My lesbian Aunty – Sex Stories

My lesbian Aunty – Sex Stories

“Hey mom! I’m home.” Alex the shortish brown haired,
green-eyed girl called as she dropped her school bag at
the kitchen door. “Mom?” She called again.

“She’s not here.” A strange voice said from behind her.
Alex jumped back from the stranger.

“Who are you?” She demanded. The woman she was confronted
with simply smiled. “Where’s my mom?”

“Relax Alex.” She said monotone.<shit, who=”” the=”” hell=”” is=”” this=”” woman!?=”” shit!=””></shit,>

“How do you know my name?” She said more curious then
scared. The woman didn’t look as though she posed any

The woman laughed loudly and said “You have no clue who I
am do you? I’m your Aunt Monica.”

“Oh! The one from England?” The woman chuckled at Alex.

“Clever. New Zeeland Actually.”

“Okay I believe you. Where is my mom?” The woman had just
proven that she was speaking the truth. She didn’t have
an Aunt from England. Only in New Zeeland.

“She just had to pop out to get something from the Store.
You’ve grown up a hell of a lot since I last saw you…
How old are you now?”

Alex smiled and they both went to sit on the couch “I’m
16 Aunty Monica.” Her Aunt raised her eyebrows. “Now I
remember you!” Alex laughed, “You were the one who got me
my Berry teddy!”

“You still have that thing?” She was a tall curvy woman
with big brown eyes and big boobs. Long chocolate colored
hair that made her look like a porcelain doll. Beautiful.
Alex even had a crush on her when she was 12. All these
memories came rushing back to Alex. Feelings that she
hadn’t felt for many years, now making it’s presence
know… everywhere. “Jee whiz, so what have you been up
to? I bet you’re a hit with all the boys!”

Alex blushed a deep red, “Not… not really Aunty…. I
um… I…”

“I’m home Monica! I wonder when Alexandria will be home?”
Sheila called as she walked in the front door.

After the three women had chatted for about two hours
Alex finally said “Listen ladies, I’ve got Trig
homework… Not my cup of tea but if I don’t get it done
Mrs. Kent is going to kill me. So I’ll be in my room if
you guys need me, kay?”

“Trig? I’m not half bad with Trig, do you need any help
Pinky?” Monica asked as she sent a dazzling smile Alex’s
way. There was no way that she was going to let up on a
chance to have her Aunt near to her. So, she readily
agreed. Trig was actually one of her fave parts of math,
but she’d play dumb. The pay off was all too tempting.


Alex and Monica sat alone in her bedroom at the small Oak
wood desk that was used mainly for writing in her diary,
but not today. “So, what is my darling girl having
trouble with in Trig?”

“I um… I don’t understand how to find um the Hyponyms
if I have the Opposite and the Adjacent….” Alex
mentally scolded herself.

“Okay. But I think that we’ll have to get a bit closer
for this, so scoot your chair a bit closer to me so that
you can see what I’m up to.” Alex was all too happy to
oblige. “Do you know about Sin Cos and Tan?”


“Do you know which is which?”

“Well, we only started this a few days ago…”

“Alright, Sin is opposite over hypotenuse, Cos is
Adjacent over hypotenuse, and tan is opposite over
adjacent. When you are given and right angle triangle and
the only side they don’t give you is the Hypotenuse, and
that is the side you must solve for, you’ll know that is
will be tan you’ll be using.”

“Jezz you weren’t kidding when you said that you weren’t
half bad with this stuff! But how do you remember what
Sin, Cos and Tan are?”

“That is the sweetest question!” Monica put her hand
under the table and gently let her hand rest on Alex’s
thigh. “What I do is… I remember a rhyme! Sin, Cos,
tan… That is the order they are in one you calculator
right? So just think ‘ Oh Hell Another Hour Of Algebra’ O
H for Sin A H for Cos and O A for Tan. Do you get it?
opposite over hypotenuse, then Adjacent over Hypotenuse
and Opposite over Adjacent!”

“Way cool! I’m never going to forget Sin, Cos and Tan as
long as I live! Tell me more!”

The two women went over Trig for a good three hours, Alex
even learned a thing or two! The whole time Monica’s hand
never left Alex’s thigh, she was now gently caressing her
inner thigh with her index and middle fingers. Alex even
rocked slightly forwards so that her fingers were just
that little bit closer to that hot center.

Monica moved her hand away from its’ position on her leg.
That’s when she heard it, Alex whimpered at the loss of
her touch!!!!! She really whimpered! “Alex…. I”

“Please leave it there….” Alex asked softly as she took
her Aunts wrist and put it back where is was before.
Their faces were so close. They could smell each other.
Monica was spell bound by this young woman before her.

“Alex we shouldn’t! This is wrong I’m your Aunt! I’m in
my forties, and you… You’re a high school girl…. This
is wrong.” Alex looked down as if she’d just been hurt
beyond all words.

“Okay. But could I…. I just…. Could I ask you for…”
Alex leaned in and placed a soft, gentle kiss on her
Aunts lips. To her surprise she found herself kissing
back! Alex let her tongue sneak out and brush against her
lovely Aunts lush lips. Monica moaned and her hands found
there way into Alex’s hair, holding her there. The kiss
deepened and both women were lost in the passion of the
intimate moment. Alex ran her hands over each side of
Monica’s face and then own to her beautiful breasts, that
was when Monica pulled back.

“No. Alex. No. That was not supposed to happen!” Alex
looked at her, her eyes heavy with lust.

“Are you telling me that, what just happened didn’t make
you wet? That you weren’t aroused by it? I was. I am so
wet Monica….” Alex leaned in again and nuzzled her
neck, nipping sharply, Monica was breathing so heavily.
“I want you. Please, please, please say that I can have
you… I’ll make you feel so good! I promise.” Alex said
as she turned to straddle Monica. Her fingers in her hair
and her mouth suckling with gentle abandon on Monica’s
neck she started rocking her body against the older

“Alex… Please…. we can’t…” It was Monica’s last
stab at reason. <god! where=”” did=”” she=”” learn=”” to=”” do=”” this!?=”” i=”” just….=”” ooooo,=”” god….=”” just=”” want=”” let=”” go…..=”” know=”” that=”” she’s=”” got=”” me….=”” no….=”” we….=”” oh=”” goddess!=”” is=”” so=”” hot!=”” her!=”” forgive=”” me=”” but=”” i’ve=”” always=”” wanted=””>“Yes, Alex! Yes I want you to!”</god!>

“How are you girls coming along in there?” Alex’s mothers
voice boomed from behind the door. Alex and Monica froze,
and then Alex quickly jumped off her Aunts lap.

“Um… We’re fine! Thanks mom!” Alex said with the most
amazing calm. Monica knew that if called upon, that she
would never be able to pull it off!

“Dinner will be ready in about five minutes, so finish up
in there and come eat!” Sheila called as she walked down
the stairs. Monica and Alex were now standing. Alex
looked up at her Aunts pleading eyes.

“Alex….” Alex hushed her by putting her fingers to the
full lips, she’d just been paying so much lovely
attention to.

“Are you staying here tonight?” Alex asked, just above a
whisper. Monica nodded mutely. “I’ll leave my door open
tonight, come at nine o’clock. Everyone should be asleep
by then.” Alex smiled at her beautiful Aunt. “I’ll be
waiting…” With that and a quick kiss she left her room.
Monica was dumfounded! She wanted Alex more then anything
in the whole world, but why did she keep thinking about
how wrong and at the exact same time think about how
right it is?

During dinner Alex babbled on about what a great help
Aunt Monica was with her homework , “Yes, I really learnt
a thing or two!” Only Monica and her caught the private
joke. Monica seemed riveted by Alex’s every word. She was
so sensual, and her laugh so childlike. She was by no
means an innocent, but she did have an innocent charm to
her. Monica was fighting a war in her mind whether or not
to go to Alex’s room tonight.

“So, is Alex a fast learner?” Sheila asked as she took
another small sip of wine. Alex carried on eating, acting
almost oblivious to their conversation.

“Um… Yes! She caught on very fast.” Alex’s foot slowly
ran up and down her well-toned calf muscle. “She um…. I
didn’t have to explain anything more then once…. She’s

Monica knew that she wasn’t thinking about what she was
saying and that she probably sounded like an idiot! “She has the most
wonderful knack of memorizing detail!” Alex stood

“I’m done! Does anyone want something to drink?”

“I’ll have tea thank you my love.” Sheila said as she
turned back to her plate . Alex looked at Monica waiting
for an answer.

“I… I’m” Alex smiled but then decided to ‘help’ her
aunt out.

“Is your throat a bit dry after the lamb? Would you like
me to give you something to moisten you up?”

“Coffee. Thanks.” was all she managed to croak. Alex
smiled and walked over in to the kitchen. Sheila and
Monica carried on their conversation about Alex. They had
been talking for a while and Alex was getting horny!

She went upstairs and decided to have a shower, just do
something to occupy herself. She shaved her legs and
under arms. Her pussy lips were always clean-shaven so
just gave them a small touch up.

When she got out of the hot shower, she put on her white
silk nighty. The bare shoulders and the slim waist of it
made her look like a virgin, ready for the taking! Her
lace panties could be seen trough the thin material. She
strolled down stairs. And the cool air made her nipples
become hard and impossibly attractive.

“Well, I’m off to bed! Good night mommy.” She hugged her
mom. “Good night Daddy.” He got a hug and a peck on the
cheek. When she finally came around to Monica she noticed
that her Aunt had stopped breathing as soon as she had
come down stairs. “Good night Aunty Monica.”

She hugged her but she didn’t really bend down to give it
to her. So Monica’s arms went around her waist and her
chest went into her face. Only for a brief moment
though… Then Alex disappeared upstairs, leaving her
poor flustered Aunt with her parents.


“I’m going to turn in.” Monica said as she stretched her
arms in the air.

“I’ve made up your bed… It’s the room across from
Alex’s. Sweet dreams Mon!” Sheila said as she and Steven
got up to go to bed as well.






Monica stood up from her bed and walked quietly to her
own open door. Her insides were doing flip-flops! the house was quite and Monica tiptoed across
the hallway. She walked into Alex’s room and shut the
door behind her. “Alex?” She whispered the smell of
Alex’s sex hung thick in the air, it turned Monica on
beyond all coherent thought! <no!>that’s when she heard
it…. Soft.</no!>

“Mmmmmm, o yes! Monica…. yes…. I want you….” She
was masturbating! <she’s touching=”” herself!=”” thinking=”” about=”” me!=”” and=”” she=”” is=”” making=”” herself=”” come!=””>
Monica then saw her, in the moonlight. Alex had her legs
open and her back was arched, her right hand rubbing her
throbbing clit furiously…. “Oh god…. I want you!” She
pleaded softly. All the
thoughts of leaving melted away from Monica’s mind.</she’s>

“Alex.” She said a bit louder then before. Alex opened
her eyes and almost began to cry.

“Monica…. Please…. Ineedyoupleasehelpmepleaseplease!”
The sound of her begging for Monica to finish her was her
undoing. She went over to the young girl and sat next to
her on the bed.

“You want me to make you come?” Alex bit her bottom lip
and nodded. “You want my mouth on you?” Again Alex
nodded, she took her Aunts hand and tried to lead it to
her cunt. “Oooooo, but you were bad Alex. You teased me
this after noon, during dinner… Did you think you were
funny touching me like that under the table? And that
*thing* you wore when you came to say good night!? Do you
know how much I wanted to take one of those hard nipples
into my mouth?” Alex was almost sobbing.

“Please…. I…. please.” She was truly helpless. Monica
took off her robe and lay her body on top of Alex. “YES!
God you feel so good! Just as I always thought you
would!” Monica made a mental note to find out what she
meant by that, later.

“Is this what you want?” Alex was trying to hump her
Aunts leg from the bottom. “Eager little wench?” Alex
sobbed her affirmative.


“Please what?”

“Please make me come!” Now she was really crying! Monica
slowly let her tongue run down the 16 year olds body. She
took one of her Aching nipples into her mouth, and sucked
lightly, then the other. “No, please! Don’t tease me! I
can’t take it anymore!” She wasn’t going to be rushed.
She let her hands squeezes Alex’s perfect tits. Soft but
firm. Her hands were exploring her everywhere, except
where she needed it the most. “Please! Why are you being
so mean!? I would never be this mean.” She sobbed

With that Monica let her tongue graze over Alex’s swollen
Clit. The girl shuddered “Again.” Monica did it again.
“More…. I need more.” She used her index fingers and
spread the lovely wet, shaven pussy lips and dove in.
Open mouthed right over Alex’s clit and sucked hard!

She was pumping four fingers in and out of her wet cunt.
“More…. fill me more.” She managed to say. Alex was so
wet that Monica was able to fit her whole fist into her,
when she started to pump it Alex had the most intense
orgasm of her young life!

“Ahhhhh! OH GOD!” Monica was sure that her parents had
heard that one but she really didn’t give a shit! Alex
lay there spent, sweaty, sated and breathing very

Monica had come from just watching Alex’s’ performance.
They lay there in each other arms. Where they fell
asleep. Stated and very very relaxed!

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My lesbian Aunty – Sex Stories