.

“Is it a Hollywood movie?”, I asked ecstatically.

He nodded his head, smiling.

“Yay”, I exclaimed, throwing my arms up in the air.

“She is ready”, Indrajeet uncle said to the foreigners.

“She should sign here then”, the blonde hair guy produced a piece of document. I looked at my father for his approval and signed it immediately.

“Thank you”, he folded the document and put it in the inside pocket of his coat.

“I can start with the photoshoot now. The movie filming will start tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, why not”, said Dad.

“If you please follow me”, said the other guy.

I followed him into the cottage that was behind the one we were staying in. Several men and women were moving around from one corner of the cottage to another in a chaotic manner. I was ushered into the room that was by the staircase. I was seated into a chair in front of a mirror, beside my naked step mother.

“Nikki Ma, are you also working in this movie?” I asked excitingly.

“Yes”, she said, as the makeup woman moved her brush down her white breasts.

“You, take your clothes off. We need to get you ready for the photo shoot”, another woman said sharply.

After the makeup was done, I was given a dress to wear and was taken out of the makeup room. They took my pictures from different angles and in different parts of the room. Some were taken with clothes on while some without them.

The next morning, at 6 am, I was woken up by my dad. I was sent to the makeup room from where I was taken to the shoot location once the makeup was done.

At around 7 in the morning, I arrived at the bank of a small narrow river, wearing a leather tunic, a small hat, and brown boots. The microphone, cameras, lights, all were perfectly in place. The script was already given to me the night before, which I had memorized by heart.

As the director said rolling, the scene began. I stepped into the water as per the scene. The ice-cold water sent a strong jolt up my body but I continued.

The excitement of working in a movie made me forget all the pain. I dragged my male co-star (who was lying in the water, playing a drowning man) and brought him to the shore. He was wearing a very weak and cheap material white shirt and cotton pants. We were made to play the character of a fantasy world.

I tore open his shirt and pressed his chest. He spat out the water that was filled in his mouth and coughed a little. He kept his eyes closed in accordance with the script. I pulled his pants off and threw them away. Then, as per the instruction, I held his dick in my hand and put it in my mouth! I sucked it for a minute and he opened his eyes.

“What?”, he said his line.

“It’s ok. I found you drowning in the lake. I saved you from dying”, I said my lines.

“But what are you doing?”, he said.

“Healing you”, I replied. “I am an Elf. I have magical powers. I can heal men by sucking their cock. Look at your wounds, they are almost healed.”

“Yes, they are”, he looked at his hand.

I continued sucking his dick more until he exploded into my mouth. The director shouted “CUT” and the scene was done.

We both took to separate chairs and a woman immediately rushed to my male co-star and began stroking his cock slowly.

“That was good, Kavya”, said the director in an American accent.

“Now, in the next scene, he will lick your cunt and fuck you. We don’t have much time at our hands so I want it done as soon as possible. Try to get this done in as few takes as possible. Can you do it?”

“Sure, sir”, I said animatedly.

Once the crew was ready again, the shoot resumed. I stood naked with the support of a rock and Roddy (my co-star) got on his knees and started licking my pussy. With the passage of minutes, I became aroused and my natural moans started to come out.

“Since you saved my life, let me thank you fully”, Roddy said.

“Thank me.. I beg you”, I replied.

“Bend over that rock.”

I bent over and spread my legs slightly wider. He rubbed my pussy and gently slipped his dick inside. My big 36DD boobs hung in the air like fruit from a tree and swung back and forth as he rammed my cunt.

“Ahhhhh.. ahhhh.. ahhhh”, I moaned quietly.

He continued to bang me in doggy over that rock as “ahhhh.. ahhhh” escaped my mouth constantly. After the director’s quiet signal, we changed position. Now, he sat on the rock and I sat on his dick in reverse cowgirl and began bouncing.

“Ohhh..ohhhh.. ahhhhhh.. ahhhh”, I continued as my boobs bounced up and down with my motion and the cameramen moved around us, filming everything from all the different angles.

After 5 more takes and filming a few more positions, the director ordered for a final position change. I bent over the rock once more and Roddy came on my butt.

After the shoot was over, I returned to my cottage with a mile-wide smile on my face. I ran up to my dad (who was in his room) and hugged him tightly.

“Thank you, dad. Thank you so much for making my dream come true”, I said enthusiastically. “I am a movie star now.”

“I am proud of you, my child”, he replied, smiling, and looked at Indrajeet uncle who replied with a smile of content of his own.

“You must be hungry”, he said.

“Yes, I am”, I replied immediately.

“Let Nicole take care of it”, he suggested.

“Come, let me give you something to eat and drink. You must be exhausted”, Nikki Ma said and we made our way out of the room.

“How was your shoot, Nikki Ma?”, I asked curiously.

“It was good”, she answered mechanically, keeping her head down.

“Nikki Ma. What’s a porn?”, I asked out of the blue, as we entered the kitchen.

“What?”, she said, surprised.

“When I asked people at the shoot what movie’s name was, they said it’s a porn. I have never heard that word before. What does it mean? Since they are all American and so are you, I thought you might know”, I explained innocently.

“You don’t know what porn is?”, she said, laughing. I shook my head innocently in denial.

“Oh, Kavya, you are so naive and innocent for this world”, Nikki Ma kissed my forehead and lit the stove. “It means fun”, she added.

Nikki Ma was right; I was too innocent and naïve at that time. My only interaction with the opposite sex came from within my family, which was not at all the representation of the outside world.

I had no idea what a porn was nor that I had just shot one. How could I; I never watched it nor ever needed to.

I was offered sex all the time and never had to ask or crave for it. Nor did I know that in the outside world it is such a big taboo. For me, not only it was normal but was also a girl’s greatest duty to perform. All I knew that time that I had shot a movie and it was supposed to be the first of a few to follow.


So, this is it, ladies and gentlemen. This is the account of my unknowingly doing porn or rather being tricked into doing one by my own father. If you like this story then please feel free to give me your feedback on [email protected] Thank you for reading my story and I shall see you all in the next part.

Young Indian girl’s vacation trip turns sexually amazing