A Doctor Always Knows – Samantha

A Doctor Always Knows – Samantha

It was shocking that a leading actress like Samantha had come out in the public in such a revealing dress, that hardly reached her knees. She reached over and undid a clasp on the back of her dress. It dropped to the ground and there she stood for all to see and only her panties. She hadn’t bothered with a bra. Her body was spotless perfection, from tits just the right size to a sexy ‘C’ curve along the hips leading to a generous waist. She crossed her hands under her breasts and holding them up. She turned to the large mirror in the room admiring her sexiness. She stretched out her left leg and smiled as her thighs toned muscles lit up. She turned to the sleeping Kajal and started talking, “wake up, Kaju” She felt the rope marks and shook her, “How did this… Doesn’t matter, I’m here baby. I’ll make you feel good again.”
She got onto the bed kneeling on between Kajal’s knees. Leaning forward she began to eat Kajal’s holes. I couldn’t see which hole, but she was obviously very good, because Kajal was soon moving slightly. Her body reacted to the loving lips of Samantha ravishing her pussy. Feeling the heat from Kajal’s love hole, Samantha reached down one hand to pleasure herself. She would lick and bite for a while and then stop as her moans would burst out “ Uggh, AAAHHHH, Kaj can you feel that, uuuuuhhhhhh, I want you, wake up baby, wake up and spank me like you love to..” I could hear the gentle sloshing sounds as the two wet pussies were repeatedly attacked by a Samantha in SEXUAL HEAT.

She wasn’t satisfied with just her fingers. She got up and turned so her butt was near Kajal’s beautiful sleeping face. She shook her ass slightly “look, see it your favourite booty…” frustrated she slammed her ass into Kajal’s face and started fucking it. AAAAAHHHHH, SLAP ME, KISS MY ASS, UUUUUHHHHH, BITE MY CHEEKS. She had forgotten that she was in a hospital and was shouting freely. Thankfully we were in the special VIP room with many privacy features, so no one came when she shouted. Up and down, up and down , up and down, faster and faster, cum flowing and flying like rain she raised her sexy hips and slammed them mercilessly down onto a smiling Kajal’s sleeping face. Still not satisfied, she leaned forward and poked her head into Kajal’s little gown. Immeadiately she resumed her pussy eating with loud slurping sounds. So as she fucked Kajal’s face, letting the nose deep into her dripping wet pussy, she fingered Kajal’s lovely ass and ate her pussy. It was an all out attack to get Kajal to respond. Obviously Samantha didn’t know about the anaesthesia so she was trying to wake up her sex mate with sex.

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Kajal turned in she sleep and moaned slowly, softly. Annoyed and disappointed. Samantha got off the bed and looked around. She picked up a flower vase, threw the flowers out and went back to the bed. She raised Kajal’s gown to reveal her unshaven pussy and deep navel, leaning over she kissed that sexy navel hole for a minute. “Kaju, baby you’re gonna love this…” She started pushing the vase up Kajal’s ass forcing it open. Now this vase was thick very very thick. So it must have been very painful and so very arousing for Kajal. Then Samantha got onto the be and stretched her legs forward so that their legs entwined.

The Pose

She moved forward to push the vase up her ass as well. “URRRGH that’s it , that’s the feeling”, her screams were real pain. Then she started rocking back and forth, slamming into Kajal’s pussy, ‘phat, puuutt’ wet noises as their lips came together in a loving kiss, as the vase forced down their assholes. Samantha twisted her shapely hips to aim for Kajal’s clitoris (a very sensitive part of the pussy). Within minutes she had mastered the spot, so that her clit was slamming straight into Kajal’s. With each push in she gave a throaty roar of lust, “ARRRGH, YESSSSSSS…” Kajal’s breathing was getting rapid, as her body burned hot with the horny fire of sex from her favourite partner, her chest heaved throwing her giant mountains up and down, nipples twirling in circles. Even though she was asleep, her body was now active in slut mode. The effort was making Samantha sweat as she ground her clitoris into her girlfriend’s welcoming pussy. Now obviously I had taken photos on my phone but I was getting a better idea.

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I pushed the door wide open, “MY GOD”, I said, “What are you doing? This is a hospital not a brothel or a lodge. And what’s wrong with you. That lady is a patient with significant back issues. She was given anaesthesia to reduce pain and help her recover and you…. ” I walked closer, “You’re forcing a flower vase down her anus. In all my years as a doctor I’ve never seen anything like this. You’re mad, I should call the police.” By now Samantha was looking very confused and very scared. Instinctively she tried to cover her breasts but they still stood perky, as her hard pink nipples betrayed her sexual appetite. “You are a whore, not an actress. Did you ever stop to think what complications could arise in her treatment because of you?”, “Doctor, I… I’m sorry, I just couldn’t stop…. Please forgive me. I never meant any harm.” Of course she thought I was a doctor, we were in hospital and I had just walked in spoken some medical terms and scolded her, her confused and guilty mind couldn’t think fast enough. “All I want is to teach you the suffering of a female patient like Kajal. If you want forgiveness you must at least understand their suffering.” She gulped and then nodded. “Good, please start by removing your underwear, we wont be needing that.” She shot me a glare. I stepped forward and put one hand on her waist. “I’m a doctor I’ve had to see many women naked, including Kajal here, trust me.” She tried to smile, then slowly she started pushing it down her long smooth, legs, bending to pick them up. I almost touched her naked butt, admiring it smooth texture and round shape. “Look in the cupboard for another hospital gown, then come to the next room, I’ll show you the first set of tests we conduct for new patients.”

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A Doctor Always Knows – Samantha

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