A Fun Massage For The Mumbai Couple

A Fun Massage For The Mumbai Couple

Hi Everyone, thanks for sharing your feedback with me on my last experience with reader Sushma in the Dadar area. Your feedback encouraged me to pen down another nice experience that happened with a hot couple in Mumbai.

I am writing this experience after getting consent from the couple. All names are changed for security reasons. Rajesh (the husband in this story) had read my story with my reader 4 months ago. So he wanted me to seduce his wife in Powai.

He emailed me with his contact number to call him and discuss the rest of the details. I was busy during financial year-end work so I missed his email. Then after a couple of weeks, he messaged me on hangout. I read his message and immediately had a voice call over hangout.

I apologized to him for missing on email as it had gone to the spam folder. First, they had to meet me in general so we fixed the meeting date in a cafe. Rajesh was 40 years old and Kashish was 35 years old. So I was happy seeing them at Starbucks as agreed.

Seeing them in reality, I thought both of them are in the thirties. Kashish was happy seeing me as this is the first time both of them tried to have a threesome with a stranger. Rajesh said me to go for full body massage on Kashish and we will go ahead how his wife wants further.

We fixed the date for after a week as their son was sent to relatives’ place for holidays. So finally the day of my life arrived. I went to the address provided by Rajesh. He escorted me to the entrance of their society in Powai. We reached their luxurious flat.

When we rang a bell, Kashish was already there in transparent nighty waiting for me. Rajesh welcomed me to his home. I came back to my senses now. I was feeling jealous as Kashish was looking like a sex goddess that day. Her 34 boobs with erect nipples were inviting me to suck.

We entered the flat and Kashish gave me water. I said her thanks for the water and allowing me to showcase you my skills. She laughed and commented yes obviously if you’re good at your skill then you will get some bonus as well. I thought she is speaking in monetary terms.

But later on, I understood the real meaning as she was hungry for sex. They couldn’t find anyone trustworthy guys so Rajesh contacted me on the demand from Kashish. Kashish took me to their master bedroom where Rajesh had set the room as I had requested.

I asked Kashish to remove nighty as it will get dirty with oil so she removed it and wore a towel. I could see her naked with perfect weight wherever required with a towel wrapped. She rested on the bed now. Rajesh had already taken out his 5-inch dick and started masturbating.

I was blushing seeing what he was up to. Kashish lied her boobs on the bed, I started massaging her back with oil. I started massaging her lower back to her neckline. She was moaning meanwhile as I started putting gentle pressure. She had already removed the towel on my request.

Slowly I moved my fingers on her butts, it was a lovely feeling as her ass was soft. She was moaning louder now. I started massaging her inner thighs area. I was intentionally touching the area near her butt hole and pussy. She suddenly said, “Ab aur mat tarsao, Atul.”

Then I immediately put one finger in her pussy. Her pussy was wet now hence it went in easily. Kashish inserted her hands inside my jeans now. She was playing with my dick. She asked Rajesh to go out now as she wanted to feel me deep inside her. Rajesh left the master bedroom on her request.

I immediately removed my t-shirt and started sucking her juicy lips. She was looking more hornier now. We kissed for 15 minutes then I sucked her nipples for a good 20 minutes. I love nipples and she said it was the best feeling as Rajesh never sucks her boobs. I said he is a jerk then.

Now Kashish was thirsty to take my cock in her mouth. I said, “Wow, now I understood her bonus.” She took my cock like a pro. It was in her mouth for 10 minutes, no lady had sucked my cock as she did. I came on her boobs shortly.

Kashish said, “Come on now, fuck me, dude. Show me how much power you have got.” I started stroking her hard in missionary position. She had a condom packet in a drawer. I wore it and fucked her in doggy style for half an hour. She came on top of me, started riding.

That was the best part as it was her favorite position. We went to 69 position and started sucking each other as we were exhausted. Kashish requested Rajesh to bring juice for both of us to bring back energy. Rajesh brought it in 15 minutes.

Rajesh was happy as his wife was satisfied with me. Kashish gave me three thousand rupees. I was refusing to accept it but Kashish said if I’m not accepting it then she won’t invite me again. I accepted it as who would not like to revisit such a sex goddess.

It was a great time as I didn’t realize it was 9.30 pm and I had to go back home. I bid them goodbye after having a bath as my body got a bit wet with oil applied to Kashish. She gave me a nice blowjob in their bathroom. She sucked it like a lollipop. I was happy to meet Rajesh and Kashish.

After a week’s time, they invited me for a threesome and we had a lovely time that day again.

I hope my story made you wet in pants. If any female/couple wants my services anywhere in Maharashtra or outside, feel free to connect with me on [email protected]. Share your feedback/comments on hangout. I don’t charge for my services.

I will be happy to connect and make you feel happy. I don’t share contacts of anyone as confidentiality is of prime importance. Thanks for reading my real-life experience, awaiting your messages.

A Fun Massage For The Mumbai Couple