A guy is seduced by his Asian supervisor at work

A guy is seduced by his Asian supervisor at work

When I graduated High School, I decided to find a job.
I knew I’d be going to College in the Fall [on a full
scholarship] and I didn’t want to be solely dependent
on my folks financially.

Fortunately, a new supermarket was about to open and I
made it for the Job Fair. I was good with Math and
fast [though efficient] on the computer keyboard, so I
got hired as a cashier. They found I worked well with
other and my co-workers respected me so I was made an
Assistant Head Cashier after six months. A year later
I was made the Head Cashier over all the A.H.

When I graduated College, it looked like I’d be at the
supermarket at least a few more years so they made me
full time.

I saw a lot of changes there over the years. The
owners are Italian and when Asians came and took over
key managerial positions during my Junior year I had
thought they were bought out by an Asian company. But
I was told, no that wasn’t the case.

Then during my Senior year, we had a large influx of
Indians come in. I didn’t think anything of it – aside
from the fact that I find Indian women VERY sexy,
especially short ones – until I overheard the owners
talking during one of their rare visits [the owners
are from out of state].

It seems they were looking to save money and the
Asians and Indians worked hard for less money and the
Indians were much more polite than most employees [I
did notice this to be true].

I was miffed to hear the owners talk that way, I
seemed biased to me but what could I do? They wouldn’t
care about what a lowly Head Cashier thought. And they
might decide to save even more money by replacing me.
It was selfish, I know, but I couldn’t afford to lose
the job.

I liked having Asians as my supervisors, though my
immediately supervisor was Hispanic. She was the Front
End Manager right from the opening of the store. But
when the Asians came in she was bumped down slightly.

She was expected to do the same work but Vivian was
given her position so she was now above her.

Vivian like the other Asian supervisors was quiet and
let us do our jobs. They rarely said much but they
were doing good jobs. Vivian, though, I never saw her
doing any Front End Manager responsibilities. I’d see
her doing stuff but most of the time she would hang
out in the cash office or hang out and watch the
cashiers. And she didn’t seem to know as much as we
did, especially about the location of items in the
store. But again, what could I do? And the owners HAD
to know what she was and wasn’t doing.

Not that I had any issues with Vivian. As I said she
never interfered with my work and she was cute enough.
I was told she was over forty but looked younger, she
was short with very short hair and a decent body,
though I didn’t really check her out. I loved short
women and I loved older women, but wasn’t really
turned on by Asian women.

Not that any of that mattered. I didn’t date co-
workers. You know how it can be, with sexual
harassment and all, why take the chance? There are
lots of other places to look for girls anyhow.

So one day a customer asked the owner when he was in
the store for an item out of reach above the shelves.
He didn’t know where the stepladder was and since I’m
the tallest in the store [and one of the first he
noticed] he asked me to assist her. I did remember
where we kept the stepladder from my first few months
on the job, so I retrieved it and brought it down to
the last aisle where the item was.

I slid it into place and began to climb it. As I
reached for the item, someone grabbed my butt through
my black jeans and gave it a long grope.

My first thought was it was the customer. I spun
around and there was Vivian at the foot of the ladder
with her hand still on my butt smiling up at me. I was
surprised to say the least.

And of course I was very turned on.

Nothing was said that day, but the next when we were
alone she told me “You have a very nice butt.”

I began to look at her in a different light after
that. I saw in her the things I liked – her shortness
and age – and noticed other things as well. Like she
had a nice butt herself. She looked like she might
have a decent pair of tits, too. It was hard to tell
under her loose-fitting tops [she and the other
supervisors didn’t follow the dress code we did]. She
also had beautiful eyes.

I was wondering how I should play this. I didn’t want
to do anything at work myself because it could come
back to bite me. BUT if Vivian made another move I
wasn’t going to turn her down, you know how spurned
women can be.

We were both working the closing shift one night.
After work I noticed Vivian out in the parking lot
trying to start her car. I asked her if she needed

“My stupid car won’t start!” She said. She didn’t
sound upset. She and the other supervisors hid their
emotions well.

I was surprised Vivian didn’t have a cell phone. I
afford her mine to call her auto club but she said the
phone number was on her refrigerator at home.

“Stupid, I should have the number with me,” She shook
her head.

“Do you want to call someone? Your husband?”

Vivian shook her head. “We are separated. I wouldn’t
even know how to reach him.”

“Would you like a ride home then?” I asked.

Vivian smiled. “You would do that for me?”

“Sure,” I said. “Lock up your car and come on.”

She did and followed me to my own car, which
fortunately DID start or I’d have felt really silly.

Vivian lived out of town but I didn’t mind the drive,
I was off tomorrow also.

“Do you want me to come in with you while you call for
a tow?” I asked when we reached her house.

“Would you? I would very much appreciate it.”

I got out of the car and followed Vivian into her
house. It was large and felt empty.

Once in the kitchen, Vivian got the phone number off
the refrigerator magnet and called.

She arranged to have it taken to her service shop that
she would call in the morning.

Once Vivian was off the phone she turned back to me.
“Thank you. Would you like some coffee or tea maybe?”

I could tell by the look on her face she wasn’t in a
hurry to see me go. I guess she must be pretty lonely
here all by herself.

I wasn’t in any hurry myself as I’d said, but I wasn’t
interested in anything to drink.

I pulled her into my arms & kissed her. Vivian didn’t
act shocked or surprised at all. She kissed me back

“Oh, I am so glad I grabbed your ass at work that
time!” She sighed as she tore off her clothes. “I
never did anything like that before & I didn’t think
you would report me if you did not like it.”

When Vivian whipped off her bra I realized it was a
minimizer. Her D-cuppers tumbled out but bounced back
up firmly. Her black areolae were huge & oval-shaped.
Her nipples were stiff & very thick.

When she slid down her panties I saw Vivian’s thick
black bush & gave my cock a few horny jerks.

I lifted her tiny body up onto the counter and lifted
her legs up. Her pussy glistened wetly through her
pubes. I jammed my hard cock up into Vivian and she
sighed. I grabbed her hips and rammed into her over
and over. She came quick and often. I came quick, too,
since I hadn’t fucked in a while.

I held her and we kissed for a while until she gently
pushed me away and slid off the counter. I let her
lead me. I guessed we were heading to her bedroom but
had to go through the living room.

When my still hard cock brushed against Vivian she
made a noise and turned back around. She pulled me
down on the couch on top of her, pulling my cock back
into her tight, hot pussy.

I fucked Vivian harder this time and she came more
intensely. We fucked for a half an hour before she
asked me to let her up. She led me to her bedroom with
more urgency this time.

Once there she turned back to me. “My husband, he was
not the kind of man I could ask this of. Would you
mind putting your cock up my ass please?”

“You bet!” I grinned.

Vivian smiled back. “Thank you.”

She opened the drawer to the night stand and removed a
tube of Vaseline. Vivian turned and bent over. She
fingered the gooey mess into her anus, breathing

Finally she said, “Come closer.”

I did and Vivian grabbed my cock and coated it with
the jelly. She then pulled me up to her butt hole,
pressing the head against her opening. Vivian let go
of my throbbing cock and held her butt cheeks apart. I
guided my cock into her. We both sighed loudly.

I grabbed her hips once I was fully in her and began
to rocket in and out of her anal chute.

“Oh! Oh, yeah! It’s better than I dreamed!” Vivian

She came quick as I pummeled her tight rectum. Vivian
shrieked loudly as she orgasmed hard.

I reached under her and cupped her huge tits and
kneaded them gently as I fucked her butt roughly.
Vivian loved it.

I lasted almost an hour up her butt before I grunted
and pumped my seed into the deep recesses of her anus.

Vivian sobbed as she slumped over the bed exhausted.

After a few minutes she asked “Would you like to take
a shower?”

“Sure,” I replied as I slid my messy cock out of her
back door. Vivian moaned.

She had a bathroom attached to her bedroom. At the
door I stopped and turned back. “Do you want me to
stay?” I asked.

She rolled onto her back. “Would you?”

I nodded. “In that case,” I began, “You should join me
in the shower.

Vivian smiled from ear-to-ear as she pulled herself up
and came towards me…

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A guy is seduced by his Asian supervisor at work